Wynwood. Miami’s popular neighborhood.

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Wynwood Walls.

Wynwood Walls is an entire neighborhood of graffiti in Miami, wall art, street art objects and the world capital of freelance artists ready to showcase their view of the world as much as possible.

It’s not the drab graphics of new buildings or self-expressive teenagers. The entire sprawling neighborhood is covered in real artwork from extra-class artists from around the world.

Art Miami’s Painting and Graffiti Quarter

Wynwood is a pilgrimage destination for tourists and vacationers who are eager to take vivid photos in front of the most impressive works.

Wynwood Walls - Miami attractions - American Butler

To give you an idea of the scale of what’s going on, the Wynwood neighborhood itself, in addition to the street art sites, includes:

  • As many as 5 museums;
  • Over 70 art galleries;
  • 7 art complexes;
  • More than a dozen open-air studios;
  • 5 expansive fairs where you can buy the art you like.

Ironically, many people come to Wynwood Walls just to take cool selfies among the large-scale art objects. Another thing is that the magic of Wynwood is so great that the most careless gawkers are forever imbued with a love of art and go to learn drawing and design to stay here forever. Stay tuned!

Cultural events at Wynwood Walls happen daily and everywhere. The main gallery exhibit changes weekly. The bubbling rhythm and atmosphere of creativity mesmerizes and draws huge crowds of gawkers, gallerists, tourists, art lovers, designers looking for inspiration, artists from all over the world and collectors.

Wynwood Walls - Graffiti Photos - American Butler

Where is the graffiti district

The neighborhood is old, warehouse and industrial, located in a suburb of Miami, and now, due to urban sprawl by all accounts, is on the very outskirts. The boundaries of Wynwood run along North 20th and 36th Streets, Northeast 1st Avenue, and along I-95.

Industry in the United States, as in the rest of the developed and high-tech world, is no longer profitable enough. The dilapidated industrial buildings were purchased by the late Tony Goldman in 2009 and invited the best in street art to paint the entire block. Without the slightest exception.

Courchevel. Go down the slopes and show yourself

He was looking for something big in the transformation of the Wynwood warehouse area, and came up with a simple idea: “A large area of Wynwood warehouse buildings, all windowless, could be great canvases for street art and graffiti ever seen and created in one place.”

Suddenly the result was an artwork of such unprecedented power that Wynwood gained worldwide fame, enormous popularity, and lived its own unique cultural life. New houses with full infrastructure, swimming pools, parking and other attributes of respectable housing are being built around the colossal art object.

The price of land around Wynwood is steadily rising. The once abandoned warehouse district is quickly becoming successful and upscale.

Wynwood - Miami Graffiti District - American ButlerThe best time to visit the area

The most popular time to visit is the second Saturday of each month, during the Wynwood Art Walk . This monthly event transforms the entire Wynwood Art District into an evening street party and art festival, with mobile food trucks, live music and art galleries that run late into the night, yes, also handing out drinks.

The famous Art Basel Miami Beach art festival has popularized contemporary art in general for the past few years, setting the direction for another major exhibition, Miami Art Week, which takes place precisely in the Wynwood space. Only an entire block of art can accommodate such a large-scale and ambitious project. The broadest art program of the festival attracts gallerists and museum professionals, collectors from all over the world. A large part of the exposition is occupied by expensive antiques and classical art.

Next to the art district, there are many stores for visitors. Wynwood Walls Shop, for example, opened in 2012 and contains a curated collection of gifts, books, and prints created by Wynwood artists.

Guides and books about the area are also available, which visitors can purchase to learn more about the history and development of this unusual art object.

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Walk a little further and you’ll find everything from stores and unique boutiques, to jewelry shops, fashion houses and more.

American Butler knows a few of the beaten paths in Wynwood and visiting them is part of the Miami sightseeing tour.

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