Winter Croatia: tasty and interesting

What to do in Croatia in winter?

What kind of holiday offers winter Croatia? I do not mean New Year and Christmas holidays, but for example a holiday at the end of January or the beginning of February.


Croatia is an incredibly beautiful country and you will always find something to do. Not only in summer, but also in winter entertainment more than enough.

If you are an active lifestyle fan, in Croatia you can go in for winter sports, weather permitting. It is much warmer than here, but there is enough snow. You can go skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snow tubes and much more. In Croatia, there are many resorts that specialize in winter sports. One of them is the famous resort Platak, the only resort located on the beach.

Be sure to visit Plitvice Lakes – you will feel as if you’ve been in a winter fairy tale. There are sixteen lakes and ninety-two waterfalls. A spectacle of unreal beauty, as well as thirty-six caves that amaze with their mysterious beauty.

You can go to the medieval city of Rovinj, in winter it is also unusually beautiful. The city is famous for its ancient monasteries, cathedrals and chapels.

And of course we can not miss the “business card” of Croatia – the famous Dubrovnik, which is a UNESCO heritage site. The city is also very old, there are many narrow streets, old buildings with centuries of history, ancient forts, monuments and sculptures.

In winter in Croatia, there is not such a huge influx of tourists as in summer, and you can explore the sights more quietly and in detail. In addition, in winter there are Christmas sales, where you can buy great things at low prices.


In winter in Croatia you can enjoy the local attractions in a quiet mode, because the mass influx of tourists at this time is absent.

You can simply walk around and enjoy the quiet. Croatia in the winter period is full of charms that you can hardly experience in the peak of the holiday season.


You won’t be bored in Croatia in winter. The country has many interesting places that look much better in winter than in summer. You can not swim in the sea, but in winter you do not go to Croatia for that. In winter in Croatia you will not find a large influx of tourists. At this time you can go to the Plitvice Lakes and admire their beauty (often in winter they are frozen). One of the most popular places for tourists in winter is Sljeme. It is a resort, which is located on the peak of Mount Medvednica. It is a modern ski resort with good elevators, but its main advantage is a modern lighting system, which allows skiing even at night. There are always a lot of tourists in this ski town, and they often organize various festivals and concerts.

Another good ski resort is Belolasica. This is the Olympic center, which has an excellent system of artificial snow. So if you are unlucky with the weather and there is no natural snow, it will be replaced by artificial snow.

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If you are not interested in winter sports and too active, even in winter you can see most of the Croatian sights, many of which are world heritage of UNESCO.

In the Croatian capital city of Zagreb you can do good shopping, as well as visit medieval castles and various museums.

Croatia is famous for its thermal spas, where the water is warm even in winter. In these places come not only to bathe in warm water in winter, but in order to improve your health, as this water has a therapeutic effect on the body.

At this time of year Croatia will please you with beautiful landscapes, the lack of a large flow of tourists and reasonable prices for accommodation, food and all other components of a vacation.


Of course, it is rather boring in winter in Croatia, many cafes and restaurants (especially on the coast) are closed, it gets dark a bit early – at 5 pm, and the nights are a bit cold. But if you don’t like parties and crowds of tourists – this is probably the best time for a quiet holiday and excursions around the country. You can go to the monasteries, located in the mountains.

Trick winter holidays in Croatia is fishing for tuna and squid and hare hunting.

In out of season in Croatia, you can taste delicious oysters, there is an oyster plantation near Dubrovnik, there are excursions. They show you how oysters are grown and offer a tasting as part of the tour. Oysters with all kinds of sauces. The excursion is not cheap, but it’s worth it.

There is also an aquarium in Dubrovnik, the exposition is not bad.

Despite the cool weather, you can book a boat trip around the coastal islands. The Adriatic is not so rough in winter, and the views are stunning.

From November to late February in Croatia is the ski season. The most famous resort is Medvednica. It is only 10 km from the Croatian capital Zagreb.


Recently, many tourists are increasingly coming to the opinion that a holiday in Croatia in winter time can be considered a real luxury. And, we must say that every year more and more people are able to afford this luxury.

The main difference between winter Croatia from the summer is the absence of huge crowds of tourists. In addition, in this case there is a wonderful opportunity to change our cold weather on the warm Adriatic. And then in the winter time there is no need in the turmoil of running from one monument to another to have time to look at everything after standing in a huge line for a long time. You can do everything slowly, at a measured pace, resting perfectly calmly and carefully examine the unique Croatian attractions.

Believe me, winter Croatia will charm any traveler. Plitvice lakes, covered with ice, will make you forget about everything and enjoy their amazing beauty in complete silence. In general, winter in Croatia is full of Christmas and New Year’s miracles and in order to share this festive atmosphere with locals, you should come to this country beforehand. The spirit of New Year’s Eve reigns in every corner of this amazingly beautiful country.

