10 things to do in Rheinland, Germany

Rhine, Germany: Why to go, what to do and visit, where to eat, travel tips

Romantic Rhine, steeped in legend and ancient tales

The Rhine (Rhein) is one of Germany’s most beautiful rivers, springing from the picturesque Alps. Its path is lined with vineyards, majestic castles, beautiful valleys, shale mountains, historic towns, and idyllic villages.

The winding stretch of river between Rüdesheim and Koblenz is fabulously beautiful and truly magical. It is steeped in romantic legends and numerous mysteries. That’s why this section is rightly called the Romantic Rhine (Rheinromantik). The total length of this route is 67 kilometers.

The Romantic Rhine is one of the most popular tourist routes in Germany. The main influx of tourists is observed in the summer and early fall. However, even in winter the flow of guests does not dry up.

Rhine, Germany: why to go, what to do and visit, where to eat, travel tips

Sunset view of the Rhine River, Germany (Photo © pxhere.com / CC0 Public Domain license)

What to see: The top 7 most interesting sights in the Romantic Rhine

  1. The Rock of Loreley, steeped in numerous legends and romantic stories. It towers over the narrowest section of the Romantic Rhine. The beautiful name of the rock and its picturesque location caught the attention of the German poet and writer Clemens Brentano de la Roche. He wrote the ballad On the Rhine in Bacharach, telling of the beautiful maiden Lorelei, who, like a siren, lured sailors to their certain doom with her enchanting singing. Another interesting moment of this place is the sevenfold echo that echoes at the foot. Legend has it that it is the Lorelei maiden who speaks.
  2. The most beautiful castle on the Romantic Route, Burg Rheinstein, rises on a steep rock directly above the Rhine. Rheinstein was the first castle converted by the wealthy Hohenzollern dynasty into a beautiful residence. Although it is privately owned, its grounds are open to the public.
  3. Schloss Stolzenfels, which was built near Koblenz in the first half of the 19th century, is one of the most impressive works of Rhine Romanticism. The building is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped park.
  4. The Wernerkapelle is the most romantic attraction in the Rhine, in Bacharach near Staleck Castle. It was erected on the site of the ancient chapel of St. Cunibert. A plaque commemorating the brutal crimes against the Jewish people is kept here. The plaque bears the prayer of Pope John XXIII.
  5. The Rhine Golden Route , 10 km long. It starts from Boppard and ends almost at the confluence of the Rhine and the Moselle. It gets its beautiful name from the golden hills along the left bank of the river.
  6. Wellmich is the northern district of St. Goarshausen, located in the immediate vicinity of Mount Lorelei. The area is adorned by the majestic Maus Castle, the well-preserved medieval city fortifications and the Catholic Church of St. Martin.
  7. “Seven young women” (Sieben Jungfrauen) are a group of picturesque rocks located in the river bed. According to old legend, they are seven young women who were turned into rocks because of their stony hearts.
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What to do on the Romantic Rhine: Top 7 things to do and see

  1. Cruise the Romantic Rhine along picturesque terraces of vineyards and beautiful hills with castles on top.
  2. Visit one of the Rhine Valley’s private wineries and taste the excellent white wine for which the region is famous.
  3. Take a picture with the picturesque Lorelei Rock and see the statue of the beautiful Rhine maiden.
  4. Cycle along the Rhine Bicycle Route.
  5. Pick up a map from one of the tourist offices and hike along the Romantic Rhine.
  6. Tour the castles, mainly on the left bank of the river.
  7. Take the high-speed train from Koblenz to Mainz, admiring the stunningly beautiful views out the window.

Where to eat and what to drink

  1. El Tarascon (Bonn, Clemens-August-Str. 2-4) is a cozy Argentine restaurant. The special romantic atmosphere is given by the dim light and candles on the tables. Meat for very tasty steaks is cooked on coals in the hall.
  2. Redüttchen (Bonn, Kurfuerstenallee 1) – Restaurant of German cuisine. Tourists find here an excellent menu, first-class service and beautiful interior.
  3. Restaurant Gaststaette Bei Oma Kleinmann (Cologne, Zuelpicher Str. 9) – Traditional German pub with excellent snacks and beer. Tourists there find first class service and huge portions. The average bill is 25 euros.
  4. Kleinen Weinprinzen restaurant is located on the territory of the castle Rheinstein. It will offer its guests excellent German cuisine and wines of the Rhine valley.

Reviews and travel advice

  • The highest prices in hotels on weekends from May to mid-October.
  • A trip along the Romantic Rhine can be done by bicycle. There are excellent bike paths along the route. Bicycles can be taken freely on local trains and ferries.
  • The most beautiful panorama of the Romantic Rhine is from the hill just north of the spa town of Boppard.

