23 best places of interest in Ingushetia – descriptions and photos

Beautiful places of Ingushetia

Ingushetia is a mountainous republic, on the territory of which you can visit many picturesque, beautiful and interesting places, as well as capture them on photos and videos, such as the amazing monuments of nature Targim Valley, the gorges of the Assa and Armkhi rivers. There are many cultural and historical monuments, the most significant of which are Tkhaba-Yerdy, Albi-Yerdy, Vovnushki Castle, architectural structures of Targim, Khamkhi, Egikal and others.

The towers of highland Ingushetia are unique in their architecture. For hundreds of years they have stood high in the sky. The monuments tell of the skill of the ancient architects, of the traditions and customs of the highlanders, of the people who once made this beautiful land famous.

Erzya Nature Reserve

One of the youngest nature reserves on the territory of the Russian Federation. This very beautiful and amazing place has been created with the aim of preserving the unique mountain nature. The territory of Erzi is about 6000 hectares.

It is mainly middle and high mountain forests, alpine meadows and mountain rivers. In the middle belt of the reserve there are birches, hook pines, lindens, oaks, mountain ash trees. Willow and buckthorn grow near the rivers. Above there are beautiful mountain steppes and meadows with a variety of flowers, at the very top – solid glaciers.

Photo of Erzi Nature Reserve

The animal world of Erzy Reserve is also quite diverse. Here live bears, foxes, wolves, martens, goats, wild boars, Dagestan tur, leopards and forest cats. These beautiful places are also home to birds of prey – buzzards, vultures and golden eagles. The rarest species of birds in this region is the yellow-headed kingfisher.

Erzee Nature Reserve photo Ingushetia

For tourists, a visit to Erzi will be an unforgettable experience. Here one can admire Armkhinsky waterfall in a forest gorge and a pine grove. In addition, in this region you can see historical and architectural monuments. Various sanctuaries and crypts, fortresses and temples, as well as a historical and architectural museum-reserve.

Table Mountain (Maat Loam)

Photo of Erzee Nature Reserve in Ingushetia

One of the most sacred and beautiful places in Ingushetia – Maat Loam – is considered the highest peak of the republic, its height reaches 3000 meters. The mountain owes its name to its shape, which resembles a huge flat table covered by a green carpet of grass.

Photo of Armkhinsky waterfall in Erzya nature reserve

Photo of Table Mountain in Ingushetia

The table mountain is a place where there is always a lot of sunlight during the day and at night the sky is strewn with many stars and it seems that you can touch them. The summit of Maat Loam is crowned by Mat-Seli (Myatzil), an ancient temple to which the ancestors of the Ingush came to pay tribute to the God of fertility and agriculture.

Photo of Mount Maat Loam in Ingushetia

Among the large number of grottoes and caves of Table Mountain, the Stalactite Cave attracts particular attention. The length of the cave is about 34 meters, width – 25 meters, height – 10 meters. In this place often shoot artistic scenes: the ceiling of the cave is decorated with stalactite icicles, and from the bottom grow huge stalagmites, which in artificial light are amazingly beautiful and majestic.

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Photo of view from the Table Mountain in Ingushetia

Vovnushka Castle

Photo of Mat-Seli temple on Table Mountain

In the Dzheraykh region of Ingushetia, on top of a cliff stands the amazing castle of Vovnushki, full of dark charm and ancient legends. Its name translates as “the place of battle towers”. From the top of the cliff there is a beautiful view of the gorge, where powerful streams of water hitting the rocks create a cascade of splashes and a sea of foam.

Photo of Stalactite cave on Mount Maat Loam

The entrance to the castle was from the second floor, so it took enemies a long time to figure out how to get inside. There were living quarters on the third floor, an observation deck on the top floor, and a prison on the lowest floor. The towers were connected by a suspended bridge on ropes that had been cut during the attack. Vovnushki has experienced many battles, it was once the control point of the Great Silk Road.

