Where to stay in Tenerife. Canary Islands, Spain

The best resort areas for holidays in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. It is called the “island of eternal spring” because of the mild climate, because there are no cold winters, and in summer the thermometer does not exceed a comfortable range. A mountain range divides the island into northern and southern zones.

Despite the small size of Tenerife, these areas vary greatly in climate, landscape and vegetation. Make a choice where to vacation in Tenerife, can help a detailed study of the characteristics of resorts.


Reasons to go to Tenerife

Tenerife is not just a place for a relaxing beach vacation.


Here you can visit a lot of attractions of natural origin, walk through the ancient streets of the city.

The advantages of a holiday in Tenerife:

  1. Convenient non-stop flight from Moscow at affordable prices.
  2. Large selection of hotels for every taste and wallet.
  3. Unusual beaches with black volcanic sand – the hallmark of the island.
  4. Ability to see and even climb to the top of the volcano.
  5. Developed shopping at prices below Russian.

Tenerife advantage, on your own in Tenerife

When to go to rest in Tenerife

An amazing feature of the island is its climate – warm and mild throughout the year, without a clear change of seasons. There is no severe cold or sizzling heat, and the water in the Atlantic Ocean in the coastal zone does not cool below 18 ° C, which is a comfortable value for bathing.

Which month to choose for a holiday depends on the plans for the coming vacation. For example, the beach season runs from May to October. During this time, the water temperature reaches the maximum possible level, the weather is warm, and there is almost no precipitation.

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Winter is a great season for sightseeing and exploring cities. The thermometer does not drop below 15 ° C, which for the Russian tourist is a wonder. In addition, during the winter season on the island are colorful festivals and other colorful events. The off-season is in late fall and early spring.

In these months you can buy a trip at the best price. Also the undeniable advantage is the lack of crowds of tourists, and thus the opportunity to relax in solitude, to enjoy all the beauties of the island.

Southern resorts of Tenerife

Southern resorts in Tenerife

The southern part of Tenerife, separated by a ridge, is the warmest and sunniest area of the island. The mountains keep the rain clouds away. Here you can find many coastal towns, equipped as resorts. Some are more suitable for families with children, others – for a honeymoon, while others captivate young people with an abundance of bars and clubs.

Playa de las Americas .

The largest resort on the southern coast. It provides everything for entertainment: malls, amusement parks, cafes and restaurants, discos. Choice of housing is represented by chain hotels, mini-hotels, country villas and private sector. It all depends on the needs and capabilities of the tourist.

Playa de las Americas

For a holiday with children, Las Americas is not the best option. This resort is more suitable for young people and active older people. The beaches are stony,

Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is a high-priced resort for people with money, who are used to comfort and quality service. Prices for accommodation and restaurant meals here are significantly higher than in neighboring cities. This place is also popular with newlyweds going on a honeymoon.

Costa Adeje

The town’s beach, El Duque, is considered one of the most beautiful on the entire southern part of the island. Along the coast stretches a 6-kilometer promenade with fashionable restaurants and clubs.

Los Cristianos

A resort that combines both the liveliness of the tourist area and the tranquility of a secluded vacation. This city is often chosen for families with children. There are plenty of playgrounds and activities for kids of all ages.

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Los Cristianos

The beaches in Los Cristianos are sandy, the entrance to the water is smooth, with no sudden changes in depth. There is a port in the center of the resort area, from where you can take a cruise liner

sail to neighboring islands. The central area of the city attracts tourists with its authentic Spanish streets and squares with fountains, plenty of cafes and bars.

Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes is famous for its picturesque cliffs. Located on a mountain above the waters of the Atlantic, the views from the windows and terraces are literally breathtaking.

Los Gigantes

Due to its location, this place has the mildest and warmest weather in the winter.

Hotels are few: mostly holidaymakers are offered apartments and private villas. However, the tourist service is well developed, the city has all the necessary infrastructure.

Costa del Silencio

The name of the city translates as “coast of silence. And this name is fully consistent with reality. This is a quiet resort area with a quiet, measured rhythm of life, without the noisy entertainment facilities. Stay here mostly families with children and pensioners. In this case, the infrastructure is developed and allows you to comfortably spend your vacation in a picturesque place.

Costa del Silencio

Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf

The main advantage of these resorts is the presence of golf courses in the vicinity. Therefore, the rest here prefer mainly lovers of this game. In all other respects the resort loses a little to the more popular and well-appointed destinations.

The beach is small and narrow, and public transport is rare. Therefore, choosing a vacation in these remote places from large cities, it is worth taking care of a rental car in advance to be able to travel around the sights of the island.

Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf

El Medano

This small town is a haven for windsurfing enthusiasts. Winds blow hard and waves are high all year long. Unprepared tourists may be frightened by such conditions, but the resort has its own fans who enjoy the powerful salty breezes, saturated with vapor of iodine and bromine.

El Medano

There are only 3 hotels, mostly tourists are settled in apartments and private sector. The town is quite small: you can reach the beach within 5-10 minutes on foot from any corner of it.

La Caleta, Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraiso

The village of La Caleta is located near the resort of Costa Adeje. This quiet quiet place strikes its own unique atmosphere. The main occupation of the inhabitants is fishing. Therefore, in the restaurants you can taste the freshest fish and seafood delicacies freshly caught from the ocean.

La Caleta

Callao Salvaje offers hotel accommodation at attractive prices for tourists. The beach of this resort is small, but spacious enough to accommodate all holidaymakers. But entertainment is not to be found here. For excursions will have to go to the nearest Costa Adeje.

Callao Salvaje

Callao-SalvahePlaya Paraiso is a resort area with only a couple of hotels. There is no entertainment and infrastructure here, so you need a personal car.

Playa Paraiso

Resorts in the north and east of the island

The climate in the northern part of the island is characterized by cooler temperatures and more precipitation. The coast here is mostly rocky and not so well equipped for bathing,

as in the south of the island. But the nature is striking with a riot of colors: relict forests, mangroves, delightful mountain scenery – it’s all here.

Puerto de la Cruz

This city is the jewel of Tenerife’s northern coast. The beaches are covered with black volcanic sand. In winter, you can enjoy the view of the raging ocean: due to the strong winds, the waves here reach great heights.

Puerto de la Cruz

The resort at this place was founded in the XIX century, when it was loved by travelers from Britain. Now it is an international tourist center with a developed infrastructure, meeting the needs of holidaymakers of all ages.

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Within the city there is a park of parrots – “Loro-Park”, where you can not only look at the birds, but also communicate with them in close proximity by entering the aviary.


Garachico is the only town on the island that suffered significant damage during the volcanic eruption. People managed to escape the disaster, but all the buildings were completely destroyed. The town was rebuilt but the port was never rebuilt.


As a result of the eruption there were several volcanic lakes. These places are popular with tourists: organized tour groups are brought here to bathe in the healing waters.


Tourists from all over the world flock to this town to see the greatest shrine – the statue of Our Lady of Candelaria, the patroness of the Canary Island archipelago.


It has everything for a quiet comfortable rest. The beaches are covered with sand, making them suitable for swimming, unlike the beaches of many neighboring towns.

Icod de los Vinos

Grape plantations have been erected on the mountain slopes and local factories are engaged in wine production. You can taste it in coastal restaurants.

Icod de los Vinos

It is a typical Spanish town with an ineffable atmosphere of antiquity. It was built in the 16th century and many of the buildings are still standing. Worth special attention are the traditional wooden balconies made from the species of local pine trees.

Another attraction is the oldest tree on the island, called the millennial. Its age is not precisely established, but it is proved that the plant is over 1000 years old. Its height is 20 meters and the diameter of its trunk is a little over 10 meters.

Punta del Hidalgo

This untouched resort is located in a remote location away from other settlements. The town is surrounded by rocks, and for bathing tourists organized special pools right on the beach.

Punta del Hidalgo

There are only 2 hotels here, and of the attractions – only an old lighthouse. This place will suit those who like peace and quiet, wishing to be alone with their thoughts.

Popular Towns of Tenerife

The town of Tenerife has a lot of flora and fauna, but it is also worth exploring because it is steeped in the spirit of medieval Europe. Its narrow cobblestone streets, museums, Catholic cathedrals, spacious squares and monuments draw visitors here.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The island’s capital is not a popular vacation spot. There is a lot of life here, people are rushing to work, traffic jams never stop. You can come here for a day or two to walk through the malls or attend a social event or concert. In the winter, there is a traditional carnival.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

An undeniable plus is the proximity to the famous beach of Las Teresitas and the park Anaga, or as it is called, “the Enchanted Forest”.

La Laguna

La Laguna is tacitly considered the cultural capital of the island. The oldest city of Tenerife is protected by UNESCO. The historic center has been preserved in its original form since its founding. La Laguna has no beaches or other attributes of resort life.

La Laguna

However, it is worth a visit to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of history and art. There are many interesting museums, churches and ancient basilicas.

La Horatava

Walking along the streets of the center you can find carved wooden balconies in the houses of the local residents. In the old days, this was considered a sign of high wealth.

La Horatava

There are many museums and churches in La Horatava as well as extensive park areas and gardens with exotic plants. In June, there is a “carpet festival”. On these days, you can see paintings and other compositions made of fresh flowers in the streets of the city.

