12 best day trips from Tel Aviv, Israel

Excursions in Tel Aviv

What excursions to visit on vacation in Tel Aviv and how much do they cost? 53 best excursions in and around Tel Aviv with Russian speaking guides: 171 the most interesting sights and attractions, 12 reliable travel agencies and firms with a cost of excursions from $ 42!

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Hi everyone, my name is Anya and I continue my exciting travels around the world. On my travels, I visit the most interesting places and try out exciting activities to share with you relevant information and real impressions about them. Today, together with the TravelAsk team, I will help you choose the most-amazing excursions in Tel Aviv to make your trip unforgettable too.

Tel Aviv: things to do and see

When planning a trip to Tel Aviv, of course I had heard about its extraordinary democratic and relaxed resort atmosphere, one of the best promenades in the world, warm Mediterranean sea, very clean sandy beaches, great parties and delicious food. But once here, I was still pleasantly surprised by the diversity and contrasts of this city. Here and the unusual architecture of the “White City”, and graffiti youth neighborhood Florentin, and the most comfortable modern promenade, and located very close to the center of the ancient Jaffa with sights.

If we’re talking about the center of Tel Aviv, I’d have to agree with the comments of many tourists that there’s not much to see here. Two areas deserve attention: the so-called “White City” with a very interesting architecture and the creative area Florentyn. And of course, you must take a walk down Rothschild Boulevard, where the action is brisk by day and by night. It is possible to walk around the city on your own, but I still recommend taking a tour with a guide who will not only tell you about the local attractions, but also to share tips and passwords to the best restaurants and clubs, tell you interesting legends and interesting traditions of the locals.

Tel Aviv is relatively close to other iconic places of Israel, especially Jerusalem. Here I definitely advise to go on a tour with a guide, because with the guide the impression will be quite different: the information in a day you can learn as much as possible, alone to explore it all will be difficult. In Jerusalem you will be able to see the iconic places for the three religions, the main ones, of course, are the Holy Sepulcher and the Wailing Wall. It is also common to visit Bethlehem in conjunction with Jerusalem, home to the Basilica of the Nativity, built over the cave where Jesus Christ was born. Also related to the holy places is the Galilee and Nazareth tour. While I can recommend the first tour to absolutely everyone, the second is more suitable for religious people.

If you want to rest your body and soul and get acquainted with the natural wonders of Israel, then you must go to the Dead Sea. Here you can either just spend time on the shore, or combine the trip with a visit to the health complex, where in addition you can take mineral and mud baths. Also on the way you can see the Judean Desert and make ablutions in the Jordan River. Another easy emotional and very interesting excursion – to the Haifa area. Here you can see the famous Bahai Gardens, which are striking in their beauty. Also in conjunction with Haifa very recommend a visit to the Historical and Archaeological Park “Caesarea”, which is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. And, of course, deserves admiration the crusader capital of Acre, one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the country.

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I can not say that the excursions in Tel Aviv are cheap. If you buy them at local travel agencies or book in advance through the internet, the cost of a day tour of the city will cost about 30 euros. A trip to the Dead Sea or to Jerusalem will cost about 35-50 euros. In this case, the group will be quite small, about 20 people. If the group is half as large, the cost will be about twice as high, and on individual tours – 3-4 times higher. But, of course, I recommend individual trips, especially if it is a question of visiting Jerusalem or other cities with a rich program of excursions. The fact is that there are a lot of tourists in such places, and if you will be in a large group, it will be difficult to listen to the guide’s story.

Top 5 best tours in Tel Aviv.

In Tel Aviv itself there are not many interesting places to visit in the excursions. That is why I have chosen for you the 5 most interesting places to visit, which will allow you to see Israel from different angles.

Tel Aviv and Jaffa: in contrast

From any point on the long beach line of Tel Aviv you will appreciate the contrasts. Look to the left and you will see the outline of ancient Jaffa with its typical historical buildings, and look to the right and you will see its modern skyscrapers. To get the most out of this contrast, I suggest taking a one-day sightseeing tour. Of course, the most interesting from a historical point of view is the ancient city of Jaffa, where you can see the ancient Arab architecture, the Clock Tower and the bustling port promenade. And there are 12 streets that correspond to the signs of the zodiac. A kind of tourist attraction here is the quest to find your sign: if you find it, do not miss the chance to make a wish.

