17 Best Sights of Gurzuf – descriptions and photos

Gurzuf sights

The famous Gurzuf Park is one of the favorite vacation spots for visitors and locals alike. Even those who have never been to the Crimea know about Ayu-Dag Mountain, because it is so well known for its outlines depicted in numerous photos and souvenirs. Be sure to swim up to the boat to the “Bear” – as they sometimes call the two small rocks 250 meters from the shore, not far from the Bear-mountain. From the Gazebo of the Winds there is a magnificent view of the Black Sea. Gurzuf was visited by many people who have left their footprints in Russian history and culture. There was also Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. In the building of the former summer house Richelieu, where he stayed today is his museum.

Sights of Gurzuf on the map

Must see

Gurzuf Park

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The first sightseeing is worth seeing in the famous Gurzuf Park – a true masterpiece of landscape architecture. Exotic plants (over one hundred species, many of which are listed in the Red Book), shady alleys, luxurious fountains that are not inferior to those in Peterhof – all this magnificence just boggles the eyes. Especially impressive are the fountains “Night” (also called “Goddess of Night”) and “Rachel” from the 19th century which are sculptural compositions in the style of European classicism. Also in the park there are a lot of monuments to famous people who visited it in different times: Alexander Pushkin, Lesya Ukrainka, Adam Mickiewicz and others. How to get there: the park is located in the city, on Leningradskaya street, 10. The landmark is the Sanatorium “Gurzufsky”.

Ayu-Dag Mountain

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Ayu-Dag, the calling card of not only Gurzuf, but the entire Crimea, is really similar to lying bear. Although the ancient Greeks called it Mutton’s Brow, and the Byzantines called it Camel Mountain. In fact, in prehistoric times Ayu-dag could become a volcano, but the lava never broke through. The mountain (height above sea level – 570 m) is covered with forest typical for dry subtropics, consisting of low trees (rock oak, pistachio, derzhideriv and others), and it is not difficult to get on the “bear’s back” – there are several hiking trails leading there. How to get there: the road to Ayu-Dag begins from the territory of “Artek” (you can get there from Gurzuf by minibus № 2) near the camp “Mountain”. Go past Osman tract to the lake, from there begins the ascent.

Gurzuf quay

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Pushkin embankment in Gurzuf is the longest on the peninsula. The promenade laid out with smooth marble tiles is equally suitable for pedestrian walks and rides on a scooter or a bicycle. Here you can not only walk, but also buy all sorts of souvenirs, try the local fast food or just sit on a bench in the shade of southern plants, admiring the majestic Ayu-Dag and the boundless blue sea. During the walk, it is worth turning to the famous Gurzuf Park.


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These two small rocks, towering over the sea 250 meters from the shore, are sometimes also called “Adalar”, the children of the same giant bear that in times immemorial tried to drink in the sea, for which she was turned into a mountain by the gods. Although “adalar” means just “islands” in Kramsko-Tatar. Once, these two rocks were part of the coast, but the Crimea is slowly but surely sinking into the sea, so gradually they were far in the water, and you can get to them now only by boat. In the 30s of last century the construction of a cable car that would have connected Adalary with the land, but the war prevented the completion of the project. So now only a colony of cormorants lives on the rocks. How to get there: take a boat or a cutter from the Gurzuf seafront.

Fraser Island, Australia

Gazebo of the Winds

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Unlike many other Gurzuf’s sights that are hundreds of years old, the Pavilion of the Winds is a rather new building – it was built for the visit of Soviet leader Khrushchev to the Crimea. This snow-white rotunda stands right above the precipice, at the very edge of the flat mountaintop Shagan-Kaya (Falcon Rock), whose height is 1400 meters above sea level. The edge of the cliff is surrounded by a high balustrade, so stay on the observation deck is safe. The view on the sea from the pavilion is unimaginably beautiful, one can see Gurzuf, Adalary and Ayu-Dag. How to get there: the easiest way is to go to the pavilion with a tour, which also includes visits to other places of interest. If you go on your own, but you should take the road up through the village of Partizansky.

