10 abandoned places on earth unknown to anyone

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that lure tourists from all over the world. Part 1

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

The only constant thing in the world is change. And the only way to realize the passage of time is to visit real-life architectural monuments of the past. We have chosen 10 partially as well as completely abandoned structures of humanity that have a special aura that still beckons adventurers and photographers from all over the world to this day.

Cooling Tower, Belgium

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

An old power plant in the Belgian town of Mons. This pipe was once used to cool hot water. The round condenser is covered in moss. The strange acoustics and sinister geometry of the room give the footage a touch of surrealism.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

A ghost town in Namibia, located in the Namib Desert, 10 km from Luderitz and the Atlantic Coast. In the 1900s, German settlers thought the area was rich in diamonds and saw a boom, but 50 years later the diamonds have dried up and today only photographers and tourists visit.

Abandoned ship in Sydney, Australia

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

The abandoned ship SS Ayrfield, moored at the mouth of the Parramatta River after World War II, northwest of Sydney, is entangled in dense mangroves several meters high. The ship, which looks like a floating forest, is 80 meters long.

Mansell Sea Forts, England

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

The Mansell Sea Forts were established at the mouths of the Thames and Mersey in Britain to protect against potentially dangerous naval and air attacks during World War II. The forts were abandoned in the early 1950s.

The Last House of Holland Island, U.S.A.

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

This house was once part of a rather prosperous, though small, colony on the Chesapeake Bay. It was later inhabited by boaters and farmers. But over the decades, the incoming waters of the bay and natural inundation of the land destroyed the island until it became a small patch of land in the sea.

Pripyat, Ukraine

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

An abandoned town on the border of Ukraine and Belarus. Once in Soviet times, it was mostly inhabited by workers (and their families) of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which gave the area the title of atomic city. But after the catastrophe in 1986 that took the lives of thousands of innocent people, there was a major evacuation. The city became a closed territory, dangerous because of radioactive substances. To get here, you have to carry a special pass.

Where to stay in Ghent. Belgium

House of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Bulgaria

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

The building resembling a flying saucer used to be the headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party. After the fall of the Soviet Union, however, the building was abandoned and became a kind of ghost of the past.

Fairyland of Nara Prefecture, Japan

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

In 1961 the Dreamland theme park was opened here (its creators were inspired by Disneyland). In 2006, however, this place was closed. Now Dreamland is popular only with urban explorers, although security guards still patrol the area and may even fine illegal visitors.

An uninhabited island in southwest Florida, USA.

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

These small domed structures were built in 1981 on Cape Romano, off the coast of Florida. They were summer vacation homes for oil supplier Bob Lee before his business went into decline.

Abandoned factory, Italy

The 10 creepiest abandoned places that beckon tourists from all over the world. Part 1

The Valley of the Mills is a ravine below Piazza Tasso in Sorrento. It was once the abode of many water mills that functioned from the turbulent streams that flowed at the bottom of a small canyon. Most of them have been abandoned, but some medieval structures have managed to survive to this day.

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10 abandoned sites around the world

Vacationing on the beach, obligatory visiting all the sights, chatting with locals and eating unusual foods bored you? Then it’s time to see something that is unnoticed by 99% of travelers and sometimes by locals. Abandoned buildings.

Abandoned buildings in Europe are not at all what you imagine. For example, in Italy you can plunge into the world of chic and walk around the abandoned castles and villas, Germany will show you hundreds of abandoned factories, you remember the time of Hitler and Nazism, in Yugoslavia you will get in touch with the war, traces of which remained here even after 20 years. We have prepared for you a guide to the best abandoned places in the world.

Abkhazia - an undisclosed rose of tourism

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has so many abandoned sites that Irish journalist Ciaran Fahey devoted a book to them – Abandoned Berlin, and created a website with the same name where you can find places that were not included in the book.

Address: Woostermark, Rosa-Luxemburg-Allee, 70

History knows many Olympic sites of the past that now stand abandoned. The Olympic Village near Berlin is one of these examples. The village was built for the 1936 Summer Olympics. This was the time when Adolf Hitler’s one-man dictatorship was finally taking shape in the country.

There were living quarters for the athletes, a canteen, administrative buildings, and sports facilities for training. When the Olympics ended, the village was converted into an Army school and a Wehrmacht training center. Now it was not the Olympians who trained here, but the soldiers.

After World War II, Soviet soldiers and their families began to live here. The place became the most important and largest training center of the GDR. This is still reminded by the Pravda newspapers hanging instead of wallpaper on the walls.

Since 2005, the village has been owned by the DKB-Stiftung, a foundation of the German bank that takes care of the area and periodically renovates the buildings.

Here’s a tip: You can visit the village on your own or with a tour. You will need to take a train from Berlin to Elstal. When you get off the train, follow the direction of the signs: Olympisches Dorf. Attention: The area is guarded, so getting in through the holes in the fence is your own responsibility. If you don’t want to take any chances, you can take a guided tour given by the DKB. They take place from April 1st to October 31st and you have to book two weeks in advance by telephone (033094 – 700 565) or by e-mail (olydo@dkb-stiftung.de). The cost of the tour is € 17.

