22 best sights in Taman – description and photos

18 interesting sights of Taman

Taman sights

The Taman Peninsula is located in the west of the Krasnodar region. On its territory, there are more than 100 different recreational facilities, which are known and popular both in Russia and abroad. Taman is famous for its variety of beaches, everyone can find the one to his liking, there are beaches covered with pebbles, stones or sand. And most importantly a surprisingly clear sea water in which in the morning often see dolphins. But vacation in Taman is not just the sea and the beach, the peninsula is very rich in attractions, both ancient and more modern.

What sights to see in Taman in 1 day

Most of the sights of the Taman Peninsula are located in the village. At the entrance to it you can see the Suvorov shaft and the remains of the Fanagoria fortress. On the Black Sea coast there is a museum of Mikhail Lermontov. Not far from it you can taste Taman wines in Hermonassa company store. You can purchase the wines you like in vessels stylized as Greek amphorae.

Near the store you can visit an interesting reconstructed ancient winery, from which you can walk along Karl Marx street to Taman archaeological museum. On the outskirts of the village is ancient settlement Hermonassa-Tmutarakan, a historical monument in the open air. After that you should go to Ataman, where you can eat and spend the rest of the day exploring Cossack life.

Most tourists visit Taman to learn the history of the Cossacks

Most tourists visit Taman to learn the history of the Cossacks.

What to see in and around Taman by yourself

If you come to Taman with your family you can find a lot of entertainment for every taste. For family and independent vacation is perfect for the ethnographic complex Ataman. Tizdar Volcano will also leave no one indifferent. In the Lermontov Museum you can book an excursion and learn more about the life of the great poet. The museum of winegrowing and winemaking offers tastings and excursions. The Archaeological Museum also offers guided tours. To the lotus valley also organized excursions, the road to the place takes about an hour.

If you travel by car you can also cover the nearest surroundings. It is worth seeing the famous Crimean bridge, the structure amazes everyone. Water park “Amazon” will delight both adults and children. Mini golf resort “Galant” will appeal to fans of everything new. A zoo “Lukomorye” will amaze the number of animals and hospitality staff. Leave no one indifferent and visit the crocodile and ostrich farm.

If you have time, be sure to visit Anapa, Krasnodar and Tuapse, which can be quickly reached by a convenient intercity bus.

Ethnographic complex “Ataman”

The unique largest open-air museum literally transports its visitors back hundreds of years. The territory of the museum is 68 hectares, on which there are 51 Cossack farmsteads. A walk through the territory will captivate both adults and children. In each Cossack hut the life of those old times has been reconstructed, for example in the barber’s hut the oven of 1794 was reconstructed, and the utensils and equipment in other houses remember the history of that time. The new hippodrome regularly hosts performances of Cossack dzhigits. After a long tour of the unique exhibits, tourists can taste the world’s northernmost Krasnodar tea and relax in the Tea House. Those who are hungry can always go to the Varennikaya, Kharchevnya or Fisherman’s camp.

Lermontov House-Museum

Connoisseurs of Lermontov’s works will be interested in his house-museum. Of course, it is not the house, where the great poet stayed, this building has been restored according to the information of his contemporaries, and exactly carries the spirit of the time. Today, the museum consists of two buildings, one of which is a replica of the house where the poet lived in 1837. The story “Taman” was written in it. The inhabitants of these places became the prototypes of the work “A Hero of Our Time”. In the second building there is a museum with an amazing exposition. In it you can see the drafts, maps and paintings that are depicted by the hands of the famous Russian poet.

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Museum of viticulture and winemaking

The history of viticulture in the Taman land dates back to the 6th century BC. And it is not surprising, since Taman’s climate is ideal for growing and cultivating this sunny berry. And therefore, the appearance of the Museum of Viticulture and Winemaking here is absolutely logical. There are a lot of interesting exhibits, tracing the history of Taman viticulture from ancient times to the present day. A lot of wines are stored in the museum in ceramic vessels, imitating the shape of ancient Greek amphorae. Visitors can also go to a wine tasting, where they are taught to assess the quality of the drink, determine the bouquet, and are told how to properly combine types of wine and food. When the tasting is over, everyone can buy their favorite varieties in the store located nearby.

Taman Archaeological Museum

Archaeological excavations in the Krasnodar Territory began back in the XIX century. Since then, many exhibits have been discovered, which allowed to form an idea about the historical past of the people who lived on this land many years ago. The work of archeologists in Taman allowed to uncover the historical past of the ancient Kerkets, Scythians and Cimmerians. Some exhibits found on the Taman Peninsula are over 2000 years old. Such findings are of world significance. Taman archeological museum has over 8000 exhibits and its collection is constantly expanding. A mandatory part of the excursion to this unique museum is a visit to the settlement Hermonassa-Tmutarakan, here you can not just see the real archaeological excavations, but also take part in them.

