Wonders of Haiti. Travel to the Dominican Republic in 2021


Although the Dominican Republic offers a large number of attractions, some tourists do not want to limit themselves to exploring this country. There are other interesting countries near the Dominican Republic, such as Haiti (which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic), Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

Haiti is not a popular tourist country, although it has many beaches on the Caribbean Sea and offers many exciting destinations. Nevertheless, the country will be interesting mainly for travelers who want to learn about the rich culture of Haiti and see with their own eyes the diverse coastal and mountain landscapes of this amazing country. Russian tourists know almost nothing about Haiti, there are no good guides to this country in Russian. But all this makes Haiti an even more attractive place for inquisitive and adventurous tourists. Since Haiti is on the same island as the Dominican Republic, you can reach this country by land.

Not so long ago (in 2013), tour operator Biblio Globus offered tours to Jamaica with a direct flight from Moscow. Now, unfortunately, there are no such tours, but many tourists still dream of visiting this amazing country. The easiest way to do it during the holidays in the Dominican Republic, since Jamaica is not far from this country.

The famous homeland of Bob Marley and reggae has nice beach resorts in the Caribbean Sea. Here you will find many interesting historical and natural attractions, as well as many places for diving.

How to organize a tour to Jamaica from the Dominican Republic? You need to buy a ticket to one of the airports in Jamaica (mostly independent tourists fly to Kingston Airport), book a hotel, and buy tours on the spot in one of the travel agencies. The flight to Jamaica will be with connection, but connections, as a rule, are quite convenient. So the total flight time will not be long. True, this only applies to flights from Santo Domingo airport.

Puerto Rico can offer you a mix of Spanish, Indian and African influences. This island has rainforests, sandy beaches and an ever-growing number of hotels. What does an excursion to Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic give you? You can hike in the El Yunque forest, visit the Arte de Puerto Rico Museum with the best art collection in the Caribbean, stroll through the Old Town of San Juan, explore the caves in Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy National Park, enjoy surfing on Playa Flamenco.

Puerto Rico has a fairly mild climate year round. The weather here is about the same as in the Dominican Republic. So you can go on an excursion to Puerto Rico at any time of the year.

It is worth noting that organizing a tour from Punta Cana to Puerto Rico is much easier than to Haiti or Jamaica. The fact is that there are direct regular flights between Punta Cana and the city of San Juan in Puerto Rico. JetBlue offers several flights a week between the popular Dominican resort and the main city of Puerto Rico. So all you have to do is drive from your hotel to Punta Cana airport, get on a plane and fly to Puerto Rico. The flight time is only 57 minutes and the round-trip ticket costs from $319. The main thing to keep in mind is that Russian tourists need an American visa to visit Puerto Rico.

Still have questions? Want to get advice on holidays or to learn about the best excursions in the Dominican Republic? Write to us! We will answer everyone!

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Wonders of Haiti. Travel to the Dominican Republic in 2021

When choosing a golden ticket to travel, it’s worth relying on your budget and complete imagination. After all, the world is full of available countries for a very cheap vacation abroad! And if you want something unusual and exotic, then you should take a look at one of the striking countries called Dominica. What kind of country it is, and what bonuses await travelers? About this in more detail you can learn from the review.

Main information about the Dominican Republic:

The state of the Dominican Republic is located on the eastern side of the island of Haiti and the nearby small islands of the Antilles Archipelago. The official capital of the country is the largest city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. The population is more than 10,499,800. Among the natives, mestizos are 58% mestizo, 16% Negro, 13.8% white, 12.8% mulatto, and others with a probability of 0.5%.

Wonders of Haiti. Journey to the Dominican Republic in 2021 - Photo 2

Main information about the Dominican Republic:

The official religion in the state of the Dominican Republic is Catholicism. But despite the country’s main religion, many people living here have other religious faiths as well. The majority of the population is Christian, 69.5%, 47.9% Catholic, 22% Protestant and 28% Atheist. Spanish is recognized as the official language of the country. However, it is possible to meet local residents who speak Creole and English. The national currency is Dominican peso “DOP”.