In Tel Aviv, usually examine the central Rothschild Boulevard, the length of which is several kilometers. It is also fascinating to walk through the Florentin neighborhood for a sampling of local street art and traditional street food. A very different atmosphere in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, where art studios and designer boutiques are concentrated, as well as a very beautiful low-rise development. This tour will be interesting to you also because it allows you to explore all the main areas of the city, so that in subsequent days of the vacation to go there on their own for a more detailed study. You can choose a sightseeing tour here.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem: Landmarks of Mankind

Even if you are far from religion, make sure to take a trip to Jerusalem and Bethlehem, because these are the places of significance for all mankind and the main shrines of the three religions. It is simply amazing how in the lifeless desert, on a very small piece of land, events took place that shaped the history, culture, and religion of all mankind. When you walk along the road, where the feet of Jesus Christ, Herod, King David and the Crusaders stepped, you willy-nilly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this place. One of the best views of Jerusalem is from the Mount of Olives. At the foot of the Mount there are ancient olive trees that are considered witnesses to the Passion of Christ. Then the way goes through the Garden of Gethsemane to the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher, which was built over the burial cave of Christ and Golgotha. Of course, there are a lot of people here, but even a couple of minutes will be enough to penetrate the incredible energy of this place.

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By the way, before visiting the temple, be sure to buy things to illuminate, such as candles and icons. Usually they take you to the stores as part of the tour, but the prices there are much higher. I recommend, surprisingly, to buy everything you need in the shops near the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre: you will pass by them on the way, the prices are lower there.

At the Wailing Wall it is customary to make a wish in a note, but really, it is more of a tourist tradition, because the believers themselves pray here not for their own aspirations. It is also interesting that the Wall is divided into men’s and women’s sections, but on the women’s side there are chairs, on which you can climb and have a peek at what is happening on the other side. Sometimes there are Jewish men’s festivals, such as the initiation of a boy as a man at the time of his majority.

The Dead Sea for Recreation and Healing

If you want to see the main natural wonder of Israel and at the same time do not want to lose a day of beach vacation, then go to the Dead Sea. From Tel Aviv offer travel to many resorts, I liked the most Ein Bokek, which is located 170 km away. It is a real blooming oasis in the middle of the desert, surrounded by sandy mountains. But, in fact, as part of a day trip, it makes absolutely no difference where exactly you are going, because the main purpose of this trip is to swim in the waters of the Dead Sea. Honestly, the feeling of floating on the surface of the water like a float is extraordinary. Some tours also include visits to health centers located on the shores of the Dead Sea, where you can take a thermal or mud baths. Of course, for one day to improve particularly healthier will not work, but for a change to take a procedure can.

Haifa, Caesarea and Acre: beaches and ancient history

This tour is suitable for those who prefer a religious theme more secular, but still associated with history. The ancient city of Acre, which is at least 5,500 years old, has many interesting sites associated with the Crusader Period. However, the city has seen its walls and Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and Bonaparte. Here are preserved streets of the old city, fortifications, Turkish caravanserais, the ancient port: in general, the city deserves very close attention. Another interesting historical complex is the archaeological park “Caesarea”, where you can see the ruins of the Roman streets, as well as admire the gorgeous panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course, you can’t do without the religious sights, but they are worth it. In Haifa is one of the most unusual places in Israel and the center of the world Bahai religion: the famous Bahai or Persian Gardens. This complex was established not long ago, in the late 20th century, but it is striking in its grandeur and beauty. By the way, it is located on the slopes of the famous biblical Mount Carmel. Excursions dedicated to architecture and history are collected on this page.