Amazon water park

Vacationers who arrive in Taman with children are recommended to visit the water park “Amazon”. The park ranks first in size on the Azov Sea. The water park is located on an area of 2 hectares and is located in the open air. Visitors are offered a swimming pool with hydromassage and heating, 5 slides, one of which descends from a height of 25 meters. There are also smaller slides with pools. Foam show programs are organized daily in the park. For adults there are tasting rooms with Kuban wines, cafes and spa treatments, visitors of all ages can go fishing in a small pond.

Mini golf resort “Galant”.

The court and the holes are equipped in accordance with international standards. It should be noted that this sport is not limited by age or level of fitness, and will be useful to people of all ages. Miniature golf stimulates the discovery of personal potential and logical thinking. Administrators work with visitors to help them in making a shot, choose a ball for a hole and tell them about the history of the game. It is important to note that the administrator of the mini-golf resort is a current referee, a professional and active participant in mini-golf competitions.

Lukomorye Zoo

Zoo “Lukomorye” is recognized as the best in the Krasnodar region. In comfortable conditions here are placed predatory and herbivorous animals. Visitors can see peacocks, bears, lions, tigers, crocodiles, monkeys and many other representatives of the animal world. The territory of the zoo is well maintained and landscaped. This zoo is different in that the animals are allowed to feed from the hands. Food can be purchased at the entrance to the park.

Nemo Dolphinarium

The dolphinarium has an outdoor swimming pool and two enclosures with seals. The animals live only in the warm period of the year. The dolphinarium is equipped according to the European standards, pets of the institution are in the most comfortable conditions. Around the pool there is an amphitheater for 800 people. The complex is closed from above with a dome with ventilation. In addition to dolphins, seals, sea lions and Black Sea bottle-nosed dolphins take part in regular performances. The visitors have the opportunity to swim in the pool with dolphins, of course, for a fee. In addition, “Nemo” Dolphinarium provides medical and psychological recovery services for children and adults.

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Tizdar Mud Volcano

Tizdar mud volcano is located near the village of Za Rodina and is 10 million years old. It was first mentioned in 1799, when Cossacks, moving to this land, saw the amazing emissions from the ground. This unique place is distinguished by the fact that in the mouth of this volcano tourists can bathe. The fact that the density of mud Tizdar does not allow a person to drown, and allows you to float in it. This is an amazing experience, which, according to visitors must be experienced by everyone. The mud contains many trace elements and has healing properties. Among the main indications for the mud procedures are diseases of the skin and musculoskeletal system. However, most tourists visit Tizdar not for treatment but out of interest and pleasure.

Crocodile Farm

On the coast of the Azov Sea, in the village Golubitskaya, is one of the largest zooterrariums in Russia. Architectural design of the crocodile farm does not leave anyone indifferent, visitors are greeted at the entrance volcano, and further all the design is maintained in a natural theme. The farm is home to over 150 crocodiles, the oldest of which is 17 years old. Among its inhabitants are turtles, caimans, pythons, monkeys, butterflies and other animals. Tours of the farm are held every 15 minutes, you can use a guide, or you can walk around the farm on your own. You can feed a turtle or crocodile, under the supervision of a zookeeper.

Ostrich Farm

There is an ostrich farm not far from Tizdar Mud Volcano that is interesting for both adults and children to visit. There are a lot of ostriches, and there are birds of different ages. There are excursions for all comers. Birds can be fed with special feed, which is issued if necessary. During the summer a mating season begins, so this is the time when you can see the ostrich’s mating dance. It is performed only by males, thus trying to win the favor of females. This is an amazing period, which is worth seeing, it does not leave anyone indifferent.

Tour of the lotus valley

Lotuses appeared on the territory of Taman in the 80s of the last century. Before that time there were many unsuccessful attempts to grow these beautiful flowers. They managed to grow lotuses only in Akhtanizovsky estuary because its water was desalinated at that time. Now these beautiful flowers have grown and created a beautiful valley, which remains in memory forever. The active period of lotus blossoms begins in the second part of July and lasts until the end of August, this is when the fragrance of the lotus reigns over the valley. According to legend, people who inhale the smell of lotus become wiser.

Salt Lake

Salt Lake on the Taman Peninsula has a special significance. It appeared not so long ago: at the beginning of the nineteenth century, before it was part of the Kuban estuary. The water body is situated between Bugazsky estuary and Cape Iron Horn. The uniqueness of the lake is that it is a reflection of the changes that occurred in the water area, as well as it preserves the healing mud. The lake is replenished with water only during rains or storms at sea. In the summertime on the surface of the lake appears a salt crust, on which you can walk or even ride a vehicle. And under the salt crust and stored valuable mud. On the healing properties of this place are legends. Mud with a bright smell of hydrogen sulfide and a dark black color is successfully used to treat diseases of the joints in many Caucasian resorts.

