Where to spend the summer vacation? Rest in Russia and foreign countries

Top 31 ideas for where to go on vacation: the best places abroad and in Russia

Summer and early autumn is the vacation period. Most people try to relax during this period. But where to go on vacation in 2022? Despite all the unfavorable factors, from visa problems to a new round of pandemics, there are quite a few interesting vacation destinations. We will tell you where to go on vacation, and how best to organize such a trip.

Where to go on vacation in Russia and abroad: the best places on the map

Where to go on vacation: in Russia or abroad? Our map will help you figure out where best to go. In addition to the different regions in Russia, you can go on vacation in Europe (Serbia, Greece), Asia (Turkey, Armenia) and Africa (Egypt, Morocco).

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Where to go on Vacation Abroad 2022

If you certainly want to organize yourself a trip abroad, go on vacation to a place where it’s warm, safe, and has a lot of opportunities for a variety of recreation. We’ve chosen 6 countries that will be nice to spend time regardless of the season.


Where to go on vacation Turkey


Thinking about where to go on vacation abroad, one of the first and most popular options usually consider Turkey Vacation here is still one of the most affordable and popular. In addition to the golden beaches and hotels with programs “All Inclusive”, Turkey also has a lot of interesting sights, which will have to visit.

Total: Visa regime – no; Direct flights from Moscow – yes; The average cost of a week tour – 57 000 rubles; The main attractions of the country – the Cathedral of St. Sophia, the Galata Tower, the Basilica Cistern; What to do – beach holidays, cruises, tours.


Where to go on vacation Egypt


Egypt is the second most popular (after Turkey) overseas holiday destination for Russians. As in Turkey, you can spend your time on the beach, staying in one of the most beautiful Egyptian hotels. But do not forget that this is a country with a rich history, and there is also something to see.

Total: Visa – processed on arrival in the country; Direct flights from Moscow – yes; Average cost of a week tour – 58 000 rubles; Main attractions of the country – the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Luxor; Things to do – beach holidays, tours, cruises on the Nile.


Journey to Morocco


The country of Morocco, many people know from the TV series “Clone”, and it is one of the most interesting and mysterious places to go on vacation abroad. In addition to beach holidays and historical excursions, spa treatments are very popular here, which are considered some of the best in the world.

Total: Visa regime – no; Direct flights from Moscow – yes; Average cost of a week’s tour – 53 000 rubles; Main attractions of the country – Fez, Menara Gardens, the Grottoes of Hercules; What can you do – beach holidays, spa, historical excursions.


Where to go on vacation Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Where to go on vacation in the summer of 2022 in Europe? One of the most attractive countries for Russian tourists in this region is Serbia. Here there is no sea and no beaches, but there are beautiful mountains, ancient monasteries and the opportunity to go on a cruise on Europe’s greatest river – the Danube.

Total: Visa regime – no; direct flights from Moscow – is; the average cost of a week tour – 58 000 rubles; main attractions of the country – Mileshevo Monastery, Golubachki Grad, Zlotskaya Cave; things to do – hiking in the mountains, tours, cruises on the Danube.


Kefalonia Greece

Kefalonia, Greece

Another popular European vacation destination is Greece. This country combines beautiful beaches and ancient history. Here can go on vacation and those who like to bask in the sun on the beach, and those who want to touch the ancient history and culture of Greece.

Total: Visa regime – no; direct flights from Moscow – is; the average cost of a week tour – 73 000 rubles; the main attractions of the country – the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, Ancient Olympia; things to do – beach holidays, cultural tourism, historical tours.


Vacation Armenia

Monastery of Tatev, Armenia

Armenia is a country with an ancient and very rich history. And also it is one of the most budget and popular directions for Russian tourists. Active rest, health tourism and pilgrimage are the things that attract Russians to Armenia.

Monument to the Tsar Peacemaker in Livadia

Total: Visa regime – no; Direct flights from Moscow – yes; Average price for a week tour – 24 000 rubles; Main attractions of the country – Lake Sevan, Garni Temple, Teishebaini; Things to do – active tourism, health tourism, religious enlightenment.

Where to go on vacation in Russia

Answering the question of where to go on vacation in Russia, it is enough to look at the map of our vast country. There are many historical, cultural and natural attractions. Also, without leaving Russia, you can always do mountain tourism or beach holidays if you know the places.

Where to go on vacation: 5 best routes for organized tours

If you have a short vacation, it will be quite easy to organize a rich excursion program without leaving the country. It’s enough to choose one of the popular tourist routes in our selection.

