10 ways to visit Saint-Tropez on a limited budget, France

Saint-Tropez: important tourist tips


Not everyone can afford a holiday in Saint-Tropez, as it is one of the most expensive resorts on the Côte d’Azur. But determined lucky ones are guaranteed to plunge into an atmosphere of luxury and carefree relaxation, and the memories of this city will be one of the most vivid and pleasant. How to get to Saint-Tropez, where to stay and other practical things will be discussed in this article.

How to get to Saint-Tropez?

Saint Tropez has its own airport. It is very small and receives mainly private flights, including international flights. The only regular commercial flight to Saint-Tropez is by helicopter from Nice. Just 25 minutes in the sky over the Côte d’Azur and you’re in paradise.

Plane and Liner

The nearest major airports hosting commercial flights are in Marseille, Toulon, and Nice. A suitable flight to any of these cities can be picked up and purchased on this website, it’s very convenient because the search is done at once for all airlines.

How to get from the airport to Saint-Tropez?

Private transfer

The ambiance of a chic vacation in Saint-Tropez is best matched by a private shuttle. If you go closer from Toulon, the road from Marseille or Nice takes almost two hours. This time can be spent pleasantly – in a comfortable car, enjoying the beautiful views of the coast and the fresh sea breeze.

We recommend you to contact our partners BWA Nice Voyage and book in advance a licensed luxury car with a Russian speaking experienced driver. It is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to Saint-Tropez at a reasonable price.

At BWA Nice Voyage you can book not only transfers, but also excursions to the most beautiful places of the Cote d’Azur. Once you book a tour, email us at contact@paris10.ru and you will get a nice surprise in the form of Fragonard branded soaps.

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The best tour of Saint-Tropez:

Louis de Funès’ unique performance in The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez and the charm of actress Brigitte Bardot have made the city world famous. Take a walk through its streets and enjoy its prestige with BWA! Book by clicking here.

The best tour of Saint-Tropez

Going to Saint-Tropez in your own car

Driving along the coast on your own is a special pleasure. You don’t need more than a driver’s license. You can choose a rental car that will be waiting for you at the airport upon arrival on this website. Be prepared for mountain roads, which are called “mother-in-law’s tongues.

By train

In Saint-Tropez by train

The most convenient public transport in France is the trains, they go almost everywhere, regularly and quickly. But this trick does not work with Saint-Tropez. The rails do not lead directly to the resort. The nearest station to the city, to which you can buy a ticket from Nice, Marseille, Paris and any other French city is St Raphaël-Valescure.

From the central station in Nice it will take about an hour to get to St Raphaël-Valescure and the ticket will cost from 10.50 €. From Paris, a train ticket will cost 120-200 € and the trip will take about 5 hours. Tickets for trains, especially for high season, is better to take in advance. For this purpose there is this website.

From Saint-Raphaël train station there is a bus line 7601 to Saint Tropez. The trip by bus takes about 1 hour 15 minutes. The ticket costs from 12 €. Another option is to take the Bateaux Saint Raphael boat from the port of Saint Raphael in one hour. The ticket will cost 15 €, children 10 €.

It makes no sense to go to Saint Raphael only from Toulon, from there it is easier to go directly by bus or boat.

To get your bearings, download our app for the Côte d’Azur. We have a lot of useful information for you.

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Where best to stay in Saint-Tropez?

Saint-Tropez hotels

Saint-Tropez is an expensive town. Celebrities often choose to rent villas and enjoy the seclusion and lavish parties. Of course there are also hotels for tourists. Here are the ones we can recommend:

There are no disadvantaged areas in Saint-Tropez, so choose a hotel according to your taste.

Port Grimaud

If the prices seem too high, you can look for a hotel in one of the neighboring towns. For example Port Grimaud, also known as the Venice of the Cote d’Azur because of its colourful architecture and many canals. Getting from Grimaud to Saint-Tropez is very easy; they are in the same harbour and a boat runs every half hour or so between the two towns. And for a nice boat ride, you can even go on a boat trip.

