10 beaches for sun and sea in Tuscany, Italy

Beaches of Tuscany

Tuscany is an amazing land. It hypnotizes with its lyrical landscapes, brooding hills, slender cypresses and dazzlingly beautiful beaches. Artists, sculptors and architects have created unsurpassed works of art here. Equally excellent is the local wine and cuisine. Choose the right place for the perfect vacation with our ranking of the best beaches in Tuscany.

  • Forte dei Marmi
  • Camaiore
  • Cala Violina
  • Marina di Pisa
  • Rocchette
  • Castiglione della Pescaia
  • Marina di Alberese
  • Viareggio
  • Marina di Pietrasanta
  • San Vincenzo
  • Tirrenia
  • Torre del Lago
  • Cecina
  • Marina di Grosseto
  • Punta Ala

Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is a town that is located in Tuscany on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. Even in the last century celebrities and just people with wealth began to arrive there. There is absolutely everything perfect: colorful gardens, well-equipped beaches, picturesque meadows, mild climate.

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The beach of Camaiore is near the small town of the same name in the Tuscan region between Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio. The resort is 9 km from the center. The town itself seems to have been originally designed for relaxation: there are beautiful parks, many bright flower beds, fruit trees, fountains and cafes. The decorations are quiet clear ponds and paved roads. Private villas create an impression of home comfort – they are decorated with flowerpots, have small shaded yards.

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Cala Violina

Within the Bandite di Scarlino nature reserve nestles one of the most unforgettable beaches of the Maremma, Cala Violina. The sand on the beach contains grains of quartz. It’s surrounded by picturesque expanses, dense vegetation and clean, clear and pleasing to the eye.

Marina di Pisa

Marina di Pisa is a beach which is only 11 km from Pisa. It can be reached along the Arno River along the Viale D’Annunzio.

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Rochette is a beach near Grosseto in Tuscany. It is considered one of the most remote, “hidden” beaches, where there are not too many people.

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Castiglione della Pescaia

Castiglione della Pescaia was originally exclusively a fisherman’s village. Later it became a luxurious holiday destination that is still frequented by tourists today. The town is located at the mouth of the hand of Bruna, which is a nice harbor where you can rest quietly and peacefully from the hustle and bustle of the city. Fishermen still live here, as evidenced by the presence of large markets where they sell freshly caught fish. Although it is not cheap to stay here, there is no luxury in the surroundings – everything is quite simple and provincial, which makes the place especially attractive.

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Marina di Alberese

Marina di Alberese is one of the beaches of Maremma. It has a particularly mild and warm climate, which attracts tourists: even in February you can see the beautiful almond blossoms.


The beach of Viareggio is located on the coast of the Liruga Sea. This area is also called the Riviera di Versilia. Several centuries ago, the aristocrats of Florence began to visit the town and over time turned it into a resort area. Since then, the area, which is protected by the Apuan Alps, has become the property not only of Italian visitors, but also of tourists from all over the world. And for good reason, because Viareggio is a truly popular and prestigious resort, where the infrastructure is at the highest level.

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Marina di Pietrasanta

The beach of Marina di Pietrasanta belongs to the Tuscan Riviera and is considered its true gem. It is so quiet and peaceful that the soul relaxes. Everything is done modestly, comfortably, without pathos. Therefore, all those who appreciate a real holiday with maximum relaxation are rushing here. This is the best solution for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the culture of the town, lead a leisurely life, visiting local attractions, swimming in the sea and enjoy the quietness of the beach without the noise and bustle.

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San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo is a fairly young resort town that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is located on the Ligurian coast of Tuscany. The town’s port has been restored and is now even busier. What is the resort known for? Huge beaches stretching for 20 km. Here you can relax with your family, have fun with your friends, do sports and spend time as your heart desires.

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Tirrenia is a small resort town which is located inside the San Rossore Reserve. It is full of greenery, pine trees, restaurants and, of course, the sea. Picturesque sandy beaches stretch for 10 km from Pisa.

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Torre del Lago

Torre del Lago is a beautiful small town which is famous for the fact that in the nearby town of Lucca was born and lived Giacomo Puccini. The resort is located closer to the south of Viareggio.

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Cecina is a resort area which is located in the village of Livorno. The place has long been fancied for recreation, and the first beach was created back in 1984.

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Marina di Grosseto

Marina di Grosseto is a Tuscan resort where it is best to relax in the summer when the sea is fully warm and the beaches are soaked in the sun’s heat. The beach is very close to the town of Grosseto.