Golden Ring of Russia

Golden Ring of Russia, Suzdal


The Golden Ring of Russia is one of the most important tourist routes in our country. It includes ancient cities with unique architectural monuments. Traveling along the Golden Ring you can learn a lot about the history of Russia. You can see monasteries and temples and other sights that have kept their look through the centuries since their construction.

The Golden Ring includes Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal, Vladimir, Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky and Yaroslavl. All these cities are rich in historical sights.

Silver Ring of Russia

The Silver Ring of Russia, Pskov

Pskov Kremlin

The Silver Ring of Russia is located north of the Golden Ring, and it includes many more cities. It includes areas from Kaliningrad to Vologda, from Arkhangelsk to Pskov. Going on a trip to the Silver Ring of Russia, each tourist can plunge into the atmosphere of Novgorod Rus and learn a lot about this ancient and unique state.

Mountain Altai

Altai Mountains Where to go on Vacation


Another very popular route for travel within Russia is the Altai Mountains. Many tourists are attracted by the unimaginable beauty of the nature of this place. In addition to the mountain ranges, there is a huge number of unique lakes. Also in the Altai Mountains there are a lot of architectural monuments dating back to the times of the Siberian Khanate.

Kizhi and Valaam

Where to go on vacation Kizhi

Kizhi Pogost

The Republic of Karelia also has the most beautiful nature. And in order to get to know the beauty of this place, it is enough to send a tour to Kizhi and Valaam. During this tour you can visit Lake Ladoga and the White Sea coast, as well as go to the historical places of Karelia and see its ancient and more modern monuments.

The Big Sayan Ring

The Big Sayan Ring, Khakassia


Many tourists who prefer not to go to foreign countries, stop their choice on the Great Sayan Ring, located in the Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia and Tyva. Like the Altai Mountains, this place is unique both from a natural and historical point of view. Also, when ordering a tour along the Great Sayan Ring, tourists always have the opportunity to visit the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, one of the largest industrial facilities in the world, built during the Soviet era.

Where to go on vacation with children in 2022

Children in any season need a lot of sun, bright impressions and activity. We have chosen for you the locations where they will definitely have something to do.


Where to go on vacation Anapa


Resorts in the Krasnodar region have always been the place to go on vacation with children. And Anapa is no exception. Here there are many different beaches along the Black Sea coast. Also in this city you can find other types of recreation for families with children, such as water parks and zoos.

The cost of renting accommodation in Anapa is as follows:

  • room in a hotel – from 1,900 rubles;
  • Apartment – from 1 100 rubles;
  • Private house – from 2 000 rubles.

In addition to beach recreation and spending time with children in Anapa, you can also see the city lighthouse, the gates of the Turkish fortress and the castle “Lion Mountain”.


Botanic Garden of the Taurida National University Salgirka Park

Salgirka Park

Simferopol is also a popular tourist destination for families with children. This city is not directly on the seashore, but here you can find other entertainment for families with children. For example, go to the ostrich farm or the city circus.

Lodging in Simferopol costs:

  • a room in a hotel – from 800 rubles;
  • Apartment – from 900 rubles;
  • Private house – from 1 500 rubles.

Among the interesting cultural-historical attractions of Simferopol are the Scythian Naples, the Catherine Garden and the unique local Museum of Chocolate.

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Rest in Kaliningrad


Kaliningrad is another popular vacation destination. Despite the fact that this city is not located in the southern latitudes, its uniqueness attracts tourists from all over Russia. The sea is here, and you can go on vacation to this city in the summer, and even visit the beaches. But most of all, of course, tourists are attracted by the unusual architecture of Kaliningrad for Russia.

You can stay in Kaliningrad at the following prices:

  • a room in a hotel – from 1 500 rubles;
  • Apartment – from 1 000 rubles;
  • Private house – from 2 000 rubles.

Each tourist will be interested to see the medieval castles preserved in Kaliningrad, to visit Kant’s Island and take a ride on the narrow gauge streetcar.

St. Petersburg

Rest in St. Petersburg

St. Isaac’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg

The city of white nights, the northern capital – all this is St. Petersburg. And it is also a great place for a family vacation. It is not for nothing that St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital. Children and adults will love its ancient architecture, parks and squares, and certainly there is enough entertainment in St. Petersburg for the extreme, and for connoisseurs of the beautiful.

Prices for lodging in this city are as follows:

  • hotel room – from 1 800 rubles;
  • apartment – from 1 500 rubles;
  • Private house – from 1,800 rubles.

Sights in St. Petersburg just a huge number. This is a famous Peterhof, and the Palace Square (Vosstaniya Square), and the Hermitage and the Admiralty. A trip to St. Petersburg is always not only a vacation but also a constant enlightenment.

