Where to stay in Malaga, Spain

Málaga: the best neighborhoods for living and vacationing in comfort

Málaga: the best areas to live and relax in comfort

Málaga is an amazingly beautiful, friendly and welcoming city with a great climate and everything you need for a comfortable life and vacation. It is this Andalusian city has repeatedly become a leader in various ratings: the best place to live, the best climate, the most “smiling” city … Of course, the cost of living here is largely consistent with a high standard of living: Malaga is chosen by wealthy people who want to enjoy life and leisure in excellent conditions. However, if desired, it is possible to find opportunities for the owners of average incomes.

Which areas of Málaga are most suitable for living? The answer depends firstly on your needs and secondly on your financial means.

Málaga is one of the richest cities in Spain. According to data for 2016, the average annual income per capita here is € 10,000 higher than in Madrid.

Málaga: the best areas to live and relax in comfort

Málaga has 338 neighborhoods and 10 districts: Centro, Este, Ciudad Jardín, Bailén Miraflores, Palma Palmilla, Cruz de Humilladero, Carretera de Cádiz, Churriana, Campanillas and Puerto de la Torre.

Let’s find out which ones are the best for vacationing and living.

Let’s start with a warning: like many large cities, Málaga has disadvantaged neighborhoods in which it is better not to rent or buy a home: La Palmilla, Los Asperones, the area around the cemetery and Cruz Verde.

The best neighborhoods for middle income

Many traditional neighborhoods in Málaga offer quite interesting options for leisure and accommodation at affordable prices. We are talking primarily about the old areas of the city, such as Cruz Humilladero, Zona de Huelin, Calle La unión, Nueva Málaga, Ciudad Jardín. Most of the housing in these areas is over 30 years old. Nevertheless, many of the apartments have good renovations and are quite comfortable to live in.

Average rental prices here range from €500 to €700.

Málaga: the best areas to live and relax in comfort

The best neighborhoods for above average incomes

This is where many more options await us, because Málaga, as already mentioned, is a city primarily for wealthy people.

La Malagueta: Near the beach, the center, and Muelle Uno

This area is considered the best to live in in terms of proximity to the beach, the historic center and one of the most famous walking and shopping spots in Málaga, Muelle Uno. This is the famous promenade of Málaga, a favorite place of locals and tourists with a great view of the port. There are plenty of stores, bars and restaurants, and the port often hosts interesting free concerts and exhibitions. On weekends, artisans sell their wares here: you can buy original handmade items and easily “meet the plan” for souvenirs.

The area is considered one of the best not only in Málaga, but also on the entire Costa del Sol.

La Malagueta is primarily a tourist area, so there are plenty of options for rentals, especially during the vacation season. The average cost of rent ranges from €700 to €1500 per month.

Málaga: the best areas to live and relax in comfort

Center: for lovers of city life, art and nightlife

The center of Málaga is one of the most beautiful places to live. This area has been actively renovated and reformed in recent years. Many old nineteenth century buildings have been reconstructed. Many offices of lawyers, notaries, doctors and other professionals in private practice are concentrated in this area, making it a great option for professionals who want to live and work in Málaga.

For lovers of art and culture, the Soho district has been redeveloped, an area that the Municipality of Malaga has decided to turn into a hub of contemporary art. This is where the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga is located.

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The Centro, among other things, is the best option for investment in real estate. The dream of many is to live on the most famous and beautiful street of Málaga – Larios.

The average cost of renting a house here ranges from €1000 to €1500.

Málaga: the best areas to live and relax in comfortMálaga: the best areas to live and relax in comfort

Carretera de Cádiz – Paseo Marítimo de Oeste: An ideal area for families and sea lovers

If you are looking for a peaceful holiday and want to enjoy the sea but do not care about the price, choose Paseo Marítimo de Oeste for its beautiful views and direct access to the beach.

For those who want to live close to the sea, but want to save money on accommodation, choose Carretera de Cádiz. Here you can rent a house for between €500 and €800.

