24 Best Sights of Yeisk – descriptions and photos

Sights of Yeisk: Yeyskaya spit, bay and estuary

The resort town of Yeisk on the Azov coast is popular for its sandy beaches, warm sea and therapeutic mud. The sights of Yeisk are historical and architectural monuments, as well as beautiful nature.

Sights of Yeisk

What to see and where to go in Yeisk? The most popular and beautiful places of Eisk: descriptions, photos and addresses.

A few facts about Yesk

  • The city was founded in 1848 on the site of Khan City – the residence of the Crimean Khan Shakhin Giray.
  • Yesk is washed by Yeyanskiy estuary and Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea.
  • The beaches of the Taganrog Bay are mixed: sand with coarse pebbles.
  • Russian hero Ivan Poddubny lived in Yeisk for several years, buried in the city park, which now bears his name.
  • The population of Yeisk is about 83 thousand people.
  • The distance from Yeisk to Rostov-on-Don – 190 km, to Krasnodar – 250 km.

Attractions Yeisk

Yesk is most popular among holidaymakers with children, because of the location here are very small and warm water. Recreation in Eisk is cheaper than the Black Sea resorts, which also contributes to its popularity. The city has a lot of greenery and parks.

Spit Yeysk

Yeyskaya Spit

The most famous recreation area in Yeisk – Yeysk Spit, a long 3 kilometer strip of land from shell and sand, going into the Azov Sea and dividing the Taganrog Bay and Yeysk estuary.

Even before the beginning of XX century the Spit was about 8-9 kilometers long, but after the hurricane in 1914, a large section of land went underwater, and the most colorful part of the coast separated from the main spit and turned into an island, which is called Seven Winds, Green or Ptichy. Between the island and the shore now exists a strait, its width is more than three kilometers.

On the spit are playgrounds, nightclubs, bars, cafes and restaurants, entertainment attractions, as well as schools kitesurfing, windsurfing and yachting. Closer to the end of the spit fishermen catch fish: there are good bites of taran and goby.

Yeyskaya Spit Island

Yeskaya Spit Island

Yeyskaya Spit or Seven Winds Island, located in the Gulf of Taganrog, is ring shaped. Once it belonged to the Yes spit and was one with it, but because of the hurricane and violent storm in 1914, part of the spit washed into the sea, which formed a separate island. The wind on it is always very strong, so there are always a lot of fans of yachting, sailing and surfing on Seven Winds. And you can get here by pleasure boat.

Sights of Yeisk

Local residents sometimes call this place “Bird Island” or “Green Island”. Strange names are associated with the inhabitants of the shoal: cormorants, pelicans, gulls and herons. But it is not so safe for people to be here: on the outer part of this sight of Yeisk there are sudden underwater currents – rapids, and sometimes there are strong differences in depth, so swimming in this place is prohibited. Holidaymakers can only swim from the inner part of the island, in the lagoon.

July 7, 2010 on Yeisk island, there was a tragedy – six children aged 8 to 16 years old and their 27-year-old educator drowned. The dead children, students of Moscow school № 1065, vacationing in a summer recreation camp “Azov”. A memorial cross and a plaque with the names of the dead have now been installed at the site of the tragedy.

Gostiny Dvor

Gostiny Dvor

Address: 85 Sverdlova St., Yeisk.

The old Gostiny Dvor building was built according to the design of the St. Petersburg Gostiny Dvor back in the 19th century. It began its work in 1854, originally it was a whole shopping quarter of eight covered rows with arcades. However, in the 20th century some of the buildings were already demolished and replaced by a department store and GUM, and the classicist facade was turned into a fronton in pseudo-Russian style. However, most buildings of the mid-19th century are perfectly preserved, thanks to which the resort town of Yeisk today is included in the list of historical places of Russia.

Gostiny Dvor still fulfills its purpose: it is a part of the Central Market and the so-called “Yeisky Arbat. In its galleries there are stores and cafes. Locals sell fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat products in the inner row. In the warm season, street artists come here and there is a bird market nearby.

Park named after Ivan Poddubny.

Park named after Ivan Poddubny

Address: 189/3 Pervomayskaya Street, Yeisk.

There are several parks in Eisk, the most interesting for visitors is the park named after Ivan Poddubny. The park named after Poddubny, nicknamed “The Smile of the City” by locals. This is one of the oldest public gardens in the Kuban, the date of its foundation is considered 1898. On the territory there is an ostrich farm, a huge number of attractions, including a Ferris wheel, assembled on the Yeisk factory.

