Why it’s worth seeing the biggest waterfalls in Europe

The widest and highest waterfalls in Europe

The jets of falling water are a mesmerizing sight. The swirling streams sparkle and shimmer in the sunlight, no traveler can pass by such beauty indifferently. Beautiful waterfalls are scattered around the different corners of our planet. The largest waterfall in Europe is located in the famous unique landscape of Norway.

A short overview of Europe’s biggest waterfalls

Although the highest and mightiest water cascades are outside of this continent, their European counterparts have much to be proud of.

Rheinfal Waterfall

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

The Rhine Falls are one of the major attractions in Switzerland. It proudly bears the title of the highest waterfall in Europe because of the amount of water that falls from its peak.

In summer during the melting of the ice it can reach 700 meters per second.

Detifoss, Iceland

Detifoss means “bubbling” in Icelandic. Such a name is not accidental, because it is considered the most powerful in Europe. Majestic and at the same time frightening spectacle is revealed to tourists when a mighty water flow of 100 meters wide falls from a height of 44 meters. Volume of falling water Detifossa reaches 500 m3 per second.

Kivach, Russia

Kivach is the second largest plain waterfall in Europe and the largest in Karelia. Framed by green forests, it has an amazing ability to take away bad thoughts, take away sadness and melancholy. Kivach is good at any time of the year. In summer the green foliage beautifully sets off the whitewater streams, and in winter the snowy carpet makes the already majestic scenery more ornate.

Dettifoss Falls Reykjavik

Powerscott, Ireland

Powerscott is the largest waterfall not only in Ireland but in all of the British Isles.

From the 121-meter high rock the stream of foaming water rises up like a huge fan. The road to the foot of the cascade, passes through a picturesque park with growing there age-old oaks and giant sequoias, planted more than 200 years ago.

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Europe’s highest waterfall

The name of the highest waterfall in Europe is Winnufossen. It rises on Mount Winnufjälet where the sun melts its icy peak and a mighty avalanche of crashing water gushes into the river. Winnufossen is a beautiful cascade with jets of sparkling rain falling down from a height of 860 meters, and the most massive threshold has a height of 420 meters.

This giant is most beautiful in the spring and summer during the melting of the glaciers. At its beginning, the water seems to flow down the mountain, and as it falls, it splits into many thin streams running through the forests on the slopes of the mountain.

It’s a rare and picturesque picture! Before one even gets close to this natural masterpiece, tourists already feel the pleasant freshness of its streams. In the springtime it is especially beautiful because of the melting glaciers, whose waters flow into the river.

Kivach Falls in Karelia

The highest waterfall in the EU is located in Norway, near the town of Sundalser. Nearby are the Dovrefjell National Park and the Troll Wall, the famous Norwegian landmarks popular with tourists.

Europe’s most extensive waterfall

Ventas Rumba waterfall is called the Kuldiga miracle. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Latvia. Kuldīga is a small Latvian town on the Venta River. There are two waterfalls here, of which the main one is Ventas Rumba, which is the widest in Europe. The first mentions of it were known from the founding of the city back in the 13th century. Ventas Rumba is about 100 meters wide and can reach 279 meters during floods.

Thanks to the waterfall, Kuldīga has already in the Middle Ages gained fame as a city with flying fish. The fact is that breeds of salmonid fish going to spawn overcome the water threshold with a huge leap. To this day, tourists and locals enthusiastically watch the “flight” of fish and catch salmon with the help of wicker boxes. The tourist season in these parts every year in April opens with a festival, which is called “Fish Fly”.

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Powerscourt Falls

The most beautiful waterfalls in the EU, which are worth seeing

The most incredible in beauty and form waterfalls in Europe can be singled out in a separate list of places for tourists.

Skradinski Buk, Croatia

The most famous attraction in Croatia is Skradinski Buk in Krka National Park. It is a cascade of twenty separate streams falling from different heights.

A good way to admire the beauty of this complex will be a river walk. By the way, it is allowed to swim in the waters of Skradinski Buka.

Glyufrafoss, Iceland

What can be more mysterious than streams of water flowing into a cave? You can see this natural wonder by going down a narrow crevice in the rock. But once inside the cave an unforgettable spectacle unfolds before him as if from nowhere, falling water.

Winnufossen Falls

Bigar, Romania

Romanian Bigar is one of the most unusual in the world and is popular among tourists. Streams of water flow down, washing the cone-shaped ledge of a mountain range overgrown with emerald moss. The beauty of this natural masterpiece is that the water stream spreads into hundreds of tiny streams, as if creating a water plume around the rock, sparkling in the sun.

