23 best sights of Novorossiysk – descriptions and photos

Novorossiysk sights

Abrau Lake Tsemesskaya Bay Sea Station Heroes’ Square River Durso Beach in Durso Memorial “Minor Land

This site contains a collection of sights of Novorossiysk – photos, descriptions and tips for travelers. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find answers to questions: what to see in Novorossiysk, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Novorossiysk.

Lake Abrau

Lake Abrau (photo)

Lake Abrau is located in a quiet and cozy village of Abrau-Dyurso with a population of about 4,000 people, reminiscent of a small Switzerland. The village is known for its winemaking and viticulture.

The main attraction of the village is a large lake Abrau, the origin of which is still not exactly clear. Some believe that the lake was formed by an ancient freshwater sea, but most versions agree that the lake arose from the karst failure.

The lake lies at an altitude of 84 meters and is surrounded by mountains with rounded peaks and gentle slopes. In the 1950s, the lake was teeming with life: reeds were growing on its shores, where the birds made their nests, muskrats lived there, and fish spawned. But later the lake was cultivated, and after human intervention, it began to silt up. Now the depth of the lake reaches 10 meters, although not long ago it reached 35 meters.

Coordinates: 44.69818900,37.59178200

Tsemesskaya Bay

Tsemesskaya bay (photo)

Tsemesskaya Bay (Novorossiyskaya Bay) is a bay in the northern part of the Russian coast of the Black Sea. It takes its name from the river Tsemes flowing into it. Length 15 km, width at the entrance is 9 km, width in the middle part is 4.6 km, depth is 21-27 meters, which allows any ocean-going vessels to enter the bay.

In the northwestern part of the bay is located the hero-city of Novorossiysk.

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Novorossiysk sea station

Marine passenger terminal (photo)

Novorossiysk is a beautiful city on the Black Sea, the largest commercial and, in the recent past, passenger port. A favorite vacation spot for city residents is Admiral Serebryakov embankment, which originates from the building of Novorossiysk Marine Station.

The building of the Marine Station is distinguished by the originality of architectural solutions. Its left wing is crowned with huge round superstructure in the form of “flying saucer”. The saucer’s huge windows offer a view over the moorings, mountains, beaches, old and new residential buildings and factories on the eastern side. Novorossiysk sea terminal has been equipped to meet the requirements of modern tourism business. Here at the service of passengers of sea cruise ships have been created comfortable places for recreation, restaurants, stores, currency exchange offices.

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Just a few years ago the station building was bustling with life. However, in recent years passenger traffic has decreased dramatically, and the building is practically not used for its intended purpose. Today its spacious premises host a variety of exhibitions, mass public events are held here.

Near the deep-water pier, right in front of the Marine Station building, the cruiser-museum Mikhail Kutuzov stands eternally moored. For many decades, the artillery cruiser served to protect the interests of the state, and today it towers over the water surface as a monument to the Navy and the era.

Coordinates: 44.72136100,37.78376300

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Heroes Square

Heroes Square (photo)

Heroes’ Square in Novorossiysk is a kind of the beginning of the city, a kind of starting point. This is where the city began to grow and develop in the early years of its existence – the thirties of the 19th century.

Over the years, the square has changed a few names – it used to be called Market Square, and Seaside Boulevard. And only in 1943, it was decided once again to rename the best square in the city into Heroes’ Square in memory of those who died in the Great Patriotic War. The memory of the heroes of the bloody war is also commemorated in several monuments. On the square, surrounded by a shady garden, there is a Memorial Wall, a mass grave, Eternal Flame, and several busts of heroes.

Nowadays, ceremonies are traditionally held here.

Coordinates: 44.72056100,37.77745100

Admiral Serebryakov Embankment

Admiral Serebryakov embankment stretches along the western shore of the Tsemesskaya Bay in the Central district of the hero-city of Novorossiysk.

The embankment begins from the crossing with Novorossiyskaya Respublika Street, is interrupted at City Beach, resumes from the crossing with Isaeva Street (at Novorossiysk Hotel) and ends at the crossing with Suvorovskaya Street.

The embankment was named after Admiral Lazar Serebryakov (1792-1862), one of the founders and first governor-general of the city.