The main attraction of the park – the only museum in our country athlete Ivan Poddubny, who lived in Yeisk in 1927 and loved this place. On the ground floor of the museum are classes of children’s sports school, where the young wrestlers are engaged. On the second floor there is an exhibition, which includes personal belongings of the athlete, his awards and gymnastic equipment, posters and photographs. In total there are about 2.5 thousand items.

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Monument to Prince Vorontsov

Monument to Prince Vorontsov Yeisk

Prince Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov (1782-1856) – the governor of the Caucasus, is considered the founder of the city of Yeisk. He is best known for an epigram by Pushkin A.S:

Half-milord, half merchant, Half wise man, half ignoramus, Half-sucker, but there is hope, That will be full at last. ( 1824 )

The poet served in Vorontsov’s chancellery and their relationship with the prince did not work out. Pushkin was attributed an affair with Vorontsov’s wife, Elizaveta.

The equestrian monument to the prince was installed in 2006 in front of the stadium, near the railway station. Earlier a bust of Prince Vorontsov was installed in the city.

Nemo Water Park

Water Park Yeisk

Website: akvaparknemo.ru Address: Eisk, Schmidt Street, 6. Hours of work: daily from 10.00 to 18.00.

In 2008 Yeisk opened the water park “Nemo”, immediately loved by local residents and guests of the city. The complex area is located right outdoors on the shore of the Gulf of Taganrog, hiding from the scorching sun in the shade of a palm grove. The water in the pools is clean and clear.

The water park is intended for visitors of all ages, that is why it has three water areas: children’s (up to 7 years), teen (7 to 14 years) and adult (14 years and older) areas. In addition to water rides, pools and slides, there are cafes, bars, air hockey, billiard room and game zone in this attraction of Yeisk. The guests are offered sunbeds, deckchairs and other beach accessories. There are shower cabins, locker rooms and checkrooms in ‘Nemo’.


Dolphinarium Yeisk

Website: dolphinarium.rf Address: Yeisk Schmidta St., 16/1.

The only open-air dolphinarium in the Azov region is located in Yeisk. It attracts numerous visitors with a huge pool with crystal clear sea water, in which the sea inhabitants: walruses, beluga whales, harbor seals and, of course, dolphins. The animals perform a variety of stunts, dance, dive, draw and give the audience air kisses.

Oceanarium “Shark Reef

Oceanarium Shark Reef

Website : yeyskoceanpark.ru Address: Eisk, Schmidt str, 16/2. Hours: every day from 10.00 to 22.00. Ticket price: 700 rubles, children from 3 to 12 – 500 rubles, under 3 – free of charge.

The white-blue building of the oceanarium with a shark on the facade opened to the public in 2009. However, “Shark Reef” was the first oceanarium on the entire coast of the Azov Sea. Its main merits are the huge aquarium with sharks from the Red Sea, as well as the contact area with turtles.

Armored boat “Yevsky patriot”.

Armored boat Yeisk patriot

The military vessel BK-162 with the proud name “Yevsky Patriot” was built during the Second World War. More than 450 thousand roubles were spent on its manufacturing, and all these funds were collected by Yeisk people during one year. The greatest contribution was made by the workers of the plant “Zapchast”, which is now a machine tool company.

At the end of 1944 the armored boat has already started military operations: transported the wounded soldiers and ammunition, ferried commando units, suppressed enemy fire points, supported the attacks of the Red Army. During the war the ship took part in liberation of several European cities, including Bratislava, Budapest, and Vienna.

After the end of hostilities the ship remained in the Navy until the 60s, after which it was decommissioned and could be scrapped. Due to the efforts of local authorities in 1973 the gunboat was brought back to Yeisk, the ship was repaired and painted, and then was mounted on a pedestal and placed on the central beach of the city. The grand opening of the monument took place on May 8, 1975 on the 30th anniversary of Victory Day.

Ethnographic Museum “Kuban hutor

Kuban farm Yeisk

Address: The village of Morskaya, Central Street, 9B.

Ethno-tourism is very popular in the Kuban, and the appearance of the famous Yeisky Cossack museum “Kuban Hutor”, or “Kuban Farmstead” is connected with it. The exposition of this Yeisk attraction allows you to learn more about the Cossack way of life and local traditions.

