15 tourist spots to visit in Morelos, Mexico

Sightseeing in Morelos

Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary Pyramid of God Pulque in Tepoztlan General Mariano Matamoros Airport Tepozteco Park Fundidora Spa Club Tekes Agua Hedionda Palace Palacio de Cortes

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Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (photo)

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the cathedral of the city of Cuernavaca, which was built in the early 16th century.

The church was part of a monastery that was founded in 1525 by twelve Franciscan monks to Christianize the indigenous population after the Spanish conquest. The monastery was more like a fortress. It was a forced measure in order to protect the missionaries from the local population.

In the eighteenth century the temple operated as a city parish church, and in the nineteenth century it was given the status of a cathedral.

The cathedral and monastery have been restored several times. The last reconstruction took place in 1957, when the old interior elements were replaced by more modern. At the same time were found frescoes of the XVII century, covering about 400 square meters of wall surfaces.

Coordinates: 18.92048600,-99.23715400

The Pyramid of the god Pulche in Tepostlane

Pyramid of God Pulque in Tepoztlan (photo)

An architectural monument in the northern outskirts of the Mexican city of Tepoztlán, Morelos State, within the El Teposteco National Park. It was built on the top of the mountain in the XII-XIV centuries. It is a 10-meter truncated pyramid, now badly destroyed.

It is dedicated to the Aztec god Pulque, the patron saint of the eponymous alcoholic beverage, a favorite of Mexicans.

Every year, on the night of September 7 to 8, Tepoztlan celebrates the day of the god Pulque. Townspeople climb the mountain, to the pyramid and taste the drink. Usually the feast does not end until the morning.

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Coordinates: 19.00091100,-99.10116400

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General Mariano Matamoros Airport

General Mariano Matamoros Airport (photo)

Cuernavaca International Airport is also known as General Mariano Matamoros Airport.

The airport offers its passengers the latest modern facilities that meet all standards of private aviation services. In addition, the airport also provides commercial services, including the delivery of cargo to any part of Mexico.

General Mariano Matamoros Airport is located in the Mexican city of Temisco. The airport’s passenger traffic is very modest: no more than 8 thousand people a year.

Coordinates: 18.83496700,-99.26195900

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Tepozteco Pyramid

The Tepozteco pyramid (photo)

The Pyramid of Tepozteco was discovered during archaeological excavations and is a small Aztec temple.

The pyramid was built in the middle of the Postclassic period and includes a series of terraces.

From the height of the pyramid, located on one of the tops of the Sierra de Tepoztla, there is a view of the pre-Columbian city of Tepoztlan.

The structure consists of a six-meter platform on which is placed a three-meter temple. The temple includes two rooms, in one of which traces of charcoal were found. In the other room, the sanctuary, a sculpture of the god Tepoztecatl, the god of Intoxication and Abundance, was found.

Recently, interest in the pyramid temple has increased and become sufficient to attract pilgrims from a number of distant countries – such as Guatemala.

Coordinates: 19.00068500,-99.10147100

Fundidora Park

Fundidora park (photo)

Fundidora Park is a public park. Previously, it was the site of a large steel plant. Park Fundidora was created at the end of the twentieth century in 1988. There is a Museum of Industrial Archaeology in the park. Here you can learn about the history of steel production in Latin America. The museum houses several blast furnaces that were used to make steel in the twentieth century. Many of them are now considered monuments.

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Not far from the museum stands a huge steel ship that was made at the local steelworks.

Fundidora Park has an art gallery, a library, and a theater that can accommodate about three hundred and fifty spectators at a time. Fundidora Park is divided into several zones. There is a pedestrian area, an area for cyclists, and an area for recreation. It’s not just families or travelers who often come to Fundidora Park. Serious businessmen hold their meetings here.

Coordinates : 25.67616500,-100.28875000

Tekes Spa Club

Tekes Spa Club (photo)

Tekes Spa Club is an aquatic center combined with an entertainment and medical complex built on the shores of the Tekes Lagoon.

The club was founded by the famous Mexican athlete Carlos Garcia in his hometown of Tequesquitengo. An entire recreational complex emerged here – with a small hotel, restaurant, and bungalows-bungalows overlooking the beach. Today there are two schools that teach water skiing, a rental shop for equipment and a pier for racing boats.

The beach club is considered one of the best of its kind.

Coordinates : 18.63945200,-99.27054000

Agua Hedionda Spa

Agua Hedionda Spa (photo)

The Agua Hedionda Spa is a huge complex that includes many pools, fountains, and hot tubs. Agua Hedionda is located in the small town of Ottilla Montana, located in Cuautla County, Morelos. There are mineral deposits in this region, so the springs are famous for their healing properties. There are several complexes within the spa that include a full range of services. These are hot tubs, large swimming pools, and sports fields.

The water temperature in the pools is 23-25 degrees. Agua Hedionda has everything you need for a relaxing holiday, including a cafe where you can buy food and drinks. For families with children there are all amenities: special children’s pools and play areas, where the child can play with their peers.

