Where to stay in Malta: The best areas

Where to stay in Malta?

This year we will spend our vacation in Malta. Now we must urgently decide on the choice of city where we stay. I know that the resort areas on the island is not so much. Please advise which city (and hotel) to choose for a family vacation. Thanks in advance for your help!


Malta has a lot of interesting places where you can have fun and have a good rest. Such places include the island of Gozo. It is one of the best Maltese islands, which is ideal for family vacations. Lovers of constant partying and nightclubs do not choose this resort. The island boasts beautiful nature, well-developed infrastructure and everything you need for recreation.

The island can please vacationers with stable weather conditions. In summer it is dry, precipitation is extremely rare, the temperature fluctuations, if any, are minimal. The average air temperature in the summer months is between 32-35 degrees. Beach season opens in May and lasts until mid-October. In winter, the air temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees above zero.

Beaches are many and varied, everyone can choose the beach he likes best. In addition to sandy beaches, there are pebbly, rocky, rocky and even concrete beaches. The most popular are the beaches of San Blas and Ramla Bay. To get around the island is better to rent a car or take a cab. There is a bus service, but it is poorly developed, so do not rely on this type of transport (the size of the island is not small, so all the time walking is not an option). You can take the ferry yourself to other islands and save on buying excursions.

The island has a sufficient number of hotels of different stars, but the hallmark of all hotels is a high level of service. Each hotel on its territory has bars, swimming pools, terraces. Some hotels have their own tennis courts. In addition, each hotel has its own range of entertainment. And here we are not talking about the animation, but the gyms, spas, saunas, diving centers and more. Outside of the hotels, there are plenty of water rides, opportunities to go scuba diving, fishing, go to a nightclub, sit in a restaurant and much more.

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In terms of sights, there is plenty to see, but the most significant place on the island is the Citadel Fortress. For centuries, this structure has served as a defense against pirate raids. Inside the fortress are several museums that can tell you about the life, culture, religion and history of the Maltese state. There are the Folklore Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Cathedral Museum and the Museum of St. George. Besides the Citadel, you can also visit other places of interest, including the Palace of Justice, the Bishop’s Palace, the blooming gardens of Randle and many others.

It is to this island I advise you to pay attention. Compared with other resorts here is not so noisy and, nevertheless, you can choose entertainment for all tastes and pockets.


In terms of entertainment, a Maltese resort such as St. Julian’s is the best. Previously, this town was an ordinary fishing village, but over time has turned into a great resort, while to this day here respects and honors the traditions of yesteryear. The city is considered the center of nightlife in Malta, there are several hundred restaurants, bars, nightclubs. It is here that one of the best and largest discos in the world – Axis – is located. Most of the hotels here are five-star (here is also located the residence of the President of Malta). In general, the question of the cost of recreation in Malta is a separate subject, but be prepared for the fact that it is expensive, at times very expensive (much more expensive than in Cyprus).

The city is located around the Bay of Spinola. It is a very beautiful bay, on the shores of which there are wild cats and ducks (these are the traditional inhabitants of this archipelago). St. Julians is located near Valletta, and the main income of the city’s coffers is income from the tourism business. In the summer a huge number of tourists visiting the resort, but we are not talking about the Russians, but the young tourists from Europe (the Russians come too, but they are not many). Malta is known worldwide as the best place to learn a foreign language, so there are always a lot of young people who combine study and rest.

Where to spend your vacation?

The beaches of the resort are in perfect condition and there are ideal conditions for a comfortable stay. In addition to nightlife, there are all kinds of entertainment, including the opportunity to fish (fishing has lost its relevance a little over the years, but the locals are well versed in this matter). You can also try your hand at scuba diving, bowling, horseback riding and many other activities.

The main attraction of the city is the palace of Sinola, which was built back in 1658 by Giovani Sinola – an Italian knight. There is a casino on the grounds of another historic building, Villa Dragonara. Tourists are also offered a wide range of excursion programs, though the prices for such trips are biting. But if you’re going to go on holiday to Malta, you must be aware of local prices and prepare a few thousand euros (with less money there is nothing to do).


