15 best hot springs spas in Hidalgo, Mexico

Best health spas in Mexico

Rancho La Puerta in Tecate Mexico is considered one of the best health spa resorts in Mexico and in the world. It’s only four miles away from the border with the state of California (USA). The spa resort was founded in 1940, but still keeps the “brand” and is notable for the highest level of service during recovery.

What attracts the resort? First of all, the absence of cruelty to vacationers in the form of scanty food, which promotes weight loss. The local “hobbyhorse” is the excellent tasty cuisine, which is to everyone’s liking. To lose extra pounds the resort uses completely different methods – hiking in the beautiful mountain plains, trekking in the mountains, mountain biking, numerous water procedures. Thanks to this approach, many vacationers come here almost every year, returning to the ranch for a second, third, fifth, or tenth time.

Spa resort Rancho La Puerta Mexico advantages

  1. A wellness program based on natural hiking, trekking in the mountains, includes yoga, fitness, energy massages with healing herbs and herbal oils.
  2. Three spa salons (two – for women and one – for men) with a huge list of spa procedures.
  3. Very tasty organic food, made from our own grown fruit and vegetables (there is an organic farm).
  4. The emphasis in wellness is more on improving health and enjoyment at the resort than on weight loss.
  5. There are cooking courses where you can learn how to cook delicious and healthy food (scones with greens, fish in spices, lemon sabayon, etc.), take advice of a professional nutritionist. The resort has even published its own book with recipes.
  6. The best wellness programs are hiking, dancing lessons at the local dance school.
  7. Regular educational lectures (on the beneficial effects of love, the benefits of sex, the harm of certain types of work, resistance to stress, etc.).
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Prices : low season – from $ 3150 (double occupancy) for a seven-day package, high season – $ 3350 (end of February – beginning of June). The price includes meals, fitness, lectures. Spa treatments and cooking classes are extra. If you are coming to the resort for the first time, you get a $250 service credit on the first day of your seven-day stay; those who return again get the same credit.

Rancho La Puerta, Mexico's Best Resorts

Address : Carretera Tecate-Tijuana K.M 136.5, 92046 Tecate, Baja California, Mexico tel. +1 800-443-7565, 858-764-5500 (free call).

Getting there: One of the best spas in Mexico, Rancho La Puerta is an hour’s drive from San Diego, Baja California. To get here, you have to fly into San Diego International Airport and from there take a bus to Rancho. Vacationers usually arrive in San Diego on Saturdays, on which day they are met at the airport by resort staff and a special shuttle service is arranged.

Best resorts in Mexico - Rancho La Puerta

You can also take an international shuttle bus to the resort from Los Angeles (California, USA) in 1-2.5 hours. From the airport of San Diego buses to the resort depart at 8:00, 10:00, 12:15, 14:45, travel time -1.5 hours.

Tip: When planning your trip, allow yourself 1.5 hours to cross the U.S. customs at the border with Mexico (at the airport or on the freeway). Traveler’s guide

Hidalgo sights

David Ben Gurion Park Tolantogo Caves Gloria Tolantongo Park Echo Alberto Spa El Geyser Grutas de Xoxafi Plaza de La Torreón

This site contains Hidalgo attractions – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to what to see in Hidalgo, where to go, and where the popular and interesting places in Hidalgo are.

David Ben Gurion Park

David Ben Gurion Park (photo)

The David Ben Gurion Park is a 26 hectare park with a central state library, a hall of fame, a theater and an interactive center dedicated to soccer.

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The park was opened in March 2005. The central plaza of the park is a large 32,000-square-meter graphic plaque made with 45 different colors and including 2,080 drawings.

The State Library of the park is 1,560 square meters in size and is housed in a two-story building. The Interactive Soccer Center was built between 2004 and 2006 and displays 51 interactive exhibits, these in turn are divided into themes: “History”, “Game”, “Fans” and “Promotion”.

Coordinates : 20.09428400,-98.77271500

Tolantogo Caves

Caves Tolantogo (photo)

The Tolantogo Caves are located in a closed mountain canyon 17 kilometers from Ismikilpan.

The etymology of the word “Tolantogo” goes back to the ancient languages of the Southern Aztecs, who called the canyon “a place from which heat erupts.” Indeed, water flows outward from under a huge mass of rock. Mineral thermal springs heat the water in the river to 25 degrees Celsius. Salt deposits and minerals give the water a special rich turquoise color. The flow of the river breaks through the rocks in two large caves – grottoes, which are known as the Tolantogo Caves. The large cave is a karst corridor fifteen meters long, with streams of hot water gushing out of its narrow walls and the interior rooms shrouded in steam, which makes this place special. The second cave is famous for its stalactites and has become a popular tourist attraction.

