Where to stay in Santorini, Greece: tips and best places to stay

Where to stay in Santorini? Choosing the best place on the island

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The answer to the question “where to stay in Santorini” depends only on what you need from this island. If you’re going with children – that’s one place, if you expect the most luxurious vacation of your life – another, if you’re looking for the best value for money, then the third. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of different areas of the island and choose the best place to stay and rent a hotel in Santorini for you.

Where to stay in Santorini: article content

  • For a vacation with children: Kamari or Monolithos
  • For a beach holiday: Perissa
  • For a chic vacation: Ia (aka Oia or Oia)
  • For active holidays: Fira
  • Best value for money: Karterados

Kamari and Monolithos: The best holidays for children

Kamari and Monolithos are the names of small villages on the island of Santorini, located near each other near the beaches of the same name. Both beaches boast black volcanic sand, as well as (though not everywhere) a comfortable gentle entrance to the sea.


  • Children’s playgrounds on the beaches, animation
  • Many hotels cater to tourists with children.


  • Not enough entertainment for adult tourists
  • Most places of interest are long to get to, with a connection in Fira.
Hotels in Kamari and Monolithos

Based on our knowledge of Santorini we have prepared a selection of hotels with adequate value for money.

Hotels in Kamari
  • Alexandra Hotel : Cheap, with breakfast and pool
  • Santorini Crystal Blue : with a rating of 9,4 out of 10
  • Blue Sea Hotel : cheap, great food, great reviews
  • Sea Side Beach : excellent front line 3 star hotel
Monolithos Hotels
  • Memories Beach : just across the road from the beach
  • Anamar Santorini: 4 stars with a pool
  • Rooms to let Rena : a cozy little guesthouse
  • Artemis Village: inexpensive, with super-hospitable hosts

Where to stay in Santorini for a vacation with kids: Kamari beach.

Where to stay in Santorini for a vacation with kids? Kamari beach has all the necessary infrastructure: umbrellas, sun loungers and playgrounds for children.

Where to stay in Santorini for beach lovers: Perissa

Let’s face it: going to Santorini just for a beach vacation is not worth it, this island is rich primarily in its architecture, history and incredible scenery. However, you can find some great beaches here as well. The best place to stay in Santorini for beach lovers is Perissa, near the beach of the same name.

It is a long (about 3 km!) beach covered with black volcanic sand, which has everything for a great holiday. Often tourists highlight the beach of Perivolos, although in fact it is just the western part of Perissa, slightly less developed in terms of infrastructure.


  • Low prices for hotel accommodation
  • Unique black volcanic sand
  • Easy access to Vlychada, the most beautiful beach in Santorini
  • Developed infrastructure: sun loungers and umbrellas, stores, nightclubs, restaurants
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  • The bottom of Perissa and Perivolos beaches is steep and rocky in places
  • Most places of interest are long to get to, with a connection in Fira.
Hotels in Perissa and Perivolos

A selection of hotels where to stay in Santorini.

Perissa Hotels
  • Marousi Rooms : Cheap, great location
  • Aqua Blue Beach Hotel : high rated 5 by the sea
  • Roula Villa : good value, close to the beach
  • Villa Dimitris : cosy hotel, free airport transfer
Perivolos hotels
  • Santo Miramare : 4 swimming pools, nice surroundings
  • Smaragdi Hotel : excellent reviews, front line
  • Athina Villa : a cheap and lovely apartment hotel
  • Sea View Beach Hotel : excellent reviews in all languages

Where to stay in Santorini, Greece: Perissa.

Perissa beach is the longest beach of Santorini. Its length together with Perivolos is about 3 km.

Ia: for the lovers of luxurious luxury holidays

Ia (aka Oia or Oia) is the calling card of Santorini and the most picturesque place of the island. Most of the postcard photos of the island and Greece were taken in this small village.

Here are the most luxurious hotels, the most beautiful views and the most breathtaking sunsets, which in the evenings the whole island comes to admire, turning the small village into a huge beehive.

Many hotels here are built on the cliffs and are equipped with swimming pools overlooking the volcano caldera and the surrounding islands, and the sunset can be enjoyed directly from the Jacuzzi. Iya is the place to stay in Santorini for romantics, honeymooners and just wealthy, discerning tourists.


  • Breathtaking views.
  • Santorini’s most chic hotels


  • Eternal tourist crowds, especially at sunset
  • Highest accommodation prices on the island
Hotels in Oia, Santorini
  • Ether Studios : cheap, modest, with a cheerful drunken owner
  • Finesse Suites : a magic hotel with Russian speaking staff
  • Canvas Suites : amazing sunset view
  • Caldera Premium Villas : A cave hotel carved out of a rock

Where to stay in Santorini: Oia.

Where to stay in Santorini for those who love expensive and luxurious holidays? Of course in the village of Iya, many hotels are built right on the slopes of the volcano and offer a wonderful view over the caldera.