Pushkin Museum

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The beautiful mansion of the Odessa’s founder, Duke Armand de Richelieu, with its light and airy architecture is a perfect match for the local scenery. It changed hands many times, but at the time when it belonged to the famous Duke, Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was a guest here. The poet considered those three weeks in 1820 to be a real blessing and later recalled that time with pleasure. Today the building is home to the Pushkin Museum. In the six rooms, which were given to Alexander Sergeyevich, the objects that surrounded him at the time are exhibited, and here you can also see the lifetime editions of his poems. How to get there: the museum is situated in the center of Gurzuf.

How to get there

You can get to Gurzuf from the Simferopol airport by bus (from the bus station) or you can order a cab.

You should take tickets to Feodosia or Simferopol railway station. There is no direct transport from Simferopol to Gurzuf – you will have to take a bus or trolleybus ticket to Yalta, get off at the bus stop “Gurzuf” and then walk for about a kilometer down the scenic road that leads to the sea.

Gurzuf is about halfway between Alushta and Yalta. You can go directly to Yalta and there change to a commuter bus, going to the bus station in Gurzuf (address – 4, Leningradskaya St.).

After passing the Crimean bridge you get to the highway E-97. The road takes about two hours – 150 km. Go along the road towards Feodosia. Then towards Sudak and Alushta.

17 amazing sights of Gurzuf


Gurzuf is an amazing place, interesting with its history, where you can come hundreds of times and enjoy its sights. Here opens up beautiful landscapes of the sea and mountains, there is a mass of architectural structures of the past, famous houses, as well as an amazing botanical garden. Particular attention should be paid to the beaches, where you can relax in comfort for free. Gurzuf climate is very favorable both in winter and summer. The clear sea and fresh sea air. What can you wish for? If you want to learn more about Gurzuf, visit our website with pictures and descriptions of every tourist attraction.

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What to see in and around Gurzuf on your own?

There are a lot of places that you can visit on your own with the help of maps. In the vicinity of the city just need to go to the rock Red Stone, located at an altitude of 430 meters above sea level, which offers a panorama of vineyards. It is good to visit Pushkin’s grotto, where the poet often liked to visit. There is also an observation deck on the top of the rock, which offers an amazing view of the Ayu-Dag Mountain. It is located on the territory of the Artek camp. Here is Chaliapin rock named after the famous singer. Literally 5 km from the city there is the highest pass of the peninsula. His height is 1348 m. Also you should go to the Suuk-su Palace. Must visit Gurzuf Park where you can make a photo near the fountain “Goddess of the Night”.

Gurzuf Sea

The average annual temperature in Gurzuf is +13,4°C.

What to see in Gurzuf in one day

Gurzuf is a small town, so most of the sights can be visited in one day. The streets of the city are narrow and winding, and almost every street artist shows his work. He can also draw your portrait or a caricature as a memento. The first place to visit when you arrive in town is the promenade. This is the busiest place and always full of tourists. Here are a lot of cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs. You can book a guided tour, take a boat ride, and see the city from the sea.

If you have a lot of time, you can go a little further and walk on Mount Ayu-Dag. You do not need any special training. There are a lot of hiking trails that even a child can handle. A picnic on fresh mountain air will be not only pleasant but also useful.

The Sea of Gurzuf

In front of Gurzuf, in the sea, you can see two small rocks

Where to go and what entertainment is there?

In the settlement there is a large number of entertainment for all tastes. Especially popular is the diving center “Aquamarine Gurzuf”. You can see the sights that are unnoticeable from land. Here they teach divers. You can even get the appropriate certificate. It is also possible to ride on a sea boat and water skis, organizing deep-sea fishing. You can also raft to two rocky islands Adalaram.

Particularly popular is Nikitsky botanical garden, which has a huge number of plants. Here you can visit a real bamboo grove. If you come in May, when tulips are in bloom, you won’t be able to contain your excitement. There are more than two hundred species of these flowers.

Tulips of Gurzuf

The height of the center of the village is 63 meters above sea level

Where is Gurzuf and how to get there?

To get to the village is possible by almost all modes of transport: from road to air. From Moscow to Simferopol you can fly by direct flight. Then you can take a bus or a rental car. Even a train is at your disposal. This is cheaper, but much longer. For such a trip from Moscow you have to spend almost two days. From Simferopol to Gurzuf by bus 1 hour.

