24 most beautiful places to visit in Portugal

Portugal: 30 most beautiful places

Portugal is the westernmost state in continental Europe, located on the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the oldest states and despite its modest size is a very interesting and picturesque country. There are many really worthy of attention protected corners and fascinating attractions.

Lisbon’s waterfront. In the city you can wander tirelessly along the embankments all day, up and down steep streets that often turn into stairs.

Bom Jesus do Monte. The church was built in the Portuguese Baroque style and is dedicated to the life of Jesus Christ.

The beaches of Lagos are the main attraction of the city.

Algarve. The resort town features ideal conditions for eco-tourism, magnificent scenery and a unique marine ecosystem that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Tagus River. The people of Lisbon affectionately call their river a “sea of straw”, because the Tejo turns golden at sunset.

Azulejo. Artful tiles have conquered the Iberian Peninsula.

Azulejo in everyday life. Azulejo with a geometric pattern has an interesting feature – they look differently up close and from a distance, creating the impression of completely different works.

Afonso Henriques. The history of Portugal as well as that of Lisbon would be unthinkable without the first Portuguese king and liberator, a figure deeply revered and respected by all Portuguese.

Quinta da Regaleira Park. The birth of the park took place in the last years of the Portuguese monarchy, at the very beginning of the 20th century.

Evening Lisbon. The night lights turn Lisbon into a fairytale place, whose magical castles and fortresses amaze the imagination.

Clerigos Church. The city’s tallest tower, formerly a landmark for ships coming into the harbor.

Quinta da Regaleira Towers. One of Portugal’s most mysterious, mysterious and surprising places is the Quinta da Regaleira Park Estate.

Main Seminary, Coimbra. An ancient university town, every seventh inhabitant of which is a student.

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Monte Tropical Garden. The area of the park in Madeira is small, but due to the complex topography, ravines, bridges and a variety of architectural and vegetal fill, the garden seems much larger.

Terrace of the Gods, Sintra. The park embodies several styles, including Gothic, Renaissance, and Manuelino.

Santa Maria. A small island in the south of the Azores archipelago, is also considered the most picturesque.

Porto Moniche. A scattering of white cottages with red roofs on the shore of the velvet-blue ocean, surrounded by a mosaic of tiny fields, protected by heather hedges from the heavy, salty Atlantic wind.

The Garden of Monte in Funchal. The part of the park where the Orient reigns, immediately states the red color of the bridges and railings, contrasting with the dark greenery.

Pena Palace. The palace is incredible because it has managed to combine a wonderful mix of different eras and styles, which at the same time looks very harmonious and interesting.

The Selvagens islands are surrounded by dangerous reefs and are considered to be the southernmost point of Portugal.

The Royal Castle at Busacu is striking with hermit grottoes, shady paths and a magical palace built in the Neo-Manueline style as a royal hunting residence.

Praia da Adraga is one of the most beautiful beaches along the coast, surrounded by tall, picturesque cliffs, fancifully riddled by sea waves.

Braga Vineyards. The grapevine in Portugal symbolizes abundance, health and family hearth.

Queluz Palace. This elegant architectural structure is often referred to as the Portuguese Versailles.

The Cabo da Roca is a tourist magnet and marks the westernmost point of the continent and the tip of the Iberian Peninsula.

The boats of Funchal. Funchal is located on the southern coast of Madeira, it is a major commercial port and famous beach resort that is popular with tourists from all over the world.

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Madeira’s waterfront. A unique island, because its beauty can conquer anyone’s heart literally at a glance, and breathtaking views can be seen from anywhere on the island.

Lake of Fire. Lake Lagoa do Fogo was formed in the cauldron of an extinct volcano about 15,000 years ago.

National Pantheon of Portugal. The most majestic architectural monument of Lisbon, its snow-white dome seems to float above the old part of town.

Benagil. Beach near the Portuguese village of the same name, near the popular resort of the Algarve.

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