Where to stay in Ghent. Belgium

Hotels in Ghent, Belgium

It was amazing! A surprise planned for our 10 years together. My madame did not yet know about the marriage proposal I had made with the help of the front manager (I realize now that I did not ask her name ??♂️?). Extremely attentive staff, and everything from the restaurant to the room was in perfect order. Kudos to all who gave us one of the most enjoyable evenings, nights and mornings ?? . ❤? MERCI.

Wonderful atmosphere and good management. No complaints about the very spacious room (junior suite), which is kept in good condition. Well-maintained air conditioning and a spacious shower. Delicious breakfast was served to the table because of the Corona virus, but the choice was great and you can always ask for more. Also during check-in, the staff gave helpful tips on parking and sightseeing

Math class I will wait in your head I don’t want to be with you no more and I am in my pajamas including to work can’t sleep well

Nice hotel. Rooms are well equipped and good use of space. Service staff in Di ING room can do with a little training and the promise of a cab never came when we needed to get to the train station. It was bad weather for a week so maybe better in the sun.

Beautiful. Many original rooms to relax and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. I have never met a more attentive and friendly staff including reception, concierge, restaurant/bar and housekeeping. We will be sad to part ways.

Nice hotel and the location is very attractive, next to the Ghent Canal, the food is very good and there are choices, the restaurant is at the front of the canal which makes the view fantastic. The lobby is well designed and lots of sofas to relax and the music is nice. There are two kinds of rooms, the canal view room which is an amazing street view which is not good because it is an alley.

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The best place to stay in the city of Ghent. It is right in the center of everything that makes for an easy vacation. The hotel is elegant and well maintained and the rooms are large, relaxing, and well equipped. If you spend any time in Ghent looking no further, this is a great hotel.

If you need a place to stay in Ghent, you can stop looking. This hotel is perfect for a family vacation or business meeting. It was my home for 3 weeks and became my home away from home. The staff at the front desk are wonderful. They are extremely polite and strive to ensure our guests are welcome. The hotel is in a fantastic location. You can walk out the door.

The Boutique Hotel 1898 The Post occupies a famous historic building in the center of Ghent. Previously this building housed a post office. It offers 37 rooms and suites elegantly furnished with antique furniture.

A romantic hotel, very well located near the center. A perfect room with a small bath and a small table to eat at together. Modern but with a lot of charm. Food in the evening with room service, just perfect and delicious. Same for breakfast. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. In short, I would recommend it without hesitation.

Beautiful hotel with modern rooms, parquet floors, outdoor pool, exercise facilities, . located in a fantastic location in the city center. Very tasty and plentiful breakfast with all the extras. There is a (limited) opportunity to park at the hotel. Last but not least, the hotel has a very friendly and courteous staff. Huge recommendation!

Cozy and warm, wonderful breakfasts . If you take it in advance it was 15 euros if it was 22. Rooms are spacious, close to the canal and nightlife. Very comfortable) Definitely recommend both the hotel and the neighborhood!

Ideal location, detailed amenities and infrastructure in a part of Ghent. Close to all local events and quiet at night. We had a newly renovated room on the top floor overlooking the outdoor pool. Very attentive staff, good continental breakfast.

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Very interesting original hotel on the waterfront. i had a 2 story room. some of the engineering was a bit off, but overall very good

Rooms are very comfortable. Close to Ghent St Peters station. Breakfast was brought to the room. With the usual cutlery and linen napkins. Nice room, bathroom compared to the room itself I found too small. Everything is very neat and clean. There was some intermediate cleaning done here. Shapo!!! Thanks for the warm welcome

Genius hotel choice – not very expensive, spacious rooms with well appointed bathrooms, cool parking at the hotel entrance, and a smart and humorous team at the front desk. A bunch of delis and grocery stores nearby, which is still relevant in those strange times. A real win for a visit to Ghent – recommended!

The staff really cares about their customers! We were received very nicely and also in French. This is a good tip to visit the city that we know how to walk from the hotel. Very spacious, bright and comfortable room! With a plentiful and fresh breakfast. Nothing to complain about . except to go there with my eyes closed.

Very nice place in the center of Ghent. The rooms are spacious and very nicely decorated. The breakfast is too incredible. I would definitely recommend it!

One of the best hotels we stayed at in Europe. The room was great. Simply decorated, very clean and wouldn’t make you feel crowded. Breakfast was delicious with lots of choices. You can’t beat the location as it is in the center of Ghent. The staff was very polite and welcoming. In general I can not imagine a better place to stay in Ghent

I can safely say the representative room I in almost as big as the apartment I live in Italy. The bathroom is generous, including bathtub, shower and two sinks. While functional and comfortable, the look of the room is a bit tired, especially noticeable when looking at the furniture in the room. In contrast, I had a quick peek inside the smaller room and it looked much more modern.

