10 Best Beaches in Cyprus

The best beaches in Cyprus

The popular resort island of Cyprus is located in the east of the Mediterranean Sea and is open to visitors all year round. From early May to November, the weather spoils tourists with summer warmth and sunshine: the climate here is mild and temperate. The beaches of Cyprus are popular among holidaymakers not only because of the warm sea and beautiful nature, but also because of comfort. All coastal areas are kept perfectly clean and landscaped as much as possible: Cyprus is awarded the Blue Flag. In this article we will consider the best beaches in Cyprus .

1. Coral Bay

The best beaches in Cyprus

Coral Bay is the best sandy beach of Cyprus, located in Paphos. It lies in a small quiet bay and is surrounded by high mountains, with a cape on one side and the peninsula of Maa-Paleokastro stretching on the other. Thanks to this location, the beach is almost never exposed to strong winds and the sea is a few degrees warmer than the central areas.

The beach of Coral Bay is covered with fine and soft sand with a yellowish hue. Unlike many other beaches, the sand here has no admixture of pebbles or shells, which is appreciated by families with children. The surface of the beach is flat and soft, and the descent into the water is gentle.

The beach is equipped with everything you need: changing rooms, showers, fountains for washing feet. Lifeguards are constantly on duty on the beach. There are also cafes and restaurants. There are inflatable slides and banana boat, and adults can rent water equipment.

Nearby is the Mycenaean Colonization Museum and a small working archaeological site.

2. Lara


The beach of Lara is located in a cozy bay of the Akamas Peninsula, not far from Paphos. It is also called Turtle Beach, as for many years sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. The Cypriot authorities are particularly careful in protecting this area, and it is listed as a protected area. Rest with umbrellas or sun loungers here is not possible: in the sand can be turtles lay eggs.

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You can reach this wild and picturesque beach on foot or by small off-road vehicle. There is no special road to the beach to avoid the large influx of tourists. And although sunbathing on this beach is not very convenient, many travelers come here to enjoy the beauty of unique nature and swim in the clearest water: at depth you can see sea turtles and other sea creatures. At the edge of the beach is recommended to visit a special scientists’ house, where you can see pictures and study the process of reproduction of turtles.

3. Ayia Thekla


This beautiful beach of Cyprus island is located in Ayia Napa and is known to many vacationers because of the neighborhood of the white-blue chapel of St. Fekla. It is appreciated by tourists who love the freedom of space and avoid large crowds. Compared with the central beaches “Ayia Tecla” can be called a rather secluded corner.

The coast of this beautiful beach of Cyprus is covered with light and soft sand and is suitable for family holidays. It is worth considering that in the depths of the water the bottom is quite stony: it is better to wear special shoes. Not far from the shore in the sea there is a small island on which it will be convenient to sunbathe. You can wade to it, but the shallow water ends at the end of the island in the sea.

Umbrellas and deck chairs are for rent on the seashore, there are sanitary zones with changing rooms and small cafes. For those fond of active recreation there is a volleyball field. On special days of the week different fairs are held on the beach.

4. Beach in Fig Tree Bay

Cyprus: sandy beach

The beach at Fig Tree Bay is the best beach of Protaras. It is also the most visited beach in Cyprus, not only by visitors to the island, but also by locals. It gets its name from the fig tree grove, located just to the side. According to legend, on the site of the coastal area for many centuries grew a large fig tree, which was cut down for the landscaping of this corner.

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The beach itself is located in a bay with surprisingly clear water: the open path to the sea is covered with large stone island. Thanks to it the sea is always calm near the shore, without big waves.

The beach is most comfortable: cafes and restaurants, sun loungers rental, sanitary area with showers and changing rooms. For children and youth work inflatable slides, there is also a volleyball court. The main advantages are extraordinarily bright and fine sand and shallow water.

In the northern part of the beach diving lovers can explore the underwater rock caves.

5. Nissi


Nissi is the most beautiful beach of Cyprus with white sand. Located in the town of Ayia Napa and is known for its unusual structure and noisy parties. Beach Nissi is connected by a narrow isthmus to a small island: you can get there by wading only at low tide. A promenade with all sorts of palm trees and other exotic vegetation runs along the coast.

Nissi beach can rightly be called a youth leisure spot in Cyprus. And although in the morning and afternoon hours the coast is full of families with children, in the afternoon begin to appear party lovers. The beach organizes many different parties for young people: foam parties, competitions, discos and even water aerobics classes or learning dances. Sports water vehicles are available for rent, and for thrill-seekers there are extreme rides.