Durso River

The river Dyurso (photo)

Dyurso is a river in Russia (Krasnodar Territory). The village of Dyurso is situated on the river (which became part of Abrau-Dyurso in 1871). The name of the river is translated from Abkhazian as ‘four springs’. The river originates in the tract Kryazh east of Mount Smertnaya. It flows to the south. The length of the river is 14 km, the drainage area is 53.7 sq. km.

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Beach in Dyurso

Beach in Dyurso (photo)

There are small hotels and autocamping on the beach.This place is situated between the mountains in a gorge.The shore- a small pebble.

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Memorial “Minor Land

Malaya Zemlya memorial (photo)

Memorial “Minor Land” is dedicated to the heroes of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars. The author – sculptor V. Tsigal.

The monument is stylized as a battleship that ran ashore at full speed. One of its supports is fixed on the land, the other – in the sea. Converging at a height of 22 meters, they form a kind of inclined triangular arch. On the left “side” of the symbolic ship is a sculptural group “Marines”. On the right facade – the side of the “ship” – unfolds a bas-relief carved in the grant, depicting episodes of fighting for the Minor Land.

Inside the architectural structure, symbolizing the landing craft, is the Gallery of Military Glory. Multistep stairs lead to the bow of the “ship” and then go down. On both sides of it are symbolically placed banners of red polished granite, on which are inscribed with applied bronze letters the names of compounds and units of the Black Sea Group of the North Caucasus Front, the most distinguished in the battles. There are also bronze bas-reliefs – portraits of Heroes of the Soviet Union. On the wall are the words of the oath, laid out with ruby glass.

Coordinates : 44.68851800,37.79728200

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More places of interest in Novorossiysk

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23 best sights of Novorossiysk – descriptions and photos

The Museum of the Cement Industry, which is located in the city of Novorossiysk, is a place where you can go back two centuries – to the 19th century, when this industry was just emerging. It was founded in 1979 on the territory of the enterprise “Novoroscement” – one of the largest plants in Russia.

Museum Cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov

The cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov is a recognized masterpiece of world shipbuilding and is one of the ten best warships built in the 20th century. She was the first ship of the Black Sea Fleet, which began to carry out combat missions in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

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Admiral Serebryakov Embankment

If you ask passers-by in Novorossiysk what is worth seeing in the city, you are likely to hear one answer: “Admiral Serebryakov Quay”. This is indeed the most famous and beautiful place in the city. In addition to the wonderful sea panorama, there are many popular monuments.

Prima-South Art Gallery

Art Gallery “Prima-South” is recognized as the richest and most professional art gallery in southern Russia. Here are stored and exhibited unique collections of paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, works of applied art and more.

Myskhako Winery

In Novorossiysk apart from cultural and historical attractions tourists love to visit the winery “Myskhako”. This winery is considered one of the oldest wine-making enterprises in Russia, and since 2005 its production has been delivered to the Kremlin itself.

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Ostrovsky House-Museum in Novorossiysk

At the beginning of the 20th century the Eastern district of Novorossiysk was rapidly developing as an industrial city. Here Novorossiysk major industries were concentrated, a railway station, grain elevator, port etc. were built.

Malaya Zemlya” memorial

Memorial “Minor Land” is a place that every self-respecting citizen of the USSR must visit. Here you can see practically unchanged consequences of the war – trenches, trenches, observation points and so on.

Novorossiysk Historical Museum-Reserve

A familiarity with Novorossiysk would be incomplete without a visit to the Historical Museum-Reserve. Here you can find almost 150 thousand exhibits, telling about the history, culture and nature of Novorossiysk, as well as the life of local people. For convenience, collections of museum-reserve are divided into expositions.

Monument “Giving Water

The ‘Giving Water’ monument on the Novorossiysk’s seafront is a unique sculpture that is hard to find an equal in the world. This monument has its own history and is a memorable place for almost every citizen of the city.

Monument “Exodus

The monument “Exodus,” dedicated to the tragic events of the Russian Civil War, is one of the youngest landmarks of Novorossiysk. It was installed on April 12, 2013, on the city’s waterfront, where almost 100 years ago the remnants of the “white” troops of the Russian army were leaving their homeland.

