12 most beautiful places to visit in the Netherlands

Attractions of the Netherlands

When people talk about the Netherlands, they immediately think of windmills, tulips and beer. But this is a superficial judgment. The history of the country is rich and varied, it has left many amazing monuments. Some attractions of the Netherlands have become hallmarks of the country and are very popular among tourists from all over the world. So, what places should tourists visit in the Netherlands?

What to see in Netherlands?

The main and most interesting sights with photos and descriptions.

1. Canals of Amsterdam


The main attractions of the Netherlands are located in Amsterdam. The main of them is the Amsterdam canals. More than a hundred water canals create a unique look of the capital, easily recognizable on any reproduction. It all began with the “Plan of the Three Canals”, drawn up in 1658, and the modern version has already counted 165 canals, connected by a thousand and a half bridges and bridges. From a bird’s eye view the waterways form four semicircles hugging Amsterdam. Walking along its embankment provides an amazing aesthetic pleasure.

2. Anne Frank House-Museum


Address: Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam

This building itself has become a historical landmark in the Netherlands because it was built in 1635. It was there, in a secret alcove designed by Mr. Voskvijl, that the Frank family hid during the day. For two long years, the office worked as usual during the day, drowning out the sounds from behind the secret closet. And at night, normal family life began as they shared impressions and dreams of a peaceful life over dinner. Each day is described in the diary of a 13-year-old girl.

On a denunciation, Anna’s family was arrested and sent to a concentration camp. In 1945 the girl died, and the diary was published by her father. The stationary part of the exhibition shows details of the family’s everyday life, while the movable part is constantly updated and dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.

3. Rijksmuseum


Address: Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is one of the most visited attractions in the Dutch capital and draws long lines of visitors every day. The museum has been built up several times and its collection is regularly enlarged. Napoleon’s brother, Louis, started the collection. He moved it from The Hague to Amsterdam, and construction of the museum began in 1876. Here you can admire the paintings of artists of the Golden Age of Dutch painting; vases, sets and statuettes of Delft porcelain; exposition of ship models and dolls’ houses. Book connoisseurs are attracted to the library, where there are ancient folios.

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4. Kekenhof

Dutch sights: Keukenhof

Address: Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse

One of the most famous flower parks in the world, Keukenhof impresses with its many colors and delicate complex scent, floating in spring over 32 hectares of beauty. It is divided into three sectors. The first one delights the eye with tulips, daffodils and lilacs, the second one is devoted to roses, and the third one is occupied by orchids. There are over 100 species of the famous Dutch tulips, and the total number of tulips in the park is about 5 million. Flower seeds and bulbs are sold in numerous pavilions.

Kekenhof delights visitors with picturesque ponds, waterfalls, original fountains and huge trees. In April, there is a parade of flowers in the park. This is the most beautiful place in the Netherlands, which is a must visit.

5. Royal Palace in Amsterdam

The Kingdom of the Netherlands: Sights

Address: Dam, 1012 KB Amsterdam

One of the main and most popular attractions in Amsterdam is the Royal Palace. The complex is located in the central part of the city and consists of 4 buildings. Events of state level are held here. On other days the palace is open to tourists. The majestic building was built in the classical style and some elements remind buildings of ancient Rome. The luxury of the interior strikes the imagination of refinement and attention to detail.

The rich history of the building boasts amazing metamorphoses. In the 17th century it was the town hall, then the residence of Napoleon Bonaparte and after the liberation of Amsterdam – the palace of the ruling dynasty. Large dome with a weathervane in the form of a ship-cog, paintings and frescoes of masters of previous epochs will be remembered by visitors to the palace.

6. Dam Square


Address: Dam, 1012 JL Amsterdam

If a massive event is planned, you can be sure it will take place at Dam Square in Amsterdam. It takes its name from the Dam built in the 13th century on the River Amstel. The city gradually grew and developed around the dam, and the square became the center of political and economic events. The rectangle of 200 by 100 meters is always full of tourists and visitors to the city. Many attractions of all the Netherlands overlook it: the Wax Museum, the Royal Palace, the New Church, the largest hotel of the capital Grand Hotel.

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7. Binnenhof


Address: 2511 CS Den Haag

In the center of The Hague looks into the transparent waters of the lake a beautiful architectural landmark – an old castle. Its austere lines and clear proportions combined with the restraint of the Middle Ages attract the eyes. In 1247 Count Floris IV built a hunting castle on the shores of the lake. The Count’s descendants continued the construction and today the castle has become a whole system of structures, which have not lost the harsh charm of Gothic.

Ridderzaal surprises by its original architectural design. The triangular facade is located between two powerful towers, and above the main entrance are the coats of arms of the country’s ruling dynasties. Today the parliament of the Netherlands is situated here.

8. Peace Palace

The main sights of the Netherlands

Address: Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ Den Haag

This beautiful neo-Renaissance building was built in the city center of The Hague to house the main legal and juridical organizations of international repute. It was Nicholas II who initiated the Peace Palace with a proposal for a conference for the peaceful settlement of conflicts. Gradually he was supported by other heads of state. Later it housed gifts from various countries that supported the idea. The building is closed to the public because the UN International Court of Justice is held there. In order to see the interior of the palace, a film was made – a tour, designed for tourists.

9. Zanse-Schans


Zanse Schans is an open-air museum. A visit to this attraction in the Netherlands allows you to get acquainted with the history and life of the Dutch. The 30 wooden huts, collected from all over the country and lovingly restored, delight you with embroidered curtains and wicker chairs on the porches. People live and work here, practicing ancient crafts, the blades of windmills turn leisurely, and the doors of small shops are hospitable and open. Wooden mills grind mustard, press oil. And the oldest mill “Cat”, from the seventeenth century, still produces paint. In the village you can observe the smelting of tin, the production of cheese and wooden clogs, the painting of porcelain.