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Address: Kiehnwerderallee 1-3

How to have fun for adults, when you are already a little bit ashamed to go to the amusement parks? Perhaps you should pay attention to abandoned amusement rides. There are plenty of them all over the world and the Spreepark in Berlin is one of them!

The park was built in 1969 and at first was very popular with the locals. But when the Berlin Wall fell and those same residents saw other, more interesting parks, which they began to visit, Spreepark fell into disrepair and was resold to Norbert Witte. He rebranded the park in a Western manner, adding an English Village and water landscape. The new owner got into huge debts because of this decision, which resulted in higher entrance fees. People stopped coming here altogether, and the park closed in 2001.

But the owner of Spreepark still had a debt of € 11 million, so he decided … to open a new park! This time in Peru, for which he rerouted six of his rides there. But it didn’t work out there either. When Witte tried to return home with the rides in 2004, he was caught transporting cocaine inside one of the rides. He was arrested for seven years and his son, caught in Peru, for 20 years.

Now there are many rides left in the park where you can take interesting pictures. The biggest attraction is the Ferris wheel, still spinning thanks to the wind. There is also a roller coaster, rockets and cars.

Here is a tip: you can only get inside through the fence. The area is guarded, there are cameras.

Address: Konigin-Luise-Strasse 15.

An abandoned institute with a small morgue inside… an interesting combination? This is one of the most popular abandoned sites in Berlin.

The institute was built in 1929 and in 1948 it was opened to students. It was planned that students would study not only theory, but also practice here. Therefore, along with the usual lecture halls, here you can find anatomical tables and refrigerators.

In 2003, the institute was abruptly closed and students were transferred to another university. Today, the building is in disrepair, with many classrooms set on fire and windows broken. Scattered documents and notebooks are everywhere.

Antarctica - Land of Lakes

A tip: there are holes in the fence, and the facility itself is very popular with the locals.

Veneto, Italy

There is a district in Italy – Veneto, the cities of which everyone has heard of. Venice, Verona, Padova, Vicenze, Lake Garda, the resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo, the thermal waters of Abano Terme. It is interesting that such a rich in tourist spots the region is also rich in abandoned places.

Address: Rovigo, via Zuccherificio

The psychiatric hospital Granzette was built in 1906 and was opened by King Victor Emmanuel III in 1929 and since then it has survived a lot. The times of World War II were very hard for the hospital: a lot of patients, shortage of doctors, poor conditions. The Nazis used the hospital to imprison political criminals. In 1941, electroconvulsive therapy was allowed here, after which the hospital gained a bad reputation because of its harsh treatment methods.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Granzette began to transform, thanks to the arrival of democratic psychiatrists. In 1978, psychiatric hospitals in Italy began to gradually close after a reform. Granzette was closed in 1997.

Today the hospital is a huge complex of buildings, not all of them are accessible. Inside there are many things left – these include records with the diagnoses of patients and procedures, ultrasound scans, beds, belongings of patients and doctors. All of this reminds of the atmosphere that was here when the hospital worked. Many people say that at night you can hear screams and see ghosts here.

Here you can get here with a tour conducted by the association I luoghi dell’abbandono. The cost of such a tour is € 15.

Now for a romantic Venice: to the feeding of pigeons in Piazza San Marco and gondola rides along the canals, add a pinch of abandonment. How about the kind of Venice where plague patients were taken at the end of the 18th century? On one of its islands, Poveglia, there was an isolation ward for such patients. The bodies of the dead were immediately burned and then buried. According to some estimates, more than 160,000 people were buried on the island. This place, as well as the hospital Grazette is very mystical, but also important in historical terms, so it is really interesting to visit here.

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Here’s a tip: you can’t get to the island by public transport. So the only way out is to get a friend on a boat in Venice, who will take you there for free, or take a water cab or with private boatmen (you will have to pay about €100 for the trip). You can also get to the island through the association Poveglia per tutti (Poveglia for everyone), which periodically holds subbotniks on the island. You can ask to attend one of them and thus visit the island for free.

This town is a whole complex of abandoned hotels. The city is popular among European tourists, because here is one of the hottest springs: the temperature reaches 87 ° C. Here you can find many working hotels, but along with them stand dead boxes of old and uninhabitable abandoned hotels. Inside them – as in most abandoned buildings in Italy – are many things. There are still untouched televisions, unmade beds waiting for their guests, scattered books and photo cards. No one takes anything out, because the hassle would be more than the money received.

Most hotels have been abandoned not too long ago – only 5-10 years. The reason for abandonment is the financial crisis of 2008, which severely hit the hotel business in Italy.

Here are some interesting hotels in this city: four star Hotel Caesar (via Aureliana 81) , Hotel Cristallo (via Roma, 69) , Hotel Montecarlo (viale Stazione, 109) , Hotel Mondial (Corso delle Terme, 176).

Here’s a tip: Italians may call the police if they see you sneaking into an abandoned hotel. Keep your eyes open and remember that all illegal intrusions are your own responsibility.

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