The museum guide tells about the history of the Kuban Cossacks, shows household items, elements of clothing, furniture, pictures, icons and other items that characterize the life of the Kuban Cossacks. After that you can ride a horse or a brigade at the stables under the guidance of an instructor, look at the dzhigitovka racers.

Sights of Yeisk

It is also worth paying attention to the home farm, where cows, pigs, rabbits, goats and sheep live. The poultry yard breeds birds: chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks. There is also an apiary, where visitors are treated to honey and shown the apiaries’ grounds. Nearby there is a hotel, which is a large wooden building with the interior in the Cossack style, where you can stay overnight.

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Monument to Nonna Mordyukova

Monument to Nonna Mordyukova

Address: 74 Pobedy Street, Yeisk.

In the central part of Yeisk on the square of cinema art, there is the only monument in Russia to the USSR People’s Artist Nonna Mordyukova. All her childhood the actress spent in Krasnodar region, and from 1944 until she moved to Moscow, she lived in her beloved city of Yeisk. The actress called it “the city of youth and dreams” and sometimes “little Paris”.

The monument depicts Nonna Viktorovna sitting on a wooden porch and looking into the distance. At Mordyukova’s feet there is a fruit basket. The sculptural composition embodies a collective image of the actress and all her characters.

Monument to Sergei Bondarchuk

Monument to Sergei Bondarchuk

Address: Eisk, Victory Street.

Next to the monument to Nonna Mordyukova, but on the opposite side of the street, there is a monument to another People’s Artist of the USSR, a great Russian actor and director Sergey Bondarchuk. He was born in Ukraine, but spent all his childhood and youth in the city of Yeisk. Here he lived from 1932 to 1938, here he also attended the theatrical circle, and then he decided to become an actor and left for Moscow to enter the State Institute of Cinematography.

The first monument in Russia to director Bondarchuk was erected in Yeisk in 2007. The sculpture depicts him sitting in an armchair, holding a rosary in his hands and an overcoat behind him. The author of the project, Irina Makarova, claims that the soldier’s overcoat represents Sergey Fedorovich’s memories of the Great Patriotic War, because since 1942 he took part in the defense of the Caucasus from the Nazi invaders.

Monument to Varenik

Sights of Yeisk

Address: Yeisk, Taganrog embankment, public garden near the beach “Kamenka

Dumplings are a favorite dish of Yeisk citizens. In honor of this dish the city holds an annual festival with tastings and selection of the best filling: with cottage cheese or potatoes, strawberries or cherries. However, local authorities decided this wasn’t enough, so in 2012 a sculptural composition depicting home-made dumplings with sour cream and butter appeared on the waterfront of Yeisk.

This giant delicacy was made by sculptor Inna Sapozhnikova, but not from dough, but from concrete. It took two months to make this “dish”. On the concrete tablecloth of the landmark of Yeisk an inscription with a wish is engraved: “Let everyone live like a dumpling in butter”. And at the monument opening the whole town was strolling around, not forgetting to arrange the mass tasting of favorite dumplings.

The Long Spit

Spit Dolgaya

The spit Dolgaya is formed by shell rock, located in the eastern part of the peninsula Yeysk, 50 kilometers from the city of Yeysk. Spit separates the Azov Sea from the Gulf of Taganrog. Now its length is 9.5 kilometers, in the middle of XX century it was 17 kilometers. The spit was shortened because of shell rock mining, carried out here in 1948 – 1953.

At the base of the spit is a village Dolzhanskaya, often referred to simply Dolzhanka. Tourist bases and guest houses are concentrated here, there is a school for surfers. Thanks to the strong wind blowing on the spit, a lot of surfers come here. The place is also popular with fishermen and nature lovers.

Khan Lake

Sights of Yeisk

Lake Khan is located 60 km from Jeisk. Once it was a bay of the Azov Sea, and later the sea separated this area from itself with sand and shells. Now it is a very salty lake known for its therapeutic mud. People come here specifically to get more mud. Health resorts Eisk also use the mud of Lake Khanskoe for procedures for their guests.

Lake Khanskoe

In summer, Lake Khan dries up and exposes its bottom with salt. The lake is very shallow, its maximum depth is only 1.8 meters.