Langfossen, Norway

This country is by far the leader in the number of the highest waterfalls in Europe. Although Winnufossen is considered to be the highest, Langfossen is the most impressive. This is because the other Norwegian waterfalls are used to generate electricity and only the waters of Langfossen fall freely from a height of 610 meters. The European Route E134 passes by the foot of Langfossen, making it easily accessible to tourists.

Waterfall in the Parc de Saint-Pont, France

It takes at least an hour to reach this waterfall, which is off the hiking trails, but it is well worth it. Streams of water cascade down a wide cascade of age-old cliffs and flow into the river. Near the water cascade is the old Abbey de Saint-Pont, which has preserved its original appearance to this day.

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All these attractions are worth a visit and admire the pristine beauty of water masterpieces.

The 10 most interesting waterfalls in Europe

There are many beautiful waterfalls scattered throughout Europe and around the world, and all have their own merits. But Europe is home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.

You don’t have to travel too far to see beautiful waterfalls, just visit the Ivano-Frankovsk region of Ukraine to see the amazing Maniavsky waterfall, or Shipot in Transcarpathia, or Dzhurinsky waterfall in the Ternopil region.

And now, though, let’s see the best waterfalls in Europe.

Krka, Croatia

Krka National Park is a good alternative to Plitvice Lakes (because bathing in Plitvice Lakes is forbidden, but in Krka National Park people swim, even next to beautiful, cascading waterfalls). The Skradinski Buk waterfalls are actually one of Croatia’s most famous tourist attractions, and they certainly present an ineffable spectacle when the sight of water flowing in one clear line and then splitting into nearly twenty separate waterfalls.

Langfossen, Norway

When it comes to the highest waterfalls in Europe, Norway would probably be at the top of the list. It is home to the five highest waterfalls on the continent, as well as many other fifty fairly high waterfalls. Vinnufossen Falls is considered the highest waterfall in Europe and the sixth highest in the world, but Langfossen Falls is much more impressive to visit. Because unlike many other waterfalls in Norway, where hydroelectric power plants were built to generate electricity, Langfossen still roars freely and tumbles down from a high cliff.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Although the Rhine Falls are not too tall compared to some of the other waterfalls on this list, they are very wide and full of water. One of the best areas to see the falls is by boat along the Rhine River where you can see nearby Werth Castle and Laufen Castle.

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Terme di Saturnia, Italy

Located near the village of Saturnia, this geothermal waterfall has been popular with bathers since Roman times! There are several different waterfalls here. Some require a fee to visit, like the Terme di Saturnia Spa Resort, but at other places you can swim for free.

Gluifrass, Iceland

There’s nothing more mysterious than a waterfall plummeting into a cave. Those who do not suffer from claustrophobia will dare to get to the waterfall: one has to slip through a narrow gap in the rock to get into the cave where one can see the waterfall. But once one is inside, one will be impressed by the view of the waterfall.

Bigar Falls, Romania

This waterfall often wins awards as the most impressive waterfall in the world! The reason is that it is one of the most unusual waterfalls in the world! The water flows around a conical ledge on a cliff covered in bright green moss, spreading into hundreds of small streams that flow down into the river. The water creates a kind of shimmering veil around the rock.

Pliva Falls, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sure, the 20-meter cascades of the waterfall are impressive, but beyond the waterfall you can see the town of Jajce, which rises high up a hill dotted with historic buildings and fortifications that are crowned by a 14th-century fortress.

Parc de Saint-Pont, France

The waterfall at the Parc de Saint-Pont, located in the south of France, about a half-hour drive from Marseille, is a bit of a backwater for most tourists. So the hike to the falls will take about an hour or two. A wide complex of waterfalls flows down a mossy cliff into the river. But what makes this waterfall most interesting is the nearby Cistercian Abbey, Abbey de St. Pons, which dates back to the early 13th century.

Güdlfoss, Iceland

Güdlfoss, or “Golden Falls” from Iceland, is a spectacular sight. The water comes from the Langjökull Glacier, and the waterfalls get their name from the color of the water. It is a three-tiered set of waterfalls, each with an impressive height and width.

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Gasadalur, Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are very remote and hard to reach, but so much charm in this small group of islands halfway between mainland Europe and Iceland. The village of Gasadalur is home to fewer than fifty people, despite being a relatively easy village to reach thanks to roads and modern infrastructure

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