Photo of Vovnushki castle in Ingushetia

Chateau Erken

Photo of Vovnushki Castle in Ingushetia

The majestic chateau in the Romanesque style, located 20 kilometers from Nalchik, is called by the local population a new man-made landmark of the Northern Caucasus. Chateau Erken, built by a talented architect, is surrounded by a beautiful artificial lake with exotic fish and a dense forest inhabited by pheasants and deer.

Photo of Vovnushki castle tower in Ingushetia

In the tradition of Italy and France, the chateau bears the ancestral Kabardian surname of the Erkenovs, and the labels bear their family symbol. Erkenov in 1991 became the first entrepreneur who received a license in the RSFSR to produce and sell alcoholic beverages. This was the year when the family concern “ZET”, which owns “Chateau Erken”, appeared.

Photo of Chateau Erken castle

The wine palace is a very beautiful place and looks fabulous, many tourists come here who want to get to know “Caucasian Tuscany” and taste the aromatic wine drink of high quality.


Photo of Chateau Erken castle vineyard

Ancient Egikal is a large tower complex in Ingushetia. Many buildings are scattered along the southern slope of the Tsei-Loam Mountain in the Assin Gorge. Egikal fascinates and amazes, it seems that in this beautiful place breathes history itself. This is the cradle of all Ingushetia, it’s where the settlement of the local people began, there are the most ancient buildings (over 100) and many tombs dating from the XII-XVI centuries.

Photo of Chateau Erken castle at night

The entire Egikala complex consists of dwelling towers with a variety of household outbuildings, vaults and four semi-combat towers. Unfortunately, most of the structures have been destroyed, but one of the combat towers has survived and has been restored. Nowadays this tower has become the main attraction of the complex, its pearl. There are stairs to one of the walls so tourists can have a look inside.

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Photo of the Egical tower complex

Photo of Egikal tower complex in Ingushetia


Photo of Egikal tower complex in Ingushetia

The village is located in the south of Ingushetia, in Jeirakh district, on the left bank of the Assa River. The settlement is striking for its identity: ancient towers of Ingush auls fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. They are proof of the nation’s fortitude and strength. It is the pride of the local population, which carries the memory of the heroic past of the people.

Photo of Egikal tower complex in Ingushetia

In ancient times the castle complex consisted of combat, semi-combat and dwelling structures. Combat towers were the first structures of the Ingush. The semi-combat towers were used not only as dwellings but also as defence outposts. They had loopholes for archery. Most of them, however, were dwellings with many extensions. At the moment almost all the constructions were destroyed, only 4 fighting structures survived.


Photo of Khamkhi village in Ingushetia

This ancient Ingush village is situated in the south of Ingushetia, in the Targim valley, on the right bank of the Assa River. This area is notable for its particularly flat terrain.

Photo of Khamkhi towers in Ingushetia

Nowadays Targim is a deserted place, but it does not look abandoned. Even now, the ancient buildings are in excellent condition and striking in their grandeur. There are four combat towers, four semi-combat towers and 16 ruined structures of a residential character above the river.

Photo of the village of Targim

The Jeirakh-Assy State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve

Photo of the Assa River near the village of Targim

One of the largest museum-reserves in Russia is located in southern Ingushetia on the border with Georgia. There are many towers, sanctuaries, crypts, and other structures and very little population. At the entrance to the territory of the reserve is a majestic arch built in the style of ancient Ingush towers.

Photo of towers in the village of Targim in Ingushetia

The museum includes about 5000 architectural and archaeological objects, which are real masterpieces of Ingush culture (from the Bronze Age to the end of the late Middle Ages). Of great interest are the ancient Christian temple of Tkhaby-Yerdy, the aul Egikal, one of the most famous tower complexes in the area, the castle complex of Vovnushki, and many others.

Photo of Jeyrakh-Assa historical-architectural museum-reserve

Falkhan village

Falkhan, one of the old Ingush castle-type settlements, is situated slightly to the north of the village of Lyagzhi in a gorge on the spur of the Table Mountain. It is a little-known but very beautiful place.

It has a majestic Dzarakhov castle of a combination of a dwelling tower and a combat one, which is 25 metres high. The construction of all the buildings of the settlement dates back to the XVI-XVII centuries. Most of the structures are half-ruined at present, and the corner of one of the main watchtowers has collapsed completely.

