15 Best Sights of Vityazevo – description and photos

The 20 best sights of Vityazevo

Since 1862 the settlement was inhabited by Pontic Greeks, and now Vityazevo is often called the “Black Sea Athens”. Many hotels in Vityazevo decorated in the ancient Greek style. There is a water park “Olympia” with antique design and boulevard “Paralia” with sculptures of characters of Greek mythology. In Vityazevo presents a large selection of institutions for fun activities – amusement parks “Byzantium” and “Funtime”, dolphinarium “Vityazevo”.

Vityazevo is a resort village, so its attractions include beaches. The main beach with excellent infrastructure is the Central Beach. Original design in the pirate style has a beach “Tortuga”, quiet atmosphere known beach “Vityaz”. Fans of wild recreation praise the beaches on the sand dunes. Enjoy the beautiful seascapes and the salty air on the pier.

The most interesting and beautiful places

List, photos with names and brief descriptions of the most famous and popular attractions of Vityazevo. It will help you plan your routes and choose excursions to explore the top places of the city and its surroundings for 2-3 days.

Paralia Boulevard

The 1 km long walking boulevard runs perpendicularly to the sea and ends at the Central Beach. The boulevard is always lively with lots of cafes, souvenir shops, and an amusement park. The central gate to the boulevard entrance is designed in the ancient style – colonnades with 12 columns, there are sculptures of ancient Greek myths on the boulevard.


Olympia Water Park

It is decorated in the ancient Greek style. There are two water slide complexes for different age groups. The Hades complex has extreme slides ‘Descent into Tartarus’ and ‘River Styx’ with the starting point at the height of 23 meters. There are calm slides for the whole family in the Zeus complex. There is a water playground for kids. In the cafe Medea there is a large selection of dishes – light snacks and full meals.


Byzantium amusement park

Located next to the Central Beach. There are around 30 different attractions – Ferris wheel with the height of 35 meters, trampolines, merry-go-rounds, water slides, trains and an autodrome. It is worth to visit the attraction-quest “Minotaur’s Labyrinth” and meet in it with mythical creatures. The park is divided into several zones in different styles, and in the evening there is a beautiful lighting. There are cafes and pizzerias, souvenir shops.


Old Greek winery

Located on Postovaya Street. The building of the farmstead is notable for the cellar of 1857, where excellent conditions for storing wine are created. Own vineyards of the farmstead occupy the territory of 32 hectares. The product has repeatedly won awards at prestigious winemaking contests. During the tour, visitors will appreciate the incredible atmosphere of the farmstead – modern equipment and massive wooden wine barrels.


Central Beach

The beach is 5 km long and 200-300 meters wide. In contrast to neighboring Anapa, there is enough space for recreation for everyone. Convenient entrance to the water with a flat shore will be appreciated by families with small children. The shallow depth remains a few meters. There are water rides, rides on bunnies and bananas, jet skis and catamarans rent, diving. You can also take a boat trip.


Vityazev estuary

It is a shallow bay at the place where the river Gostagaika flows into the Black Sea. It is a natural health resort on a world scale because of the high content of mineral mud, used in the treatment of various diseases and cosmetology. The area of the reservoir is 64 km 2, the average depth is 2 meters. On the banks and islets of the estuary live seagulls, pelicans, gulls. There are fish – you can rent fishing tackles at the camping sites.

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Beach Vityaz

Well-established beach is located far from the center of Vityazevo on the territory of medical and recreational complex “Vityaz”. Vacationers appreciate it for its cleanliness and small number of people. The water here is rarely muddy and does not “bloom”, and the shore is covered with soft sand. The depth starts immediately from the shore – a couple of meters from it is already 80-90 centimeters. Sun beds and umbrellas can be rented.


Beach Tortuga

A cozy beach, 500 meters long and 300 meters wide, is located at the very beginning of the Vityazevskaya spit. It is covered with fine clean sand. Entrance to the water is gentle. The water is clear, but you can see algae only in the surf. There are wooden decking near the deck chairs. Previously, the beach belonged to the hotel, which decorated it in the pirate style. Some elements of the unusual decoration are still there.


The temple of St. George the Victorious.

This snow-white Orthodox church is located in the northern part of Vityazevo – at the eastern shore of the Vityazev estuary. The first church appeared here back in 1837, but it did not survive the religious persecution in Soviet times. The modern church was built in 1994. The church was built with donations from the village people and commercial firms. The temple is in pseudo-Russian style with a multi-level roof.


