26 Best Sights in Budva – Description and Photos

The 25 best sights of Budva


Budva magnificent: natural beauty, the cleanest beaches and Christian sanctuaries of the “Russian” resort of Montenegro.

One of the most “Russian” resorts in Montenegro is Budva. In addition to the gentle sea, the city attracts our compatriots with diverse cultural and active recreation options.

Where to go in Budva

In the vicinity of Budva – there are more than 10 temples and monasteries, and almost all of them are connected with the important moments in the history of the country. The citadels that protected the city from the sea have been badly damaged by time, but the fortress in the old part of Budva is well preserved and worth exploring.

There are two big islands in the water area – St. Stephen and St. Nicholas. They will appeal to lovers of leisure time. The first is oriented to the public with high demands and without financial constraints.

Those who like hiking, fresh air and panoramic views should visit the Cape Zavala, Mount Chelobrdo and the botanical garden Milocer.

Island of Sveti Stefan

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

This stony island with houses in typical Budvan style is considered the vacation spot of the elite. One can reach it by the artificial embankment, which is about 5 kilometers long.

In the XV century the island fell in love with the fishermen. Over time, there appeared houses, church, square and market. To protect the island from the attacks of the enemy surrounded by a fortress – the money for its construction allocated wealthy family Pastrovich.

In the mid-1960’s, the island was gradually transformed into a fashionable resort with boutique hotels, villas, gourmet restaurants and other attributes of affluent life.

Yaz Beach

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

In addition to the famous beaches of Mogren, Yaz is a must-see. It is a beach covered with a mixture of sand and shingle and was voted the best in Europe by a respected travel magazine. Since then its popularity has increased and the number of bathers increases every year.

Conditionally polutorakilometrovaya coastline is divided into 3 parts:

  • North Adjoins a small river flowing into the sea. It is the most comfortable: a lot of cafes and bars within walking distance. The entrance to the sea is comfortable, the depth increases gradually.
  • The central part is opposite the hotel “Poseidon”. The entrance to the water here is gentle, but the depth increases rapidly. This factor should be taken into account if you plan to rest with small children.
  • The southern part is not considered too comfortable for recreation because of the large waves and uncomfortable entry into the sea. This place is beloved by nudists.

Infrastructure Yaza is well developed: there are showers, toilets, cabins for changing clothes. However, sun loungers and umbrellas are close to each other – there are a lot of people here.

Island of St. Nicholas

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

This is the largest island in the southern Adriatic (its area is 36 hectares). It was named after the church of St. Nicolas built around the 11th century. Today it is half-destroyed and not working, you can see it only from the outside.

The island attracts tourists with its clean pebble beaches of a total length of about 840 m and beautiful bays. The infrastructure is well developed: there are cafes, bars, restaurants, with sunbeds and showers.

The island has other names. One of them is “Shkol”, which translates as “shell” – a very piece of rocky land looks like a shell. Another name is “Hawaii.

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Cape Zavala

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The picturesque peninsula is famous for its fragile beauty. Despite the fact that it is almost all built-up, here you still feel in the lap of nature, far from the noisy tourist life.

Walking through the forests and hills is a real pleasure, and the surrounding views are simply breathtaking. There is a tunnel under Cape Zavala which leads to the beaches of Becici village.

Beach Ploce

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

It is not just a beach, but a whole entertainment complex near the village of Krimovica. Ploce space (10 000 m2) is divided into different levels – concrete platforms with sun beds, umbrellas, bars, restaurants and swimming pools with sea water. Waiters serve the entire beach area.

Terraces gradually descend to the sea. The water is clean, but the pebbles at the bottom can cause discomfort – it makes sense to bring special rubber shoes (aqua shoes).

In the bars all day long plays music, and in each of its own. The place is not quiet, so if you’re looking for a quiet place to read and take a nap, you should choose another beach.

Historical sights and museums of Budva

Archaeological Museum

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The Budva Museum was established in 1962, but only 40 years later it became available to the public. The exhibition is located on four floors of the building:

On the first floor is the lapidarium. This is a collection of stone slabs with ancient inscriptions, as well as funerary urns.

