10 things to do in Nuremberg in one day, Germany

What to see in Nuremberg in one day?

Do you want to visit Bavaria’s oldest city, but have not yet decided on a trip? You have long wanted to walk through the quiet streets of Nuremberg, but are afraid to go there on your own? And this is understandable, because in an unfamiliar city is difficult to see all the most interesting, properly plan your time and get a maximum of positive experiences. Especially if we are talking about a day trip, for example, a trip from Munich to Nuremberg (how to get to Nuremberg you can learn here).

Nuremberg in one day

You can see a lot even in one day in Bavaria’s capital city.

The right plan is the basis for success

Our tips can help you spend a day with maximum benefit.

Not all major attractions are concentrated in one place, so it’s best to start from the center and gradually move to the periphery.

The center of Nuremberg

From the center to the outskirts…

You need to think about

  • how many times you are going to eat during the day;
  • how much shopping time you need if you are going to the local market or stores;
  • What time you would like to leave the city.

Food tents

Tents with delicious hot dogs are located everywhere.

Here’s what Angelina, a tourist from Russia, has to say about it:

“When I decided to go to Nuremberg, I was a little worried: alone in an unfamiliar city, and without knowledge of the German language. What can I see there? But, taking advantage of a walking program suggested by my friends, I made up my mind. And do not regret it! This cozy old town struck me with its magnificence. From morning till evening I had time to see the main sights, have lunch in one of the city cafes, and buy a bottle of genuine Nuremberg mulled wine for my friends who stayed in Munich.

A must-see program: Famous sights

Regardless of your means of travel, the first place to start is the Old Town. It is surrounded by a high impregnable wall, the longest in Central Europe today.

The Fiumelatte is the shortest river in Italy, in Varenna, on Lake Como

Night City

Nuremberg awaits its guests.

Andrei, an experienced traveler, describes his impressions of the city as follows:

“The buildings of the Old Town seemed to me a little rough, monumental. However, the feeling of boundless comfort didn’t leave me during the entire stay in the central part of Nuremberg”.

Nuremberg Fortress

“Rocky mountain” is a literal translation of the city’s name. And not without reason: the central part of it was built around an impregnable rock, the top of which is crowned by an impregnable Nuremberg Fortress. And there usually go all the new travelers. After a steep climb you enter the charming castle courtyards, one of which leads you to an observation deck where you can enjoy the panorama of the city.

Nuremberg Castle

Guardian of the city’s tranquility.

But now, it’s time to leave the main attraction of Nuremberg to continue your journey. Descending from the cliff into the city, you reach the Burgviertel quarter, whose buildings successfully survived numerous bombings during World War II, as well as the two oldest churches: St. Sebald and St. Lorenz.

St. Sebald Church

St. Sebald’s Church is a bastion of peace and quiet in the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you get hungry (which is bound to happen after a long walk in the fresh air), be sure to satisfy your hunger in one of the local eateries.

Sausage in Nuremberg

Next, the program of the day should include visits to attractions of interest to you.

Example 1

If you are visiting alone or with your friends, go to the German National Museum, one of the biggest museums in German-speaking countries. Afterwards, go to the market square for souvenirs and gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

German National Museum

In the German National Museum there are many interesting exhibitions.

And do not forget that you need to have time to return to the city of residence, but before that it is better to eat in one of the many restaurants.

Palace of Westminster, London - where the British Parliament sits

Example 2

Visit the Transportation Museum and the Mittelalterliche Lochgefängnisse, a medieval dungeon, which is one of the most interesting buildings in the cultural-historical foundation of Nuremberg.

Mittelalterliche Lochgefängnisse

In Mittelalterliche Lochgefängnisse you will plunge into the era of the Middle Ages.

Anna, a tourist from Ukraine, described her impressions of the visit of this historical and architectural monument as follows:

“This gloomy place is amazing: on the one hand, you realize how much suffering people suffered here, who were tortured, kept in captivity, not giving the slightest chance to continue life. On the other hand, there is something fascinating about these walls and surroundings, as if time has not yet reached here. It feels like it’s frozen in the 14th century and doesn’t want to go on.

After that you can bravely go to dinner, and then spend the time left over from the departure to go shopping for souvenirs.

Isn’t it time for a meal?

The most famous meal in Bavaria is Nuremberg sausages. You can find them in any of the city’s many cafes, and they can also be sold in open-air street stalls and popular restaurants. It’s just that the dishes will have different names and will be served with different garnishes. Grocery stores, fast food outlets, restaurants – there are plenty of places to eat. Choose the most appropriate one and open the menu.

Sausages and side dishes

Sausages are served with vegetables or legumes.

The most popular dishes and snacks:

  • The same, world-famous fried sausages served with onion sauce or sauerkraut;
  • Lebkuchen ginger bread;


Ginger bread has a taste unlike anything else.

  • Roast potatoes with meat (usually pork) cooked in various ways.