Dolphinarium “Vityazevo”

Operates from May to September. There are two dolphin-aphalins, sea lions and harbor seals in the performances. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, they perform complex tricks and acrobatic numbers. After the performance you can take a photo with the performers. Popular services are swimming and diving with dolphins. For children with health problems there is a program of dolphin therapy. At the dolphinarium works aquarium.


Black Sea Street.

The main street of the village, which runs public transport routes, there are banks, markets, cafes, stores. You can enter Chernomorskaya street from boulevard “Paralia”. There are many hotels are built in the Greek style with propping balconies with sculptures of atlantes. The street looks very exotic and tourists often walk down the street with cameras looking for spectacular shots.


Drinking Gallery “Pearl”.

It is located on Pioneer Prospect, next to the sports and recreation center “Pearl of Russia”. The gallery poured medicinal water from the spring “Semigorsk №1”. The therapeutic table water is poured from the taps, not directly from the spring. Information boards inside the pump room indicate indications and contraindications for taking mineral water. You can drink the water only in the gallery, it is forbidden to take it out.


Drinking pump room “Vityazevo”

Another drinking gallery, where they pour imported drinking mineral water – Essentuki № 4 and № 17, Anapa mineral water. Each water has its own specialty treatment, so you need to consult a doctor before using. You also need to pay for filling the water, but the fee is quite small. The pump-room is built so that vacationers can drink healthy water in any weather.

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Memorial of Glory

It is located in the park next to the House of Culture. The dominant feature of the complex is a large white stone slab. There are several granite plaques on it with names of the inhabitants of the settlement who died during the Great Patriotic War. The slab is decorated with bronze bas-relief depicting a Soviet soldier. There is Eternal Flame bowl and T-34 tank located near the plate.


The ship “Odessa City Council”.

A sunken cargo ship, involved in WWII. The ship carried food to Anapa, preventing its residents from starving. The first launch took place in 1931. It sank in 1942 during the bombing. Now the ship is at a depth of 6-7 meters, and up to the upper parts – no more than one meter. You can get to the ship by boat, as it is only 300 meters from the shore.


Church of Sorrow

The church-chapel was built near the new cemetery of Vityazevo in 2008-2011. It was built of stone. Its size is very modest, and its shape is traditional. The main room of the church is crowned with a gilded helmet-shaped dome and a high through bell tower with a sharp spike on the roof is located above the narthex. There is a church shop. Divine services, funerals and ceremonies of farewell to the deceased are held.


Monument “Battery BS-464”.

The monument was erected in honor of the defenders of the homeland. Installed in 1971 at the entrance to Vityazevo on the remains of the battery. The metal plate describes the heroic history of the stationary battery. In August 1942, 150 sailor gunners stood here to the death, defending Anapa from German troops. In 2011, there was installed SM – 4-1B artillery unit number 633T, which fired for the first time in 1956.


Amusement Park “Funtime

Popular amusement park for adults and children. It has a large number of different attractions for guests. There is an autodrome, trampolines, merry-go-rounds, free-fall tower. Another unique attraction is Catapult, which is the only one in southern Russia. A capsule with visitors rises up to 70 meters and then sharply plunges down, ensuring adrenaline and unforgettable emotions. Equipped with snack bars and cafes.


Sea pier

The pier was opened in 2011 and is designed to receive passenger ships. The length of the pier is 243 meters, width – 6 meters. From here you can go on a boat trip to the coast of Anapa. Beautiful pier looks in the evening when the bright lights turn on. Even if you do not go on a boat trip, you can go to the pier and feel the closeness to the sea, as well as arrange a spectacular photo shoot.


Sand Dunes

A great place for lovers of secluded recreation, away from civilization and the bustle of the beach landscaped infrastructure. Sand dunes of the “wild beach” of fine golden sand reach a height of 15 meters. Many tourists between the dunes set up tents, thereby protecting themselves from the wind. Entrance to the water on the beach is smooth, the bottom is flat. The length of the “wild” beach with dunes is 8.5 km.

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Vityazevo is a resort on the Black Sea coast, just a few kilometers from Anapa. They come here for a comfortable beach holiday: the high season lasts from late May to early October. The main attractions of Vityazevo are equipped beaches and amusement parks, but the village has other interesting places.

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Paralia” seafront

The waterfront “Paralia”.