Of all the cities in Malta, it’s best to choose Sliema for accommodation. There are several reasons in favor of this. First, you will notice that the choice of hotels here is more than in other tourist areas, and the prices are significantly different in the favorable direction. The second reason is the very convenient location. You can reach the capital city of Valletta in about 30 minutes by bus or by ferry which sets off regularly from the Sliema Pier. And in the Sliema itself, there is something to see. There are lots of unique architectural masterpieces that are described in the guidebooks as the most interesting in Malta.

If you’d like to visit the famous beaches in the North of the island or indeed the islands of Gozo and Kamino, again this is very easy. From Sliema there is a bus service to Meliehi and the ferry to Gozo and Kamino. It’s a little over an hour drive, but the time flies by while you’re admiring the beauty of the local nature.

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Of the hotels in Sliema I recommend the Imperial Hotel. It is conveniently located in the center of the city and there is a bus stop for the Express from the Malta airport within walking distance from the hotel. The hotel is in an old building but don’t let this scare you. Inside all communications are in good order and the staff is markedly courteous. Do not hesitate to make any request at reception, everything is guaranteed.


We booked the Sunny Coast Resort & Spa- AX Hotels for two adults and three children (one infant) and were very happy with our stay. Three rooms including two bedrooms, living room with kitchen, bathroom, balcony with sea view in both bedrooms. Nearby dive center, went to Perched Beach bulk beach, aquarium nearby, but we rented a car and drove around the area.


If you want to stay cheap, the Asti Hostel is situated on St Ursula Street, Valletta, the capital of Malta. It is five minutes walk from the bus station. There are not many places to stay, the night costs from 30 euros, breakfast included.

Of the hotels with an adequate price ($ 50 per night), I can recommend Osborne and Phoenicia. Queen Elizabeth II stayed at the last one.


There is a wonderful resort in Malta – Sliema. Probably one of the most popular for tourists. In addition to beach rest Sliema can offer a large number of boat and diving tours, there are parks, as well as a huge number of for such a small area of entertainment.

As for the hotel, it all depends on your budget, if a hostel is not an option for you, then there is a wonderful hotel Imperial Hotel, the room which will cost you somewhere around 2500 rubles, also the Europa Hotel has a good reputation and the view from the divine rooms, located right on the beach, the room is around 3000 rubles. But again, the prices depend on the time you book the room.

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Malta is a small island country and its territory is very small. Choosing a place for recreation, you can be relaxed that from anywhere in Malta will be convenient to make excursions, walks and visit the sights.

The capital city of Malta, Valletta, in my opinion, is not suitable for a family vacation. The city itself is small and there are no equipped beaches. You can come here for a sightseeing tour by boat and for a walk in a real carriage.

The town of St. Julian is more suitable for a holiday for young people. After all, there are a huge number of pubs, clubs and bars, because not for nothing this town is called a club.

The area of Mellieha is famous for its great great sand line, where you immediately feel the resort area. On the beach Meliha bay is good to rest with young children. Here the water is shallow, warms up quickly, and swim in it pleasantly.

Not a bad place for a family vacation is the town of Sliema. There are many modern hotels, which are located directly beside the sea. The town has a beautiful promenade, a good play area Playzone and a large shopping center The Point with a play area for children. But one downside to Sliema is that the beaches are rocky platforms.

If you want a comfortable family vacation in silence choose Bujibba or Aura. These resorts have a lot of different attractions for children, but the beaches are stony and are not suitable for small children, but the entertainment is great. In Aura there is a water park, aquarium, bird park and biopark.


Most of all I liked the rest in the capital of Malta, the city of Valletta. There are many beautiful buildings and squares. parks and shopping stalls where you can not only enjoy the beauty, but also to buy everything you need: souvenirs, gifts, etc.

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In choosing a hotel, you should pay attention to the number of stars, this will depend on service and services. On average, the price for a hotel room from 150 euros per night for two people I would recommend Osborne Hotel, clean, comfortable with a beautiful view from the window. Nice and courteous staff. Tasty cuisine.

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