Where to stay in Milos, Greece

Holidays on the Greek island of Milos: beaches, hotels, how to get there

Holidays on the Greek island of Milos: beaches, hotels, how to get there


Greek resorts are in great demand among tourists from different countries. The high popularity is easily explained by a favorable climate, interest in the ancient culture, luxurious nature and a wide choice of options for vacation places. In this article we will tell about the Greek island of Milos, we will list popular beaches, consider their features and amenities, where to go, what to do and what to see on the island, where to stay, how to get there, the cost of recreation.

Milos island: where is it and how to get there

Milos is one of the most famous Greek islands of volcanic origin. It was here that was discovered world-famous statue of Venus of Milos, now on display in the Louvre. The island is located in the Aegean Sea and belongs to the Cyclades, and more precisely – to its south-western part.

Milos can be reached by plane from Athens. You can also get to the resort by ferry from the main Greek port of Piraeus. But it is worth knowing that it will be quite a long boat ride, which will take at least 5 hours. By the way, you can use the ferry if during the holidays Milos guests want to visit other islands of the archipelago. During the summer months small ferries constantly ply between the most popular islands and allow tourists to see the sights of each of them. Most often vacationers visit the nearby islands: Chalki, Serifos, Folegandros.

When best to vacation on the Greek island of Milos

The climate on the Cycladic archipelago is unusually favorable. Thanks to the successful geographical location to rest on Milos can be for quite a long period. The most successful to visit the island can be considered the period from mid-April to September inclusive. The highest temperatures are during the summer months. During this period the index thermometers reach a mark of 35 degrees. However, tourists do not suffer from stuffiness – the seasonal northern wind allows enjoying the freshness even in the hottest days. You may also be interested in When it’s better to rest in Greece by the sea.

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Attractions of Milos

Ancient culture has left its indelible imprint on the image of the island. History lovers will be interesting to visit the ancient city of Melos. Here you can see the traces of ancient civilizations, see the ruins of ancient fortifications and the Roman amphitheater. In the same area there are the catacombs, construction of which began more than 1.5 thousand years ago. The total length of man-made underground passages is 185 m.

Most of the interesting exhibits are located in the modern capital of the island – Plaka. To get there is quite difficult – the narrow mountain paths do not allow you to use even the smallest passenger car. To move around, locals and visitors to the capital use motorcycles and mopeds.

It is in Plaka is located the Archaeological Museum, which has a rich collection of ancient statues and a copy of the famous Venus. It is also worth visiting the local Museum of Ethnography, where you can learn more about the cultural traditions of the inhabitants of Milos.

In the capital of the island there is an old castle, built by Crusader soldiers in the 13th century. It is also worth visiting the church of Our Lady of Thalassitra, located near this building. This architectural monument is rightly considered the pride of the island and state.

The former capital of the island, the port city of Adamas, is also rich in sights. Here the objects of tourists’ curiosity are the Holy Trinity Church and the Mineralogical Museum.

Lovers of natural beauty will be interested in the active volcano Mount Syavit and a huge number of sea caves. This island was used as a home base by medieval pirates. The natural caves served to shelter ships and store valuables.

Those interested in unusual landscapes and spectacular photos should drive along the coast and admire the beaches. Due to the volcanic origin of the island on the coast you can see rocks of the most unusual colors – from white to bright orange. Coupled with the pristine turquoise and emerald colored water, these landscapes look fabulously beautiful.

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Another option for leisure is a tour of the closed sulfur mine. Old industrial buildings, which have fallen into disrepair, make a strong impression on tourists.

Where else to rest in Greece:

Recreation and entertainment on the island of Milos

Most vacationers who come to the island of Milos in the Aegean Sea in summer are interested in beaches and beach activities. Great weather and clear water allow you to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle. Sea and sunbathing in this region perfectly strengthens the health of holidaymakers. Milos is an ideal place for diving, surfing, water skiing, sailing.

The best beaches of Milos in Greece

The island of Milos has some truly unique places for a beach holiday.

The most picturesque beaches of Milos:

  1. Paleochori. This beach is famous for its underwater hot springs and unusually picturesque cliffs.
  2. Papafrangos. The beach is a natural pool of rectangular shape. It is covered with pure volcanic sand. The sea is quiet and calm. Papafragos is chosen for families with children.
  3. Sarakiniko. The area is famous for its snow-white rocks and canyons. For the unusual shape of the landscape and unearthly color Sarakiniko beach is called the moon beach.
  4. Firiplaka. The area is famous for colorful cliffs. This is the best beach for original photo shoots and video shoots.
  5. Cigrado is a small beach for lovers of solitude.
  6. Provence is a shallow beach for holidays with small children. Numerous tourists are attracted by the stores in the neighborhood with a huge selection of souvenirs.

Popular Hotels Milos

The island of Milos has a well-developed infrastructure to welcome tourists from different countries. Especially tried the owners of the hotel business – some popular hotels occupy elegant old buildings, combining modern comfort and antique flavor.

The capital’s tourist complex Kastro Milos is based in an ancient castle on top of a hill. Guests of the hotel can use the apartments, decorated in ethnic style. The location of the complex is very good – stores, restaurants and the beach are within walking distance.

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Another gem of Milos is the hotel complex Anastaslas Rooms. The hotel occupies the rear of the 19th century. The territory of the complex buried in verdure. The exterior decoration and interior of the Anastaslas Rooms impresses elegance and fine taste. Natural materials (wood, stone) and elegant accessories prevail here.

Hotel Milo Milo Sultes is a luxury hotel. The ultramodern equipment of the rooms, landscaped area, places for rest with handmade furniture make this place attractive to tourists from different countries.

Hotel Liogerma is suitable for those who prefer to spend most of their holidays on the beach. The distance between the hotel building and the coast is only about 60 meters.

How much will it cost to relax on the island of Milos?

The advantage of resting on the Greek island of Milos is its relative affordability, mainly due to the loyal prices of accommodation. In this case, the living conditions meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

On average, double hotel room will cost tourists from Russia in the 3000-4500 rubles a day. The price may include breakfast. How to find and rent an apartment in Greece by the sea on your own, you can read here.

For those who like to relax on the beach and discover new and interesting places, visiting the island of Milos will be a bright event. The beauty of the cliffs, cliffs, turquoise water will delight nature lovers, and for those who prefer an active holiday, there are many options for sports pastime. Even a short tourist trip to Milos will penetrate the spirit of antiquity and keep the feeling until the next vacation.

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