The natural heritage of the continent:

The Wonders of Haiti. Journey to the Dominican Republic in 2021 - Photo 3

The natural heritage of the continent:

The Dominican Republic is made up of one part of a larger island and several small coastal islands. Most of the country is covered by the tropics, beaches and small foothills. In the second half of the island, the Dominican Republic is bordered by the state of Haiti. Also the Dominican Republic is part of the Union of the Marine Archipelago of the Antilles. The largest islands belonging to this Republic are: Saona, Catalina, Beato and Cayo Levantado. The country is perfect for a paradisiacal beach vacation and marine activities. And the local nature and animal world is unique in its own way in this place.

The best choice of inexpensive hotels:

There’s a wide variety of hotels with comfort levels throughout the country. Here you can find five-star hotels, luxury apartments, accommodation for rent, rent a bungalow or settle in a cheap, but cozy hotels. The higher the cost of living, the higher the level of service! But this is not the main factor, because it is important to choose a good hotel for a good price! And here is the basic price list of comfortable and cozy hotels at an affordable price:

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Wonders of Haiti. Journey to the Dominican Republic in 2021 - Photo 4

Best selection of inexpensive hotels:

– Plaza Real Resort Juan Dolio – Hotel Alcaldeza – Chic Hotel Montecristi Republica Dominicana – Hotel Punto4 – Caribbean Hotel Santo Domingo – White Sands Bed & Breakfast – APARTA HOTEL VENECIA MONTECRISTI San Fernando de Monte Cristi – Acogedora suite con cocina y estacionamiento incluido en la instalacion – Hotel Kaoba – Costa Verde calle 4 N°8, 32020 Santo Domingo – Hotel Arcoiris Colonial Santo Dominigo – Apartamento comodo limpio y seguro – Hotel Maracas Punta Cana – Hotel Jade – Apartment in Hotel Plaza Europa

And many more hotels, lodgings, and apartments to choose from in the country at good prices!

Cuisine of the Dominican Republic:

Cuisine of the Dominican Republic always gives a light flavor of the most tropical dishes. It is a common practice in the country to add fruit and fragrant spices to the dishes. Among the local delicacies are stewed bananas with meat, grilled chicken with beans and bananas, scrambled eggs with bacon and mashed beans, mashed green bananas with a coat of meat and cheese. Many dishes are also dressed with cheeses, herbs, spices and sauces. And the most common foods in the Dominican Republic are: meat, poultry, legumes, fruits, herbs, cheeses, eggs, milk, vegetables, and seafood.

Wonders of Haiti. Journey to the Dominican Republic in 2021 - Photo 5

Dominican cuisine:

Although Dominicans use fish in cooking, it is extremely rare. Usually fish dishes are served in local cafes and are not at all common in the kitchens of the people. Seafood, which is fried, boiled, barbecued, and served with fried banana slices, is a common sight for the natives. In addition to replacing vegetables, local fruits are also served as drinks and desserts. Fruit is used to make jams, pies, desserts, liqueurs, add to coffee and create cocktails as well as natural juices.

From a non-alcoholic bar in the Dominican Republic you can try local coffees, natural juices, local mineral water, tropical cocktails and fresh natural juices. As for alcoholic beverages, Dominicans usually produce their own varieties of beer and rum. But if pure alcohol is not to the liking of tourists, then the local bartenders are ready to offer a huge menu of cocktails with the addition of alcohol.

Attractions of the Dominican Republic:

In the Dominican Republic, travelers will find the most interesting adventures through the ancient and cultural places of the country. Current itineraries include:

– The highest peak of the mountain “Duarte” – The ancient pantheon of the Dominican Republic – The residence of the Dominican Republic – The Monument “Lighthouse of Columbus” in Santo Domingo – The oldest ruined monastery “Monasterio de San Francisco” – The ancient royal residence “Alcazar- The old town of artisans “Altos de Chavon” – A large lake between Haiti and the Dominican Republic “Somatra” – The natural bay “Samana” – The ancient cathedral of Santo Domingo

Wonders of Haiti. Journey to the Dominican Republic in 2021 - Photo 6

Sightseeing in the Dominican Republic:

– Fort “San Felipe” Museum – Dominican People’s Monument and Museum “Museo de las Casas Reales” – The oldest structure Fortaleza Ozama – The Count’s Gate “Puerta del Conde” – Monument “Monumento de Santiago” – Cathedral “Basilica Catedral Nuestra Senora de la Altagracia”

– Santo Domingo Museum/Gallery “Museo Bellapart” – Immaculate Conception Cathedral, La Vega – Main Plaza “Flag Square of Santo Domingo” – Church “Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple” – Traditional Cathedral “St. James the Apostle Cathedral” – Historical Museum “Memorial Museum of Dominican Resistance” – Convento de los Dominicos, Santo Domingo – Museum “Museo del Hombre Dominicano

Local nature reserves, cultural parks, and scenic waterfalls dotted all over the Dominican Republic are also worth your attention!

