22 best sights of Marmaris – descriptions and photos

Top 30 Attractions in Marmaris

The Panorama of Marmaris

Marmaris is considered one of the most popular Turkish resorts for a reason. It pleases tourists not only with sunny beaches and clear sea, but also a large number of attractions. There are many interesting places that will appeal to both connoisseurs of antiquity and those who like active entertainment and vivid impressions.

The Marmaris Fortress

  • Working time: 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Cost: 1,85 Euros

The fortress is considered one of the most interesting historical sites of the city. It is a majestic building with an ancient history. In former times the fortress served as protection from enemies, and today there is a museum with seven working galleries. Inside the museum there are many interesting exhibits that tell about the long history of these places.

The fortress is situated on a hill, which offers a very beautiful panorama of the city.

Netsel Marina

Netsel Marina is a unique bay which attracts boaters. It is located at the junction of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea and covers 366 sq. km. More than 700 yachts can be moored at the marina at any one time. It is possible not only to admire the ships, but also to ride for a fee. There are several schools on the territory, and in May there is an annual competition among the best yachtsmen.

Central Bazaar Bedesten

The Bedesten market belongs to the ancient structures. Despite its long history, it is still open today. Buyers can find almost any product in the cozy little stores. The opening hours of the market are limited.

If you are tired, you can rest in the garden, which is located right on the market. There is a cozy coffee house, where you can drink coffee and smoke hookah.


The waterfront is one of the best places for an evening stroll. It offers a beautiful panorama of the sea and the mountains. On the waterfront there are restaurants, cafes and clubs where you can have a good time with the company.


  • Website: https://dolphin-therapy.org/
  • Performance times: 09:30, 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 and 17:00
  • Cost: 15 € for adults, 10 € for children aged 6-10.

The main feature of the Dolphinarium is that the dolphins are kept outdoors in conditions very close to their natural habitat.

The dolphinarium works all year round. On the territory you can watch the performances of animals, as well as swim with them directly in the pool. In summer there are a lot of those wishing to visit the dolphinarium, so it is best to book tickets in advance.

AquaDream Waterpark

  • Web site: http://aquadreammarmaris.com/
  • Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Cost: 15 € for adults, 10 € for children aged 4-9

The Aqua Dream Water Park has a huge area, so there is something for both adults and children to do. There are several pools and a whole complex of slides of different complexity levels.

It is located on a hill, so you have to climb a special ramp. As a reward for this a wonderful landscape opens in front of the visitors.

Atlantis Waterpark

  • Website: https://www.marmarissuparki.com/
  • Opening times: 10.00-17.00
  • Price: €67 for adults, €48 for children aged 6 to 12

The main advantage of the water park is that it is located directly on the sea coast. It means that not only slides and pools, but also a private pebble beach is at your disposal. In addition, there is an artificial wave pool and even a mini golf course. For those who want to take a break from the water entertainment, there are several bars and cozy cafes offering delicious food and refreshments.

Bar Street

There is life in Marmaris even at night. You just have to take a trip to the famous bar street to find out. It stretches from the city center straight to the pier. There are more than 80 restaurants on both sides of the street and about the same number of nightclubs. The most frequent visitors of the street are young people who like to party at night. There are regular buses from the hotels, so you can easily get to any place you want.

Antique Amphitheater

Built in V-VI century BC, it was restored several times and has remained in perfect condition until today. The amphitheater is still active today. Symphonic concerts are held on its territory.

Ataturk Monument

The Ataturk Monument is set right on the waterfront, surrounded by flags. Monument to the leader is a must-see attraction in any Turkish city. Not far from the center there is also a park of the same name, where you can hide from the heat and take a walk in the shade.

Dancing Fountain

The fountain was built in 2012 in the center of the city. Under the play of light and music water jets in the fountain as if dancing. Lined up in a row, the water jets form a wall and on the small splashes begins the show with a movie projector. Music plays classical and modern. The audience not only enjoys watching, but also dancing.

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Ibrahim Aga Pasha Mosque

The temple building is located in the Kemeralti district in the vicinity of the central bazaar in the old city. It was built in 1789 by Sultan Ibrahim Pasha. Architecture of the temple is made in traditional restrained and laconic Islamic style. Today, as in past centuries, the mosque attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

Sultan Hafsa’s Caravanserai

The history of the Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai goes back centuries. The date of its opening is 1545, as evidenced by a plaque on the wall. Like other buildings of this type, it used to serve as a hotel where weary travelers could have a meal and rest. Today the caravanserai belongs to the valuable historical sites of Marmaris. It is a unique building decorated with authentic painted arches.