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Gurzuf is a beautiful modern resort town in the Yalta area with a lot of natural, architectural and historical monuments. There is an amazing embankment, clean sea and quality health resorts. These places since ancient times were admired by Pushkin, Chekhov and Mayakovsky. Under the influence of local beauty they created their works of art.

We also recommend visiting the village Foros. Near the village is an intercity trolleybus line Simferopol-Alushta-Yalta.

Dacha K. Korovin

There he painted “Portrait of Chaliapin”, “Flower Market in Gurzuf”.

The three-storeyed mansion in constructivist style was built in 1910-1912 by the outstanding Russian artist and Academician of painting Konstantin Korovin.

An old dacha of the artist K. Korovin, which was turned into a thematic museum dedicated to its famous owner. At one time he often spent time at the dacha, gathering dinner parties and evenings. I.E. Repin, F.I. Chaliapin and A.M. Gorky loved to visit the place. Today it is 14 spacious rooms, which presents an exhibition devoted to the life and work of the artist.

Suuk-Su Palace

Architectural monument in the form of a palace, dating back to the 20th century. The building was constructed under the initiative and responsive guidance of a well-known at the time engineer V. I. Berezin. Initially the palace was built as a commercial establishment, which was expected to bring good profit. They wanted to open a hotel and casino there. Finally the construction works were finished in 1913. In 1936 the palace became a property of the children’s summer complex “Artek”.

Bridge over the Avunda

hikers can admire the panorama on foot, for them there are walking paths on both sides of the bridge

Arch Bridge, built after World War II. The author of the idea was engineer Barilo. The design resembles a bow that was bent toward the mountains. Today there is Simferopol-Yalta highway. The traffic is two-way. To ensure the safety there are railings. You can also take a walk on the bridge. There are a number of footpaths.

Gazebo of the winds

Architectural landmark of the city, presented in the form of a stone colonnade of white color with a neat dome. Here you can take pictures and capture the rocky cliff at the same time. It opens up a beautiful view of Gurzuf, the children’s camp “Artek” and the Black Sea coast. Near the gazebo you can see bushes of smalewka yaylinskaya. There are only 250 bushes of this kind of plants in the world. And all of them are located on the Crimean peninsula.


Two small islands in the form of trimmed blocks of stone. Earlier they were a part of the Gurzuf coast, but the shifting of tectonic plates has cut them off from the land. Today it is a symbol of Gurzuf, which can be seen on all the magnets and souvenirs from the Black Sea. The name of the islands got quite prosaic: if you translate it from Turkish, “adalary” means “island”. You should take a boat trip to the twin rocks when the weather is windless.

Chaliapin Rock

The highest point of Gurzuf with an observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the sea and the mountains. The rock has two tiers. In the 20th century, Chaliapin rested here with his family. From the beauty he saw, he had the idea to build a school of art in this place. The initial request to the city authorities was rejected, but then he received a positive response. But the revolution did not allow the beginning to reach its logical conclusion. So there was only one gate left.

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Goddess of Night Fountain

The fountain is located in the territory of Gurzuf Park and dated 1889. It is a sculptural composition in the form of the night goddess Nikta, who is holding a torch on her head. Near her are the figures of the gods Hypnosis and Eros. The construction is made of refractory steel. At the bottom of the ensemble is completed with a fountain.

The Red Rock

The three sides of the 120 m long and 50 m wide rock face are steep and steep and reach up to 70 m in height.

A natural and geological landmark in the form of a yellow marble limestone rock with a pink tint. It is surrounded by vineyards and at the foot of the rock is a small lake. Here was created a famous Massandra wine that has become a true work of art in winemaking, called “Muscat White Red Stone”. Fans of mountain recreation are advised to visit Miskhor from where with the help of a cable car you can get to Ai-Petri Mountain.

Rachel” Fountain

Fountain set on the means founder Gurzufsky resort industrialist P. Gubonin in 1890

The fountain was built in 1890, at the initiative and financial support of the local industrialist P. Gubonin. There is a legend, according to which a young man, after falling in love with the beautiful Rachel, asked his father for her hand. He promised to give his consent. If the boy would graze his sheep for seven years. But he did not give Rachel’s name, and he was allowed to take the ugly Leah, his eldest daughter, as his wife. To be reunited with his beloved, the young man grazed sheep for seven more years. And only then his wish came true.