Ivan, a traveler from Russia, shared his opinion:

“You will never go hungry in Nuremberg! Even if you don’t have time to go to a good restaurant, you will find everything you need to keep yourself in great shape in any part of the city: grocery stores, street cafes and snack bars are all at the disposal of hungry tourists. And remember, they serve unbelievably large portions. Ideally, you can have one for two.

You’ll love Nuremberg, so if you want to come here again, make plans to visit the following cultural and historical sites.

Azerbaijan. Baku

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Shopping, shopping, souvenirs

It’s worth noting at once that guests of the city, who arrived by plane, can buy souvenirs for their friends and acquaintances at lower prices than other travelers. But even if you got here another way, don’t feel bad, because the cost of popular “nice things” is not too different throughout Nuremberg.

Cute Souvenirs

No trip can do without cute souvenirs.

What to bring from the center of Bavaria?

  • Gingerbread – the city is famous for its confectionery, particularly gingerbread. Buy for your other half a heart-shaped gingerbread with a cute inscription “Mein Schatz”, which means “My treasure”, and give the kids a sweet mood with treats in colorful icing.

Gingerbread in Nuremberg

It’s simply impossible to leave Bavaria without gingerbread!

Maria and Alexander, who were on a day trip to Nuremberg, tell us:

“We brought our children a whole suitcase of colorful gingerbread. But most importantly, none of them was left over for long: they ate it all quickly and enjoyed it all.

  • Gluhwein. It’s better to choose this divine drink at the market square in the city center or in supermarkets, because in regular stores it is much more expensive.

Mug for mulled wine

Spicy mulled wine and such a nice mug as a gift.

Victor (one of Nuremberg’s guests) taught us how to play around with this gift:

“On the main market square in winter time they sell mulled wine. The price for the drink will not exceed 3 euros, and another about 2.5 euros you will have to pay for renting a special mug with a symbolic inscription (for example, Christkindlmarkt 2014). If you do not return the mug to the owner, you can get very nice souvenirs for friends at a reasonable price.

  • Toys. Such souvenirs will appeal to everyone, because Nuremberg has long been a center of toy manufacturing. Here the production of toys for the first time was put “on stream”, here appeared the first toy fairs. If you manage to visit one of these fairs, your relatives and friends are not left without gifts.
Rhine Stolzenfels Castle, Germany

Christmas Toys

German Christmas toys – a fairy tale.

Pay attention to the Christmas decorations during the Christmas holidays, this beauty is sure to not find your friends.

  • Mustard, sausages, beer – all these are also typical Nuremberg souvenirs that everyone can take away from here.

German Beer

And you can’t do without natural beer.

Shopping lovers can bring themselves a real pleasure by visiting shopping malls of unbelievable size, which are located in the office part of the city.

Caterina, a traveler from Moldova, narrated:

“In these hypermarkets you can buy clothes of Adidas and Puma brands with a minimal price markup, because the main offices of these companies are located just a few kilometers from Nuremberg itself”.

Travel with pleasure, don’t be afraid of anything new and unusual, only then your life will shine with new colors: interesting, bright and unforgettable!


If you are in Germany before Christmas or at the end of summer, do not miss the great sales. Especially memorable is the shopping in Hamburg. Here you will find stores for all tastes and pockets, and fashionable outlets entice you with delicious discounts and interesting offers.

If you intend to visit all the cities in Bavaria, you cannot do without the Bayern Ticket. This travel document allows you to save significantly on travel.

If you are going to Nuremberg in April, be sure to stop by Berlin. In spring, the German capital is more beautiful than ever. The scent of magnolias accompanies you everywhere. The parks are open for long walks, and the streets are still empty of tourists.

Is it déjà vu, or do you want to go back?

For those who really liked Nuremberg, be sure to come here again. To avoid repeating yourself, visit these museums and entertainment centers:

    The Museum of Toys will please not only the youngest sightseers, but quite respectable ladies and gentlemen, because toys of different times and peoples are collected here: wooden, metal, rag. The exhibits include dolls, doll houses, cars, trains and many other things that are a true paradise for those who still have that light and magical feeling of childhood in their hearts.

Nauders. Picturesque slopes and a real Alpine atmosphere of Nauders

Toy Museum

Feel like a child again at the Toy Museum.

Nuremberg Zoo

The animals in the zoo live in conditions close to their habitat.

Native Muscovite Irina, who has been to Nuremberg more than once, states:

“It is better to visit the observatory and planetarium in the evening and this is understandable: who is looking at the stars in the daytime? But if the evening doesn’t suit you, you can go just to see the biggest telescopes in the world, listen to the informative story of the guide and learn a lot about the mysterious science of astronomy. If you do not speak German or English, try to find an interpreter “from the crowd”, it is possible that there is a person near you who can briefly convey the guide’s words in a language you understand.

Plan your trips and come to Nuremberg again and again, because the city will always have something to show you!

Author: Anastasia Leskova

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