Gunnujek National Park

The national park is located in several regions of Turkey, but it is in the resort area where the most picturesque part of it is located. The flora and fauna here are very diverse. It is noteworthy that in the park grows a large number of special species of trees, which are characteristic only for a particular natural zone.

On the territory you can not only take a walk. There are special places for picnics, there are camping sites. Tourists are offered to climb the rocks, go horseback riding or ride in a jeep.

Nimara Cave

Nimara Cave is located in a picturesque part of Paradise Island. The island itself is connected to the mainland by a thin isthmus, so it is easily accessible by car or bus. However, you have to wade through the forest and cross the suspension bridge to get to the cave itself.

Nimara is still in its formative stages, although it dates back to ancient times. According to legends, the goddess Leto, the beloved of Zeus, was worshipped and sacrificed there. Today it is a large and deep grotto, the walls and ceiling of which are strewn with stalactites and stalagmites.

Icmeler Beach

Icmeler as part of Marmaris, is located in a bay amidst slopes and gardens. The beach and sea are clean with picturesque views and clear water. A favorite place for diving.

Cleopatra Island

The island of Sedir is located in the Aegean Sea in the Gulf of Gökova. It has gained fame because of its extremely beautiful beach. The land here is covered with fine golden sand, which makes this place a true paradise.

The island is often referred to as Cleopatra’s Island. This name comes from a legend that says this is where the Egyptian queen used to meet her beloved Mark Antony. Thanks to this story, there is always a romantic atmosphere on the island.

Kiz Kumu Spit

Kyz-Kumu Spit (the name is translated into Russian as “maiden’s sand”) is located in the small village of Orhaniye. This is a cozy and beautiful corner of nature. To visit Kyz-Kumu Spit is worth visiting if you like secluded rest. Local beach pleases with warm transparent water, clean sand and charming landscape. On the spit tourists are attracted not only by the beauty of nature, but also a large number of ancient legends associated with this place.


Kaunos is one of the oldest cities in Turkey. It is located in the bay Dalyan so there are always many tourists.

Given the fact that today no one lives in the city, it is quite well preserved. Especially appealing is an ancient amphitheater and the ruins of an ancient temple. Local landmarks are also considered unique tombs carved right into the rock.


Dalyan is a small town, but very atmospheric, where many excursions are organized. There are many ancient sites, and there is a beautiful river and lakes. On the river constantly plying boats, because of which Dalyan is often called the Venice of Turkey. Vacationers can also visit the local mud baths and hot springs.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is located on the outskirts of Dalyan on the Iztuzu sandbar. It is a kind of barrier between the river and the sea. Turtle beach is a special place. It gets its name from the fact that the sea turtles nest here. Adults come to the spit, lay their eggs in the sand and swim away. Sea turtles are a rare species in danger of extinction. This is why they are listed in the Red Book and the beach is protected by law. Some parts of the beach are forbidden to the tourists.


The ancient city of Knidos is a ruin of an ancient village, among which you can see fragments of temples, an acropolis, and fortress walls. The most famous place of Knidos is the temple of Aphrodite, which archaeologists found only in the 70s of the XX century. Excavations are still going on in the city, so this open-air museum is annually updated with new exhibits.

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Köyceğiz is a Turkish town located in the outskirts of Dalaman. It is ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday. The town is surrounded by mountains on all sides and a picturesque lake of the same name at its foot. The water is connected to the Mediterranean Sea by a narrow channel. The shore has a small beach, so everyone can swim.


Turunç is a small town, known for its quiet and comfortable beaches with clear turquoise water and white sand. The so-called Silent Bay, a secluded spot in the bosom of unspoiled nature, is especially popular. It is almost always very quiet and peaceful, so Turunç is visited mostly by couples with children, or those who like secluded relaxation.


Datca is a small Turkish town. It delights the eyes of tourists with its cozy cobblestone streets and beautiful small buildings. Near it is also located district of the same name. Due to excellent natural conditions here has developed a comfortable and very picturesque resort. The coast of Datca is covered with pine forests and palm trees, so the air on the beaches is always crystal clear. Tourists here enjoy swimming in the sea, sailing, doing underwater sports.


Mugla is a small town of about 1000 people. It is visited by tourists tired of beach holidays. In Mugla can see many beautiful buildings with authentic architecture. There is also a large number of restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment venues. You can also spend time in the many stores and shopping centers, so it is a great place for shopping lovers. The air in the city is very fresh, as there are many parks with well-maintained territory. Tourists who have been to Mugla note that it is more European than other cities in Turkey.