The exhibition stands on the second and third floors display archaeological finds from Roman, Greek and Byzantine times. These are pottery, household items, jewelry, etc. The pearl of the exhibition is an Illyrian bronze helmet from the 5th century B.C.

The last, fourth floor of the Archaeological Museum in Budva is dedicated to the ethnography of the region. Here are the exhibits, telling the story of Montenegrin life, from the XVIII century to the beginning of the XX. This is the furniture, furnishings, clothes and other things.

Church of the Holy Trinity

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The Church of the Holy Trinity, built in the 19th century, is considered to be one of the main decorations of the Old Town. The facade is made of alternating rows of white and red bricks in Byzantine style. A massive dome with a cross is the dominant feature of the structure. Above the entrance there is a round window and a rosette, and above it 3 bells.

Luxurious interior decoration is sustained in accordance with the canons of Baroque. The main decoration of the interior is the gilded iconostasis made by a Greek artist in 1883. The exquisite frescos and mosaics create an uplifting mood.

Next to the church is the grave of prominent writer Stepan Ljubisa, who is very revered by Montenegrins – it is worth stopping by.

Podmaine Monastery

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The men’s monastery, also known as Podostrog, has long been the residence of Montenegrin metropolitans. The massive complex was erected in the XII-XIV centuries.

Its history is full of tragic events. The monastery had been transferred from the Venetians to the Austro-Hungarians, served as a fortress, then a prison, burned several times and was finally destroyed by an earthquake.

For a long time, the shrine was in an unsightly state. Restoration work was carried out only in the 2000s. Now Podmaine is one of the main attractions of Budva.

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On the territory of the monastery the stone bridge across the Grdzhevitsa River is worth seeing, and also the church of the Virgin’s Assumption, built in the XV century – a building measuring 4 by 2, 5 meters, which has almost entirely gone under the ground.

Rustovo monastery

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

Women’s monastery is located a few kilometers from the city, in the village of Rustovo. The complex was founded in the 14th century during the confrontation between the Venetians and the Hungarians.

The antagonism of religious beliefs resulted in bloody massacres of Orthodox believers. Thousands of locals were expelled and killed in these places. A small church was built to commemorate the victims of the war. Then came the other buildings of the monastery.

In total, there are three Orthodox churches in the complex, and two of them keep myrrh-streaming icons. Believers say that they really heal the ailments. Also of interest is a wooden church dedicated to the royal dynasty of the Romanovs.

Natural attractions and parks

Chelobrdo Mountain.

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

Romantics come here to admire the panoramic views of Budva, its surroundings and the sea. There is no observation deck as such and no infrastructure either – but that is the beauty of this “wild” place. The best time to visit the mountain is at sunset, when the crimson sun goes below the horizon.

How to get there: Chelobrdo is situated 10 km from the center of Budva. The way by car takes about 20 minutes. Drive along the highway, use the left turn with the fork for orientation. Continue straight ahead along the serpentine road to the viewing platform Sveti Stefan, and from there follow the signs.

Royal Milocer Park

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The park, more precisely the botanical garden, is located near the town of Przno, 6 km from Budva. The area of 18 hectares is designed in the French style.

There are several hundred species of trees and flowers from all continents. Cypresses, Lebanese cedars, agave, mimosa, magnolia, Japanese medlar, olives, cypresses and other exotic plants can be found in the park.

Winding alleys invite long walks, gazebos and benches are designed for quiet relaxation. Arches and bridges create a romantic setting. The botanical garden stretches along the sea, so there are beautiful views from almost everywhere.

The Old Olive Tree

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

It is said that this olive tree, located in the village of Ivanovichi, is more than 2,000 years old. However, the tree bears fruit all the time. The olive can be reached on foot or by car from the village of Becici. On the way tourists have stunning views of the beaches and green surroundings.

The tour of the olive is worth combining with a visit to the cave, which is inhabited by bats – it is located very close.

Cultural attractions and entertainment in Budva


The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The bustling and beautiful promenade starts at the walls of the Old Town and runs along the entire resort. There is never a moment for a complete entertainment or cultural life, but it is most frequented by tourists in the evening.