Embankment Kamenka Yeisk

Beach Kamenka, Yeisk

Yeisk is one of the main Russian resort towns on the shores of the Azov Sea. It is ideal for children’s bathing, the coastline here is long, flat, no great depths. In the summer, families from all over the country come there to enjoy the sandy beaches and other available entertainment Yeisk.

The cost of renting accommodation in Yeisk in 2022 is:

  • a room in a hotel – from 1 300 rubles;
  • Apartment – from 1 000 rubles;
  • Private house – from 2 000 rubles.

Where to go on vacation in the summer

The summer months and the Indian summer vacation season can be considered a perfect time to travel. If you are going on vacation and do not know where to go, we offer 5 destinations where you can spend time among the beautiful nature.


Where to go on vacation Dagestan


The Republic of Dagestan is the southernmost region of Russia. And it is very attractive for tourists in the summer season. Dagestan is the place where you can go on vacation inexpensively. The weather is always good here. And, in addition to resting on the shores of the Caspian Sea, in Dagestan you can also go hiking in the mountains, as well as learn the history of this ancient region on excursions.

Check out the prices of accommodation in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan:

  • hotel room – from 2 100 rubles;
  • apartment – from 1 500 rubles;
  • a private home – from 1,900 rubles.

In Dagestan you can visit the ancient city of Derbent, Shamil’s fortress and Tobot waterfall, and that’s besides the beautiful surrounding mountains and sea nature.


The Republic of Karelia is one of the most picturesque regions of Russia


The Republic of Karelia is one of the most picturesque regions of Russia. And, of course, this affects the popularity of domestic tourism. Karelia has endless forests, beautiful lakes. Here one can truly be alone with nature. By the way, this is one of the favorite places for all mushroom pickers in Russia.

Stay in Petrozavodsk you can at the following prices:

  • room in a hotel – from 1,900 rubles;
  • Apartment – from 1 200 rubles;
  • Private house – from 2 000 rubles.

In addition to the lakes and forests, tourists can also visit famous attractions of Karelia, such as the Maritime Museum, the zoo complex and the island of Valaam.


Rest in Republic of Adygeya


In summer, you can go on vacation and in another region of southern Russia – the Republic of Adygeya. A pleasant climate and many interesting places will make your vacation here an unforgettable experience.

As for accommodation, the prices for it in the city of Magas are as follows:

  • a room in a hotel – from 2,800 rubles;
  • apartment – from 1 500 rubles;
  • Private house – from 2 000 rubles.

Heading to holiday in Adygea, it is necessary to see the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve, White Canyon, waterfalls Rufabgo and other beauties of local fascinating nature.

Southern Urals

Vacation Southern Urals

Southern Urals

The Southern Urals attracts Russian tourists with its national parks and nature reserves. This macro-region is one of the richest in Russia in the diversity of flora and fauna. Tourists who love mountain hiking also flock here.

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If you stay in the Southern Urals in Orenburg, then renting accommodation here will cost:

  • hotel room – from 1,200 rubles;
  • Apartment – from 800 rubles;
  • A private home – from 2 500 rubles.

Among the places worth visiting in the southern Urals, are the national parks Zyuratkul and Taganai, Shulgan-Tash reserve, as well as the endless Ural Mountains.

Caucasian Mineral Waters Resorts

Caucasian Mineral Waters Resorts

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Mineral Waters – one of the traditional areas of rest as in imperial times, the Soviet Union and modern Russia. To join the healing springs of the Caucasus Mountains, people come here from all over Russia. This is one of the most popular directions of health tourism in our country.

Beach holidays in Russia and abroad: where and how much to go in 2022?

Beach holidays in Russia and abroad: where and how much to go in 2022?

Almost all European countries have closed their airspace to Russian airlines, and the ruble has lost much of its value. All this risks putting an end to outbound tourism from Russia at least for this year. However, domestic tourism will develop, and foreign resorts are not yet fully closed. Let’s see where you can get from Russia this year, and how much it can cost.

Again only in Russia.

In 2020, Russian tourists began to cancel outbound tours en masse – because of the beginning of the pandemic, the borders were closed, as well as air travel to other countries. Only closer to the end of the year the “iron curtain” began to fall, in 2021 the restrictions were more nominal. In 2022 history repeated itself, but for very different reasons. Because of the events known to all about 36 countries (including 27 countries of the European Union) have already closed their airspace for Russian airlines.

Therefore the main tourist flow in 2022 will be still focused on domestic routes. Thus, according to Travelata.ru, more than 80% of all travel bookings in March come from domestic destinations. For comparison, in March 2021 vacations in Russia accounted for only 31% of the demand structure.