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Punta Ala

Punta Ala is a resort area located in Tuscany. It is located right between the small towns of Castiglione della Pescaia and Follonica. Although Punta Ala has a small area, it is still a resort that has gained worldwide popularity.

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TOP 10: Best Beaches in Tuscany

1001beach will help you navigate in an unfamiliar area and find the best resorts in Tuscany for an unforgettable vacation. Based on the reviews of travelers we’ve collected beaches for all tastes and wallets, which will appeal to a wide audience: from extreme athletes to family tourists.

The best beaches in Tuscany: a detailed review

Of the many regions of Italy only Tuscany, perhaps, has such a wide world fame – there are cities of high Renaissance art, such as Florence, Pisa and Siena, authentic Italian medieval borgias, as well as unique natural landscapes with biblical landscapes, which attract millions of tourists from all over the world with its beauty. Along the coastline, which stretches for more than 400 km, washed by the waters of the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, stretches the magnificent beaches of Tuscany. Their diversity is able to satisfy the preferences of all beach lovers.

Beaches on the coast of Tuscany

Many beaches in Tuscany have been awarded year after year by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) with the Blue Flag. In our short review, we’ll tell you about the best, grouping them by Tuscan coastal region, from north to south.

Forte dei Marmi

This area of Versilia on the Tuscan coast is the perfect place for those who prefer to vacation with family or in a large group of friends. As one of the tourism capitals of Italy in the province of Lucca, Forte dei Marmi traditionally attracts tens of thousands of vacationers with its countless bars, restaurants, trendy clubs and discos located along the promenade. Wide, about 100-150 meters long sandy beach of Forte dei Marmi is one of the longest in Italy. It provides easy access to the sea.

The city got its name from the so-called “Fortino” – the defensive fortress of Lorenze built in the XVIII century by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo, a trader of marble extracted from the Apuan Alps. One of its most prestigious neighborhoods is the Roma Imperiale, with ancient noble villas such as Villa Antonietta, Casa Mann Borghese or Villa Agnelli. [ex-toscana]


From Forte dei Marmi to Lido di Camaiore stretches the fantastic Versilia coastline of Marina di Pietrasanta. Beach lovers can enjoy over 110 beaches in Tuscany, along four and a half kilometers of wide beach with fine, golden sand, near Le Focchette, Motrone, Tonfano and Fiumetto. The beaches of Pietrasanta, surrounded by pine groves, are famous for their natural beauty. They are some of the cleanest on the coast.

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Tuscany's Best Beaches: In-depth Review


The second largest city in the province of Lucca is also one of the main tourist centers, located on the famous stretch of Tuscan coast known as Versilia. Within its municipal boundaries, the magnificent beaches of Tuscany in Viareggio stretch for more than 10 km with a vibrant succession of umbrellas and beach chairs, and the lively promenade running parallel to it attracts numerous stores, restaurants and cafes. In the Migliarino San Rossore Regional Nature Park you can find the less bustling free beaches of Viareggio, where you can retreat to the silence of the pine forest.

Marina di Pisa – Marina di Pisa

The southern extremity of Migliarino San Rossore borders the seaside resort of Marina di Pisa, an integral part of the city of Pisa in the province of the same name. The resort’s beaches, strewn with white fine pebbles, begin in a charming spot near the mouth of the River Arno, where there are many well-equipped marinas for boat trips. Despite the fact that there are quite strong undercurrents, you can come here to rest even with children, as the beaches of Pisa adjacent to the water area are protected by a barrier of huge fragments of rocks, which separate them from the open sea. Further along the coast there are also small sandy beaches with alternating powerful breakwaters that protect the coastline from destructive storms.

Tuscany's Best Beaches: In-depth Review


The main attraction of this modern seaside resort in Pisa is the crystal clear sea and the sandy coast which stretches for about 5 kilometers. The beaches of Tirrenia, founded in the early 1950s by the Americans who built Camp Darby military base here, became public beaches in 2014. Today they have become a well-known place of marine tourism, where fans of underwater fishing and windsurfing come. Those who prefer a beach holiday can take part in various sports such as beach volleyball, tennis and even horseback riding. Another attraction along the Tuscan coastline are the coastal dunes of L’Oasi dune di Tirrenia, where a protected area hosts many species of lush Mediterranean vegetation.

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Further south, in the province of Livorno, the Tuscan coast becomes more and more rocky, but here you can also find some charming places for a beach holiday. The Tuscan beaches of Castiglioncello are mostly in small coves among the cliffs. However, some of them, such as in the bays of Quercetano or Caletta di Castiglioncello, are composed of sand. Although the length of the beaches is limited, they are easily accessible, the sea is very clean, and the bathing areas are picturesque. Here you can often see desperate surfers sailing through the Tyrrhenian Sea with colorful sails.