Galilee and Nazareth: Toward the Promised Land

One of the best excursions with a religious theme involves a visit to the Galilee Mountains, where there are places inextricably linked to the earthly life of Christ. This is where he lived, performed miracles, healed, and preached. You can walk in his footsteps and visualize where Christianity originated. During the tour, visit cozy churches built in completely different styles, as well as the Basilica of the Annunciation, built over the house of the Holy Family. Also in Nazareth, a must-see is the Church of the Archangel Gabriel, which stands over the well where for thousands of years the Nazarenes drew water. The spring is considered sacred. You will also be able to take off the dust of the roads and fatigue by washing in the waters of the sacred Jordan River during the tour.

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If you only have 1 day.

It is difficult to see Tel Aviv in one day, but it is possible. The main thing to remember that on Friday in Israel begins Sabbath, so from 15:00 on Friday until 19:00 on Saturday almost everything in the city will be closed: it’s better to plan a trip for another day. If you’re in Tel Aviv just for a day, in the morning hours, while the sun is not so hot, I recommend a trip to the village of Jaffa, which is now part of the city. To explore the city in a more interesting way, you can start your quest with the “signs of the zodiac” that I have already told you about, or go in search of an orange tree suspended above the ground, which is another popular local attraction. There are also a lot of interesting restaurants in the area. For example, one of the locals’ favorites is Cafe Tche Tche, and of my recommendations is the Fishermans restaurant located in the port, which serves one of the tastiest mezes in town, and absolutely free.

After a snack along the promenade, I suggest walking to the Neve Tzedek area, which resembles a fashionable European resort. It is very beautiful here, a lot of unusual houses with tiled roofs, as well as art galleries, museums and designer stores. Be sure to visit the Carmel Market, where I advise to buy delicious olives, Israeli dates, spices, fruits and oriental sweets. The triangular, square and round towers are the reference points. We recommend climbing up to the Azrieli Observatory to admire the city from above. The price is about 22 shekels. Definitely enjoy a walk along the promenade along the Mediterranean Sea, which is equally attractive at any time of day. You can walk or rent a bike, there are recreational areas, free wifi, and a lot of cozy restaurants. And you can also choose unusual excursions to explore the city, you can see all the options here.

If you want to see the city in the evening

Tel Aviv is considered the main party capital of Israel, so there is definitely something to do in the evening. The sunset can be experienced on the same promenade, and there are plenty of viewing platforms and free sun loungers along the entire length of the promenade. If you want you can have a snack here before the walk to the party. After advice to stroll along Rothschild Boulevard, where street musicians perform in the evening and walk a lot of interesting people: and tourists, and informal youth, and businessmen who came out of their offices. If you want to see the evening city from the height, in addition to Azrieli Observatory, you can go to a restaurant with a panoramic view, for example, a good reputation in the restaurant Aladin with an open terrace. However, I advise to book a table there in advance, because the restaurant is quite small and often there are not enough seats for everyone. Here you can see options for gastronomic excursions.

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If you want to see other cities

Tel Aviv is very well located, so I definitely advise you to take this chance to see other cities in Israel. I have already shared with you about the excursions to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Haifa. But there is another tour that is certainly worthy of attention – it is Petra, one of the oldest cities in the region, the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom and one of the most popular attractions in Jordan. Of course, it is usually reached from Tel Aviv by plane, but the opportunity to touch the ancient treasures and mysteries of the city is certainly worth it. This so-called “Pink City” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in 2007 it was chosen as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World. I will not even try to describe the experience, but I know for sure that to see this extraordinary creation of human hands absolutely worth it. You can choose tours to other cities here.

What to see with children

Definitely advise for walks with children Yarkon Park, where you can be at least every day. Here you can play basketball, go rock-climbing, jump on trampolines, ride a catamaran on the lake or just have a picnic on the grass. Right across the street is Luna Park, a small park, but it has all the classic attractions, from merry-go-rounds for the little ones to roller coasters. Nearby is the Meymadion water park. Here I advise you to go in the morning, because until lunch, animators are working here and organize competitions with prizes for children. In general, the water park, of course, is not very diverse, but there is a paddling pool for the kids, and a pool with an artificial wave, and several waterslides, including a high-speed slope for riding on tubing. There are excursions that kids will love.

Choosing the right excursions: tricks and tips

I want to share with you some observations and tips that will help to organize excursions more successfully.