26 the most popular attractions in Yeisk

The resort city of Yeisk is rich in picturesque nature, warm sea and other various attractions. For example, beaches where you can relax with children and engage in water sports. In addition, it is famous for Khan Lake with therapeutic mud. For those who come with children in the city and the region a lot of entertainment, from the museum of the Kuban Cossacks to parks with rides, dolphinarium, water park and other entertainment for a variety of recreation.

What sights and monuments can be seen in one day

Acquaintance with the resort is best to start with Yeisk spit. Walking along it, at the very beginning is a monument – an armored boat “Yeisk patriot”, walking a little further you can see the sea port, beyond which begins sandy beaches and you can see a beautiful panorama for photos.

The waterfront of Yeisk

The city’s embankment is a great place for a walk on a warm summer evening.

Not far from the port begins Taganrog embankment, where you can see a monument to the varenik. Here you can also swim in the pools and ride the slides in the water park. Go to the performance or a tour of the dolphinarium and the aquarium.

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If you have two days, visit the park named after I. Poddubny, where his grave and the museum, dedicated to the great athlete. Next, go to an interesting historical part of the city – Sverdlov Street. Walking along it you can meet the monuments to N. Mordyukova and S. Bondarchuk, a guest courtyard of the 19th century and the fountain with the Greek goddesses, who also have their own history.

Where to go with children in the city and other resorts in the Krasnodar region in the summer

In Yeisk, in addition to shallow sandy beaches in the summer, there are many children’s activities in the area of the city and the surrounding area.

Architecture of Yeisk

The architecture of the city is fascinating.

Another option is to go directly to the Taganrog embankment, where there is a rope road, dolphinarium and oceanarium. There is also a crocodile farm, trampolines and rides, a Ferris wheel. If you want, you can ride a camel, take a picture with a monkey, a crocodile or a parrot. It is a great place for walks in the evening and is close to the Azov Sea.

Sea Port of Yeisk

It accepts and sends cargo to the ports of the Black and Mediterranean countries: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Bulgaria, etc.

The sea port is the largest enterprise of the city. It accommodates Russian and international vessels transporting cereals, wood, coal and metal. On the territory of the port there are eight cargo warehouses with a total length of about 1300 meters.

The Long Spit

It is a natural boundary between the sea and the Taganrog Bay, located in Dolzhanskaya village. This unique natural monument consists of sand and mollusk shells. The length of the spit is about 9.5 km. On the beach there are entertainments, you can go surfing and kiting. The particular beauty of the spit gives a variety of vegetation and wildlife. Here is a pine forest, which is home to wild boars, foxes, wolves, and at the end of the spit inhabited by cormorants and gulls.

Yeisky estuary

The shallow bay of the Azov Sea is considered the largest among the bays of the North Caucasus. On the shores of the estuary there are therapeutic muds, boarding houses, children’s camps, beaches with undeveloped infrastructure for those who want privacy from nature. Liman is very popular among fishermen. Here you can catch taran, pike-perch, pelengas, carp, roach and gobies depending on the season.

The building of the railway station

The two-story building of the station, built in 1911 in the then fashionable Art Nouveau style, was completely destroyed during the Second World War. In 1956 a new building was erected in place of the old one. On the territory of the railway station there are waiting rooms with places for rest and information boards, ticket offices, restrooms and storage rooms. The station square is decorated with a bronze bust of Vorontsov – the founder of the city.

Fountain in Sverdlov Street

The fountain is in the shape of a huge oval basin, in the center of which there are sculptures of four Greek goddesses, holding a round dish on their heads. It is from this that trickles of water gush out, gently spilling all around its perimeter. In the pool of the fountain, at the feet of the caryatids you can throw a coin, for good luck. This masterpiece of sculptural art was installed in the city as a gift from a businessman A. Baturinets.

Gostiny Dvor

The construction was carried out in 1852-1854 on the initiative of Colonel Ivan Cheredeev, town governor of Yeysk.

Historical and architectural monument of the 19th century. It is a small copy of Gostiny Dvor, built in St. Petersburg. The building has been many times reconstructed: one part was demolished, the arches were glazed, and the facade was decorated in neo-Russian style. Now the architectural monument, as before is intended for trade and is part of the Central Market.

Taganrog embankment

Taganrogskaya, or as it is also called Primorskaya, embankment can be freely called one of the most beautiful places in Yeisk.