Gurzuf Park

In the park there are sculptures and fountains, the most famous of which are the composition of the fountain “Night” and the fountain “Rachel”, created at the end of the XIX century.

A monument of landscape art, created in 1803. The total area of the territory is 12 hectares. It was erected by order of the Duke of Richelieu. Today there are more than 110 thousand species of bushes and trees. Walking around the park you can admire a lot of monuments and sculptures, such as: busts of Adam Mickiewicz, Lesya Ukrainka, Fyodor Chaliapin, Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorky, Vladimir Mayakovsky. You can also visit the Alupka Park in the city of Alupka.

Anton Chekhov House-Museum

It was here that such famous works as the story “The Lady with the Little Dog”, the plays “The Three Sisters” and “The Cherry Orchard”, the novella “In the Gully”, the stories “The Bishop”, “At Christmas Eve” and “The Bride” were written.

A small one-story building, which is located near one of Gurzuf bays. It was here, in the last years of his life, Anton Chekhov ran away in desire to rest from the urban bustle of Yalta. After the writer died his dacha remained the property of his wife, then the house was bought by the artist V. Meshkov. In 1963 the building became the property of the Art Fund of the USSR. Today tourists can visit the restored cottage of Chekhov, its courtyard and the bay.

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Pushkin Museum

In the halls are represented lifetime editions of Pushkin, household items of Pushkin’s era and the Crimean way of life of the early 19th century

The museum was opened in an old 19th-century structure, often called an air castle due to its architecturally original design. The exhibition is located in six rooms, which tell about the poet’s journey to the peninsula and those impressions that were reflected in the author’s works. Since 2007 you can visit the Pushkin scholar’s study here.

Assumption Cathedral

The construction of the church was finished in 2007. The first church on this site was built a few hundred years ago. In 1935 everything was razed to the ground and a new military sanatorium was built here. The city authorities have recently initiated the revival of the old cathedral in the Russian-Byzantine style. Nearby you can visit a beautiful park with sprawling cypresses and acacia trees.

International Children Center Artek

The camp was established in 1925 at the initiative of Zinoviy Solovyov, Chairman of the Russian Red Cross Society.

One of the most famous camps of Soviet times, dating back to 1925. Initially a tent camp was organized here. Then over time it developed into a full-fledged children’s complex, with comfortable conditions for a large number of young campers. Today there is Pushkin’s trail, which was made based on the famous poet’s work, as well as an observation deck with an amazing landscape. The total area of the camp is 208 hectares.

Gurzuf Beaches

On the territory of the beach is a diving center, as well as offer riding on trikes and jet skis

One of the most popular is considered to be “Artekovsky”. Another name you may hear is “Gurovskie Kameny”. It’s a perfect place for those tourists who prefer wild recreation. In summer they set up tents here and spend the night directly on the shore. Although Gurzuf is full of comfortable equipped beach areas, where you can relax for free. But you will need to pay extra for equipment in the form of an umbrella and sun lounger. For example, the Central beach. The boarding houses have their own beaches.

The embankment .

The main attraction of the city, where the first thing all tourists go after arriving in Gurzuf. This is lined with white marble embankment, shimmering in the sun pink and snow-white tones. Here is a huge number of restaurants, cafes, disco clubs and other entertainment venues. In the evening the embankment is even more beautiful than during the day. All begins to shimmer with multicolored lanterns.

Ayu-Dag Mountain

Its second name is Bear Mountain. It is a Crimean natural landmark that separates Alushta and Yalta. There is a legend about how a great leader of a pack of bears found an infant on the shore, survived after a violent shipwreck. He took pity on the child and raised the girl as his own daughter. When she grew older and fell in love with the boy, they decided to run away. The leader became very angry and began to suck the sea into himself. The girl sang a sweet voice and the other bears stopped hunting for her. But the leader was restless and went on. He drank all the sea and became as stone as the mountain itself.

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