This area is well connected to the center (subway and buses). Find plenty of entertainment, shopping and sightseeing opportunities.

Avenida Pacífico is a new area belonging to the Carretera de Cádiz. It is ideal for young people and families with children. There are many playgrounds, parks and sports areas, making it one of the healthiest neighborhoods in Andalusia. And all this is complemented by the proximity of beaches and beautiful sea views.

Málaga: the best areas to live and relax in comfort

Teatinos: University zone and nightlife

This is a new, modern area where most of the buildings were built recently. Here you will find swimming pools, green areas and tennis courts. This area is great for living and recreation for families as well as students: many educational institutions are in close proximity to this area.

The average rent ranges from €600 to €900.

El Limonar: Luxury in all its forms

The El Limonar neighborhood is a dream for any native of Málaga. Living here means having an above average income. It is the quietest area of the city, tucked away in its green surroundings and away from the noise of the metropolis, but close to the center and the beaches.

We are talking about the richest area of the city: the average income per capita here is three times higher than, for example, in Palma-Palmilla.

This is the elite area of Málaga, consisting mainly of expensive chalets and luxury residences with large swimming pools, sports fields and luxurious gardens. All this is located in close proximity to the sea.

Houses in this area are usually guarded.

The cost of renting an average of €1000 – €3000 per month.

Málaga: the best areas to live and relax in comfort

Buying a house in Málaga

The most expensive housing in Málaga is in the Este area, and the cheapest – in Martiricos. At the same time, according to the results for 2017, the strongest increase in housing prices in the areas of Ciudad Jardín and Carretera de Cádiz. So, in June 2017 the average cost per square meter of housing in Málaga was €1757. When it comes to prices by neighborhood, the price per square meter in Ciudad Jardín was €1117 in June 2017, in the Carretera de Cádiz – €1692, in Teatinos – €1857, in the Este zone – €2402, and in Centro – €2059.

To summarize, once again, choosing the best neighborhood to live and vacation in Málaga largely depends on your financial capabilities. This city offers many options for living, working and spending leisure time in the most comfortable and pleasant conditions, and everyone can find here what is most important for them. Malaga is preferred by many celebrities, which makes it one of the most elite places in Spain, ideal for those who want to live in complete comfort and safety and can afford it.

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Málaga Area Guide


Located on the southern coast of Spain in close proximity to the Strait of Gibraltar and Africa, Málaga is a medium-sized city with about half a million inhabitants. As I said, the city is on the coast, hence there are beaches within the city. Nevertheless, I would not say that Málaga is the best place for a beach holiday, the beaches there are rather average (I mean the ones within the town), first, they are crowded (locals also want to swim), second, they can be rather dirty and the sea leaves much to be desired. In general, the beach season in Málaga lasts from late May to late September, at this time you can swim, but note that just somewhere around the city are cold currents, so even on hot days in the sea can suddenly become quite cold. Close to Malaga is more suitable places for a beach holiday – a small resort towns such as Marbella, Torremolinos, Fuengirola and others. The beaches there are much cleaner than in Málaga and there is everything for a beach holiday. If to speak about beach rest within all Spain, I generally would not name the south the most suitable for this place – in my opinion, the best beach holiday in Spain offers coast of Costa Blanca (it is beaches from Valencia to Alicante – among them Valencia, Gandia, Calpe, Altea, Benidorm and other resort towns). I explain why in my opinion, lovers of sea and sun should first of all pay their attention to… read more

When is better to rest in Málaga?


