13 alternative cultural wonders of the world that aren’t on popular itineraries

7 alternative wonders of the world you’ve never heard of

7 alternative wonders of the world that you have never heard of

I think there are few people who have not heard of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, such as the Pyramid of Cheops, the Statue of Zeus, and others. These legendary architectural structures are still discussed and attract the attention of scientists, but in this video we will talk about them. We would like to talk about other wonder-buildings, which are not inferior in grandeur, beauty and completeness, but at the same time little known.

Jenne Mosque, Mali

The Djenne Mosque is an amazing and one-of-a-kind clay structure that survives to this day. In fact, clay is not the only material used in the construction of the fortress, hay, dung, as well as rice hulls were used as part of the structure. Unfortunately, the building cannot boast of durability, the rainy season negatively affects the condition of the walls, which leads to regular restoration work.

Jenin Mosque

The question immediately arises, why does the structure look somewhat aggressive and have sharp, threatening beams sticking out of the walls? In fact, the “sharp teeth” of the fortress have a very peaceful purpose, they are rather needed for ease of movement during regular restoration of the builders-volunteers.

Fort Derawar, Pakistan

Once upon a time Derawar Fortress in Pakistan was a site fenced from all sides with only high ranking officials and soldiers to protect them. Nowadays the fortress is accessible to the curious eyes of travelers, but only from outside, to see this grandiose structure from inside you need a permission from the Emir of Bahawalpur.

Fort Derawar

The perimeter of this massive structure is 1.5 km and the height reaches 30 meters. Very atmospheric look 40 fortress towers, which emphasize impregnability of the fortress, its power, as well as give the impression of something surreal and fabulous. Fort Derawar – one of the most interesting sights of Pakistan is quite a distance from civilization, so, most often, tourists hire a guide to travel to the fortress.

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Chand Baori, India

In the small village of Abaneri in India there is an ancient and very deep well. This huge structure, very similar to an inverted pyramid depth of more than 30 meters has 3500 steps arranged symmetrically on the walls of the well. Having overcome the whole string of steps, the traveler will find himself near a small lake with greenish water, which, incidentally, is not recommended to drink.

Chand Baori

The well served not only to collect water, but also for recreation of local residents, as the region Rajasthan is one of the driest areas of India, and the temperature inside the structure was on 5-7 degrees below than above.

Palace of Parliament, Romania

Located in Bucharest, the palace is the world’s largest administrative building and, not surprisingly, the heaviest building in the world. The palace has an area of 360,000 square meters, is 86 meters high, and the underground part goes to a depth of 92 meters, with 1,100 rooms and 12 floors in the palace. The building inside is mainly finished with marble and doors, chandeliers and windows are decorated with bronze, as well as a huge number of mirrors and crystal. The floors are decorated with carpets of fantastic size. Such a grandiose structure decorated the capital of Romania.

Palace of Parliament, Romania

Kumbalgarh Fort, India

Kumbalgarh Fort is surrounded by a 36 km long and up to 8 meters high foundation wall that took a century to build. This impregnable structure is located in a picturesque area on the border of the principalities of Mewara and Marwara. The wall is similar in size and impregnability to the famous Chinese Wall and was never defeated by the enemy in its history.

Kumbalgarh Fort, India

Inside the fortress walls are well preserved medieval historic buildings: several temples, the palace of Kumbh and built between 19-20 centuries, Badal Mahal Palace.

Sheikh Lutfulli Mosque, Iran

The Sheikh Lutfulli Mosque is a unique building in Isfahan that took 17 years to build and is stunning in its richness and sophistication of decoration. The dome of the building dazzles the eye, changing color during the day from cream-colored to soft pink, depending on the location of the sun and the fall of the rays of light. The decoration of the entrance portal decorated with floral ornaments and arabesques is unique. The interior decoration of the structure is just as incredibly beautiful, decorated with intricate geometric patterns in bright yellow colors, and the play of light under the vaults of the building is also delightful.

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Sheikh Lutfulli Mosque, Iran

The mosque is very unusual because it does not have a single minaret and does not have an inner courtyard, which is traditional in Islamic culture.

Old Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Old Bridge is an architectural and technical masterpiece designed in the 16th century has become the main attraction of Mostar. Previously over the river hung a wooden bridge and when crossing the river swung so violently that residents tried extra not to make a crossing and not to risk their lives The old bridge was built during the Ottoman rule by order of Sultan Suleiman. According to legend, the bridge was designed by Hayruddin, a student of the great Turkish architect. But the first attempts failed, and the bridge fell into the river twice. The Sultan hastened to issue an ultimatum to the young architect that if the third attempt was unsuccessful, his head was off his shoulders. Apparently, this approach played an important role and the world’s widest man-made arch, 20 meters in height and 28 meters in length, was erected.

Old Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina

And nowadays it enjoys the well-deserved attention of extreme athletes who jump into the Neretva River from the center of the bridge.

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