Kumlubyuk village is actively developing today, but in terms of tourism, it is not yet very famous. That is why there are not many people here. Tourists like to spend time on beautiful deserted beaches, where water transparency sometimes reaches 5 m. In addition, many of them are engaged in fishing, making excursions to the picturesque surroundings. There is a large network of interesting fish restaurants with very tasty and authentic dishes.


The village of Akyaka is interesting because it is the place where wealthy Turks have their holidays. Few foreign tourists know about this wonderful village, so it is never crowded. Almost all the buildings are made in the same style: two-storey white houses with tiled roofs. This gives the village a special charm. More excitement is a well-groomed beach with fine sand. The sea here is calm, warm and fairly shallow, which is especially appealing to couples with small children.

Sogut Waterfall and Karadzhain Caves

Sogut Waterfall and Karadjain Caves are located in Okluk Bay near Sogut village. Thousands of tourists from nearby resorts come here every year to see these natural beauties. Sogut Waterfall is 25 meters high and right below it, a lake is formed from streams of water. The water remains cold at any time of the year.

The cave conceals rather deep and ramified mazes, so it is not recommended to go down into it alone without an escort.

Bair and Ciftlik

The village of Bair is an obligatory stopping point for those who decide to go on a jeep safari. Despite the fact that today it is a small village, in the old days there was quite a large village here. The remains of temples and other city buildings in Bair can be seen by everyone.

Ciftlik is another village with a beautiful beach, which attracts travelers here. Many of them say that it is here the cleanest water. This is due to both the unique natural conditions of this area and the small number of vacationers.

Ataturk Park

Near Ataturk Park there is a beach, so there are always a lot of people resting in the park. People walk, ride bicycles and horses, enjoy the clean air and the beauty of nature. The flora of the park is extremely rich, but of particular interest to visitors are incense trees, of which there are many. They exude a unique fragrance and are considered to be a kind of calling card of this place.

The Tomb of Sariana

The Tomb of Sariana is a little known place. It was built by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent for one of the most famous inhabitants of the city. The woman named Sariana was a fortuneteller and had the gift of seeing into the future. Rumors about her reached the Sultan himself, but he did not have time to meet the woman because Sariana died. To honor her memory, Suleiman erected a tomb, which today is open to the public.

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Top 21 Best Sights of Marmaris

Noisy, colorful, shrouded in ancient legends, Turkish Marmaris has long been popular with tourists.

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Who comes to Marmaris and why?

A family vacation, a honeymoon, an escape from routine and gloomy days – the Turkish resort is suitable for any leisure time. Part of this success is determined by the sights of Marmaris.

  • Ancient oriental architecture and ancient ruins are an excursion into the past for lovers of antiquity and legends.
  • The picturesque natural beauties, islands and beaches will please the romantics.
  • The shopping malls and markets are a shopper’s paradise.

Trips to the suburbs will be no less interesting – there is a different, measured life. But in the neighboring settlements, there are lots of places to spend your time.

Historical sites and architecture



On the borders of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, Knidos was once the most important commercial, cultural and spiritual center of the region. The city was part of the legendary Doric Union. Today it is an open-air archaeological park where you can stroll along the remains of columns, building fragments and ancient statues. Signs in English prevent you from getting lost in the streets.

The pearl of the architectural complex are the ruins of the temple of Aphrodite, the patroness of the city. The statue, made by the chief architect of ancient times Praxiteles, once adorned the altar. The top point of Knidos has a panoramic view of the surrounding area and the azure sea.

The Marmaris Fortress


The first fortress on the rocky peninsula was built by the Ionians in 3000 BC. However, it was destroyed during the long siege by Alexander the Great. The citadel lay in ruins until 1522, when Suleiman the Great ordered the fort to be rebuilt and modernized. It provided additional protection for the Ottoman Empire from the sea.

The fortress remained untouched until the First World War, when it was badly damaged by the French army.

Reconstruction work did not begin until the 1970s, the architectural landmark as a museum was opened to the public 12 years later. There are archaeological finds, ceramics, household items, ancient statues, the interior of the old Turkish house is recreated here, there is even a section devoted to the history of the fortress.

Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai

karavn sarai

One of the attractions of the old town in Marmaris is the inn. It was built in 1545 by Suleiman the Magnificent and was named after his beloved mother. The caravanserai was a shelter for the weary travelers on their way to Greece.

A two-story building with arches and columns forms a quiet courtyard. In the middle is a small mosque where the ruler of the Ottoman Empire once prayed. Today the caravanserai houses souvenir shops and cafes.