Fira (Thira): for those who do not sit still

Fira is the capital of the island. It is located in the heart of Santorini and is the main transportation hub – the Fira bus station – from which buses all over the island depart. To the beaches, to the sunset in Ia, to the port – you can go anywhere from here. And Fira itself is a very interesting place, many of the attractions of Santorini are located here.


  • Excellent transport accessibility.
  • Lots of sights
  • Very nice views


  • Lots of tourists
  • High Prices
Hotels in Fira
  • Antonia Hotel : not expensive, all tourists praise it
  • Villa Soula : excellent location, nice view
  • Tataki Hotel : budget hotel in the center of town
  • Markakis Studios Fira Town : great value for money apartments
  • Athina Luxury Suites : excellent reviews, great view, expensive
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Where to stay in Santorini, Greece: Fira.

Pros of a vacation like this in Fira: the jacuzzi on the terrace of your room will give you a stunning view of the sunset. Cons of holidays in Fira: All who come to admire the sunset will have an amazing view of you.

Best value for money: Carterados

The village of Carterados doesn’t boast beaches and sights, its beauty is something else. It is only a 15-20 minute walk from Fira and its bus station, and hotels here cost an order of magnitude less. Buses from Fira to Santorini’s main beaches also pass by Karterados.

It was here, in the excellent and inexpensive Wisteria Apartments, that we stayed during our trip to Greece. Karterados is a great place to stay in Santorini for all tourists who do not want to overpay for location.


  • Inexpensive hotels
  • Inexpensive cafes and grocery stores nearby
  • Fira – 20 minutes walk, Fira bus station – 15 minutes, bus stop to Kamari and Perissa beaches – 10 minutes walk


  • Lack of attractions and places to walk in the village of Carterados itself
  • Small number of hotels (only 50, during high season can be all occupied)
Hotels in Carterados
  • Cyclades Hotel: Inexpensive, very Greek.
  • Wisteria Apartments : A very nice apartment hotel, we stayed here
  • Villa Manos : budget hotel with a big pool

Where to stay in Santorini, Greece: our hotel Wisteria Apartments.

Where to stay in Santorini without overpaying for a hotel? We recommend Karterados. This is the nice apartment we have rented here for the price you would pay in Fira for a standard hotel room.

Other places to stay in Santorini

Let’s talk briefly about some other places where you can stay on the island of Santorini.

The village of Imerovigli. Located just north of Fira, is considered a place of elite recreation. Hotels are expensive and many have a beautiful view of the volcano caldera.

Imerovigli Hotels
  • Merovigla Studios : Excellent value for money apartments.
  • Tholos Resort : A romantic hotel with a view of Caldera
  • Heliotopos : great rooms with great views
  • Sophia Luxury Suites : very expensive but very cool

Where to stay in Santorini: Fira.

While rich tourists admire the sunset from their rooms while sipping expensive wine, budget travelers can enjoy the same view for free with a beer and a half from a local store.

The village of Akrotiri. Located in the southwest of the island, nearby are the Red and White beaches, as well as the ruins of the ancient city of Akrotiri. From here, you can get to other places of interest by bus, but it’s not very easy and you have to change in Fira. But it is quiet and peaceful and the view on the caldera is no less beautiful than that of Imerovigli.

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Akriotiri Hotels
  • Carlos Pension : great hospitality, cheap.
  • Kokkinos Villas : great view, next to the beach
  • Adamastos : 3 stars, very homely.

Pyrgos Village. Located in the center of the island on a hill, with a beautiful panoramic view over Santorini. Pirgos is a very beautiful village with many temples and narrow streets and the main local attraction is the old Venetian fortress.

Pyrgos Hotels
  • Cultural House : high rating, with breakfast
  • Skyfall Suites – Adults Only: romantic, child-free luxury hotel.
  • Voreina Gallery Suites : luxury apartment complex.

Dear readers, where do you recommend to stay in Santorini? We are waiting for your feedback about the towns and cities of the island and their hotels! And what to do on this wonderful island, you can read in the articles from our column Santorini .

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How to choose a hotel in Santorini, Greece?

Deciding which hotel to choose in Santorini is not an easy decision, but a very important one. In this article, I have gathered for you the selection criteria, based on which you will easily decide on the choice of a hotel.

If you don’t know much about Santorini, I have to tell you that the most beautiful thing here is the view of the volcano and the local sunsets. As beautiful as the islands of Greece are, none of them have such a strong passion for seeing sunsets. On Santorini, it’s something of an every night ritual.

Volcano or beaches?

This is the first decision to make.

Do you want to stay in towns along the mountainside with a gorgeous view of the volcano?

santorini hotels

The western part of Santorini and the famous view of the volcano. Here are the main cities of Santorini – Fira, Oia, Imerovigli and Firostefani.

Or do you want to stay in one of the coastal towns on the opposite side of the island? It’s beautiful here too, a short walk to the beaches, but no view of the volcano and caldera.

On one side is a mountain with a beautiful view, on the other side is lowland and beaches. The distance between the parts of the island is short – 10 – 15 minutes by car.

santorini hotels in Greece

The eastern part, where the main hotels of Santorini with access to the sea.