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With young children in winter will be more comfortable to rest on the Adriatic coast, where the temperature is higher in contrast to other parts of Croatia. I must say that the weather in different parts of the country varies significantly. The northern part of Croatia is the coolest, because it is dominated by continental climate, which is in contrast to the warm climate of the coastal areas. In the northern parts of the country the thermometer drops sometimes to -30 ° C. On the mountain slopes the temperature ranges from 0 to -5 … -6 ° C in winter, and in the coastal areas during this time it may be a little warmer – up to +5 ° C. Since the mountains are often blown in winter by cool and strong winds, it can be very cold even at 0 degrees.

Before traveling, of course, should decide – what do you expect from a winter vacation in Croatia. At this time there are many interesting events, and you will have a great opportunity to participate in many recreational activities. If the purpose of your trip to winter Croatia is skiing, it is best to go to a ski resort.

The Sljeme resort, located on the peak of Medvednica Mountain, is considered the most popular Croatian ski resort. Thanks to its own artificial snowmaking system, you can ski in this resort almost all year round. There are two regularly operating ski elevators on the slopes, and for the convenience of tourists there is a system of lighting the slopes at night.

The second most important Croatian ski resort is Belolasica. In fact, this is the training center of the Olympic reserve with three ski elevators, a system of night lighting and snow guns. For those who are not too keen on mountain skiing and winter sports, Croatia has a wonderful opportunity to visit the beautiful historical and natural monuments of this wonderful country. It is not for nothing that Croatia has seven monuments under UNESCO protection.

In Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, you can enjoy shopping in the local stores, as well as explore the local attractions. You can visit ancient medieval castles and numerous ancient ruins, unique architectural masterpieces and museums with a rich collection of exhibits.

Winter Croatia offers yet another interesting option, a rest at the local thermal resorts. Healing hot springs come out almost all the time, which means that recovery at such resorts is also possible year-round. Due to its unique chemical composition, this water produces truly miraculous effects contributing to the recovery of the whole organism.

Weather in continental Croatia corresponds to the European type of weather. There are practically no severe frosts and rapid temperature fluctuations. And on the Adriatic coast because of the plus temperatures in winter, there is no snow.

Exotic vacations

Since Croatia is located in a unique way in two continental zones, you can walk along the sea coast in the morning, order grilled freshly caught fish for lunch, and in the afternoon go skiing, or go to a nightclub in Zagreb.

In wintertime on the streets of Croatia is very quiet, the weather is warmer, prices in the stores are much lower, and the whole atmosphere disposes to a pleasant quiet walk and a careful study of the continental and coastal attractions of Split and Zagreb, unusual ancient castles, entire cities with their medieval architecture, many nature parks, museums and castles of Croatia.


There are plenty of options for winter in Croatia:

-Familiarize yourself with the local cuisine, it’s not as famous as Italian cuisine, after all.

-Visit theaters in Zagreb – puppet, folk and others.

-To walk through the museums of Zagreb, there are more than 10: archaeological, ethnographic, divorce (somewhat unique), technical, historical, contemporary art and others.

-Visit ski resorts in Gorski Kotar: Platak, Belolašica, Čelimbasa.

-Trip to Tuhel thermal resort.

-To admire the photogenic Adriatic coast in winter, in general it is interesting to drive from Dubrovnik to Istria.


You can also visit Croatia in winter. The ski resort of Slem is located 10 km from the capital Zagreb. There are wonderful nature and not very steep slopes. Another ski resort is called Platak (25 km from Rijeka). There are 8 slopes, there is a ski and snowboard school, where you can find even a Russian-speaking instructor.

If you like cultural and educational tourism, then I would advise you to wander around Zagreb. I personally think that in the Croatian capital, people live leisurely. You get to the center of the city by streetcar and just walk through the narrow streets and look at architectural masterpieces like St. Stepan Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, St. Mark’s Church with the buildings of Croatian National Assembly and the presidential palace Banski Dvori. Very interesting compactly situated museums are the Croatian Historical Museum, the Museum of Naive Art, the Historical Museum. In the Lower Town one can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Strosmayer Gallery, the Academy of Fine Arts.

On King Tomislav Square there is a mounted monument to the first Croatian king, and on Marshal Tito Square – the building of the Croatian National Theater. The Fountain of Life and the Mimar Museum are of interest.

If the weather is good, be sure to visit the park “Maximir” and the zoo, located in the park itself. You can also get there by streetcar. I personally really liked it there.

Croatia in winter

Among many travelers there is an opinion that a holiday in Croatia in winter is a real luxury. Politicians, diplomats and famous showmen are constantly revealing to the press details of an excellent holiday in Croatia. Currently, anyone can afford this luxury.

The cost of the tour in Croatia in each case depends on the level of the selected hotel, the number of days of rest, desire to visit the local attractions. Professional tour manager will not be difficult to choose an individual suitable tour.