Lined up along the promenade are bars, restaurants, boutiques, clubs, souvenir shops and galleries. The establishments stand very close to each other.

The promenade passes by the small port of Budva Marina, where the snow-white yachts and boats are moored. On the other side is a park with lush vegetation, palm trees and exotic flowers.

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Gallery of Modern Art

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

Lost amongst the historic buildings and monuments of the Old Town is the Contemporary Art Gallery. It was opened in 1972 and has slightly more than 200 exhibits: paintings, watercolors, prints, statues and installations.

Among the authors – the young artists of Montenegro, the acknowledged masters of Yugoslavia, the creators from Europe and Asia. To the general public the names of these artists will hardly tell anything, but connoisseurs will appreciate the collection at its true value.

The main exhibits in the gallery are works by the Japanese Tabuccio and the Swedish avant-garde artist Lindstro.

Church of Santa Maria in Punta

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The small church, almost embedded in the citadel, is the oldest structure in Budva. One of its walls bears the date 840 (it is believed that the temple was built then).

In addition to its solid age, the church is notable for its architecture, which is based on an irregular quadrangle. Another unusual feature is the location of the entrance, it is not in the center as it should be, but the assembly.

Once upon a time, an icon of the Mother of God was kept here. But in the 19th century it was taken to St. John’s Church to protect it during the French invasion.

Santa Maria in Punta as a church is no longer active. It is now used as a concert hall because of its good acoustics.


The 25 Best Sights of Budva

Budva’s library is not just a collection of books and folios, of which there are over 60 thousand. It is a world of its own, a place where the residents of a small resort town meet to exchange information.

In the stone halls with luxurious leather furniture, beams and oak parquet hold seminars, important meetings, presentations and other cultural events.

The library was founded in the 19th century. It began as a small reading room with a very modest collection. It then became part of the Archaeological Museum of Budva, which was the impetus for its development.

Today it is the largest book repository of Montenegro, with a restoration workshop. Here rare editions, which are brought from all over Europe, are restored.

Budva Water Park

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

Budva Water Park is the largest on the Adriatic coast. There are 53 attractions, many cafes, bars and comfortable areas for recreation.

The water park spreads over 3 levels:

  1. The first is for children. There are several small slides and a pool, the shallowest part of which is only 30 cm deep. Around the pool there are sun beds and umbrellas, generously giving the shade.
  2. On the second level are all kinds of entertainment for adults. Its main highlight is the bar in the middle of the pool. Dashing down the slide, swim up for a portion of invigorating “Mojito”, the stools are right in the water.
  3. The third level is the VIP area with private cabanas, pool and stunning views of Budva.

The park is open from June to September.

How to get there: From the city center, from Budva Centar stop on Mediteranska Street there is a municipal bus to the Aquapark every hour. The bus runs from 10:00 to 18:00. From the water park you can leave from 10:30 to 18:30.

Slavyansky boulevard

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The main pedestrian street of the city runs parallel to the waterfront. This boulevard is a great place for leisurely strolls and pleasant shopping. Here are small stores with clothes, beach accessories and souvenirs.

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After a long promenade, it’s worth visiting a café or restaurant serving local cuisine. The main ingredient of the succulent dishes is seafood.

Zelena Piazza Market

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The market is located in the center of Budva. Both locals and tourists shop here. On the stalls are seasonal fruits and vegetables, greens, raw meat and delicacies, olive oil of all varieties.

Nearby is a supermarket Mega Market. Prices there are lower than at the market, but there is no special atmosphere, when you can chat with the owner in Russian and try the goods before buying.

Blitz tour of Budva – what to see in 1 day

To get into the spirit of Budva, you should take a walk through the old town. Preferably early in the morning before the ubiquitous tourists wake up and flood the narrow cobblestone streets.

Old Town

The 25 Best Sights of Budva

The main point of attraction of the Old Town is the fortress built by the Venetians in the XV century. The length of its walls along the coastline is just over 160 meters. Here is an observation deck with beautiful views of the surroundings – it’s worth taking some pictures to remember it.

If you are lonely, find in the citadel a tile with crossed fishes. Put your hand to it and ask for eternal love – your wish will surely come true.