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10. Oude Kirk


Address: Oudekerksplein 23, 1012 GX Amsterdam

There are some beautiful religious sights in the Netherlands as well. Especially worth mentioning is the Aude Kerk. The name translates as “Old Church”. And this is true, because the building is really the oldest in the capital. In terms of area it is comparable to an entire block and covers 3,300 square meters. The building was built on an artificially mounded hill, and the foundations are based on tombstones. Up to the XIX century there were burials here. Here are the graves of many famous citizens of the country. This church was visited by Rembrandt, who baptized his children and buried his wife here. The church was constantly rebuilt, and over time, the additions formed the shape of a cross, it is clearly visible from the bell tower, which rises to 67 meters. The unique stained glass windows and paintings inside the church are decorated with biblical themes, and the organ is considered to be one of the best in Europe.

Van Gogh Museum


Address: Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam

The brilliant representative of post-impressionism created more than 2,100 works, including oil paintings, prints, and sketches. His creative way was short, but fruitful. Not surprisingly, a museum dedicated to the work of the talented master was opened in the capital of the Netherlands, which has become a famous landmark. Paintings, drawings and author’s letters are presented here. A creative laboratory imitates the artist’s workroom as closely as possible, and the library keeps the letters. The exposition is divided into 5 thematic zones: the Netherlands, Paris, Arles, Saint-Rémy and Auvers-sur-Oise, which corresponds to the creative periods of Van Gogh. The collection of the museum also includes works of other artists of that period.

12. Kinderdijk


The village of Kinderdijk has become one of the symbolic landmarks of the Netherlands and could not do without its own legend. During a great flood, the houses of the village were destroyed, and when the inhabitants returned to their homes, they saw a cradle floating. A cat was running along it, keeping the cradle from toppling over. Since then, the area has been called Kinderdake, which translates as a baby dam. Nineteen uniquely designed mills were built in the 18th century and serve the sole purpose of preventing flooding by maintaining a set water level. A visit to the village leaves you with a sense of history.

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13. St. Bavon’s Catholic Cathedral in Haarlem


Address: Leidsevaart 146, 2014 HE Haarlem

The huge and majestic neo-Romanesque architectural monument of the Netherlands was erected for almost 90 years and was not completed until 1927. As a result, the building acquired a fairy-tale look, which is given by Romanesque arches and medieval gargoyles adorning the facade. And the numerous towers with narrow lancet windows give the temple similarity to a castle. The cathedral was consecrated in honor of Harlem’s patron saint, St. Bavon. Inside the cathedral attract the eye tracery vaults decorated with ornaments and biblical scenes, sculptures of saints. On the ground floor of the church is a museum that tells the story of the cathedral.

14. Amsterdam Flower Market

Dutch sights

Address: Singel, 1012 DH Amsterdam

For more than 100 years, farmers brought flowers by boat and sold them daily on the Singel Canal. Gradually the world’s only floating market developed into one of the most visited places in the Netherlands. These days, all the trading places are well anchored and hardly sway. The sea of fragrance and stunning variety of colors in the first minutes is confusing, one has only to admire this miracle, trying to divide the sea of flowers into separate trading segments. Here you can buy seeds, bulbs or seedlings of almost any plant, from strawberries to hemp. The atmosphere of luxury and generosity of nature will long be remembered by every visitor of the flower market.

15. Madame Tussauds Museum

Dutch sights

Address: Dam 20, 1012 NP Amsterdam

Only lazy people have not heard about Madame Tussauds wax museum. The original idea to capture famous people as sculptures in real size came to sculptor Marie Tussauds after the death of her husband, when she moved from Strasbourg to Berlin in search of work. While working as an assistant to the doctor Philippe Curtius, she shared his passion for making wax figures and made it her life’s work. The main collection is in London, but has branches in 19 cities, including Amsterdam. In the halls of the museum you can meet famous politicians and musicians, take pictures with famous actors and members of the royal family. Exhibits can be touched and viewed from all sides.

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16. Maduroplein Miniatures Park


Address: George Maduroplein 1 , 2584 RZ Den Haag

Unfortunately it is impossible to travel around the Netherlands in a few days and visit all the sights. But in the park of miniatures you can see almost all the most interesting places of the country in the scale 1:25. The park is divided into three parts: “Center”, “Water World”, “Island of Innovation”, each carries its own meaning and information load. Many of the models are moving, for 10 cents you can watch the church procession to the ringing of the bells. All objects have retained their basic characteristics: color, proportions, location in the general plan. All of the human figures are handmade and have a vibrant personality.

17. Efteling amusement park

Dutch sights: Efteling

Address: Europalaan 1, 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel

If you want breathtaking rides and an atmosphere of unbridled joy, you should visit the Efteling amusement park in the Netherlands. It is considered one of the oldest theme parks in the world. But that does not mean it has fallen behind the times. Constant updates allow the park to remain interesting and memorable. Efteling is based on folk tales and is divided into four “kingdoms”. There is entertainment for all ages. A steam train ride through the park will help you see it from all sides.

18. Castle Meiderslot.


Address: Herengracht 1, 1398 AA Muiden

The gothic lines of the walls of this medieval landmark in the Netherlands bring back thoughts of brave knights and beautiful ladies, long-distance campaigns and glorious battles with dragons. It is said that its walls are still guarded by the ghost of its first owner, Count Floris the Fifth. The castle’s history is like the biography of a hero – it hid conspirators and poets, dangerous criminals languished in its dungeons. Many illustrious owners came and went, but the castle remained impregnable. Now the castle is a museum and is among the twenty most famous castles in Europe. An extensive collection of armor and role-playing games attract lovers of chivalry from all over the world.

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