If you are going to Malaga for a beach holiday, note that the beach season there generally lasts from June to September, but in fact in June (and especially in the first half) the sea is still cool, so swim only those who like a very invigorating water. In July the water is already warm enough, and you can swim without fear. However, keep in mind that near Málaga is the Strait of Gibraltar, which has cold currents, so sometimes even on the hottest days the water can become quite cool – which means that some current has arrived. It usually does not last very long – two to three days. Since October, the water becomes quite cool, and bathing becomes impossible. The temperature in the summer in Malaga is quite high, in general, the summer is quite hot and dry, there is no precipitation at all. The normal summer temperature is 26 to 29 degrees, but on some days (especially in August) the temperature can rise to 36-37 degrees. This is why Malaga in summer is not very suitable for excursions and trips to nearby towns – it’s very hot and stuffy, in this weather you can just sit on the beach or relax in a hotel.

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The highest prices for recreation at this resort, as elsewhere, accounts for July and August (the so-called high season), but in September they are already much lower, and tourists are markedly less. The daytime temperature in September is still quite high – an average of 26 to 29 degrees, but the water is gradually getting cooler. This is the time when you can read in full.

Where to stay in Malaga?


The question of where best to stay in Málaga is not so difficult to solve – the most important is to determine that in the end the sea or a cultural program is more important for you. If a cultural program, it is certainly best to stay directly in the historic center. In fact, it is very large in territory and there is a giant selection of hotels, and for every taste and every budget.

On the south side of the center are two small very specific, but very exclusive neighborhoods – Soho and Malagatta. Here Malaguetta is famous for being the closest to the center of the beach, and therefore the most expensive and prestigious hotels are located here. And Soho is the artist and gallery district.

If you are more interested in going on a beach holiday then the Malaga Este neighborhood on the East or the Carretera de Cádiz neighborhood on the West. The beaches on the east side are considered better quality and that is why there is a larger selection of hotels, but the prices are higher.

However, it is difficult to reach the historic center on foot from the beach areas – more than 5 km. So when you choose an accommodation here, be sure to pay attention to the presence of public transport stations near your hotel.

The historical center is best suited for those who are more interested in sightseeing. This is in fact the heart of Málaga with its beautiful houses, temples, squares, and cozy… read completely…

Useful Information


Málaga is located in the south of Spain, in the province of Andalusia. In summer this city is visited by quite a lot of tourists but in winter Malaga tends to die out – there are not so many tourists there.

The locals are friendly, we have not encountered any aggression in his address, but tourists should keep in mind that not all locals speak English – I would even say that few of the residents of Malaga speak English. Rather, young people will know the most basic phrases and expressions such as How much is it? How to go? Where is the place? People of the older generation mostly speak only Spanish, of course, there are nice exceptions, but they are very, very few. This is why the tourist, going to the south of Spain, it would be very nice to learn at least a dozen or so simple Spanish phrases and expressions. First, you will communicate easily, and second, you will make the locals welcome you-they are very pleased that a foreigner has taken it upon himself to learn their language even a little. As I wrote above, Spaniards are very friendly and helpful in principle, so feel free to contact them, but it will probably be difficult to explain in English.

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The attitude to Russian tourists at them is absolutely normal, they do not show any aggression towards us, on the contrary, they begin to ask about Russia and ask why we have chosen to rest in their country.

We made a choice to stay in Russia.

How to get there?


Malaga is a pretty big city in the south of Spain. From Russia there are several ways to get there. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from St. Petersburg (from Moscow, it seems, also). A not bad variant is to fly to Helsinki and from there to Malaga – we did exactly so – we flew to Helsinki, had a connection (time between flights was a couple hours), and from there we flew to Malaga. Both flights were operated by the Finnish airline Finnair. The pros of the flight were clean, new planes, excellent service (stewardesses speak English well), good food, soft landing, no problems during the flight. The only minus, in general, was the price. Return round trip flight St. Petersburg – Helsinki – Malaga – Helsinki – St. Petersburg cost 23 thousand. Of course, it was overpayment, but we flew in comfort by a very reliable airline. There were no problems with the luggage, as it was transported by the airline. There were no delays, all flights left on time. To Helsinki we flew less than an hour, to Malaga – about five hours. Thus, this option is expensive, but comfortable.