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Suvorovsky Val

Suvorovsky rampart is located in the eastern part of Taman. It was built by the order of the great commander in the XVIII century. Fanagoriya Suvorov’s fortress is the third one that was erected by the Russian army on the territory of Taman. It was erected in 1794. According to the drawings it was found that the complex was a miracle of engineering thought. The stone structures of the fortress have not survived, they were completely destroyed by artillery fire of the Anglo-French squadron. Today you can see the earth ramparts of Fanagoria Fortress. Interestingly, the name “Phanagoria” was given by mistake, since it was believed that Taman is located on the site of the ancient settlement Phanagoria.

Turkish fountain

The greatest interest of tourists is the Turkish Fountain. It is a unique source of drinking water, which is built from pottery pipes. The fountain is located near the central part of Taman village, near Lermontovsky Park. It is over 300 years old. It operates to this day, even in the hottest weather it produces cool drinking water. The first mention of the source dates back to 1666, the Turkish traveler Chelebi wrote that this land has no gardens and vineyards, the climate is cold and the water is bad. And he told about the Taman fortress with a source of clean drinking water. Previously, it was believed that the water comes to the fountain from a well. And only after it was discovered that the Turks had created a unique system of obtaining water from the condensate. The Turkish fountain is the only unique monument, preserved since the Ottoman times on Taman.

Taman Switzerland

Fans of pristine natural beauty and quiet rest will appreciate “Taman Switzerland” in Priazovsky village. It is located in the north of the Taman Peninsula, 15 meters above sea level. One of the attractions of the valley is a lake with spring water. It is considered medicinal, its water contains dozens of trace elements and compounds. Rhodon is especially valuable – it is used in medicine for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and heart. To get to the lake is only possible on foot and not every car can pass the difficult path to the healing lake.

Military hill

Military Hill is a museum of machinery, which is located in the central part of Temryuk, not acting volcano Miska. The museum exhibits tanks, planes and helicopters, boats and naval guns of World War II. Machines are located on all the slopes of the hill and everyone can take a picture. In the center is a memorial in honor of Temryuk liberation from the German invaders. In the museum, there are more than a hundred exhibits. Some types of machinery are very well preserved, others, on the contrary, poorly preserved. However, all the machines are authentic. From the top of the Misk there is a stunning view of the surrounding area, the panorama is breathtaking.

Museum of Cossack life

Museum of Cossack History was founded in 1992 in Starotitarovskaya village. There are four halls, two of which contain exhibits about the history of Zaporozhye Cossacks, who had founded the village. The next room contains exhibits from World War II. The fourth room tells about the people who had contributed to the development of the village. The exposition of the museum was formed thanks to the people who live in the village, who are the heirs of the founding Cossacks. The tour of the museum is accompanied by the ensemble “Khutoryanochka”. During the tour visitors listen to Cossack songs, and then they are treated to some salo and gorilka.

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Crimean bridge

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of the Taman Peninsula is the Crimean bridge. The bridge was opened on May 16, 2018. It is deservedly called a construction project of the 21st century. There has never been a project to rival the scale in modern Russia. There are 7,000 piles in the construction of the bridge. For each pylon, there are about 400 tons of various metal structures. In all, 595 supports were used. The amount of iron that went into the bridge across the Kerch Strait would be enough for 32 Eiffel Towers. To date, the Crimean bridge has become the most expensive and the longest in Europe. The grandiose construction constantly attracts a lot of tourists and leaves no one indifferent.

What to see in Taman: sights

On the shore of the bay, on the edge of the Taman Peninsula, nestled resort village Taman. Every tourist will find sights and entertainment here. Below you will find all the main tourist attractions for lovers of excursions.

Historical attractions

Cossack village Ataman ethnotourist complex

  • 102 Lebedeva Street.

This sight is connected with the history of the region, but it was created quite recently – in 2009. It is a kind of an open-air museum, where you can touch everything with your hands, and it is designed as a completely reconstructed village. The exhibits in “Ataman” are authentic and were collected from all over Krasnodar Territory.

Cossack village Ataman

The area of the Ethnographic Center Ataman is quite large – more than 20 hectares. In one go it is difficult to go through everything. Many travelers come here repeatedly to see in more detail. Festivals, master classes, folk rituals are constantly held here for them. You can even become a guest at a real Cossack wedding.

Visiting the site on a tour in Taman, you can plunge into the past, feel the spirit of the Cossacks, learn how the Cossacks lived, get acquainted with their life, traditions and manners. Trying on the national Cossack clothes, it is not superfluous to take a couple of photos for a lasting memory.

