10 things to see in Hungary

10 things to do in Hungary

If you have chosen Hungary for your trip I suggest you 10 things you must do in Hungary to experience the country for real.

1. Visit medical thermal baths

Hungary is famous for its thermal springs. And of course if you come for a vacation, you should visit the Hungarian baths. In Budapest the most famous are Gellert, Szechenyi, Rudas and Kiraj Turkish baths. But there are baths in every Hungarian town and even in some villages, and they do not differ from the capital’s ones in quality and service. The most extraordinary bathing house is the cave bathing house in Miskolc Tapolca.

The Szechenyi Baths

2. To try the national cuisine, such as langos

To fully experience the culture of the country, you must try the national cuisine. You do not have to go to expensive restaurants, you can for example try the local fast food lángos or the delicious kürtös kalács.

Hungarian cuisine is famous for the addition of spicy paprika to almost all dishes. The traditional Hungarian soups are goulash (gulyas), fish soup (halászlé). The main dishes are paprikás csirke, percolt (pörkölt) or lecsó. For dessert you can try Dobos torta with chocolate cream and icing, somlói galuska or túrógombóc.

10 things to do in Hungary

The Hungarian desserts Somlói galuska and Dobosz cake

Swim in the largest thermal lake in the world. 3.

Lake Heviz, the largest thermal lake in the world. And you can bathe in the lake all year round, the water temperature is about +35 degrees in summer and +28 degrees in winter. The lake is surrounded by protected forest, on the surface float water lilies.


A resort on Lake Heviz.

4. Take the oldest subway in Europe and the longest streetcar in the world

The oldest subway on the continent is in Budapest. The yellow subway line, called the Földalatti, was laid in 1896, just before the millennium of Hungary. Subway stations on this line look the same now as they did over 100 years ago. And the yellow subway cars do not remind us of the usual subway.

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10 things to do in Hungary

Streetcars in Budapest

The streetcars, which run on routes number 4 and 6 in the city center, are the longest in the world, their length is almost 54 meters. The main thing, do not forget to buy tickets for transportation in advance.

5. Tasting the Hungarian wine

For example you can go to Eger and there in the Valley of Beauties (Szépasszonyvölgy) in one of the many wine cellars to taste the real Hungarian wine. The most famous wine is “Bull’s blood” (Egri bikavér), according to the legend it is the wine the soldiers drank when defending the Eger fortress from the Turks.

10 things to do in Hungary

Tokay is also famous for its winegrowing region, which, incidentally, since 2002 is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tokay wines are white wines from light sorts of grapes, the alcohol content is 12-16%. The most famous are Tokaji aszú, made from hand-selected, raisined berries. Tokaji wine has a worldwide reputation and is called “the wine of kings” for a reason.

6. Climb Gellert Mountain and see the whole city

Gellert Mountain is one of the main attractions of Hungary. It was named in honor of Bishop Gellert, who was the spiritual mentor of King István. By the way, there is also a monument to St. Gellert nearby, which is best seen from the Erzsébet Bridge.

At the Citadel is an observation deck, which offers a spectacular view of Budapest. The Freedom Monument is 40 meters high and was erected on Mount Gellert in 1947.

Weekend in Budapest

A panoramic view of the city from Mount Gellert

A tour bus ride is no surprise these days, but have you ever been on a floating bus? In Budapest it is possible. The tour lasts 2 hours, you’ll see the main sights of the capital and swim on the Danube by bus.

10 things to do in Hungary

8. Walk around Budapest at night

The evening/nighttime city is unforgettable! It was the first time I saw Budapest at night myself, our bus was delayed on the way and we were a little late arriving in the capital after midnight, but it was even better because we could see the night city, amazingly beautifully lit bridges, all the buildings along the Danube promenade, the Parliament, etc.

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I don’t encourage everyone to walk around at night, but as an option to see the city lit up is an evening boat ride. It gets dark in Budapest early enough (this is not St. Petersburg, there are no white nights), so during the evening boat ride on the Danube you can see all the bridges and the embankment in the magnificent light.

