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We all want to relax and feel great. If you want to have a pleasant and healthy vacation, you should go to Zakarpattya. You’ll be enchanted by the beautiful nature, fresh mountain air and natural resources of local areas. Carpathian mountains create special climatic conditions that promote excellent recreation and recovery.

Mountains attract people to stay at any time of the year. That’s why the resorts of Zakarpattya will offer you different ways to spend your time. You can find something to do at any time of the year to spend your vacation in Zakarpattya. In the warm days you can swim in the refreshing lakes, which are considered environmentally friendly. And in winter, you can go skiing or snowboarding on snow-covered slopes.

Try to find the best type of rest just for you. Your holidays in Zakarpattya will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions. Local hotels and health resorts will be happy to accommodate you in the best conditions. The main thing is to find an accommodation in advance.

Sanatoriums in Zakarpattya

Every year dozens of thousands of people come there. Many of them choose local resorts to visit with their families and enjoy outdoor activities. Local institutions offer to improve your health. Health resorts usually have quite a wide therapeutic profile, so they come there to get rid of a variety of diseases.

Sanatoriums of Transcarpathia specialize in treatment of diseases associated with cardiovascular, digestive and endocrine systems, respiratory tract, liver and other organs. Medical professionals can also help cope with dermatological problems and allergic reactions.

Nowadays, balneotherapy is especially popular at local resorts. It implies a complex of procedures included in the price of a tour in many establishments. It is exactly these methods of recovery which made the Zakarpattya region famous. Treatment program is based on the peculiarities and natural resources of the territory where the resort is located.

Health resorts Transcarpathia Health resorts Transcarpathia Health resorts Transcarpathia

What procedures do health resorts in Zakarpattya offer?

Rest at health resorts Transcarpathia involves treatment under unique programs, which were developed by local experts. Thanks to them you can not only get rid of illnesses, but also undergo a recovery course. The programs are based on using natural resources such as healing mud and mineral waters, as well as modern technology. Physicians can prescribe hydro-massage, therapeutic baths or drinking certain waters.

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If you’re planning a vacation in Zakarpattya sanatoriums, better book accommodation in advance. The best deals quickly disappear, but on our site you can still find affordable options with an excellent level of service.

Most health resorts offer a course of treatment in the cabinet of hydropathy. There you can have such procedures as circular or ascending shower Charcot. If you have a respiratory tract disease, the doctors will give you a referral to the office, where the microclimate is similar to the salt mines. Some sanatoriums have their own salt mines.

Sunny Transcarpathia is famous for its unique natural resources. Each institution will offer you something different, so you should choose it according to your needs. Many health resorts will not only perform the procedures that are included in the price of the tour, but also provide additional health services for a fee. Thanks to this treatment will be most effective and the result will be stable.

Sanatoriums in Zakarpattya: prices depend on what?

Most of the facilities will delight you with their prices. You can get your rest and recovery much cheaper than in similar sanatoriums in Europe. Sanatoriums will offer a wide range of rooms with different levels of comfort. Implementation of recovery procedures will be flawless, because some of the best medical professionals in Ukraine work at the local health resorts.

Prices may vary depending on the season. The most expensive offers are usually in summer and winter: many people come to Zakarpattya to spend their vacations or celebrate New Year holidays. The price depends on the number and type of procedures you want to have. The final price also depends on the comfort of the room or cottage, the availability and frequency of meals. Some sanatoriums from time to time there are special promotional offers that allow you to save significantly.

Details on the prices for holidays in Transcarpathia you can find on our website. Choose the option that you like most and book lodging while it’s still available. Due to the fact that many different options are available, it will be easier for you to pick the one that best suits you.

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Health resorts Transcarpathia Health resorts Transcarpathia Health resorts Transcarpathia

Welcome to the resorts of Transcarpathia!

Nature of unsurpassed beauty and excellent infrastructure awaits you. Thanks to spa treatment you can improve your health without harming your body or resorting to unnecessary stress.

Come to Zakarpattya for recreation and recovery and you’ll be welcomed:

  • The best accommodation and treatment facilities in different places. You can rent them for accommodation by yourself or with your family or friends;
  • Access to mineral springs, whose water has special physical and chemical properties. Specialists will choose the healing water and the appropriate procedures that are best suited for the treatment of your case;
  • access to hot springs, which provide an amazing healing effect for various diseases;
  • and much more.

Come to rest in Transcarpathia to improve their health and get a lot of positive emotions and unique experiences. You can find information about health resorts and hotels on our site. If you want to know something more – contact us and we will be glad to advise you.


This relatively small region of Ukraine has all the possibilities for family recreation and balneotherapy. It has not only high mountains and pure nature, but also a variety of natural springs of mineral waters. Thermal spas are cost competitive with the rest of the world. But, at the same time, they provide comfortable accommodation.

At any time of year there are their own, unique advantages of rest at the thermal springs. In summer, you can spend quite a lot of time in the outdoor pools. In winter, it is preferable to take a bath indoors. But at any time of the year Zakarpattya welcomes guests at any thermal springs.

There are several of them, and they are primarily family-oriented. They are ideal for beginners, so you can safely and quietly learn the winter sport that many people love. In addition, the best health resorts and hotels in Zakarpattya are situated in the immediate vicinity of the ski elevators. With a wide range of services and well-developed infrastructure.

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In the summertime your own car will be an advantage, because it’s not limited to the nearest attractions around the chosen hotel or resort. In winter there is a lot of snow in Transcarpathia. Not having a great practical experience of driving a car, it is better to come by train. So it will be much safer, and the main purpose of winter holidays skiing, snowboarding and thermal springs of Transcarpathia.

