10 things to do in Budapest, Hungary

10 things to do in Budapest

Budapest is an extremely unusual city. The standard cliché “city of contrasts” unpretentious authors like to apply to almost any city. But take a closer look at Budapest, and you are unlikely to use the word for any other city. And where exactly to look, this article will tell you.

1. Walk across the four central bridges of Budapest

What to do in Budapest

One of the greatest attractions of the Hungarian capital is undoubtedly the beautiful Danube. The central bridges spanning it and connecting two such different sides of Budapest more than live up to the status of the river and are definitely worth your precious time. Different from each other, but all beautiful as one, they draw the eye and hypnotize. It is a sight not to be missed! Read more: Bridges of Budapest – photo and map

2. Have breakfast with a rabbit

Zoocafe Budapest

Zoocafé is a great place for kids and adults alike. Why not start the day with a coffee or a cake in the company of a hedgehog, a rabbit or a snake? That’s right to start. Because of its increased popularity over the past year, it’s hard to find a free place even in the “off-season” (you can book a table in advance), but in the morning it’s not so hard. Read more: Review of Zoocafé Budapest

3. Get a health boost at the thermal baths

baths budapest

Not many people know that Budapest is the only European capital that is a spa. Such uniqueness Budapest has earned due to the hundreds of mineral springs flowing under it. Many of them supply their healing waters to the baths, which are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals in the fight for health. Of course, to get healthy you need a full course, but to visit the baths at least once is definitely worth it.

One of the most interesting thermal baths in Hungary and maybe in the world is located 100 km from Budapest. Do not miss the opportunity to visit a really unique place!

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4. Climb the dome of Szent István Basilica

view from the Saint István basilica dome

Budapest’s largest cathedral kindly gives you the opportunity to appreciate Budapest from above for more than a modest sum. Yes, there are better viewpoints on the Buda side, but in plain Pest this is the most worthy option.

5. Study Hungarian national cuisine (and learn that goulash can also be soup)

what to try budapest

Goulash, paprikash, lecho, stuffed peppers, goose liver, dobosh cake and esterhazy cake are all native Hungarian dishes, and you have no right to leave Budapest without tasting them. You can wash down all this splendor with a glass of the famous tokaj (or one of the many other no less beautiful Hungarian wines).

6. Take the oldest metro line on the continent

the Budapest metro is the oldest in europe

The M1 branch of the Budapest subway is the very first subway in continental Eurasia. More than a century old subway is maintained in the appropriate style and therefore significantly different from what we are used to: the distance between the stations is only a few hundred meters, trains are short and look very nice, and there are no escalators at all, as the subway is laid directly under the asphalt and you can descend to the station by climbing 12 stairs. Read more: Transport in Budapest

7. Ride on streetcar No. 2

transport Budapest

The streetcar route number 2 runs through the center of Budapest along the Danube (on the Pest side). Which is quite convenient, because most of the attractions of the city are located along the banks of the mighty river (or perfectly visible from the waterfront). So you can get a glimpse of the main sights of Budapest for only a modest 350 forints (a little over one euro). Just walk to the waterfront and find a stop. During the Christmas holidays, the streetcars on route two are decorated with garlands and look truly fabulous. By the way, on the opposite bank of the Buda, similar “coastal” routes number 19 and 41 (though considerably shorter and a bit less picturesque).

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To learn more about transport in Budapest, as well as to download a map-chart of subway and streetcar routes, you can in the article Transport of Budapest .

Our map is very useful, so our dear readers do not have to google the location of all these interesting things and get lost in a stream of uncertainty.

8. Go shopping in the market

central market budapest

The Budapest Central Market is a famous place and it has been rapidly gaining popularity among the guests of Budapest in recent years. It offers fresh, dried or dried fruit and vegetables, meat cooked according to traditional recipes, cheeses, salami and other local agricultural products. On the second floor of the covered market are departments with non-food items (souvenirs and knitwear), and 5-7 cafes, where you can eat a standard fast food, and try the national Hungarian cuisine.

9. Go down into the caves near Budapest

To do this today is more difficult than, say, a couple of years ago, due to the closure of many firms providing such services. However, it is still possible. Do not miss the opportunity to be one of the last to see the thermal springs of Budapest in its infancy phase.

Excursion Underground Budapest

10. Go to a bar (this might be more interesting than you’re used to thinking!)

Bars in Budapest

Budapest has SO many places where you can go for a great variety of entertainment: ruin pubs, foam parties in baths, ice-cold pubs, striptease clubs – in this sphere the variety of Budapest is amazing like in no other city! You only have to choose what you like. Or simply take a walk down Váci street (or the ones along it) where most of the unusual and highly original venues are concentrated.

If you want to do everything in one night and don’t want to miss anything, we recommend the Night Panorama and Life of Budapest tour. If night is your time, this is your tour! No need to take our word for it – see the link for a detailed description and reviews: Night Panorama and Life of Budapest . There, too, is available to communicate with a Russian-speaking guide.

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If our presentation has not seemed to you detailed enough or you want to argue with us, we will be glad to communicate with you in the comments below the article:)

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