This is a favorite place for leisurely walks and active entertainment for both citizens and guests of the city. It dates back to the emblem “Seahorse”, which was set up the same year when the embankment was opened. In its zone are many attractions of the city: dolphinarium, oceanarium, bird zoo, crocodile canyon and a park area with rides. Strolling along the wide promenade, you can make bright pictures against the backdrop of picturesque views of the Azov Sea.

Nikolsky Park

In the park there is a monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker. There are benches in the shade of trees around the monument, you can sit and relax on a hot day.

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One of the oldest circular parks of the city. After the installation in 2003 of the monument of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, it was named – Nikolsky Park. The park is planted with firs, thuas, junipers, and especially attracts attention a beautiful exotic tree – Bignonia catalpa. The main highlight of the park is a large oak. As they say from the inhabitants of Yeisky it was planted by Vorontsov.

Monument to Nonna Mordyukova

In 2008 opposite the Officers’ House there was established a monument to an outstanding actress of the USSR – N. Mordyukova. The actress has always said that Yeisk is the city of her youth and dreams. The sculpture depicts a young actress, sitting on the porch in a simple peasant dress and thoughtfully looking into the distance. The sculpture is a favorite place for tourists to take commemorative photos.

Monument to Sergei Bondarchuk

The monument to the great Russian actor and director is installed in the center of the city, near the monument to N. Mordyukova. Sculptural composition cast in bronze depicts Bondarchuk sitting in an armchair and thinking about something. He is holding a rosary presented by a friend – V. Syrgiladze. An overcoat is hanging from the armchair, symbolizing the director’s memories of the war.

Monument to Prince Vorontsov

The monument to Prince Vorontsov is an architectural masterpiece, which proudly stands on one of the city’s central squares

The monument in honor of the founder of the city was installed in 2008 in front of the city stadium. The central figure is a bronze sculpture of the prince on a marble pedestal, wearing a military uniform and riding a horse. At the foot of the monument on both sides there are guns made in 1812, which symbolize the participation of the general in the Patriotic War.

Monument to Varenik

According to the design of the monument, which was created by a local businessman, it should symbolize the hospitality of the city.

It is a small white pedestal, which holds a sculpture of varenik. It is located near the beach “Kamenka”. It symbolizes the hospitality of the city.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

This is the largest and the main Orthodox Church in Yeisk. During the collapse of the Soviet Union at the request of the townspeople the building of the cinema “October” was rebuilt into an Orthodox church, adding to it a bell tower and installing domes with crosses on the roof. Near the cathedral is a bronze monument to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker – the patron saint of all sailors and fishermen. The temple operates a church shop where you can buy candles, religious books, icons and other church utensils.

Michael the Archangel Cathedral

There are several temples and chapels. A beautiful zoo with ducks, geese, swans, goats, chickens, partridges, and turkeys

Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel – stone. The light blue walls and blue roof, the four-sided graceful bell tower and five golden domes form a single ensemble

In the 30s the church was destroyed, only its chapel survived. In 1997 the church was restored by the church community. On the parish’s territory there is a church of Xenia of Petersburg and a chapel of Matrona of Moscow. There is also a Sunday school, a parish where over 50 people are fed daily with free lunches, and a park with a mini zoo.

Armored boat “Yevsky patriot”.

The monument is placed in the central part of the city beach. Its installation was timed to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the victory. The ship was built during the Great Patriotic War at the expense of the townspeople and the workers of the plant “Zapchast”. The armored boat has passed a long combat way, more than 5 thousand kilometers. It was used to transport the wounded, ammunition and suppressed the enemy’s firing points.

Historical Museum

The museum is located on the third floor of the building constructed in 1913. The exposition in the first hall is devoted to vegetation and fauna of Azov region. The second hall tells about the history of the region. The largest hall is devoted to the war years. Also the museum has an exposition devoted to prominent personalities of the city: N. Mordyukova, D. Mitrokhin, IM Poddubny and S. Bondarchuk.

Gorky Park

At the entrance to the park from the Market Square on the diagonal avenue every day there are collectors and sellers of all kinds of antiquities.

The park is situated in the center of the city. In 2007, during the reconstruction there were laid new alleys, paved with paving stones and flower beds. Among all the abundance of trees, a real palm tree, which is located in front of the City Palace of Culture, especially attracts the eye. The park has a small lake with swans swimming in it, many monuments and sculptures, children’s playground and even an aviary with animals.

“Kuban farm.