  • I will start with the most important question: where to buy excursions? After reading the reviews of tourists, I tried to go to some local agencies. If you compare the prices with those that offer tour operators, the difference is certainly tangible. But the tours themselves are not always successful: many guests of the resort say that the guides do not always behave professionally, often giving only the necessary information without detail and enthusiasm.
  • I recommend that you book tours online. This way you can always read reviews about a particular guide in advance, and get to know the itinerary of the trip and all the extra costs. It is very convenient. There are several booking services for this, you can choose excursions and on our website, here on this page.
  • Many travel agencies offer a sightseeing tour of Tel Aviv with a visit to the Diamond Exchange. Honestly, I recommend it. The fact is that the sightseeing part is more of a formality and lasts literally 1.5 hours. The main time is spent on visiting the exchange. There is, of course, a small museum where you can see the technology of diamond production, but still, the main priority is commerce. If you are not interested in buying diamonds, then you don’t have to waste your time.
  • When planning excursions be sure to consider the religious features of the country. For example, during Ramadan, on the Temple Mount visitors are allowed only in the morning hours. Well, from Friday evening to Saturday night Shabbat works, so in Tel Aviv, and in the whole of Israel, almost nothing works.
  • During visits to many religious sites in Jerusalem and other cities is forbidden to take photos, including very strict rules in Bethlehem’s Basilica of the Nativity. Can not only make a reprimand, but even kicked out. It is also not allowed to take pictures of people praying near the Wailing Wall.
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In general, as for me, Tel Aviv – is the best resort in Israel for those who want to combine a great beach holiday, busy leisure and the ability to travel to other cities. Well, the delicious food and loud parties are undoubtedly a very nice bonus.

Excursions from Tel Aviv to Israel

There are 33 tours from Tel Aviv to other cities in Israel in September and October 2022. Prices for day tours with a Russian speaking guide from $30. See the schedule, choose your route and buy tickets online.

On an individual tour you will see the most beautiful and ancient places in the north of modern Israel.

Visit Tel Aviv and not check out the bustling Carmel Market? Smells, tastes, flavors. Cafes, restaurants, eateries, grocery stores.

Beit Guvrin – one of the most interesting archaeological parks in Israel, rightfully included in the UNESCO list of world cultural monuments.

This trip will remain in your memory for a long time. It is an amazing opportunity to climb to the top of Mount Carmel and descend into the underground grottos in one day.

I will take you in a comfortable car to Jerusalem, where we will see the most important Jewish shrines.

You will find yourself in a very different Israel, enshrouded in a halo of mystery, mystery, pain, freedom, and a picturesque riot of natural unrest.

Galilee is an extraordinary land where the Old Testament prophets walked, where Christ prayed, preached, healed, and worked miracles.

If you have seen all the holy places of Jerusalem, then spend a day walking through a completely different city.

A wonderful tour, during which we will try to show you, to discover as many interesting places as possible…

In an unlimited arsenal of options for our customer care, along with a variety of different types and directions of excursions, trips, recreation…

In an unlimited arsenal of options for our customer care, along with a variety of different types and directions of excursions, trips, recreation…

In an unlimited arsenal of options for our customer care, along with a variety of different types and directions of excursions, trips, recreation…

We invite you to go for a day to Jordan and visit the ancient city of Petra, one of the Seven New Wonders of the World.

In Israel, you will not once hear the following axiom: “Tel Aviv rests, Jerusalem prays and Haifa works.

Tourist Reviews

The tour itself is good, the guide Galina wonderful, excellent knowledge of the material, but instead of the maximum 50 people declared, the bus was 55, because of this it was very crowded, there was not a single empty seat, and when you sit behind, it’s important, the bus was old and many seats were broken, we sat in the last row, and so tight, and even on our knees was a row before us((, and also on the back window were curtains, which were all moldy and stank all over the bus ((((.

Irina, thank you so much for the unforgettable tour! I recommend to everyone, Irina is a wonderful guide, wonderful person, we will definitely be back!

It was a very interesting trip. Thank you guide Michael for allowing us to stand in line and visit the mausoleum. Didn’t really enjoy being in a large group, as it was hard to hear sometimes and uncomfortable to move around in a crowd of people.

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