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Lenin Park in Novorossiysk

The Lenin Park is considered to be the main park of Novorossiysk. The park dates back to 1876. At that time in this place was opened a small city garden, intended for walks of Novorossiysk citizens. During World War II the park almost became a cemetery.

Gagarin Planetarium in Novorossiysk. Gagarin Planetarium in Novorossiysk

In 1961, when the famous Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin first made his famous flight, a powerful telescope was built in Novorossiysk in order to follow the great pioneer in approaching the space, at least symbolically.

Orthodox complex “Holy Pen”

There is a special place in the Krymsky district of Krasnodar region for believers, which restores mental balance and gives strength. This is an Orthodox complex “Holy Pen” located in a mountain gorge near the village of Neberdzhaevskaya.

Holy Dormition Cathedral in Novorossiysk

Svyato-Uspensky Cathedral is the main temple of Novorossiysk. It was erected in 1904 on the territory of the cemetery, and therefore the monastery was called Assumption cemetery church. At the end of the 30s of the last century the Holy Dormition Cathedral was closed because of political events.

Semigorje estate

About midway between Anapa and Novorossiysk, on the outskirts of the farmstead Semigorye at an inconspicuous turn travelers see a hill of barrels, and next to it a post with signs “Restaurant by the Lake”, “Wine-0tel”, “Garage Wine”, “Picnic”.

Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator in Novorossiysk

The name of Gregory the Illuminator is holy for all Armenians, it was he who in the 3rd century brought a new religion to the country and through a miracle created the world’s first Christian state. In the beginning of the 20th century, there was already an Armenian church in the place of St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in Novorossiysk, and it was blown up in the 30s.

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Whatever the purpose of your trip to Novorossiysk is, take some time to see the sights of the city. There are a lot of them here, which means that the excursion program promises to be interesting and fascinating. You can start your excursion with a visit to the Admiral Serebryakov embankment. It is rightly considered one of the main attractions of Novorossiysk.

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In addition to the large landscaped pedestrian zone, adjacent to the sea, there are many monuments and sculptures, known no less than the promenade itself. So, walking here, you can see the monument to the founders of the city, the cruiser-museum “Mikhail Kutuzov”, the monument “Seaman’s Wife” and a charming sculpture “Mermaid and Dolphin”. By the way, be sure to pet a dolphin, they say he brings good luck. On the Admiral Serebryakov quay you can even sunbathe (there is a city beach) and visit Novorossiysk water park. For more details on how to get to the embankment and what else to see, you can learn in an article dedicated to this attraction of Novorossiysk.

You can truly feel the history of the hero-city of Krasnodar Krai, if you visit the Novorossiysk Historical Museum-Reserve. This institution has a large collection of archaeological exhibits, works of art (paintings, literature), as well as provides visitors with exhibitions dedicated to the nature of the region and the events of the Great Patriotic War. Novorossiysk Historical Museum-Reserve invites tourists to take a look at the memorial house of Nikolai Ostrovsky – the place where the writer created the novel “How the Steel Was Tempered”.

Please note that each of the museum departments works according to a certain schedule. If you would like to know the opening hours of the exhibitions, please read the article about this Novorossiysk attraction.

For those interested in the Orthodox shrines, we recommend visiting the Holy Dormition Cathedral of Novorossiysk. The main temple of the city suffered a devastating fire several years ago, but thanks to the responsiveness and diligence of the faithful the cathedral was almost completely rebuilt in a short time.

Among the attractions of Novorossiysk is impossible not to mention the Lenin Park. Despite its age, the park boasts a century-old history and modern infrastructure – numerous attractions, comfortable walking areas and a variety of cafes and restaurants.

In Novorossiysk is one of the oldest wineries in Russia – the winery “Myskhako”. It owns hundreds of hectares of vineyards, and guests of Novorossiysk have a great opportunity to visit these plantations. The famous enterprise organizes excursion programs for tourists with visits to production departments and cellars with drinks.

Traditionally, a visit to the Myskhako plant ends with a tasting of the best samples of the enterprise’s products.

In addition to the above-mentioned most famous sights of Novorossiysk, there are many other interesting objects in the city. Come and see everything with your own eyes.

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