Although “Paralia” from Greek means “promenade”, in the strict sense it is not an embankment. This is the name of the large pedestrian walkway that runs from the center of the village to the main beach of the resort.

Why visit:

“Paralia” is great for walking: the length of the boulevard is about 800 meters. At the entrance there is an arch with columns, decorated in classical Greek style. On the way to the beach you can stop in one of the many stores or have a bite to eat in a cafe. “Paralia” is considered one of the centers of tourist life of the village, so it is crowded during the season.

Address: Paralia, Yuzhny Avenue, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

The temple of St. George the Victorious.

The Church of St. George the Victorious

Church of St. George the Victorious.

Large Orthodox Church appeared in Vityazevo in the 1830s. Its parishioners included Pontic Greeks, a large community of which had historically lived in the village. However, in 1934 the church stopped its work and was destroyed. The restoration of the church began only in the early 21st century. The consecration of the new church of St. George the Victorious was held in 2011.

Why visit:

The temple is designed in the style traditional for Orthodox churches. The white-stone building is crowned by gilded domes, which were made to a special order by Rostov masters. Inside there are several valuable icons, including a large mosaic composition crowning the entrance. Near the church is a memorial to the victims of Stalin’s repressions.

Address: Church of St. George the Victorious, Sovetskaya Street, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Vityazev estuary

Vityazevsky estuary

Vityazevsky estuary.

Vityazevo stands on the bank of the estuary – a triangular body of water that used to be a sea bay. Its total area – more than 60 km2, and a depth of no more than two meters. The main value of Vityazevsky estuary is mud, which has healing properties.

Why visit:

Local muds are used for cosmetic and therapeutic procedures. They are believed to have anti-inflammatory effect, can be used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal and other systems.

Address: Vityazevsky estuary, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Chernomorskaya Street

Black Sea Street

Black Sea Street.

Black Sea Street is one of the main streets of the village, which runs perpendicular to the coast. It passes through most of the resort.

Why visit:

Public transport runs along Chernomorskaya Street, there are also pedestrian zones along the highway. Paved sidewalks and green areas make it suitable for walking. In addition, there are stores, hotels, boarding houses and other tourist infrastructure on Chernomorskaya Street. Many buildings on this street are decorated in the Greek style.

Address: Black Sea Street, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Byzantium amusement park

Byzantium amusement park

Byzantium entertainment park.

Near the boulevard “Paralia”, in the central part of the resort, there is an amusement park “Byzantium”. There are rides for visitors of different ages, and there are cafes and other food outlets.

Why visit:

For those looking for something to see in Vityazevo with children, “Byzantium” will be a great choice. Here you can take a ride on the Ferris wheel and view the surroundings from a height of 35 meters. There are also water rides, merry-go-rounds and trampolines for children. Park’s calling card is the “Minotaur’s Labyrinth”, which is based on ancient Greek myths.

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Address: Byzantium Park, Chernomorskaya Street, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Dolphinarium Nemo

Dolphinarium “Nemo”.

The village has its own dolphinarium, which has been operating since 2013. It is not difficult to find it: the building is located near the entrance to the boulevard “Paralia”.

Why visit:

The dolphinarium hosts performances with dolphins, sea lions and other aquatic creatures. Visitors are invited not only to watch the show, but also to take pictures with its participants. In addition, on the basis of the dolphinarium are held diving lessons and dolphin therapy. Since 2020 there is also oceanarium, where you can watch the life of sea animals in an environment close to the natural one.

Address: Nemo, Nikolayevsky Proyezd, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Aquapark Olympia

Waterpark Olympia

Aquapark Olympia.

Another interesting place for lovers of water entertainment is the water park “Olympia”. In accordance with the name it is decorated in the ancient Greek style: so, already at the entrance visitors are met by the main god of the Greek pantheon – Zeus.

Why visit:

A feature of the water park is a thoughtful design – all details of the interior are chosen to emphasize the ancient Greek theme. There are several pools, steep slides and other water attractions, as well as a comfortable area for a quiet rest.

There is a special playground with toys and low slopes for kids. In “Olympia” there are regular special shows for children and adults, and there are aqua-parties.

Address: Olympia, Golden Sands Street, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Drinking pump room

Drinking pump room

Drinking pump room.

Although there are no mineral springs in Vityazevo, there is a pump room in the village where you can try the water from the nearby fields. Water is brought here in large containers and poured for visitors on the spot.