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Santiago del Teide

The main attraction of Santiago del Teide is the excursion boats that leave from the local port to see whales in the open ocean.

The local beach is considered one of the most picturesque on the island. It’s covered with black volcanic sand, and it was awarded the Blue Flag for its environmental friendliness.

Santiago del Teide

The town is also interesting with its amazing gardens: almond, fig and grape plantations grow on the mountain slopes.

Puerto de Santiago

The city is located in close proximity to a volcano. During an eruption the coast was flooded with lava. The ocean water formed natural pools right on the shore. Everyone is allowed to swim in them, but only in calm weather when the ocean is not stormy.

Puerto de Santiago

Palm Mar

This small town is located in the south-east of the island. It is surrounded on one side by a mountain range with the volcano Guasa, and on the other by a protected forest. Both of these attractions are of interest to visitors of Palm Mar.

Palm Mar

It has only a little over 2000 inhabitants, but all the necessary infrastructure for a good holiday.

Location of resorts on the map

Tenerife is a fairly small island, and yet it has 18 climate zones, in which the weather conditions differ significantly.

Resort locations

Tenerife Resorts

It is customary to divide the island into southern and northern parts. The north is riotous with vegetation, dominated by rocky shores, mountains and volcanoes, protected forests, towns and villages with traditional Spanish architecture. The south of the island are the wide equipped beaches, comfortable hotels, all-inclusive hotels, shopping malls, and shopping centers.

“The south of the island offers well-equipped beaches, comfortable hotels with an all-inclusive system, shopping malls, and nightclubs. It is best to visit both parts of Tenerife, which are so different from each other. Tenerife’s detailed itinerary will help you plan your itinerary and show you the location of Tenerife’s main attractions.

Where to stay in Tenerife: 9 options from 85€

Rent a flat in Tenerife

Here’s a selection of comfortable accommodation where to stay in Tenerife. Which part of the island is better to stay in? We advise how to save money and find inexpensive accommodation.

We have selected housing options in different resorts of Tenerife – inexpensive and in the medium price range. Cozy studios, designer lofts, houses with swimming pools and apartments with sea views, which are convenient for couples, families with children and groups of friends.

    – Apartments and houses in Tenerife – search for hotel discounts


In what part of Tenerife is better to stay

The choice of a place to stay on the island depends on the season. In summer, when the Canaries are very hot, tourists prefer to stay in the northern part of Tenerife. The green picturesque coast is cooler and windier.

In the off-season and winter, accommodation in the south is in demand. Here is an excellent infrastructure, a lot of good beaches, comfortable apartments and apartments for families.

Where to live in Tenerife? Each resort has its own characteristics:

  • Playa de Las Americas is built specifically for tourists. If you don’t know where to stay in the south of Tenerife, you won’t find a better place. You’ll find accommodations for everyone, from luxury hotels to budget apartments. The area is ideal for those who love noisy nightlife.
  • Los Cristianos – a fishing village. It is liked by elderly retirees from Northern Europe and families with small children.
  • Playa Paraiso and Los Gigantes are geared toward beach lovers who do not want to leave the resort area.
  • Costa Adeje is an expensive resort in the south of Tenerife. It consists of luxury hotels and villas of celebrities from around the world.
  • Ten Bel is a quiet and peaceful village on the Costa del Silencio. These places are enjoyed by all those who are used to living in comfortable all-inclusive hotels.
  • Puerto de la Cruz is the most sought-after resort on the north coast. It is not as noisy as the south, and you can always choose budget apartments.
  • El Medano is a paradise for windsurfing and kiting enthusiasts. Lodging in the resort is designed for young people.
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife – the largest city on the island, which is visited for shopping and excursions. Apartments and hotel rooms in the capital of Tenerife are usually rented only during the holidays. For example, in late January and early February, when the grand carnival Mardi Gras takes place.
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How to save money and choose an inexpensive accommodation in Tenerife

  • Holidays on the island is not cheap. Hotel fund consists mainly of hotels 4 * and 5 *. Hotels 3 * and budget apartments are less, so book the savings options in advance.
  • With children in Tenerife is better to stay in apartments or apart hotels with a kitchen and a washing machine. Such proposals are available at all resorts on the island.
  • If the description of the accommodation found the phrase “beachfront”, it does not mean that the beach will be close at hand. On the coast of Tenerife coastal terraces alternate with cliffs. In some places, homes are on the cliffs, and to the sea you have to go down steep stairs.
  • The cheapest apartments on the island are popular with European young people who like to make noise at night. If you want to have quiet neighbors, choose housing more expensive.