Kaunos is an ancient city about 30 km from Marmaris on the Dalyan River. It is believed that Kaunos dates back to the 10th century BC. Excavations have uncovered fragments of fortress walls, temple ruins and an acropolis. The found items of everyday life, cults, jewelry, coins and weapons belong to different epochs and peoples: Ionians, Persians, Byzantines, Carians, Greeks and Romans.

The main attraction of the dead city are the monumental tombs, cut through the rock, which date back to the IV century BC. It is believed that Kaunos used to be near the sea and was a trading center. In the course of time the harbor grew shallow because of silt deposits, the city lost its importance and fell into decay, and later was abandoned.

Ibrahim Agha Mosque

mechet ibragima agi

The oldest mosque, built in 1789, largely determines the identity of the city. At first, the domed building was considered too pretentious, but after a while the design by architect Ibrahim Pasha was recognized at its true value. The master was trying to introduce new forms to the traditional Ottoman religious architecture.

The main building is rectangular in shape and consists of two floors. To the right rises the minaret – its convex ornamentation resembles a grid. The mosque is very popular and attracts many pilgrims.



The ancient inn, built in the 16th century, is located 10 km from the center of the city. Tahshan and the aqueduct adjoining it are considered landmarks of the resort.

In times gone by, merchants and travelers found shelter, food, and protection from robbers in the caravanserai. Now only fragments of it remain. But the inner courtyard is still in use: the local authorities hold festivals and various shows there. There are also small cafes and souvenir shops.

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The ancient city was founded by the Dorians roughly in the VII century BC. Situated on a rock and surrounded by a massive wall, Amos was well protected from enemy attacks, and passing along the trade routes made it prosperous.

Only ruins of its former splendor have survived, but even they are impressive. These are the remains of fortifications up to 4 meters high, fragments of the main gate and the temple dedicated to Apollo. The most impressive is a ruined amphitheater with a seating capacity of up to 1300 spectators. Scientists have also discovered a necropolis.

Views of the Aegean Sea and olive groves are an added bonus for history buffs who come to see the city.

Natural attractions

Cleopatra Island

ostrov kleopatri

The picturesque island is located in the Gulf of Gökova in the Aegean Sea, about 16 km from the resort. Legend has it that this island was given to Cleopatra by Emperor Mark Antony.

The capricious lover did not like the local sand, so the ruler of the Roman Empire ordered to bring special sand from North Africa. After that, the beautiful woman changed her anger for mercy and spent many passionate nights on the island with the emperor.

Anyway, the sand here is really unique. Snow-white and large, and most importantly, hollow inside, it is found only in this part of Turkey. The local authorities are very protective of the natural treasure and ask vacationers to wash off the sand before leaving the beach.

The shoreline is about 5 m wide and about 50 m long. The water around is very clear and can be seen to a depth of 3-4 meters. If you get tired of swimming and sunbathing on the island, you can visit the ruins of the amphitheater and the ruins of Apollo’s temple, located nearby.

Kiz Kumu Spit

kosa kis kimu

On the outskirts of Marmaris, near the village of Orhaniye, is an unusual place – the spit Kyz-Kumu, which translates from Turkish as “maiden’s sand”. The sandbank begins at the shore, goes into the sea and suddenly breaks off.

Local guides tell the legend. A girl was on her way to her beloved, having decided to take a shortcut on the water, and began to throw in the sand in front of her, which she had thoughtfully brought from the shore. But when the sand ran out, the beautiful girl drowned.

The scientific version of the appearance of Kiz-Kum Spit is much more prosaic: the sea currents washed the sand and formed a shoal. If you take a couple of steps to the side, you have to swim – the depth of the bottom here is a few meters (on the very spit it is about 30 cm). The water here is clean and warm, and the beauty of the surrounding scenery is breathtaking.

Nimara Cave

peshera nimara

On the outskirts of Marmaris, on Paradise Island, is the Nimara Cave, where the nymph named Leto was worshipped. The distance from the harbor to the natural landmark is only 400 meters, but it is not so easy to overcome. The altitude difference at this point is up to 350 m and the way goes past mysterious caves, rocks and bizarre southern vegetation.

At the end of the journey you have to walk over a bridge with rope handrails. But it is worth it – inside the cave abounds with stalactites and stalagmites of the most bizarre forms.

Turgut Waterfall

vodopad turgut

The turbulent waterfall is part of a nature park in the south of Marmaris. Over the centuries, the water has polished the rocks, making them unusually smooth.