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As one of the historic seaside resorts, Castiglioncello has long been considered the jewel of the Tuscan coast. Many poets and artists have nurtured their creative inspiration here. In the early 1960s, the beaches of Castiglioncello became world famous in the drama “Il Sorpasso” (Overtaking, 1962), directed by Dino Risi.

Tuscany's Best Beaches: In-depth Review

Cecina – Cecina.

Cecina Mare, also known as Marina di Cecina, is the busiest summer seaside resort in the province of Livorno. Located on the charming Etruscan coast of Tuscany, it is an ideal vacation destination for couples with children. Thousands of tourists choose the beaches of Tuscany in Cecina, which has won the FEE Blue Flags for years. You can come here for holidays with your four-legged friends – there is a seaside resort for dogs with a free beach (Bau Beach di Cecina).

The picturesque landscape of the Tuscan coast is complemented by sand dunes and ancient pine forests of the reserve Tombolo di Cecina. They were planted by the Grand Duke Leopold of Tuscany to protect the crops of the fields from sea winds. Today the woodland extends along the beaches for 15 km.

Tuscany's Best Beaches: In-depth Review

San Vincenzo

Further south of Cecchina is one of the most favorite seaside towns of Livorno. San Vincenzo coast is dotted with soft sandy beaches, of which the most famous is the beach of Parco Rimigliano, which stretches with sand dunes for more than 6 kms to the green promontory of Piombino. Next to Riccigliano Park, just one kilometer from the center of San Vincenzo, there is the shallow beach of della Principessa. To the north of San Vincenzo, on a long coastline of fine golden sand, is the popular beach of La Conquilla, which is a traditional family beach holiday destination with children. On days with strong winds, surfers prefer to frolic here.

Tuscany's Best Beaches: In-depth Review

For holidaymakers with their four-legged friends, there’s Dog Beach, where animals can roam and swim freely, while closer to the headland of Piombino, in the Gulf of Baratti, is the famous Tuscan beach of La Nido del Aquila, where some lovers of nudism practise nudism.


In the province of Grosseto, between the capes of Piombino and Punta Ala, opposite the island of Elba, there is a beautiful bay of Marina di Follonica, where in the neighborhood of the town of the same name there are some great Tuscan beaches. The light fine sand and shallow bottom attract thousands of tourists with children to the coast of Fallonica in the summer. The most famous of these are the beach of Torre Mozza with the ancient tower on the shore which was built in the 1500s to prevent possible Saracen raids, and the beach of Carbonifera which got its name from the dominant over it no less famous tower built in the 19th century. The beaches Lido Il Boschetto and Pratoranieri are the closest to the center – you can reach them even on foot – but the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany in Marina di Fallonica are 10-12km away. They are the beach of Cala Violina, located between Fallonica and Punta Alba in the Bandite di Scarlino nature reserve, the wild beaches of Cala Martina and Cala Civette. However, getting to them will not be easy, as vehicle access to them is prohibited.

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Marina di Grosseto

Just behind the tip of Punta Ala there is the beautiful beach of Rocchette, hidden in the homonymous bay dominated by an ancient watchtower, built in the XII century. Here begins the Marina di Grosseto, a popular tourist destination with many beaches along a wide, 50 meters coastal strip of light sand. It stretches for several kilometers from Castiglione della Pescaia with its free but well-equipped beach, to the Maremma Regional Park, where the beach of Marina di Alberese, famous for its unspoiled natural beauty, is located.

Tuscany's Best Beaches: In-depth Review

Monte Argentario

In the southernmost part of the Tuscan coast of the province of Grosseto, on the promontory of Monte Argentario, overlooking far into the Tyrrhenian Sea, is one of the privileged places particularly interesting for lovers of diving and sea tourism. Here, in Porto Santo Stefano or Porto Ercole, it is possible to rent a small boat or boat to go around the cape and admire the small islets of the surrounding waters and the delightful coastline of the peninsula rugged with hidden coves with sandy beaches. Nevertheless, to get to them is quite a problem. For a full beach holiday in Argentario, the most suitable are the gentle sandy beaches of Feniglia and Gianella, which run along the northern and southern spit of sand that connects the peninsula to the Tuscan coast. For several years now, the municipality of Grosseto has been awarded the FEE Blue Flag for the best European coastal resorts, as well as the Green Flag for the best beaches for children.

Best beaches in Tuscany on the map

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