Modern loft with a pool and sea view

Where to stay in Tenerife? Of course in the lofts – spacious apartments, built in a laconic industrial style. Comfortable accommodation with an area of 56 square meters. m in the northern part of the island, a 10-minute drive from Puerto de la Cruz.

The house stands on a high rocky shore. Don’t feel like going down to the beach every time? Swim in the pool and sunbathe on lounge chairs next to the loft. The modern kitchen and washing machine will provide maximum comfort.

The accommodation is for two people. In low season it costs 85€, in high season 120€.

Bedroom Pool overlooking the sea

A small cottage in Anaga Park

Where to stay in Tenerife for lovers of quiet places? Choose accommodation in the countryside! Fully furnished cottage on the hillside is located half an hour from the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It has 90 square meters and an enclosed garden for a barbecue.

The pluses are many – open terrace with sea views, fireplace, comfortable kitchen, as well as privacy, clean air and hiking in nature. Minus one – it’s quite far from the beach.

Accommodation for four people and is cheaper than in the city. In low season the cottage rents for 105€, and in high season for 176€.

Kitchen Barbecue area Sea view

Cosy loft with garden and swimming pool

This comfortable loft is attached to the main house and has all the comfort and facilities. The area of the loft is 48 sq. m. Want to swim and sunbathe? Please, the outdoor circular pool is close by!

The large windows and glass doors make it very bright inside. Love music and movies? Take advantage of the collection of music CDs and videos that the owners have picked up. Relax, admire the garden, the fish in the small pond and have breakfast on the wooden terrace. The nearest beaches are a 10-minute drive away.

The loft is designed for two people. It costs 132€ in low season and 155€ in high season.

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Bedroom Pool.

Cheap accommodation in a semi-detached house

For honeymooners and couples for a romantic getaway, we suggest staying in a spacious apartment with a private garden on Tenerife. Nearby is a pool with heated water. Relax in hammocks, enjoy each other’s company, birdsong and the rustle of the leaves in the garden. The kitchen has everything you need to prepare a meal.

The accommodation is designed for two people. Price is low by Tenerife standards: 86€ in all seasons.

Living room Swimming pool

A small apartment by the ocean

Do you want to live on the ocean in Tenerife? The doors of this apartment overlook the open lagoon next to a small bay. A very colorful place! Accommodation is suitable for artists and lovers of seclusion, who dreamed of living on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of the sea surf. On the terrace there are chairs and a table, and the water leads to the stone steps.

Cozy apartment is located 10 minutes drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its size is small, but it has enough amenities. Nearby is the popular dive site Boca Cangrejo.

The apartment is designed for three people. In low season it costs 95€, in high season 100€.

Cozy room Terrace

A studio with bikes and good Wi-Fi.

Even on vacation, it’s important to be online? Santa Cruz de Tenerife rents a stylish 40-square-meter apartment with high-speed Internet and a comfortable kitchenette.

The studio is in an apartment building, and its windows look directly out over the ocean. There is a large pool nearby, and there is access to the beaches some distance away. The owners suggest exploring the neighborhood on bicycles.

The accommodation is designed for two people. At any time of year it costs 118€ per day.

Bedroom and kitchen View of the sea from the balcony

House in fishing village

Where to stay in Tenerife with kids or friends? A great three-storey house is located in the fishermen’s village of San Andrés. In front of the building there is a large pool and an outdoor dining room with a stove. Inside there are two bedrooms, a full kitchen and a lounge with billiards. The downside is that there is no air conditioning in the recreation rooms. Only fans.

Walk the beautiful trails of Anaga Rural Park and try the national fish and seafood dishes in the small village restaurants.

The lodging is designed for four people. The price is pleasantly surprising – at any time of the year the house rents for 86€ per day.

Living room Swimming pool

Apartment with great view to the bay

This small apartment is located in a quiet place, far from the tourist routes of Tenerife. It is located on the 3rd floor of a four storey building in Tabaiba, just 10 minutes drive from the capital.

Housing will delight you with designer furniture, comfortable layout and balcony. Its plus is free parking, and the minus is the lack of an elevator. Take pictures of ships sailing on the sea, drink coffee in the air and go sightseeing in Tenerife!

The apartment is designed for two people. In all seasons it costs 110€.

Exit to the balcony View from the apartment

Penthouse on the first line

The last accommodation in our selection is a not too expensive penthouse. It is located first line to the sea, right above the beaches of Tenerife. To get down to them, however, you have to walk 15 minutes.

Designer furniture, unusual fixtures, bright posters on the walls and original interior decorations will please anyone who likes stylish accommodation. The big corner balcony has a wonderful view of the coast. Under the canopy outdoors is convenient for dining and sunbathing.

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