On a hillside in the north-western part of the village is located crypt necropolis. There are more than a dozen tombs, some of them ruined, but the bodies of the dead are amazingly preserved – thanks to good ventilation of the crypts and clean mountain air, a natural mummification took place.

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Temple of Tkhaba-Yerdy

Photo of the Armkhi River valley in Jeyrakh

In the mountains of Ingushetia, deep in the Assin Gorge, there is an ancient Christian temple – Tkhaba-Yerdy. It is a place of worship for the local population, here important for the Ingush religious ceremonies take place, and wise elders help solve problems and give blessings for marriages.

Photo of the arch in the Jeirakh-Assy Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve

Tkhaba-Yerdy is a famous monument of religion and culture. The appearance of the temple does not have luxurious grandeur and pomp – it is the simplest stone construction, decorated with carvings, drawings and bas-reliefs. However, despite its simplicity, the building attracts many tourists with its antiquity, mystique, location and legends associated with it.

Photo of the Tkhaba Yerdy Temple

Borg-Kash Mausoleum

Photo of bas-relief on the temple of Tkhaba-Yerdy

Surprisingly well-preserved ancient architectural monument of Ingushetia. The mausoleum is located 11 kilometers from the village of Nazran. It is built of rare, but durable and sturdy stone with a yellow tint. The structure itself is small, about 3 metres high. The entrance is made as a regular, elaborately folded arch, and its roof is decorated with a hemispherical dome.

Photo of interior in the temple of Tkhaba-Yerdy

Besides the above-ground part, the Borga-Kash has an underground, the way to which is closed with a heavy stone slab. Paintings with ornamentation decorate the vault’s interior, but its walls were merely whitewashed after a fire and repairs. For the Ingush, the mausoleum had become sacred, and in this unusual place the population performed pagan fertility rituals, and prayed for good luck in hunting or rain.

Dudarovo Castle

Photo of Borga-Kash mausoleum

The Dudarova Castle is situated in a picturesque place on the bank of a mountain stream. It consists of 1 combat tower and 3 ruined dwelling towers, surrounded by a defensive wall. A moat runs around the complex, which was once filled with water from the stream.

Photo of manhole to the underground part of Borga-Kash mausoleum

To the right of the dilapidated structure is a crypt with a beautiful crenellated roof. According to the legend, the castle was named after the brave warrior Dudara. He was the founder of the castle. After his sons died, the warrior left the walls of his home, but returned a few years later and brutally avenged his enemies.

Duhargisht Towers

Another ancient landmark of Ingushetia is the Dukhargisht towers. They can be found on the spur of Mount Matlotam. Earlier, the structure was surrounded by a high stone wall, and the castle itself consisted of one combat and four dwelling towers.

Nowadays the castle is ruined and in its place is nothing but ruins. The most interesting place of this complex is the combat tower. It has large compartments for storing supplies. Near the castle there are 2 ancient crypts covered with a slate roof: a 3-tier and a 2-tier.

Memorial Complex to the Victims of Repressions

Photo of Dudar castle in Ingushetia

In 1997 in Ingushetia a monument was opened in honor of the people who were victims of repression and Stalin’s political regime. The memorial complex consists of 9 towers wrapped in barbed wire. According to the designer’s idea each of the towers symbolizes the architecture of the victims.

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Photo of Dudarovsky Castle in Ingushetia

In the highest tower there is a museum, where various factual evidence of that harsh and sad time is collected. Photographs, names of people who died during the deportation, documents and paintings. In total the museum has over 1320 exhibits.

Photo of Memorial Complex of Repression Victims in Ingushetia

Every day the museum organizes excursions, which tell about the events of 1944 and the armed conflict in 1992.