There are also other options with connections in various European cities. You can take off from Moscow, St. Petersburg or another Russian city and change in Barcelona or Madrid (usually offered by the Spanish airline Iberia). The cost in this case would be lower – probably up to 15 thousand rubles. One. read in full.

Food and drinks


Málaga is the capital of the Spanish province of Andalusia which is famous for its culinary traditions. In general, the basis of Spanish cuisine is fish, seafood, Jamon (a kind of smoked ham), red wines, a huge number of snacks (they are called tapas) and traditional Spanish sweets.

All this you can try in Málaga, because in this city there is an incredible number of cafes and restaurants offering traditional Spanish cuisine.

First of all I would like to note that the food in all of Spain, as well as in Malaga, as a rule, excellent quality – we ate in cheap cafes, and sometimes went to quite expensive restaurants – not once poisoned anywhere, so you can safely eat at any institution.

As I have already written, Spain is famous for its snacks, which are called tapas. Tapas are served with alcohol (usually red wine), and there is a great variety – it can be olives, different cheeses, potatoes with different sauces, ham, jamon, tortilla (something like a hearty omelet with various additives) and much, much more. Usually the tastiest tapas are served in bars or specialized restaurants (they may be called Taperia or Tapas, meaning they specialize in appetizers). In some bars snacks are free if you order something from the alcohol, and somewhere they are dedicated to a separate menu. They are inexpensive, as a rule, the price for a snack for a few people ranges from 3 to… read more

What to see in Málaga?


The top 9 tourist attractions in Venezuela

Malaga is the capital of the province of Andalusia. The city is home to about half a million people.

The first thing tourists should pay attention to is the fortress Alcazaba, located in the historic center of the city. It was built in the Middle Ages and pretty well preserved to this day – you can admire the powerful fortress walls, gates and Arab gardens. From the fortress you can admire the view that opens up to Málaga and the city port. It is open all days, the ticket is very cheap, the exact cost I do not remember, but not more than five euros. Inside the fortress there is an archaeological museum, which will appeal to all lovers of history and archeology. The exhibits are items of everyday life and utensils (mostly pottery), which cover both the ancient period and the Middle Ages. We spent a couple of hours on Alcazaba and the archaeological museum – in the fortress itself you can see except the gardens (we were there in January, unfortunately, there was little in bloom, it’s better, of course, to come in the spring), admire the view of the port, take pictures – in general an hour will be enough for you. By the way, keep in mind that you have to climb uphill – it may be difficult for children and older people. And also we spent about an hour in the archeological museum – it is not bad, museum lovers will like it, but again not very big – you will see everything in an hour. To summarize my impressions from visiting Alcazaba and the museum, I can say that these historical places are worth attention, but do not expect from them too much – still read in full.

Excursion to a small town Ronda, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

What to buy?


Although Malaga is not a small town by the standards of Spain (about half a million people), but I would not call it a shopping paradise. Of course you can buy something there, but do not expect a wide variety of stores and a huge selection.

In Malaga, as in many other cities, there are shopping and entertainment centers – one of the largest centers is called Larios Centro, located near the train station, in addition to stores, there is a number of cafes and restaurants, a cinema complex with several halls, and a supermarket. The center is open from 10 am to 10 pm (shopping malls in Russia generally follow the same schedule, so it is easy to remember). The bulk of the stores that are located there are in the medium price category – brands such as Springfield, Desigual, Stradivarius, Pimkie, Tezenis, Zara, Massimo Dutti and others. There are also cosmetics stores (such as Yves Rocher), as well as the well-known Pandora, which offers jewelry and several specialized stores (optics, jewelry and the like). I would say that the selection there is average – the clothes are not bad, but you won’t find anything super interesting there. The pluses – even in those stores which are in Russia (for example, Zara, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti) in Spain bring a little bit other collection, so that you have a chance to get not very expensive things which however will not go all your friends. The prices are average, in chain stores are cheaper than in Russia, but the difference is not huge.

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