Sanatoriums in Zakarpattya region

Sanatorium Sonyachna Polyana is located in Polyana in the Carpathian Mountains. It offers a terrace and an outdoor swimming pool. The nearest ski elevator, “Urochische Vedmezhe,” is 2 km away.

Stayed in a family suite, good repair, new furniture. Food excellent. Procedures all on 1tazhe resort. I recommend .

Just a great sanatorium, stayed with the whole family on New Year, great entertainment program, great blowouts. Attentive and polite staff, excellent cuisine. Very good medical building.

Excellent value for money. The staff are friendly and the facilities are in good condition and the treatments are up-to-date. I’ve been here twice already and will be back again.

It was a great, modern sanatorium! The friendly and attentive staff, excellent medical facilities! I have only pleasant and warm memories!

Very positive impressions. Located on the territory of the sanatorium “Sunny Transcarpathia”, bordering with a forest, near pump room with mineral water

Own medical complex, good and varied baths, excellent massage therapists. In fact, a full range of procedures hydropathic

Cost of accommodation and treatment, as for our “rich Ukraine” is great, and service is far from corresponding to cost. Once again I am convinced that our mentality to earn more with minimal costs

The territory of the sanatorium is quite large, the landscape is complex. There is a playground and a house with toys for children. For 10 days of stay we almost howled from boredom.

The area is very large, a lot of green planting, well-groomed, clean. The pool is big, a lot of sun beds, you can eat tasty and not expensive, very polite staff.

Best relaxation and complex to improve your health…great staff…nice rooms…reasonable prices…comfortable area to relax quiet and peaceful place

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A solid 4 +. But there are minuses (in my opinion), though solvable. In showers there are no shelves for washing, in a pump-room there are no glasses, it is extremely inconvenient to go constantly with a cup in a pocket

A good choice of procedures, but still something like a Soviet sanatorium. From 10 days of rest, we could not get to the procedure for 3 days.

Were greeted with a smile, we were settled and told everything. Beautiful doctors – Zhuravleva Olga Vyacheslavovna and Vinar Vitaly Vasilyevich appointed examination and good procedures. A big thank you to the masseurs Vladimir and Roman.

I am addressing you in this way because during our stay in the sanatorium we felt warm, friendly, respectful and kind attitude. I would like to thank everyone who works here from the bottom of our hearts.

Separate thanks to the cooks, meals in the restaurant are varied and delicious, the choice of dietary meals, which is important for a sanatorium of this profile.

Very grateful to the neurologist for his professionalism. We are grateful to the specialists in all the treatment rooms. People in their place, doing their job perfectly.

I would like to say sincere thanks to the restaurant staff who provided high quality food and service. Thanks to the girls who are responsible for cleanliness. Very faithful to their responsibilities.

A cool sanatorium with treatment, great nature, the area is small but very well-kept, there is a pool, playground, trampoline, professional staff. A great place to rest and recuperate.

Excellent sanatorium with a beautiful area. Service at the top, all the nurses, sanatorium staff attentive, polite. Rooms are not new, but in good condition, procedures for health excellent.

They are very well looked after, excellent health care, excellent treatment, great salt room, we stayed in a cottage, cleaned it every day and our expectations were met instantly.

Visiting the sanatorium “Carpathia” I had a wonderful holiday and improve my health) Sincerely thank all the staff sanatorium for the care, friendliness and professionalism!

Professional medical staff, caring and attentive to each guest resort. On the territory of the resort has a pump room with mineral water

Single meal, large portions, Transcarpathian cuisine – very tasty! Two outdoor pools and one indoor heated pool ➕ a small playground ➕ there is parking ➕ room cleaned every day ➕ the room is bright with large windows, TV , refrigerator, bathroom in the room ) ➕ Treatments with different new machines, massage, mud, baths

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Solid three ➖ Fat minus no TRANSFER. ➖Sanatorium is isolated from the city, there are no stores and pharmacies nearby. ➕Sanatorium is really like a nest on a mountain If you drive a car, it’s great.

Had a holiday in January. Very much liked it. The rooms are warm. Staff attentive, friendly. The dining room is clean and the food is good. Preferably go by car – to Vinogradov a couple of kilometers.

If not, walking is difficult (((( ➖No bike rentals, no activities for tourists(((( All need to learn for yourself))) ➕But it’s worth it, the views of the mountainous area are beautiful, next to the huge river Tysa

We used our own transport, but we liked the place very much. Around the greenery, near the river, near the sanatorium, where you can walk and drink water. Yes, you can drink water directly from the tap! I recommend it!

Good day to all! Thank you to the managers Michael and Oxana for their attitude and hospitality in the cottage complex “Prolisok! “Very cozy, clean, nice complex with taste and design, ennobled landscape! All very worthy of rest! And as Oxana cooks! Oh, how she cooks! All varied, at home! Eat and relax again! Beautiful! Rest without worries! I recommend everyone.

A great place to relax. The silence is broken only by the noise of the mountain river. No cars, no streetcars, trains or planes. Lodging is excellent, on the boqing all corresponds. The staff are friendly, everything will tell you, help. I recommend it!

The walls, of course, will not hide from you the secrets of the neighbors, if they do not go to the whisper))). Food we had 2 meals a day: breakfast and dinner. You can order coffee for a ridiculous amount of money.

We stayed here for two nights in June 2021 with a group. In the room: all the necessary furniture, refrigerator, TV, high speed internet

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