If you have chosen the eastern part with beaches, it is easier to decide here. The main cities are Kamari and Perissa (Perivolos beach is the continuation of Perissa). Kamari is a more developed town with more stores, bars, hotels and restaurants. Perissa has better beaches. I recommend Kamari because of its more developed infrastructure and it’s closer to Fira. There is a boat between Kamari and Perissa, so you can easily visit both towns in a day.

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Which city should I choose on the volcano side?

Most tourists stay on the caldera side. And I think this choice is the right one. The volcano is what makes Santorini a special island in Greece. For a beach vacation, it’s better to go to other islands.

If you are going to stay in the western part, you are faced with another difficult choice – which city to stay in. The difficulty is that they are all good in their own way.

Along the caldera there are 4 main towns: Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. Each of them has spectacular views to the volcano, but the most beautiful is in Imerovigli.

  • Fira – it has the most restaurants and an active nightlife.
  • Firostefani – It is quiet and you can reach Fira on foot.
  • Imerovigli – it is very quiet. Fira and Oia can easily be reached by bus or cab. 6 great restaurants.
  • Oia is the most romantic town of Santorini, lots of restaurants, but almost no nightlife.

Greater Santorini hotels with direct access to the sea

View from Fira to the volcano.

The largest city on the island is the center of cultural life. It has the most restaurants and stores and a fun nightlife. Fira has a delightful view of the volcano, but sunsets are somewhat spoiled by the island of Thirassia. In Fira is the terminus of all buses. In other towns there are buses only to and from Fira. So if you want to get from Kamari to Oia, for example, you have to change in Fira.

If you come to explore the nightlife of the island and like clubs, you will spend the most time in Fira. If your hotel is close to the center of town, your sleep may be disturbed by the noise in the streets. Along the caldera is much quieter and you won’t be disturbed by loud music in the middle of the night.

Best Hotels in Fira

santorini island Greece hotels prices

Aria Suites – large pool and good location.

More hotels in Fira


hotels with beach on santorini

Firostefani is a 15-minute walk from Fira. It’s hard to tell where Fira ends and Firostefani begins. Many people spend the day in Fira and return to Firostefani in the evening. There are no nightclubs and bars, but it is quiet and there are good restaurants.

Best hotels in Firostefani


best hotels in santorini

The most beautiful views of the caldera are from Imerovigli, because this town is the highest in Santorini. Imerovigli is the quietest town among those listed, there are no nightclubs. Even though the town is small, it has enough good restaurants, stores and markets. You can reach Fira in 20 minutes. Buses run every 30 to 45 minutes south to Fira and south to Oia.

Best hotels in Imerovigli

private beach hotels on santorini

Astra Suites – stunning views, nice pool, each room has its own kitchen.

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More hotels in Imerovigli

all inclusive santorini hotels

The most romantic and charming town in Santorini. It is full of beautiful alleys and crossroads, inviting you to explore its nooks and crannies. Every night people gather on the walls, steps and rooftops to enjoy the sunset. People have fun, drink wine, and enjoy the views. There are always lots of people on the streets during sunsets, but no crowds or crushes. The restaurants in Oia are some of the best on the island. There are plenty of bars to drink and sit in, but you have to go to Fira for dancing. The walk from Oia to Fira will take 2 hours, I strongly suggest you walk, it is a very beautiful path.

Best Hotels in Oia

Greece island of santorini hotels

Katikies Hotel – nothing to complain about, really love this hotel. Read the reviews.

More Oya hotels

A couple more important points about hotels in Santorini

santorini hotels 1st line

hotels with a beach

Kastelli Resort is the best hotel in Santorini with a beach

The hotels on the beaches are worse than the hotels on the caldera side. Kastelli is the best of them. It has large rooms and 4 different sized pools. Beaches and restaurants are a 2-minute walk away.

Inexpensive hotels in Santorini

In Santorini, you get exactly what you pay for. What I mean by that is that there are no overpriced hotels here for nothing. The best hotels in Santorini have beautiful views, pools and good service. So if you want to save money on accommodations, you will have to give something up.

Below is a list of hotels that are more loyal in price.

In Fira, Keti Hotel and Kamares Apartments. Both have beautiful views.

In Firostefani, Villa Maria Damigou and Villa Ilias are simple hotels with a view of the volcano. Not all rooms have a view of the caldera.

In Oia, Delfini Villas and Zoe Houses are simple and comfortable with a good view.

If you come to Santorini for the beautiful views and you don’t care so much for the convenient location of the hotels, I have 3 hotels for you, located 20 minutes walk from Fira, with beautiful views of the caldera. These hotels have very high ratings compared to the others: Caldera Butterfly Villas , Volcano View and Lilium Santorini Villa .

When is the best time to book a hotel in Santorini?

The sooner the better. The best hotels are sold out in 6-12 months. For weddings rooms are rented 1 – 3 years in advance. You can always find a free room in Santorini, but for 2-3 months the best hotels are completely sold out.

Price statistics for tours in Santorini

See the price statistics from Level Travel, and I advise buying tours from Onlinetours.

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