The main attraction of the Kuban farm is undoubtedly a stable with a dozen thoroughbred, well-groomed horses

Along with a tour of local sights, acquaintance with national traditions and Kuban way of life, everyone is offered horseback riding lessons, a visit to a farm, a poultry farm and an apiary.

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The territory of Kuban farmstead is a sort of ethnographic museum of Kuban Cossacks which will take you back to some tens or hundreds of years ago and let you feel the spirit of Cossacks, unbending will and boundless freedom

Museum, devoted to everyday life and national traditions of Kuban Cossacks. On the territory of “Kuban farmstead” there is a stable, a farm with pets that you can feed, an apiary and the main hut with a museum in it. The museum exhibition is represented by the belongings of Cossack families: national clothes, household items, furniture, photographs, icons.

Oceanarium “Shark Reef

There are 12 aquariums with the total volume of about 250 tons of water inside, and the total area of the building is 700 square meters.

The aquarium is located on the Taganrog embankment in front of the dolphinarium. The appearance of the building, decorated in a marine theme with a shark on the facade, attracts tourists. On a small territory of the aquarium there are 12 aquariums, divided by thematic zones, contact area with turtles and a large aquarium with sharks. Shark Reef tour begins with a film about the ocean and lasts about an hour.


The dolphinarium is located on the Taganrog embankment near the beach “Kamenka”. Performances there are held only in the warmer months of the year, because the building is open. Dolphinarium is designed for 500 visitors. The performances, guided by a clown, are attended by bottlenose dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions and walrus. Those who wish can take pictures with dolphins and even swim.

Nemo Water Park

The water park is located right on the beach “Kamenka”. There are 3 water recreation complexes (for children, teenagers and adults), rides, a swimming pool up to 60 cm deep and a playground in its territory. There are 2 cafes, where you can satisfy your hunger, sun beds and deck chairs, showers, changing rooms and even a billiard room.

Lake Khanskoe

Narrow and low spit separates it from the Azov Sea and in case of strong winds the sea water overflows into the estuary

Khan lake is located 50 km from the city. It is an oval shallow medicinal body of water rich in minerals and salt. Nowadays the lake is famous for its healing hydrogen sulfide mud, which is similar in composition to the mud of Saki Lake. Anyone can buy mud in Yeisk or collect it on the lake in any quantity for free.

I.M. Poddubny Memorial Museum

When visiting this museum you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the invincible Russian wrestler I. M. Poddubny.

Poddubny Memorial Museum is the only one in Russia, where the exhibits that belonged to the great wrestler are collected.

Be sure to pick up Poddubny’s walking stick. Old-timers of the museum assure that Poddubny walked around the city with it, thereby training.

The only museum in Russia devoted to the life and work of the legendary athlete. On a small area of the museum in two halls are more than two thousand exhibits. Among them are Poddubny’s personal belongings, sports equipment, training clothes and nails twisted by him. Particular attention is attracted by the hand-embroidered robe, in which the athlete went to the arena and a cast-iron cane weighing about 20 kilograms, which you can lift if you want.

Park named after Ivan Poddubny.

A wonderful place to stroll with family and friends: lots of trees, stalls with food and drinks, rides

“The smile of the city” – as locals call the park of culture and leisure. On its territory there are more than 30 different attractions, 5-D cinemas, a musical fountain, a sports stadium and an ostrich farm. There is also a museum named after I. Poddubny. There is also a museum named after I. Poddubny and his grave.

Beaches Yeisk.

Comfortable, comfortable, clean and safe, they are always popular among Russians.

The resort town is primarily famous for its beaches. Their total length is 2.5 km. On the side of the Gulf of Taganrog there are shallow beaches, but on the side of the estuary more or less deep. The best are considered: Centralny, Molodezhny, Detskiy and “Kamenka”. The first and last are perfect for a holiday with children, and Molodezhny for fans of outdoor activities and water sports. The beaches are well developed.

Spit Yeysk

On the territory of a very nice equipped beach Central with soft sand, amusement park, many cafes and souvenir stores.

A reclamation sand and shell strip Yeyskiy peninsula cut into the Azov Sea. Earlier the length of the spit was 9 km, now it is about 3 km. It is here that the tourist life is in full swing, as well as the best beaches, amusement parks, cafes, resorts and offers scenic views of the sea. The end of the spit is a favorite place for fishing.

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