Also Nissi is one of the cleanest beaches on the island, it was awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and landscaping: showers, changing rooms, fountains for washing feet and more.

6. Connos Bay


Konnos Bay is located in a quiet bay near Protaras, and is part of the Cavo Greco National Park. This picturesque beach of Cyprus is safely sheltered from the winds by hills, and the sea water here is unusually clear.

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The sand of Connos Bay beach has a grayish tint, which it has acquired from an admixture of volcanic sand. The descent into the water in the central part is smooth and sandy, and on the left side there are underwater rocks and cliffs: diving enthusiasts can explore the marine life.

Above the beach, small viewing platforms with benches are placed throughout the elevation. From the height of the mountains you can take great pictures. There are also summer cafes with a picturesque view of the sea.

The beach itself is fully equipped with showers, locker rooms, deck chairs, and so on. If you want, you can go skiing, scooter or take a boat ride to see the whole protected area.

7. Pissouri .


A special place in the list of the best beaches in Cyprus is Pissouri. The beach is secluded in a bay and is adjacent to a small picturesque village of the same name. This place is not crowded: it will take a long time to get to the shore from the road or a densely populated area. But it is here that you can feel all the charm of wildlife and a break from the bustle of the city. The sunbathers here are mostly locals and guests of neighboring respectable hotels.

The beach is always well maintained and clean, but lying on the sand will not be very comfortable: grayish sand is mixed with stones of different sizes. Boulders and pebbles can also be found on the seabed: it is better to bring special shoes for swimming. The descent into the water quickly gains depth, so swimming with children on this beach is not recommended, although there are almost no big waves.

For the convenience of holidaymakers on the shore there are still umbrellas and sun loungers, and you can eat at the tavern or cafe, located above the beach. Tourists go to this quiet corner to enjoy the silence and take pictures of unforgettable landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea cliffs.

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8. Latchi .

Best sandy beaches in Cyprus

Latchi beach is located on the Akamas peninsula and stretches for 1.5 km, adjacent to the beach of Polis. Near the shore is the fishing village, where you can find a variety of small taverns and restaurants with fresh fish specialties. People from all the neighboring towns come here to sample the delicacies of the sea.

The beach itself is secluded and not crowded: there is always a free place under an umbrella. Tourists come here to relax from the hustle and bustle of the parties and enjoy the magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The coast is covered with sand with pebbles, and the bottom of the sea is completely rocky. The water in these places is always calm and warm: there are breakwaters along the perimeter of the beach. Here you can use changing rooms, umbrellas, toilets and so on, and there are special ramps and slips to the water for people with disabilities. There is a small parking lot at the entrance to the beach.

9. Ladies’ Mile


On Akrotiri Peninsula is the longest beach of the island, called Dames Mile. It stretches for almost 8km and has both pebble surface and coastal strips with sand. Along the coastline there is a promenade with all sorts of cafes and stores, not far from the beach you can find an orange grove.

It is noteworthy that this beach has both equipped areas and wild places for secluded relaxation. From the north, starting from the port, the beach line is covered with rocks and the descent into the water has a great slope. To the south, the beaches are sandy and have a gentle slope. Families with children choose places in shallow water: the depth starts almost 10 meters from the shore. These places like windsurfers, too: further from the shore the open sea has strong currents and spoils big waves.

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There are sanitary zones with showers and changing rooms at all the equipped zones for tourists. Near the water you can find water attractions and slides.

10. Kurion .


Kourion beach is located in Episkopi Bay on the Akrotiri Peninsula. Its center can be considered the restaurant Chris Blue Bech Cafe, around which are the main facilities of the beach. In front of the entrance there are two asphalted parking lots and a dirt track, and on the shore there is everything you need to relax: sun loungers, changing rooms, playgrounds with slides and so on. At the entrance, guests can visit the fruit tent and buy fresh fruit or drink cool freshe.

The sandy-pebbly beach is wide enough: there is enough room for everyone. Entrance to the water begins with a long shallow water, which after 30 meters gets deep. The beach area is exposed to the winds and the open sea often brings big waves to the shore. Professional wind and kite surfers take advantage of this. During bad weather, ordinary tourists should be careful when swimming.

Near the beach is located archaeological park Kurion, where you can explore the ancient structures. And in the equipped modern amphitheater concerts and performances are held.

We’ve considered the best beaches of Cyprus, now the main thing is to relax on each of them and to make sure that this island is not in vain one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays.

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