10 things to do in Hungary

9. Visit a horse show

Hungarians are famous for their art of riding horses, there are many competitions and just horse shows. If you are lucky, you can see the horse show right in the center of the city on Heroes’ Square, where the annual “Nemzeti vágta” takes place, in 2013 the competition will be from September 20 to 22. Alternatively, you can visit the Lázár horse park (Lázár lovaspark), established in 2001, located in the valley of Domonyvöld.

10 things to do in Hungary

Horse show in Budapest

10. Buy souvenirs at the biggest market

In order not only to make memories of your trip to Hungary in your memory and photos, of course, you have to buy some souvenir. All kinds of souvenirs can be found in the pedestrian street Váci or the city market “Nagyvásárcsarnok” in Budapest, and there are souvenir stores in all Hungarian cities, in the resorts of Lake Heviz and Lake Balaton. And this article is to help you choose what to bring from Hungary as a souvenir?

What to bring from Hungary as a souvenir

Souvenirs in Hungary

That’s the whole list of 10 things to do in Hungary ! Have a great holiday!

10 things to do in Hungary

Eugene Smirnov

Hungary is often called by tourists the country of baths, and all because there is a huge number of therapeutic thermal springs, where you can both relax and improve your health. There are baths all over the country, but the most famous – Sechenskie baths – are in the capital.

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2. Buy an original Rubik’s Cube

Many people have heard about the invention of the Hungarian sculptor Erne Rubik, probably everyone has tried to assemble it. Because of the worldwide popularity of the puzzle now almost impossible to find a real Rubik’s Cube of the Hungarian production (everywhere sells Chinese “fakes”). Fortunately you can buy the original Rubik’s Cube in Hungary (in many souvenir stores, at Budapest airport duty free or by ordering it through a special site. Soon the capital of Hungary plans to open a museum dedicated to the famous toy.

3. Ride the longest streetcar

The longest streetcar in the world can be seen in Budapest (its length is 55.9 meters). If you don’t manage to take this particular streetcar, don’t worry, get on any streetcar, it is the most convenient and widespread mode of transport in Budapest.

4. See the animals in Budapest

The Budapest Zoo is a great place for the whole family to relax. It was opened in 1866 and, despite significant modernization in recent decades, is considered the oldest zoo in Europe. Here you can see more than 500 species of animals and 4000 varieties of plants in an area of 250 acres.

5. Rejuvenate in Lake Heviz.

In the west of Hungary is the world’s largest thermal lake, Lake Heviz. There are always a lot of visitors here, and no wonder: in the summer the water temperature is about +34 ° C, and in the coldest winter months it does not fall below +26 ° C. Special attention should be paid to the healing properties of the lake: the silt, which lies many meters deep at the bottom of the lake, has medicinal properties. Bathing in the lake is recommended to those who suffer from locomotor apparatus disorders.

6. Visit a museum of marzipan

The museum of marzipan in Sentredra is gaining popularity every year. Here you will find real works of art, such as a chocolate Budapest Parliament, a sweet map of Hungary, and marzipan kings of Hungary. What stands out is the huge, full-length figure of Michael Jackson. In the workshop you can look at the process of making the exhibits and try them right there.

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7. Enjoy the blossoms of the Tisza River

In mid-June on the Tisza River, you can watch a beautiful sight called a bloom: a huge number of mayflies (winged insects) swarm the water lilies.

8. Holiday on a yacht on Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake of Central Europe, located 100 km from Budapest. Curiously, the average depth of the lake is only 3 meters, and in the southern part of the lake at a distance of 200-300 meters from the shore and even less – about a meter. This resort is popular not only among Hungarians who call Balaton the Hungarian sea, but also among tourists from all over Europe. You can swim, fish or go sailing on Balaton. The area around the lake is a national park with biking and hiking trails.

9. Tasting the wine in Tokaj

You can’t imagine Hungary without Tokaj, the famous wine region in the north of the country, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2002. Mount Tokaj and its vineyards are one of the main symbols of Hungary, sung in the national anthem.

10. Visit the village of Holokö

The old village of Hololokö (means Crow Rock in Hungarian) is a village in the Nograd region, known as an open-air ethnographic museum (with the village living its daily life despite the crowds of tourists). Its history goes back to the XIII century, when the first settlements appeared. In 1987 the village was included in the list of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Traditional crafts have been preserved here to this day: embroidery, pottery, woodcarving.

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