The stream falls from a height of 5 m, forming a small crystal clear lake at the bottom of which the small fish scurry. If you want, you can swim in this natural pool, but you should consider that the water is very cold.

National Park

nac park

The area of the Turkish Nature Reserve is truly vast. A large part of it is located within the boundaries of Marmaris – fans of active recreation are welcome here. There are a number of hiking and biking trails for them along the scenic rivers and mountain plateaus. Also available are horseback riding and jeep safaris.

Places to walk and shop



The seaside promenade in Marmaris is the longest in Turkey. It is more than 12 km long. There are many cozy cafes, restaurants, stores, shady alleys and benches. Palm trees, conifers and oleanders create a unique atmosphere. As dusk falls, the promenade is transformed: the lights of the hotels, bars and lanterns shimmer on the velvet waves.

On the way, one can see the immense expanse of water, the piers with snow-white yachts and the pearly scattering of islands. If walking seems tiring, bicycles can be hired, as there are bike lanes along the promenade.

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Better known as an indoor market, Bedesten invites you to experience a real Oriental bazaar. Over 40 pavilions sell leather goods, jewelry, clothes, shoes and souvenirs. There are no fixed prices – it is necessary to haggle. The seller will enjoy this process, and the buyer a nice discount.

After the shopping you can relax in one of the coffee shops. Among the many drinks you should choose Turkish coffee. Aromatic and invigorating, it instantly brings you back to life and relieves fatigue.

Bar Street

ulica barov

Bar Street is the busiest place in Marmaris. During the holiday season a quiet street in the historic part of the city magically turns into an entertainment center. Restaurants, cafes, stores, bars and discotheques with music for every taste are open here all night long until 5 am.

In addition to entertainment, there are tattoo parlors and fast food outlets, and shawarma and lahmajun are among the street food hits.

Karsi Market

karsi market

The largest market occupies several streets in the central part of Marmaris. Its second name is the Grand Bazaar.

The market pavilions seem to stretch on endlessly. Here they sell all kinds of goods: locally produced clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, toys, souvenirs, just to name a few. You should bargain before buying.

Marina Marmaris

marina marmarina

The resort is famous for its excellent bays. The most convenient of them is located right in the center of Marmaris. Modest boats and luxury yachts worth a few million dollars are moored there side by side.

The Marina, or Netsel as the locals call it, is located at the northern tip of the city. This place is considered the most romantic. Around the mountains, forest, the sound of the surf and beautiful boats swaying in time with the waves. This is where true romantics come to admire the sunset.

Picturesque suburbs



This quiet and tranquil town, a 30 minute drive from Marmaris, is just waiting for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle and are looking for some privacy. There are no big chain hotels or bars with 24-hour music and shopping malls with neon lights.

But there are old winding streets with cute houses, stunning views of the neighborhood, and the smell of pine from the nearby forests in the warm breeze. The locals try their best to maintain a measured lifestyle.


The chamber town stands nestled on the slope of the homonymous rock. There are almost no streets in the usual sense of the word, instead there are steep steps carved in the rock. The passages between the snow-white houses are so narrow that two can hardly pass each other there.

At the highest point of the settlement stands a fortress with an ancient amphitheater. If you look closely, you can see the outlines of the ancient cities of Themuss, Kekov, and Aperlai, which were submerged in the abyss.



Koycegiz, or ‘water paradise’, is located in the suburbs of Dalaman resort where the Dalyan River flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Here at a shallow depth there are fresh springs of crystal water. A picturesque lake is situated within the city. It is famous for its healing mud and hot springs located nearby. The smell of pine and camphor trees invigorates the body and spirit.

To fully experience the colorful atmosphere of the settlement, you should go to the central square. From there, the ancient streets spread out in different directions like rays. As evening falls, cafes and restaurants begin to open in the center. Tables are set out in the open air, filled with the tantalizing aromas of spicy Turkish cuisine. The prices in the institutions are much lower compared to the popular resorts.



The city is located in a beautiful valley between the mountains Karadag, Khomursuz and Masa. Tourists who are tired of beach rest and want to diversify their lazy leisure time like to come here. The region is famous for its old Muslim architecture. The small squat houses have for centuries, in the same place, operate inns, a variety of stores, stores, and ateliers. Fountains from the time of the sultans keep you cool in the heat of summer.

Ulu Jamia Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city and was built in 1344. It attracts with its elegantly carved doors. Inside there are carpets and columns, but the decorations are quite ascetic.

The building of the former prison of Mugla was turned into a museum. Fossils and archaeological finds from the region are exhibited here.

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