Places of Entertainment:

In addition to the natural and ancient sights in the Dominican Republic, the main attractions are worth taking note of! The most popular and entertaining destinations are the following:

– Sunny Dominican beaches (Bavaro, Macau, Kite Beach, Playa Rincon, Playa Bonita) where you can go diving, surfing, boat trips. – Also on the local beaches you can arrange a paraglider flight! – DolphinIsland”, an island of dolphins, is a great entertainment for tourists. A walk with dolphins is something travelers will remember for a long time!

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Wonders of Haiti. Journey to the Dominican Republic in 2021 - Photo 7

Places of entertainment:

– More buggy rides are popular on the islands of the Dominican Republic. – Local aquariums immerse travelers in the marine world of the Dominican Republic. – A huge number of water parks in the country perfectly brighten up the vacation. – Thrill seekers should try the extreme descent in the “Zipline Canopy Adventure” and active kiteboarding on the beach!

– Also, don’t forget the local zoo “National Zoological Park”, “Parque Zoologico Gurabo” and the bird park “Manati Park”. – Fun City Action Park – Theme park “Fun City Action Park” – And here are the parks for very young children “Happylend” and “Pekepolis” – In the local protected areas you will also find extreme activities like rafting and kayaking. – And, of course, real men can go on a local fishing trip to “Bayahibe” (fishing village district).

– The Dominican Republic also has its own small casinos at hotels, as well as in certain areas of the country. Bets start at $10 to $15. Lovers of gambling can try their luck, but do not immerse yourself completely in the game. – You should also visit the local markets which are full of different stuff and delicious food. – Travelers who like a real shopping experience should look in the malls of the Dominican Republic.

Wonders of Haiti. Journey to the Dominican Republic in 2021 - Photo 8

Places of entertainment:

– If you are tired of active rest and want to relax, local spas and massage parlors are at your service. – At night Domincan is also teeming with all the colors of the rainbow, so you should visit the local nightclubs (the popular Coco Bongo, Occidental Grand Hotel club, two-story bright Jewel club, Hard Rock Hotel club “ORO” and even the cave nightclub Imagine). – And you can end any enjoyable moment with a couple of cocktails from the territory’s many bars!

The level of security in the Dominican Republic:

The level of security in the country is a bit lame because of the emigrants from the island of Haiti. Due to this theft and crime rate in the Dominican Republic is 10% out of 100%. In order to have a successful vacation and without any unpleasant situations it is worth taking into account the following recommendations:

1) Keep your money on the card if possible or carry partial amounts of money with you. It is dangerous to leave your savings in the hotel room, even in the safe! 2) At night swimming on the local beaches is very dangerous because of the exotic fish species and local insects! 3) It is worth taking into account that in the Dominican Republic can be hurricanes! Therefore, when the weather changes, as well as a strong gust of wind, you need to leave the rest areas and go to the hotel! 4) In the country can be earthquakes, which do not have to fear! This natural phenomenon has become customary for the Dominican continent.

Wonders of Haiti. Journey to the Dominican Republic in 2021 - Photo 9

The level of safety in the Dominican Republic:

5) Before traveling to the country is worth a number of necessary inoculations against diseases such as: cholera, malaria and Zika virus. 6) The main carriers of disease are local exotic mosquitoes! So it is worth to stock up on necessary means against them.

7) Do not swim too far into the ocean! Dominican waters are inhabited by predatory sharks! 8) In the country, especially in the tropics, there may be different snakes, including poisonous species! Therefore, do not walk freely in the tropics! Going into the natural area, you need to cover your feet with thick shoes and pants.

Bottom line:

To spend time in quiet harmony on the tropical beach with a cocktail in hand or conquer the ocean waves in the surf, the choice is always up to everyone! The main thing is that this wonderful country can give all holidaymakers a pleasant and fresh experience during the tour.

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