Coordinates: 20.47716100,-99.21303000

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Gloria Tolantongo Park

Park Gloria Tolantongo (photo)

Gloria Tolantongo Park is a large oasis in Ismikilpan. The natural pools and caves have brought fame to this place.

The nature here is astounding in its diversity. The instant transition from desert arid climate to lush tropical vegetation is surprising and astonishing. Numerous thermal springs burst to the surface, forming natural pools.

Tolantongo has been famous since ancient times as the largest oasis in the region. There is a huge network of caves and underground tunnels, some of which are flooded. The water in the lakes and ponds is astonishingly varied in color from crystal clear to purple and blue-blue.

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Thanks to the constant springs and thermal waters Tolantongo is called the “Land of the eternal dew”. It is a popular tourist destination for hiking in the oasis forests and swimming in the thermal springs.

Coordinates: 20.47716100,-99.21303000

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Echo Alberto Park

Echo Alberto Park (photo)

Echo Alberto Park is located in the heart of Mexico. Visitors can walk the nature trails of the reserve, canoe down the river, or take part in a staged illegal border crossing.

The park has become popular with mountain biking and rock climbing enthusiasts. Along the rocky cliffs there are ropes courses that allow even beginners to practice the sport.

However, the main entertainment of the park has an extreme character. Visitors to the park are invited to feel like illegal aliens running across the U.S. border at night. The game involves several teams, whose members must overcome all the difficulties and reach the final point of the route.

The park is run by members of the Hnahnus Indian tribe. It is the Indians who are engaged in illegal transports across the U.S. border.

Coordinates : 20.40662200,-99.22783100

El Geyser Spa

El Geyser Spa is a unique water center built on a geothermal spring. The complex includes a water amusement park, therapy rooms and a mini-hotel.

“El Geyser” was built on the first geothermal well drilled and explored in Latin America. The history of the resort goes back to 1955 when the spring near the town of Tecosautla, Hidalgo, was recognized as a healing spring. Since then, El Geyser has grown into a large complex that includes a spa and water park.

The complex is equipped with about 90 small pools fed by the waters of an underground geothermal spring. The water temperature in the pools varies from 18 to 45 degrees Celsius. Around the pool there are pavilions, where the standard spa procedures are carried out. Also on the territory of El Geyser is a mini-hotel and camping area.

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Coordinates: 20.57761100,-99.69324900

Grutas de Xoxafi entertainment center

Grutas de Xoxafi entertainment center (photo)

The Grutas de Xoxafi entertainment center specializes in fascinating journeys through the ancient caves of Mexico. Grutas de Xoxafi is located in the town of Santiago de Anaya, Hidalgo State. Due to the picturesque caves located in the area, the main type of entertainment provided by Grutas de Xoxafi is cave tours.

There are three types of tours of varying degrees of difficulty. One of the routes involves a hike through narrow areas of the caves, which allows you to view the formations of stalactites. The approximate duration of such a walk is forty minutes. There is a longer tour, which includes climbing: tourists are waiting for two descents – 12 meters, and then 44 meters, and then at an angle of 45 degrees. The journey lasts about two hours. The most intense tour lasts more than two hours and includes many descents, including to a depth of 100 meters.

Grutas de Xoxafi has double and quadruple rooms, tourists also have the opportunity to stay in a kipping.

Coordinates : 20.38440000,-98.96470000

Plaza de la Torreón

Plaza de La Torreón (photo)

Plaza de La Torreón is the central square of the city of Tecosuatla. At weekends this place turns into a busy market, but what makes the square famous are the hundreds of finches that fill it in the evenings.

Plaza de La Torreón is a square with an ancient tower with a huge clock in the center. Every day at six o’clock in the evening the chime strikes its tune, the melody of which draws hundreds of finches to the square, which fill the neighborhood and settle on the surrounding trees.

On Saturday, the square turns into an open-air market where garlic, onions, chili peppers, raisins and vegetables are sold.

Coordinates: 20.53584100,-99.63433000

The most popular attractions in Hidalgo with descriptions and photos for every taste. Choose the best places to visit famous places in Hidalgo on our website.

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