In the former barracks of the fortress there is a museum of the sea, which contains miniature models of ships. There is also a library and a small restaurant.

On the main square of the Old Town is the Church of St. John, built in the VII century. It keeps the most valuable icon of Virgin Mary with the sonorous title “Saint of all saints”. It is considered the patroness of the city.

In addition, it is worth looking into the church of St. Sava, built in the XII century. The building is quite small (about 3×5 m), its walls adjoin the fortress. It is believed that St. Sava went on pilgrimage from here.


The 25 Best Sights of Budva

Walk 600m along the path by the sea and you’ll reach the beaches of Mogren. They are famous for their clear waters and beautiful views. Beaches with small bays are separated from each other by a rock, which has a passage. Behind the beach is a fortress Mogren . It was built in the 19th century by the Austro-Hungarians. Fortifications were seriously damaged in numerous earthquakes. It is worth visiting because of the panoramic view of the Old Town, the sea and St. Nicholas Island.

What to see in Budva and nearby: 25 interesting places

At first glance, it seems that there are not many attractions in Budva, but when you start to list them, you get a list of 25 places. I have divided interesting places in Budva into two categories: those that you can reach on foot by yourself and those in the neighborhood, which is better to get by car or by bus. Of course, not all places from this selection are necessary to visit during your holiday in Budva. But those that are important to see at least once, I have collected in a separate list. Also near each place will be a geo-tag for Google maps.

Budva sights - 25 places in and near the city

  • Sightseeing in Budva. What to see in the city by yourself
  • What to see near Budva
  • Where to go from Budva by car
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Sightseeing in Budva. What to see in the city by yourself

The first five must-see attractions. You can see them all in 1 day.

  1. The old town (Budva Old town, on the map) is the main attraction of Budva and the place to visit in the first place. There is a separate article that could be written about the old town but it is very compact and you can see it in few hours with a stop for lunch or a pizza.

There are many attractions in the Old Town, and on all significant structures hang bard flags with the name and a description of what it is. In addition, there are several tours around the Old Town with a Russian-speaking guide. The tour is pedestrian and lasts 1.5-2 hours. It costs 5-10 euros per person. You can read the description of the tour on this page →

Under the walls of the old city is a cafe Korkovado (in the photo on the right). It slightly hides the main entrance to the old city

There are many cafes, bars, jewelers and stores in the streets of the old town. My husband and I can’t get past Smiley’s – their pizza is amazing. We also love Casper, which has a great selection of beers.

I love walking in Old Budva. I have been there a few dozen times, and still visit with pleasure.

Interesting fact: the Old Town is not so old. On April 15, 1979 there was a big earthquake in Budva, and most of the old town was destroyed. So much of what we have now in the Old Town is quite modern.

  1. Statue of a dancer or a ballerina waiting for a sailor (on the map). This statue is one of the calling cards of Budva. According to local legend, once upon a time there really was a girl in Budva, who was waiting for her beloved to return from a long voyage, and every day she went ashore.

Statue of a Dancer in Budva

The statue of the girl is situated along the path to Mogren beach

  1. The citadel in the Old City (on the map). Admission is 3.5 euros. You can see the library and museum of ships, but most importantly – the best panoramic view of Budva.
  2. Tunnel in Becici (on the map). Through this tunnel you can walk from Budva to Becici, Rafailovichi and further to the beach Kamenevo. This is adjacent to Budva resort towns. The tunnel itself is remarkable for its graffiti on the walls.
  3. Restaurant “Vista Vidikovac” (on the map) with a stunning view of the Old Town. Come here at least for a cup of coffee.

Next 9 points are just interesting places in Budva, where you can go on your own. There are enough places for one or two days of unhurried walks between sea rest, and some places you will want to return to.

  1. Ancient Necropolis near the Old Town (on the map). The necropolis was discovered before the Second World War, when the Hotel Avala was being built. During the excavations it was found that the ruins belonged to different eras. Some belong to the Illyrian-Greek period of the VI-IV century BC, and some belong to the Greco-Roman era (III century BC).

The Old Necropolis - One of the Sights of Budva

Coins, weapons, vases and other things found during excavations can be seen in the Archaeological Museum in Budva.

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