10 things to see in Malta

10 things to see and do in Malta

Julia Ostrovskaya

Malta is a unique island, lost in the Mediterranean between Italy and Africa. Once here, you’ll be forever captivated by its history, magic and charm. So what should and can you do once you’re on the island? Here are ten interesting ideas, many of which are not mentioned in Malta’s usual guidebooks. Here are ten top tips from locals on how to make your stay on the island a memorable one!

1: Walking around Sliema’s waterfront

If you’re already in Malta, it’s impossible not to get to Sliema because it’s an important holiday and shopping center as well as Malta’s main resort town. Sliema’s promenade is very long and can be followed as far as the neighbouring town of San Julians and back to Gzira. It has a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and a stunning view of Valletta. It seems that you can walk here endlessly, think about the great things and observe the life of the locals.

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2. Taking a wagon ride along the Grand Harbour

When you arrive in Valletta – walk along the main street of the Republic to the end, you’ll find yourself by the sea. There you can always see the horse-drawn carriages waiting for you. You are advised to go for a ride! The views of The Grand Harbour are spectacular from there. Though the ride isn’t that long (10-15 minutes) it’s enough time to see Valletta from the waterfront, and Manoel Island (home to Manoel Fort, built by knights between 1722 and 1755, scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed there). For full immersion, you can close your eyes for a moment and imagine you’re in the Middle Ages.

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3. Visit Mdina in the evening. With a bottle of wine.

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This is a tip from the locals in Malta as well. Everyone is used to visiting this historic capital of Malta during the day. But visit it in the evening. There will be no one on the street, but nevertheless you will be in the city-fortress, where people still live. You might run into vigilant policemen and other visitors to Mdina at night, of which there are very few. Grab a bottle of wine, walk to the end where you have a view of the sea. Enjoy the moment! After all, this city is over 4,000 thousand years old! It is unique – an empty but inhabited city, an old history, the sea, the night, the wine. What could be more romantic?

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4. Walking in the footsteps of ghosts

Few people know that there is a group of ghost hunters in Malta. The group meets in Valletta. With the help of various equipment, the participants look for ghosts. Many stories go around about such ghosts in Malta as the Black Knight, the Blue Lady, the Headless Bride. Here you can book a tour in the footsteps of ghosts. An evening stroll through the dark and deserted streets of Valletta, which are said to be haunted! You will walk in search of ghosts, hear ghost stories and legends in Malta and see ghost houses with your own eyes.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/MaltaGhostTours

5. Attend a service in Maltese at the Catholic Church

It’s beautiful and quite extraordinary. You can get a sense of the atmosphere and understand more about the Maltese and their culture. After all, the church is one of the most important parts of Maltese life. Malta has a lot of celebrations related to the church and saints. For example, the festival of the village fiesta.

In Sliema there is a church Parish Church of Stella Maris – translated as the Church of Our Lady of the Star of the Sea. Quite symbolic for an island washed on all sides by the sea. The church has the largest attendance at the 6:30 p.m. service every weekday. You don’t have to come from the beginning of the service. It’s enough to be a part of it for 10-15 minutes to get a better understanding of Maltese culture. This church is not a tourist attraction, so you should behave accordingly – no talking loudly during the service, no taking pictures, and no waving your hands at the experience.

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6. See dolphin, seal and parrot shows

On the way from Sliema to Bujibba is the Mediterraneo Malta Marine Park. It’s home to cute dolphins, dancing seals, adorable parrots, turtles and various reptiles. The park is reminiscent of Loro Parque in the Canary Islands. There are 2 shows a day of dolphins, seals and parrots (from April to September – high season, low season – 1 show a day). The first show starts at 10:30 and the second at 2:30 pm. Entrance for the whole day with attendance of all shows costs about 15 euros (for 1 adult). Those who want can swim with dolphins for an extra fee! It will be interesting for all, children and adults alike.

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Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/captive-dolphins-is-a-shame/

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7. Visit the club town of Paceville and get on the boat-party

City of San Julians in Malta can truly be called the second Ibiza, only in a more simplified and budget version. The city has a street – Paceville – the club mecca of Malta. Numerous clubs and bars are located along this street one after another. Entrance there is absolutely free, the prices for alcohol are surprisingly low. You can have a lot of fun and learn about nightlife in Malta. Although we should take into account that in the summer a huge number of schoolchildren and students come to the island to study English in schools in Malta, most of which are located in St. Julians. So you’ll have the company of mostly students.

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If you still want to sleep in at night – you can get to the boat party during the day! The boat sails around 10am and the fun lasts until 4pm-17pm. The ticket costs about 15 euros per person and the dress code is swimsuit. Alcohol and dancing are offered on board! During the party you can swim in the open sea.

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8. In late June/early July, get to a totally free Isle of MTV concert

Yes, yes! This grand concert, which features international stars, takes place once a year in Malta. The concert takes place in Floriana (actually in Valletta). The concerts featured such stars as Snoop Dog, Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Floriada, Nelly Furtado, Will.i.am, Pitbul and many others! The number of visitors is a record, from 50,000 to 70,000 people each year! All information about the event on the site.

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Source https://www.flickr.com/photos/60807451@N04/

9. Swimming at night in the sea in San Julians

St George’s Bay beach in St. Julian’s is very busy at night, because it’s just 2 steps away from Club Paceville! On the beach, companies or couples are having fun and relaxing. Here you can sit in close proximity to the sea and go for a swim. Why this beach at night? Because it’s sandy, which is a rarity in Malta, and night swimming requires increased safety. On a stone beach at night, it is possible to slip or overlook a depression. But it’s better not to come to St George’s Bay beach during the day – it’s very crowded and dirty. But at night, the magic happens here.

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10. Come to the lighthouse in Portomaso

Portomaso is an apartment complex in San Julians and is next to the Hilton Hotel. Inside is a marina.

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If you go down the steps, turn left and walk along to the end (the landmark is the lighthouse), you’ll find yourself actually at sea by the old lighthouse with a stunning view. It’s nice to come here during the day and in the evening. The special charm is at sunset, when it’s almost dark. Be vigilant for big waves. Big waves are in winter, in summer the sea is calm, you can enjoy the view for a long time.

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