As for specific destinations, the picture is somewhat different from what it is at this time of year:

  • The Krasnodar Territory is the leader in reservations;
  • The Caucasian Mineralnye Vody is in second place;
  • Moscow Region, the Crimea and St. Petersburg are next.

However, the unpopularity of the Crimea is likely to be caused by the current situation: air travel in the southern part of the country is currently completely stopped for obvious reasons. Accordingly, when the restrictions are lifted, Russians will buy tours to the peninsula.

There are still places – so far booked a maximum of 20-25% of places in hotels for the season, although prices are rising.

As for the prices, everything rose – the cost of flights and hotel accommodation. Representatives of the industry estimate the increase in prices at 15-25%, but it is worth realizing that the prices for vacations in Russia have risen so much. The cost of outbound tours is more tied to foreign currencies and could jump even higher.

To vacation in Russia in July 2022 for a week for two will cost that much money:

  • Sochi (not the first line from the sea, three stars) – from 65 thousand rubles with flight;
  • Sochi (center, 4 stars, all inclusive) – from 110 thousand rubles;
  • Foros, Crimea (4 stars, full board) – from 100 thousand rubles;
  • Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region (4 stars) – from 71 thousand rubles;
  • Belokurikha, Altai Territory (health resort) – from 112 thousand rubles.

This is the most popular destination, and prices are given including the most economical flight from Moscow. Accordingly, if the tour at least a little different from the standard, the prices will only be higher – most likely the price for a more or less normal vacation for two people this summer will be measured in hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Government refunds 20% of the tour cost within a limit of 20 thousand rubles per person can save tourists’ budgets. The new phase of the program began with the March 15 – the state is ready to refund 20% of the cost of tours with departure from March 15 and return before June 30. To do this you will need to choose a tour at a special website, pay for it with your “Mir” card.

It is important that this time there are no regional restrictions in the program – that is, you can get back up to 20 thousand rubles even for a trip to the Crimea or the Krasnodar region in June (which wasn’t possible before).

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Directly abroad

Despite the unpleasant news, some popular vacation destinations for Russian tourists are still open. Some destinations are still open for Russian tourists. These are, in particular, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Vietnam, Maldives, Seychelles and Sri Lanka.

Here are a few options for a beach holiday abroad:

  • Turkey – several Russian airlines fly there, as well as Turkish Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines. True, there are not many flights, and the demand for tickets is frenetic – so the price of the flight can be very high. Russians are allowed into Turkey without visas and with a certificate of vaccination “Sputnik V”;
  • Egypt – there are still charter flights from Russia, organized by tour operators for their customers. You don’t need a visa, a Russian vaccination certificate is enough;
  • UAE – you can get there with Emirates, Nordwind and Etihad airlines, a Russian vaccination certificate “Sputnik V” is also sufficient for entry, visa is not necessary for tourists;
  • Qatar – it is possible to travel by foreign airlines (the same Qatar Airways), Russians need a certificate of vaccination “Sputnik V” and a positive test for antibodies no older than 30 days. Visas can be obtained directly on arrival at Doha airport.

Other destinations are not yet available, both European (Croatia, Bulgaria or Greece) and more distant (Mexico). And, for example, Georgia is closed for Russian tourists “by land” – Russia has not yet opened land borders with other countries (except Belarus).

As for prices, for the remaining destinations airlines are forced to build bypass routes (not to enter the space of “closed” countries), which increases fuel costs and ticket prices. But the ruble collapse has had an even greater impact on prices – now mostly foreign airlines fly abroad, and they set prices based on the real cost in foreign currency.

A tour for two people with the same conditions (7 nights in mid-July) would cost the same amount:

  • Alanya, Turkey (400 meters to the sea, 4 stars) – from 81,600 rubles without meals;
  • Marmaris, Turkey (250 meters to the sea, 4 stars) – from 102,000 rubles all inclusive;
  • Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt (900 meters to the sea, 3 stars) – from 112,700 rubles for all inclusive;
  • Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt (200 meters to the sea, 4 stars) – from 128,000 rubles for “all inclusive”;
  • Dubai, UAE (4 stars) – from 135.800 rubles, breakfast only included;
  • Kuda Bandos, Maldives (4 stars, 50 meters from the sea) – from 231 400 rubles, breakfast included;
  • Anse Grand, Seychelles (3 stars, 50 meters from the sea) – from 201 700 rubles, breakfast included.

