4 must-see museums in Paris, France

4 must-see museums in Paris, France

The Invalides House of Paris is a famous architectural monument, which became a shelter for wounded soldiers and honored war veterans who returned from the war. Today the complex houses several museums, in particular the famous Army Museum and the Necropolis.

The Louvre of Paris is rightly considered to be the most famous museum in the world – you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of it, even if you were serious about it. In addition to fame, the Louvre also breaks records in other categories – it is the largest and most visited of all the museums in the world.

Musée d’Orsay

The largest collection of Impressionism is what the Musée d’Orsay, one of the most visited museums in the French capital, is most famous for. Monet and Manet, the air-ballerina Degas, the melancholic Lautrec, the sunny Renoir, the exotic Gauguin – this is an incomplete part of its collection.

Rodin Museum in Paris

Rodin Museum is one of the most famous and popular museums of the French capital. After the Louvre and Orsay Museum Rodin is the most visited museum in Paris. And no wonder: a lovely fragrant park, an exquisite mansion and a magnificent exposition of the house-museum makes it an attraction for many tourists.

The Pompidou Center

The Georges Pompidou National Centre for Art and Culture is a cultural center opened in 1977 to explore and promote contemporary art in various fields. The complex includes the Museum of Modern Art, exhibition and concert halls, and the Institute for the Study and Coordination of Acoustics and Music.

Galerie Jeux-de-Pom.

Another contemporary art museum located in the Tuileries district that forms the “golden quarter” of Impressionism (including the Orangerie and d’Orsay, of course) is the Galerie Jeux-de-Pom. The funny name refers to the history of the place. Jeux-de-Pom translates from French as “playing with the palm of your hand”.

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Balzac house-museum in Paris

Balzac’s Paris house-museum remembers not the best years of the writer’s life, after all the author lived here for long seven years under the pseudonym of Mr. de Brunnol. And all because of the annoying creditors, who were constantly annoying with their not the most pleasant reminders about the debts.

Victor Hugo House Museum in Paris

A talented person is talented in everything: in order to be convinced of the truth of this well-known statement, you just need to visit the Victor Hugo house-museum on the Place des Vosges, where the personality of the great writer opens with little-known to the public and unexpected sides.

Grevin Museum in Paris

Almost everyone has heard about the famous Madame Tussauds wax museum, but not everyone knows that in Paris it has a powerful competitor – the Grevin Museum. On the richness of collections, originality of history and fascinating exhibits it is not inferior to the famous colleague, and in some areas it exceeds markedly.

Dali Museum in Paris

Salvador Dali Museum in Paris is not the largest and richest exhibition of works of the great Spaniard. But all lovers of Dali’s work the museum, located in the heart of Montmartre, should visit by all means.

Museum of playing cards in Paris

The card game is one of the oldest human pastimes. The prevalence of card games can be the envy of many sports – every second inhabitant of the Earth at least once in his life, but held a deck in his hands. Card games are alien to racism – they are common to all peoples and all continents.

Museum of Arts and Crafts of Paris

The oldest technical museum in Europe opened in Paris more than 200 years ago: in 1802 the ancient Gothic church of Saint Martin de Chant was transformed into a temple of science and technology. The iconic structure with a thousand-year history houses an impressive collection of machines, instruments, models and manuals.

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Museum of sewers in Paris

One of the most interesting museums of the French capital, which is located underground and is associated with not the most flavorful theme, is devoted to the sewerage of Paris. Despite its specific subject matter, the collection of this museum is able to naturally take you back in time.

Carnavalet Museum in Paris

The uniqueness of the Carnavalet museum is that its architecture is no less interesting than its collection, so once you find yourself here the first thing to do is to examine the decoration of the two mansions, the premises of which house the exhibits.

Museum of Magic in Paris

The phrase “magic of Paris” has long become banality – you can find it almost in any guidebook on the French capital. Meanwhile, in the heart of the city there is a place where these words find their original meaning.

Marmottan-Monet Museum in Paris

The Marmottan Monet is a chameleon museum. Initially specializing in the period of the First Empire and the Napoleonic era, it received two priceless collections, suddenly becoming one of the greatest Impressionist collections in the world.

Fashion Museum in Paris

The Paris City Museum of Fashion, which occupies the magnificent building of the mansion-palace of the Duchess of Galliera, is a hymn to the glittering world of couture. From the stirring frilly pantaloons of the Imperial period to the pique bras of Jean-Paul Gaultier, from the pants of Louis XVII to the “new-look” of Christian Dior.

Montmartre Museum

One of the most romantic and beautiful districts of Paris is Montmartre. Known primarily for the fact that it was beloved by art people, it is still associated with the names of famous artists to this day. One of the most romantic and beautiful districts of Paris is Montmartre.

Science and Industry City Museum Center

Science and Industry in the Parc de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement of Paris is one of the most interesting, accessible and informative museums in France. Learn all about the universe, the origins of the earth and man’s place in history.

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Orangerie Museum

The Orangery is one of the most moving museums in the French capital that immediately strike you and keep you there for the rest of your life. First of all, it is touching the fact that the priceless collection is located in the building of the former orangery.

All museums in Paris is impossible to visit, because on their number the French capital is the first in the world. Tourists rush to the cultural heart of the city – the Louvre. The history of the palace, fortress, royal residence and, finally, the museum has about 8 centuries, it stores a unique collection of art masterpieces and archaeological finds. It is also home to three of the world’s most famous women – Mona Lisa, Venus of Milos and the winged maiden Nika of Samothrace.

There are many museums devoted to art in Paris. Connoisseurs of contemporary art love to visit “the most avant-garde building in the world” the Georges Pompidou Center. It includes both the National Museum of Modern Art and the Center for Industrial Creation, the Institute for the Study of Musical Acoustics, the Studio of the Romanian sculptor Bryncusa and even the Public Library. There is also an amazing fountain with moving sculptures by Jean Tinguely and Saint-Fal – Stravinsky’s Fountain. Fans of Impressionism go to the Musée d’Orsay, which has a stunning collection of paintings, hurry to the Museum Marmotton, because it is here exhibited the works of Van Gogh and Monet, including his “Water Lilies”.

You can also go to the Château de Chantilly, 50 km from Paris, which houses the second largest collection of paintings after the Louvre. Or go to Giverny, to Monet’s house-museum. All this is just a part of the artistic treasures of the country.

In the garden on the banks of the Seine is the open-air Museum of Sculpture, where the latest works by Giglioli, Zadkine, César and other masters are on display. The Marmotane Museum displays Impressionist paintings, including works by Monet, Degas, Pissarro, Manet, Renoir, and Berthe Morisot.

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The National Gallery Jeu de Pom (aka the former Impressionist Museum) now exhibits works of modern art: sculpture, photographs, films, and so on.

And the most devoted fans of the most romantic city on the planet will appreciate the Carnavalet Museum, which literally honors beautiful Paris – and only it.

Museum map

With the museum card (Paris museum pass) you can visit without queue in 70 museums and historical monuments of Paris and its suburbs. For children under 18 years – admission to museums is free. Also admission to museums with a card without queue. The most popular among tourists Paris museums: the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, Picasso Museum and the Rodin Museum.

On the first Sundays of each month admission to public museums is free. Accordingly, there are long lines at most of them on that day.

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