Gudauri ski resort

Croatia in winter differs from the summer Croatia with the lack of a large number of tourists. In addition, there is an opportunity to replace the Russian winter chill on the warm Adriatic. Besides in winter time you do not need to run frantically from one monument to another to have time to see everything after a long wait in a huge line. A measured rhythm with no hurry allows the tourist to rest quietly and carefully examine the unique Croatian sights.

Winter Croatia is capable of enchanting anyone. The ice-covered Plitvice Lakes make you forget everything and enjoy their amazing beauty uninterrupted. Winter time in Croatia is full of Christmas and New Year’s Eve miracles. It is worth coming to this country in advance to share the pre-holiday mood with the locals. The spirit of Christmas reigns in every corner of the country.

Winter Weather in Croatia

If you’re planning a family winter vacation, Croatia’s winter weather will make it perfect. Babies will feel more comfortable on the Adriatic coast, where the climate differs from other parts of the country with higher air temperatures.

The weather varies in different parts of the country. The northern part of Croatia is the coldest, as it has a continental climate, very different from the warm climate of the coastal areas. In the north the thermometer sometimes drops to -300C.

In general, the winter temperature on the mountain slopes ranges from 0C to -5 -6C. In coastal areas the air warms up to +5C in winter. Cold winds blow in the mountainous part of the country, so it may be quite cold even at 0C.

Travelers who are going to vacation in Croatia in winter, should choose clothing carefully. In the mountains is always useful warm jacket, hat, winter boots, scarf and sweaters. At the seaside can also be cool. Sea breeze suggests a warm sweater in your suitcase.

Winter vacations in Croatia

As with any other time of year, holidays in Croatia in winter time is better to carefully plan in advance. First you need to decide what you expect from it in the first place. In winter in Croatia there are a lot of interesting events and a lot of entertainments. If you want to hit the slopes, it is best to choose a major ski resort.

The most popular is the resort of Slieme on the peak of Mount Medvednica. There are two regularly operating ski elevators, as well as lighting systems for comfortable skiing at night. One of the slopes has its own snowmaking system, which allows you to ski in Slém all year round.

The second major ski resort Belolasitsa is an Olympic center, equipped with three ski elevators, snow cannons and night lighting of the tracks. Who is not too keen on winter sports, can safely explore the many natural and historical attractions of Croatia. UNESCO has taken under its protection seven monuments in this country.

In Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, you can store and explore the local historical and cultural monuments. Lovers of art should not miss the numerous ancient ruins and medieval castles, unique architectural masterpieces, as well as museums with rich collections of exhibits.

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Thermal spas are an unquestionable privilege, which Croatia offers vacationers in winter. Hot healing springs come out all year round, so the resorts are open for recovery and treatment all year round. Their water has a very beneficial effect on the whole body thanks to its unusual chemical composition.

The continental part of Croatia is characterized by generally European type of weather during the winter. There are no extreme temperature fluctuations and severe frosts. On the Adriatic coast, thanks to the positive temperatures in winter, there is no snow.

The unique location of the country in two climatic zones allows guests to take a walk along the sea in the morning, enjoy freshly caught fish grilled for lunch, and go skiing in the afternoon until late evening, or unwind in the nightclubs of Zagreb or the capital’s stores.

Ski resorts in Croatia are very well equipped. In the vicinity of Rijeka there is a snow Platak, a bit further away is Belolasica Olympic center at an altitude of 620 m above sea level. 10 km from Zagreb on the slopes of Medvednica is a modern resort for skiers Sleme.

Holidays in Croatia in winter are not only a marvelous sea, but also unusual old castles, entire cities, preserving their medieval architecture, a lot of nature parks and attractions. All Croatian museums, parks and fortresses are open all year round, so those who do not like the heat of summer, can safely enjoy walking and sightseeing, and explore the medieval art and architecture.

The streets in Croatia are quiet, prices are lower, the weather is warmer, and the local atmosphere is conducive to leisurely walks and careful exploration of seaside and continental sights in Split and Zagreb.

Modern Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a city with a vibrant sporting and cultural life that never stops. The well-preserved medieval architecture of Zagreb, its varied theaters, museums, exhibition galleries, lively nightlife in contrast to the harsh suburban castles, all this attracts many travelers to the capital both in summer and winter. Fortunately, the weather in Croatia in winter allows you to enjoy everything at once.

There are several therapeutic resorts which offer treatment based on natural mineral waters, the revitalizing chemical composition of which is truly unique. These health centers have the word “toplice” in their name and are open all year round. Each medical center has a selection of qualified medical personnel and state-of-the-art equipment.

Croatian clinics offer effective treatment of osteoporosis and arthritis, varicose veins, psoriasis, as well as skin rejuvenation and sport traumas prevention. Here they host patients with musculoskeletal apparatus disorders of post-operative and traumatic nature, diseases of digestive system, peripheral and central nervous system disorders, various skin diseases, pancreatic diabetes, diseases of respiratory and cardio-vascular system.

Croatia’s thermal spas in winter and summer additionally offer procedures in Spa centers, water parks, and entertainment attractions.

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