Most likely because of the unstable ruble exchange rate prices will be periodically revised – but if you pay the tour in full (or separately for accommodation and separately for the flight) now, then the price will be fixed. Some tour operators offer to pay 50 % of the tour cost now, and the rest – with a deferral, in which case the cost will also be fixed on the date of the contract.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that while conditionally “open” countries may close with unfavorable events – the tour operator will return the money, but the vacation is already blown, because there will simply be nowhere to rebook the tour to the Russian destination.

Where you can get through other countries

When the borders were closed for Russian tourists because of the pandemic, there were practically no detour routes, but after the partial opening of the borders they appeared. For example, popular destinations were Minsk, Istanbul and Yerevan. Minsk “fell away” faster than others – although Russians can now enter Belarus without restrictions, it is impossible to fly to European countries from Minsk for political reasons.

Now the main hubs for Russians are:

  • Istanbul – once you get there by flight of a foreign airline, you can go literally anywhere in the world. For Russians entering Turkey is quite simple;
  • Yerevan, you can travel there even with your internal passport and vaccination certificate and from there you can easily travel to many destinations in the world. To get to Yerevan is possible not only from Moscow, but also from other Russian airports;
  • Dubai is also a major transportation hub for tourists, and allows Russians to enter under a simplified procedure. There are direct flights from Russia to the UAE;
  • Doha – with direct flights from Russia, you can get to different countries by national airlines through the Qatari capital.
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It is important that when arriving at the transit airport, in most cases, tourists do not have to go through border and customs control.

Through the transit airport Russians can get to countries that are formally “closed” to them, and there are relatively affordable options:

  • Batumi, Georgia – round-trip tickets in July with connection will cost from 35 thousand rubles, and 7 days in apartments for two – from about 20-25 thousand rubles. Prices for food and basic goods in Georgia are lower than in Russia;
  • Phuket, Thailand – round-trip ticket will cost about 100 thousand rubles, accommodation will cost from 20 thousand rubles (and this is not a hostel, but a room in a 4-star hotel);
  • Varna, Bulgaria – a ticket will cost from 33 thousand rubles, a week in an apartment for two people will cost from 30-50 thousand rubles, depending on the location;
  • Cancun, Mexico – a round trip ticket to Istanbul costs from 133 thousand rubles (return trip for one person), and accommodation in an apartment – from 50-70 thousand rubles for a week in July.

However, it is worth checking the quarantine regime in each country. For example, Thailand still requires travelers to undergo quarantine for a few days, which can screw up a vacation shorter than a week. In addition, there are other risks.

What are the risks for the traveler?

Given the current situation, there are almost no risk-free travel destinations left. Even when traveling in Russia, it may happen that air service to the chosen resort will also be closed in the summer (for obvious reasons), making train tickets in acute shortage. The largest booking services, Booking and Airbnb, decided to leave Russia, so you will have to book your tour through a local service (where the level of service and guarantees may not be as high as those of foreign competitors).

The authorities are so relaxed about this threat that they have abolished the compulsory wearing of masks in some regions (just like in the railroads).

But there are a lot of risks with foreign travel:

  • A country “open” now may be “closed” by the time you travel. Even without an official “closure,” airlines may cancel flights – for example, as is happening now with Serbia (due to pressure from Europe, the national airline has reduced the number of flights to Russia);
  • Russians may be denied visas or stop receiving them upon entry. The situation is worsening – so even this radical scenario cannot be ruled out;
  • The ruble exchange rate will fall so that the tour operator will not be able to pay the airline and hotel, and in fact it will be bankrupt.

And many tourists have already faced another problem – they can not return to Russia from the officially “closed” countries. Russian authorities are trying to organize return flights, but so far not enough for everyone – the remaining tourists risk to be left without money and with expired documents in completely foreign countries.

Our expert, co-founder of Real Skills Tatyana Kibiryova comments the situation as follows:

According to Travelline statistics, Russian tourists have cancelled about 30% of bookings for March and May holidays. Especially the Russians are concerned about the payment of tours in foreign currency, because the booking was at the old rate. Separate tour operators strongly recommend not to cancel booking, and to transfer vacation dates for another season.

However, according to many experts in the field of tourism, the difficulties are temporary. During unstable political or economic situation the demand for travel freezes for a while, but then it begins to recover. The demand can grow in 2-4 weeks after the market stabilizes.

Thus, due to the closure of borders and currency exchange rates we can expect an increased demand for domestic tourism, so the employees of the hotel business will remain in demand. There is a chance that since autumn the cash-back program will be launched again in order to accumulate the demand for Russian resorts – according to Rostourism the campaign will last till 2025.

Tatyana Kibireva, co-founder of Real Skills

Thus, by the summer the situation may begin to resemble at least a settlement – and then the prospects of summer holidays will be clearer. Until then to book tours abroad in the summer months is only at your own risk.

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