Watch the video about the Rhine at the link below:

Unknown France. Mant-la-Jolie

View of the Rhine River during sunset, Germany (Photo © pxhere.com / License CC0 Public Domain)

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10 things to do in Dusseldorf

Katya Sabirova

It’s worth getting to know Heine’s homeland better – take a walk through the old town (Altstadt), drink local beer at a table of the old brewery, and look at the residents of this modern and rich city – here they are, relaxed after a day of work, chatting with each other, taking off their jackets.

So, what to do in Dusseldorf?

1. Have a beer in the Altstadt, which could claim to be the “longest bar in the world”. There are about 260 eateries, bars, breweries and cafes. It is here that the famous old Westphalian top-fermented beer, Altbier, was invented. It is a pleasure to drink it. We recommend the restaurant “Brauerei im Füchschen” (“Little Fox”). They serve excellent pork knuckle and brew their own Altbier. The brewery has an excellent website.

2. If you happen to be not a fan of beer (and maybe alcohol in general), no problem. Try the local chorlé drink. It is a mixture of mineral water and juice (sometimes wine or lemonade is used instead of juice). The most common shorlé is made of apple juice and sparkling water. But the most delicious is rhubarb juice with mineral water, which the restaurant “Brauerei im Füchschen” makes for sale.

3. Visit an exhibition. Dusseldorf is considered the city of fine arts. The city’s Academy of Fine Arts has educated many famous artists, the Museum Kunstpalast houses a collection of classical European painting and glass, while the Kunsthalle holds regular exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. Under the Rhine in a tunnel between two underground highways, the KIT Gallery is home to young artists. In fact, if you try to count, there are more than a hundred galleries and art galleries in Dusseldorf.

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4. Take a walk along the Rhine promenade. The river after all plays an important role in the life of any city, well what to say about the powerful waters of the great Rhine. Locals love to take long walks or jog along the river, there are quality paths for cyclists, lots of comfortable benches where you can take a break. Dusseldorfians recommend watching the sunset on the promenade and then heading for the MedienHafen, where the culture and nightlife are brisk.

5. Go shopping. Thanks to the most important trade fairs in Düsseldorf and the showrooms of its big-name brands, the city is a true hub of the fashion industry. On Königsallee you’ll find Gucci, Burberry, Chanel and Tiffany & Co. Here you don’t have to worry about what to take home as a souvenir.

6. Get checked out at the clinic of Dusseldorf University. In general, this is no joke. Medical tourism is gaining popularity in Germany, and in Düsseldorf especially. And do not think that only the seriously ill come to Germany for treatment, who simply do not have a choice. The Düsseldorf Clinic has long offered sanatorium treatment for foreigners. You can apply for examination/treatment through the international department of the clinic.

7. Take part in “Indian Thursday”. On the 11th day of the 11th month at 11:11 am in Dusseldorf everyone begins to go crazy – the “fifth season” begins. – Carnival. The carnival kicks off with “Ladies’ Thursday,” when the women storm the town hall and take over. They cut off the men’s ties, but kiss them soundly in return. On the Sunday following this frenzy, there is a street parade on Kyo Boulevard. The main parade is held the next day, Monday. It is this event that attracts thousands of tourists to the city. Europeans seem to love going crazy en masse :)

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8. Do the wheel. That is, stand on your hands and spin. Here it is a traditional ritual, there is even a monument to the boy doing the wheel. There are several legends about this. The most comprehensible sounds like this: in 1288 at the battle of Vorringen Count Adolf defeated the Archbishop of Cologne, the joy of the inhabitants of the city, and especially children began to tumble in the wheel – Dusseldorf gained independence from Cologne, and from a fishing village on the river turned into a city.

9. Breathe the fresh air in the parks. A fifth of the city’s surface area is taken up by recreational areas, green spaces and forest parks. Düsseldorf’s Green Ring begins at Nordpark with its Japanese Garden and extends to the Urdenbacher Kämpe nature reserve in the southern part of the city.

10. Get into the habit of flying through Düsseldorf. In fact, Dusseldorf airport has the tightest schedule of flights to and from Russia among German airports. And from Dusseldorf you can already fly or go further – to a variety of European cities. It is convenient to make a change – there are a lot of decent hotels near the airport, it is not far to the city. For example, you can walk from the international terminal to the Lochhausen district in 25 minutes. There is another airport – Dusseldorf Wiese (Wetze), which is used by budget airlines. Ryanair flies from here to numerous cities in Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Croatia, there are flights to Morocco. And other low-cost airlines – EasyJet, Flybe, Condor Flugdienst, Meridiana, Spanair, etc. – fly from the main airport. And Cologne airport is not far.

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