Saint Tropez sights: what is worth seeing?

Apart from the beautiful promenade, the port and the various beaches (including those for topless sunbathers) there are a few sights worth seeing.

Citadelle de Saint Tropez

Built between 1602 and 1608 this citadel gives an insight into the life of this coastal town, its ordinary people and its notables. Inside there is a museum of the history of seafaring. Cost of the ticket – 3 €. Working hours: from 10:00 to 17:30.

The Citadel of Saint-Tropez

Chateau Suffren

Was built in the end of the X century, and already then exhibited a variety of works of art. Now it has a popular store and museum of antiques. Address: Place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville. Open daily, admission is free.

Musée de l’Annonciade Art Museum

This is a former Catholic chapel and contains many paintings by avant-garde artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. Place Grammont. Tickets cost 6€. Every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

Butterfly Museum

Maison des Papillons

There are more than 35 000 living and extinct specimens of these beautiful creatures of nature. Address: 17 Rue Etienne Berny. Tickets cost 2€. Opening hours: 14:00 to 17:00. The museum is open:

  • May-June and September-October – all days except Thu-Fri;
  • July-August and New Year’s Eve holidays daily.
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Events in Saint-Tropez

But Saint-Tropez is not just about beaches and frozen museums. Every year there are different festivals and competitions. Without doubt the biggest popular celebration is the annual Les Bravades festival in Saint-Tropez. It has been held in mid-May for over four centuries.

The feast lasts for three days, during which solemn masses are celebrated in churches in honor of the holy martyr Torpes (Trope), who was beheaded during the Christian persecution by Emperor Nero. A boat carrying his body docked at the site where the modern city, named for him, is located. During the parade, a gilded wooden bust of the martyr is carried through the city. The theatrical procession, whose participants are dressed in white and red imperial uniforms, symbolizes the bravery of the city’s residents, who were ready to take up arms and defend themselves against enemies at any moment.


The Giraglia Rolex Cup, running from Saint-Tropez to Sanremo for over 60 years, is the most prestigious regatta in the Mediterranean. The first day is offshore and the fourth day is the start of the 243-mile race itself. It is usually held in June.

If you come to Saint-Tropez in mid-September you can watch the Paradis Posrches, a fancy dress parade with over 300 Porsche cars from all over Europe.

What to eat in Saint-Tropez and where?


Even the most enjoyable of spectacles must always be accompanied by bread. And in Saint-Tropez there are numerous restaurants and cafes for this purpose. As everywhere else on the Côte d’Azur, Provençal cuisine and seafood prepared in different ways are very popular here. Try, for example, la tapenade, a thick mixture of crushed anchovies, olives and capers, spread on toast or served as an accompaniment to soup, or the many variations of foie gras, and various cheeses from sheep and goat milk. For dessert, try the tarte tropezienne or the honey, mint and almond calen de Saint Tropez.

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Lunch in Saint-Tropez

Saint Tropez restaurants and cafes to recommend:

L’ Auberge des Maures Address: 8, rue Boutin. The approximate cost for dinner is 65€.

L’Olivier de la Bastide Address: Route des Carles. Approximate price for lunch – 30-90 €.

Bar Le Sporting Address: Boulevard Vasserot, Place des Lices. Approximate price for lunch – 20-30 €.

Shopping in Saint-Tropez: What can I get?


Lovers of shopping in Saint-Tropez will not be bored. There are a lot of boutiques and stores of the most famous designers in the city. In our opinion, a vacation in Saint-Tropez is better spent on the beach or on a yacht but there is one souvenir that will remind you of a nice vacation every time. These are the signature sandals of Les Tropeziennes.

Another famous store that no fashionable woman can pass by is the world-famous boutique Le Brigitte Bardot, where you can buy things with the initials VV. For a reminder of Saint-Tropez, look out for bracelets from Valerie with the name of the city inscribed on them. Not a bad gift for men would be smoking pipes, cigars and lighters Dupont, produced by the local factory. And of course don’t forget to bring back a French perfume, cheese and chocolate.

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