Alansky Assumption Monastery

Photo of towers of Memorial to the Victims of Repressions in Ingushetia

Near the village of Verhny Fiagdon, in the Kurtati Gorge, stands the majestic Alanian Dormition Monastery. This is the highest Orthodox monastery on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Photo of a plaque at the Memorial Complex to the Victims of Repressions in Ingushetia

The first shelter of the Alanian Monastery was a former hotel for machinists in the city of Beslan. From the beginning of its foundation two monks served there. It then moved to the Kurtati Gorge, where a monastery in the name of the Myrrh-bearers was erected within a year. The monks also built a brotherhood and a temple in the name of the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God.

Photo of Alanian Dormition Monastery in Ingushetia

In 2011 at the monastery served 14 monks. Today the Uspensky monastery has become famous among the inhabitants of Ossetia and other countries. Tourists often come to this place to admire the majestic temple and the beautiful nature around it.

23 best places of interest in Ingushetia – descriptions and photos

Photo of Alanian Dormition Monastery in Ingushetia

This North Caucasus republic, bordering Georgia, North Ossetia and Chechnya, is the smallest subject of the Russian Federation in terms of area: from north to south. RIA Novosti, 31.07.2022

MOSCOW, 30 July – RIA Novosti, Olga Kabanova. This North Caucasus republic, bordering Georgia, North Ossetia and Chechnya, is the smallest subject of the Russian Federation in terms of area: 144 kilometers from north to south and 72 kilometers from west to east. But there are plenty of sights and exotics here: towers, temples, violent rivers, and snow-capped peaks. RIA Novosti has a story about how visitors are welcome in Ingushetia, and what must be tasted and where to visit in the area.One Road – A Million ImpressionsIf you have very little time to explore the Caucasus region, take a few hours and go for a drive through the Jeirakh Gorge from the Georgian Military Highway to the Kavkaz Highway.We will stop after every couple of kilometers – the views are incredible. A herd of sheep grazes on a background of snow-covered mountain tops, an ancient tower complex appears from behind a bend and at some point the clouds start floating underfoot. Landscapes, as well as weather, change constantly.But there is a nuance: as near the border, you can enter and leave only through the checkpoint, warns guide Inna Yakovleva. You have to show a Russian passport, and for foreigners – a pass issued in advance, and if the documents look shabby or torn, border guards may not let them in: it is strictly prohibited.Three days and three nightsOn the way do not hesitate to stop in the villages. Once you get out of the car, you are immediately surrounded by curious locals. They pose questions: where are you coming from, how do you like our region, have you seen the towers? In the past, travelers were even offered a separate shelter in the courtyard, which was always open for everyone, she adds. Now they’re brought into the main house, put the best things on the table, and give advice on when and where to go.It’s thought that you have to feed, water and take care of your guest for three days and three nights, says guide and organizer of the “Golden Ring of the North Caucasus” tour, Viskhan Gazdiyev. Then the all-inclusive will be over: you’ll have to immerse yourself in family life and share the daily chores and cares with the host.Switzerland in the Ingush wayOne of the main tourist destinations in the republic is the Jeirakh region. It is called the Ingush Switzerland for the beauty of meadows covering the slopes and the purest air. And there are also many ancient watchtowers and dwelling towers here. To get an idea of Ingush life and way of life, one must visit at least two or three towers.The structures (there are about a hundred of them here!) in the Egikal complex, built in the 11th-12th centuries, are in good condition. Each tower belonged to one family. The towers are narrow, high, without steps – it is not very clear how one got inside. As things really were, the entrance was on the second of the five floors, and was reached by a ladder. If the enemy attacked, the stairs were removed.Walk through the complexes of Targim, where the defensive towers are well-preserved, and Tsori, where every building bears petroglyphs.The place of the combat towersThe main road that runs through Ingushetia from North Ossetia to Chechnya has fine asphalt. But this is not the case everywhere. There are unpaved roads through the Erzy Nature Reserve, next to which the highway runs. In sunny weather anyone can pass, but in the rain – only jeeps.But it is worth visiting the reserve. First, to admire the beauty of waterfalls, mountain rivers, rhododendron thickets, maples, beeches, oaks and lindens. If you go higher than two kilometers above sea level, the forests will change to mountain steppes, and after another 1,500 meters – the kingdom of permafrost.

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