Turkish fountain

  • Belikov Street.

The fountain in the center of the village was built during the Ottoman Empire, which explains its Turkish name. The construction itself is rare, scientists have long been unable to understand the principle of its operation. It turned out that the water – due to the moist sea air – settles and condenses in the tubes of the fountain.

Turkish fountain

The spring is located on the sandy bottom of a dried-up lake, the water in it is always refreshingly cool. Anyone who has visited Taman must enjoy fresh water from the Turkish Fountain! Similar sights are extremely rare in Kuban and in Russia on the whole.

Museums of Taman Peninsula

Lermontov House-Museum

  • Lermontov House-Museum, 5.

In Taman there is a small but interesting museum dedicated to the great poet. Once Lermontov had a chance to visit this region. Impressed with the area, he even gave one of his works the name “Taman” and dedicated a chapter in “A Hero of Our Time”.

Lermontov House Museum

Unfortunately, the cottage where he stayed has not survived. The institution – in the form of a hut with a courtyard – was reconstructed on the spot where, according to witnesses of the time, was the house where Mikhail Lermontov lived.

Household items and personal belongings, white walls, small windows – all this the poet considered in his masterpieces. Among the exhibits are especially valuable manuscripts, which Mikhail Yurievich left during his stay on Taman.

Museum of viticulture and winemaking

  • Karl Marx street, 88.

The peninsula is considered the largest winemaking region of Kuban. For tourists there is a museum complex, completely dedicated to this activity. Here you can learn about the history of winemaking, peculiarities of the preparation of red and white wines, the combination of this amazing drink with food and treatment with it.

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Museum of winegrowing and winemaking

Tasting is the best assistant in learning about wine-making. In the tasting room you will practically enjoy and appreciate the taste of wines from different grape varieties, learn to distinguish cognac from brandy. It is not recommended to visit it by car, because the rest after a glass of quality natural wine becomes very cheerful and pleasant!

Archaeological Museum

  • Karla Marksa, 100.

It is considered the best of the archaeological institutions not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Archaeologists from all over the world dream of visiting the current excavations of thousands of years ago. Thanks to their work, it acquires new exhibits every year.

Archeological Museum

The museum findings here are very interesting – from the times of Ancient Greece to the Turkish period. Many of the exhibits are of great importance. Exposures allow you to learn the history, traditions and everyday life of the people who lived in the Kuban many centuries ago.

Hermonassa-Tmutarakan settlement

  • Coordinates: 45.218611, 36.714444.

Mound refers to the previous attractions and is considered a monument of federal importance. Excavations are carried out here even today. The cultural layer, which has undergone excavations, is 14 m. As an entertainment this place is also extremely popular.


Here you can see with your own eyes how this land became Hermonassa, then Tmutarakan, and in modern times – the village Taman. The artifacts found here are stored not only in the Taman Museum, but also in the Hermitage Museum. Everyone can watch the excavations and even join them: both adults and children are welcome here.

Monuments and temples

The Monument to the first Zaporozhye settlers

  • Schmidt Street.

Monument “To the First Zaporozhye settlers” completes the attractions of Taman. It was erected in the early XX century – as a memorial to the first Zaporozhye Cossacks. On the pedestal there is a figure of Cossack, holding a flag in his hand.

Monument to the first Zaporozhye settlers

Looking at it, tourists and travelers will be able to imagine how the first Cossacks came to look around the boundless Taman lands, getting off the ship to establish a settlement here.

Church of the Intercession of the Theotokos

  • Kalinina, 1.

This temple is one of the oldest on the peninsula. His structure is extremely beautiful and unusual – it was built by the Turks. In the church are stored ancient icons, chief among which is Our Lady of Kozelshanskaya.

The Church of the Intercession of the Theotokos

Legend has it that the domes were cast from Cossack cannons in the XVIII century. Now the temple is open to both parishioners and tourists. Distract yourself from the mundane and pray in one of the oldest churches in the heart of the village.

What can you learn about nature in Taman?

Cape Tuzla

  • Coordinates: 45.205535, 36.606788.

Cape Tuzla can be referred to the natural attractions of Taman. It is located only 8 km from the village, in the direction of Sennaya village. Its shore is steep, towering at 15 meters above the sea. There is a spit, consisting of sand and shells.

Cape Tuzla

The spit separates the Black Sea from the lake Tuzla. There is Kerch beach, where people from all around come to have a rest. To admire the picturesque place and have a quiet swim in the sea is just what you need for a break from the noisy dynamic cities.

First of all Taman is rich in historical sights, because this land has always been located at the junction of different countries and cultures. For those who like a good combination of beach and sightseeing, the resort village will definitely be to their liking. It’s up to you to decide what to see out of the listed attractions.

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