Also on the territory of the complex there is a large green area, which allows you to relax in the shade of trees. To achieve complete relaxation, you can book a room with a private pool.

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Coordinates: 19.38286200,-99.15765800

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Palacio de Cortes

Palacio de Cortes Palace (photo)

The Palacio de Cortes is one of the oldest palaces that have survived to this day. It is now home to the Cuernavaca Regional Museum.

The palace was built in 1526 by order of Hernán Cortés, who turned it into his residence, where he lived with his second wife. His son Martin was born here.

In the 18th century, the colonial authorities used the palace as a barracks and prison. During the War of Independence, José María Morelos, who is considered a national hero of Mexico, was stationed here.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the palace was reconstructed. One of the main changes was the construction of a fifteen-meter cylindrical tower on the northwest corner.

After the restoration in the seventies of the 20th century, the palace was turned into a museum of local history, which tells the history of the region from ancient times to the present day. A large part of the exposition is devoted to archaeological research. There are also works by the famous artist Diego Rivera.

Coordinates: 18.92116600,-99.23341000

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Morelos State Attractions

Santiago in Oquituco, Morelos, Mexico

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Travel to Mexico: Sightseeing in the State of Morelos

Mexico, holidays in Mexico, Morelos, Cuernavaca, religious tour, monuments, monasteries.

The state of Morelos, characterized by its rich historical heritage, beautiful warm weather and inexhaustible tourist potential, is located in Central Mexico in close proximity to Mexico City. It offers beautiful landscapes with volcanoes, rivers and valleys, cenotes and caves, archaeological sites, ancient colonial towns and settlements that preserve folk traditions and folklore, as well as opportunities for rural, religious and adventure tourism, rafting and kayaking.

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Rafting in Morelos, Mexico

Rafting in Morelos, Mexico

Hernan Cortez arrived in the land of the Tlaouic in 1521. After several unsuccessful attempts, the conquistadors captured the main Indian settlement and renamed it Cuernavaca, which later became the capital of the state of Morelos, known as the “City of Eternal Spring”. Cortés was followed by missionary monks in the Central Mexican Valley. The evangelization of the indigenous peoples began with the erection of several Augustinian, Franciscan and Dominican missions near the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano, which are now declared UNESCO sites of historical and cultural importance. An itinerary has been organized to explore the architectural features of these monasteries, which was recognized at the International Tourism Fair 2012 as the best tour product .

Christmas temple in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico

Christmas Church in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico

The religious tour of the monasteries of Morelos includes 11 monasteries, its first point being the Cathedral of the Assumption in the state capital, built in 1537 by twelve Franciscan monks. It is followed by the Nativity Monastery in Tepoztlan, Santo Domingo in Oastepec, the Augustinian monasteries of San Juan in Tlayacapan and San Guillermo in Totolapan, and San Mateo in Atlatlaucan, San Juan in Yecapistla, Santiago in Oquituco, San Juan in Tetela del Volcán, Santo Domingo in Wayapan, and the Mission of the Immaculate Conception in the village of Zacualpan de Amilpas . The route is marked not only by architectural monuments, but also by the best national cuisine. Gastronomic attractions include the corn beer tehuino, pipan sauce with peanuts and pumpkin seeds, added to tamales and chicken dishes, turkey mole, barbecued lamb and meat snacks with cheese.

San Mateo in Atlahucan, Morelos in Mexico

San Mateo in Atlahucan, Morelos in Mexico

Besides the Catholic monasteries in Morelos, the archaeological sites of Coatetelco, Chocicalco and Las Pilas are of interest, as well as the Teposteco National Park around Tepostlán, where not only the ancient pyramids but also several species of endangered reptiles and birds are classified as protected sites. The second most important city in the state, Cualutla, attracts visitors with its colorful colonial architecture of civil and religious buildings and sulfur springs, on the banks of which are located spas, recognized the world due to the environmental purity and mineral composition of the materials used.

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Archaeological sites in Chocicalco, Morelos, Mexico

Archaeological sites in Chocicalco, Morelos, Mexico

The state capital of Cuernavaca is separated from Mexico City by a distance of 80 km so it is not surprising that many tourists visit this magical city at weekends.

The most beautiful view in Morelos, Mexico

The Most Beautiful View in Morelos, Mexico

The appeal of Cuernavaca lies in its architectural monuments, plazas and parks, many museums and carnival customs, chief among which are the folk dances performed by chinelos dancers. A few minutes south of the city runs the Amacusac River, which has become a popular destination for extreme sports, including rafting. The upper reaches of the river are marked by class I and II rapids and the lower reaches by the more difficult class III and IV. Here, near Puente de Istla, is one of the best amusement parks, Apotla, where many kinds of adventure tourism, rock climbing, cave tours are practiced.

Apotla Amusement Park, Mexico

Apotla Amusement Park, Mexico

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