Why visit:

In the pump room you can taste two types of mineral water – “Anapa” or “Semigorskaya”. It is used to treat gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the urinary tract. Here you can also buy bottled water to take with you to the beach or for a walk.

Address: Byuvet Vityazevo, Yuzhny Avenue, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Central Pier

Central Pier

Central Pier.

Central Pier appeared in Vityazevo quite recently – in summer 2012. Now pleasure boats and ships that ply between the settlement and Anapa moor to it.

Why visit:

From the pier you can go to explore the sea beauty on a boat or pleasure boat. In addition, it is suitable for hiking, many tourists come here to take pictures. Locals sometimes use the pier for fishing.

GPS coordinates: 44.98498015133883, 37.254101372406616.

Winery Vityazevo

Winery “Vityazevo”.

There are many vineyards near the village, so Vityazevo has its own winery. To make wines using local raw materials, which are processed and fermented on site. The plant also has its own well-equipped workshop for bottling ready-made drinks.

Why visit:

Tourists are given tours of the winery to see how a modern winery works. There is a museum dedicated to the history of the winery. The visitors are also offered tastings of the products, after which they can buy the wine they like.

Address: Winery Vityazevo, Black Sea street, Vityazevo, Krasnodar region, Russia.

Central Beach

Central beach

Central beach.

The main beach of the village is not far from the central part of the resort – you can walk to it along the boulevard “Paralia”. The coast here is sandy with a small admixture of shells, there is all the necessary infrastructure for recreation.

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Why visit:

Central – the most popular beach of the settlement, so in the season here is always crowded. For vacationers are provided:

  • cabins for changing clothes;
  • Sun beds and awnings, which you can rent;
  • water equipment rent points;
  • rides for the whole family;
  • Cafes and points of sale of soft drinks.

There is a lifeguard station at the beach and new entertainment options for tourists appear regularly.

Address: Beach, Chernomorskaya Street, 207, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Region, Russia, 353417.

Beach Tortuga

Tortuga Beach

Beach Tortuga.

Beach with the “pirate” name Tortuga is located at a distance from the center of Vityazevo, so there are fewer tourists than on the Central Beach. Coast is also suitable for recreation: coastal belt width of about 120 meters is covered with fine sand, the entrance to the water is flat.

Why visit:

The beach is equipped with sunbeds, which can be accessed by wooden decking. There are also cabins for changing clothes and awnings, under which you can hide from the Black Sea sun. During the high season you can rent equipment for active recreation on the water. There is a camping site not far from the shoreline where you can pitch a tent for a few days.

Address: Tortuga, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Monument Battery BS-464

Monument Battery BS-464

Monument Battery BS-464.

In 1941 in the village was installed battery BS-464, which took part in the Great Patriotic War. At the end of August 1942 the soldiers of the battery fought desperately against the enemy until Anapa was occupied. In 1978, a memorial was established in Vityazevo to commemorate these events.

Why visit:

In 2010, on the eve of Victory Day, on the territory of the memorial complex appeared a real artillery piece with a caliber of 130 mm. You can go up the stairs to it and take a closer look. There are also memorial steles installed nearby.

Address: Battery BS-464, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Old Greek winery

Old Greek winery

Old Greek wine cellar.

Many old Vityazevo residents have heard about the private winery, which was founded by a Pontic Greek named Aslanidis. A few years ago, local entrepreneurs revived the winery, preserving its Greek character.

Why visit:

The winery is decorated in the national colors of Greece, blue and white, and decorated with ancient Greek-style sculptures. Today, it produces wines and non-alcoholic beverages from local raw materials. Visitors can taste and buy the products and there are guided tours of the cellar.

Address: Old Greek wine village, Pochtovaya Street, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Bugazskaya Spit

Bugazskaya Spit

Bugazskaya Spit.

Bugazskaya Spit is a narrow (no more than 300 m wide) strip of land, which separates the estuary of the same name from the waters of the Black Sea. Its length is about 12 km, the whole territory is part of the Blagoveshchenskaya Spit Reserve.

Why visit:

The spit is covered with a mixture of sand and pebbles with inclusions of shell rock. Tourists come here to admire the sea and to relax on the shore. Moreover, there are great conditions for kitesurfing, so during the season there are a few schools right on the coast.

If you travel to Vityazevo in August, you can catch the festival BeeKiteCamp. It attracts kitesurfers from all over Russia and other countries.

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