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The hotel is in a very traveler-friendly location, the rooms are no frills in design, but contain everything you need. The staff is friendly, helpful. It is customary for the hotel to take a deposit. We checked out on October 2, today is October 24, but the deposit has not been refunded.

Where to stay in Ghent?


Why do tourists come to Ghent? What is there to see in this relatively small – 156 square kilometers – town? You don’t usually expect anything out of the ordinary in such cases. Some bright sight or two. As a rule, capitals, which absorbed both cultural, industrial and academic achievements, require close attention and time. Such in Belgium is Brussels. And yet in Ghent there are floods of foreign visitors. There are good reasons for that. And there are several of them, not just one or two. For example, the hallmark of romantic Venice – water canals of the city – dotted Ghent, too, providing an opportunity for both adults and children a great time, taking a boat ride and not only relaxing, but also learning one of the oldest settlements in this part of the world. Further: there are many fans of the Middle Ages among us, mysterious and gloomy, fascinating and astonishing in its manifestations. And in Ghent, almost every residential neighborhood consists of these very manifestations – architectural monuments and sculptures, parks and fountains – so once you get here, you feel like a tourist back in time. That’s not all: the “student city” has its own special “flavor”, and not all the administrative units with educational institutions within their boundaries deserve it. Ghent, on the other hand, has amazingly managed to retain the atmosphere of students with its oldest University (founded in 1817 – it’s not a cat crap!), carrying both carefree and fun and solid academic spirit through the centuries. By the way, it’s in the top two hundred by world standards. And the Flemish Opera? And the Ghent Floralia, the lavish celebrations of fresh flowers that take place once every five years and are therefore so eagerly awaited? In short, the colorful and informative kaleidoscope that is assembled in Ghent deserves more than a day’s stay. But then there is naturally a need for temporary accommodation for guests. And here, the legendary Flemish has done the world a disservice – almost everyone who has been here once is happy.

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Usually, those who are looking for a place to stay, mean a hotel of some level of service, a guest house, a hostel or a motel, if they travel in their own vehicle. Ghent offers an incomparably richer choice: in addition to the already familiar standard – bed and breakfast hotels, country houses, whole holiday complexes with a cottage or bungalow, farmhouses, lodges (or in Russian – vacation home, very similar to the farmhouse), mini-hotels at restaurants, botel (like a boat on the water, converted into a cozy hotel). It is important whatever type of accommodation you choose, you can find reasonable prices. Except, of course, suites or accommodation in a separate country house (or even an ancient castle). The prices there are fixed and high. For example, Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof began to receive guests in the 18th century, all the finishing inside the building – from natural materials, rooms – huge size, and the interior is striking with the richness of decor. But in a city where the sights – at every step, you can find temporary accommodation and comfortable and quite inexpensive, if, of course, you are going to wander around Ghent, and not to lie in a hotel room all day long. So, right in the center is an abundance of hotels and small hotels with cramped rooms (often fit only a double bed and nightstand), but with a bathroom, absolute cleanliness and friendly staff.

With such a variety of proposals to find the right room for honeymooners or a family with a child will not be difficult. Immediately after the wedding music and congratulatory fireworks, it is better not to go straight back to everyday life, but to keep the romantic mood, traveling in such a graceful Ghent, while choosing to stay in an apartment or a truly luxurious room in one of the hotels suites. Family travelers can be advised not to be afraid of booking rooms, even in three-star hotels. For example, the Hotel Onderbergen, near the River Fox is in fact in the heart of the city, close to both the Wellstraat – the shopping district of Ghent, and the architectural monuments of local history, for example, the cathedral of St. Bavon – just about 500 meters from it. The hotel building with high ceilings and hardwood floors is a whimsical yet comfortable combination of preserved historic mansion and ultra-modern amenities (Wi-Fi, plasma TV with satellite channels, full bathroom, etc.). A crib can be pre-ordered in the room; a child under 5 years of age, who occupies a separate adult bed, lives free of charge, as does a child of 2 years or less in a crib.

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Not the last factor for a good rest is the right, that is a delicious meal. Belgium can boast with a clear conscience. Invariable waffles and delicious fried potatoes – perhaps the hallmark of Belgian cuisine. And, of course, high-quality chocolate, as well as fried meat (with salad) and mussels.

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