Where to see in Batumi

What to see in Batumi in one day

Batumi is Georgia’s second largest city and its main resort.

The city is located in the southwest of the country on the Black Sea coast and is interesting not only for its beaches. At different times Batumi belonged to Turkey, Russia, Georgia, and Britain, which left a mark on the architecture. The powers were fighting for control of the city because of the oil port.

In Batumi, I wanted to see buildings of different years and styles, and at the same time compare the city to other resorts. Batumi reminded me of the small Swakopmund in Namibia and the huge skyscrapers of Cape Town and Durban in South Africa. The main thing the city has borrowed from them is that tourists are hardly harassed here.

I visited Batumi in mid-July 2021, at the height of the tourist season. I spent three days in the city, and I’ll tell you how to squeeze the most important things into one. My route is mostly walking, except for the botanical garden. The walk will take about 7 hours, and it is necessary to pass on foot 12 kilometers.

What will you see

How to reach Batumi

Russians do not need a visa to travel to Georgia for up to a year. At the border you will need only passport. Also you have to show PCR-test, which is given 72 hours before entry. Tinkoff Journal has a detailed article on the rules of entry into Georgia.

Travelers often arrive in Tbilisi and from there go to Batumi by car, bus or train. The trip takes 6-7 hours, but it is more convenient because there are more flights to Tbilisi now. I will tell you about everything in details.

By Plane. There is no direct air service between Russia and Georgia since July 2019. Travelers fly with a connection, for example, in Istanbul, Minsk or Yerevan. There is no alternative: Russia has not yet opened a land border with Georgia.

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In first class there are two seats on each side of the aisle, sockets for charging smartphones and a section for suitcases. The second class car has five seats in a row: three on one side and two on the other. There’s also wifi everywhere, but it’s slow.

I got to Batumi by train. The Tbilisi Passenger Railway station is located at Station Square, 2. It shares a building with the Tbilisi Central shopping center. Station Square metro station is within walking distance. When boarding the train you are asked to show your phone number and passport. In Batumi the train arrives at Batumi Central station, where the bus stops.


Batumi Botanical Garden has three entrances with ticket offices. The lower one is at the south end, the upper one is at the north end. If you take a cab, ask the driver to stop at the middle ticket office so that you can walk one way to the north and a parallel way back. It takes about three hours to walk around.

The botanical garden is divided into several areas: plants from North America, Australia, New Zealand, the Himalayas, a rose garden, a bamboo plantation, a Japanese garden, and others. Signs near the plants are mostly duplicated in Russian or English. In the northern part of the garden there is a fallen tree, which can be walked on like a bridge, and a non-functioning railway station with a compact beach where visitors bathe.

I liked the garden: it was cool and quiet, surrounded by exotic trees and plants like the liriodendron or Japanese banana with broad leaves and inedible fruits. In addition, there are wonderful views of the Black Sea. The botanical garden of Tbilisi makes Batumi look well-groomed and the flora is much more diverse.

Orta Jame Mosque. When I lived in Istanbul, it seemed to me that mosques were everywhere. I remembered only the most striking ones: Çamlıca, Ayya Sofya, and Süleymaniye. In contrast, in Georgia, where Muslims make up nearly 11% of the population, Christian churches are everywhere. There are only two large mosques: Juma near the Narikala fortress in Tbilisi and Orta Jame in Batumi.

Orta Jame was built by the Turks in 1866, when Batumi belonged to the Ottoman Empire. During the Soviet era, the building was used as a military warehouse. The status of temple was returned to it in 1946.

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The building of Orta Jame Mosque is inconspicuous, it gives out only the minaret. To get to the door, decorated with oriental ornaments, you need to turn from Chkalov Street into the courtyard of the mosque. Rules of attendance are strict: clothing should cover the hands and feet, and women need to cover the head with a scarf. Before entering, shoes must be removed. I wore a short-sleeved shirt, and they didn’t admonish me.

The interior decoration of the mosque is standard: a thick carpet, tall columns, colored patterns on the walls and ceiling. I didn’t see anything special here. Although Horta Jame is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of how Muslims live in an Orthodox country.

When I was in the mosque, there were two people praying. I calmly walked around inside with my phone and took pictures. Usually Muslims have a negative attitude toward tourists who wander into the mosque during prayers and strictly ask to leave. But no one seemed to notice my presence.

The Piazza is an Italian-style square not far from the Horta Jame mosque. Several pedestrian streets connect here. The center of the square is lined with mosaics and there are many hotels and cafes around. I also noticed the tall clock tower.

The piazza became popular because a lot of tourists come there to sit in cafes. Then they put on Google Maps the rating of the institution and the square at the same time. That’s why the square has become almost the main attraction of the city, although in my opinion, it’s ordinary.

I looked there in the evening – the piazza was well lit. I had read that music was sometimes played there, but when I got to the piazza, there was none.

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is also known as the Batumi Cathedral. It is visible from afar because of its three neo-Gothic towers.

The Gothic cathedral was erected at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries and was originally Catholic. The construction was sponsored by Western Christians who came to the multiethnic Georgian port. After Georgia became part of the Soviet Union, services in the cathedral ceased, and it became an Orthodox church in 1989.

The church is surrounded by shady trees and has benches in the courtyard. Inside the cathedral there is semi-darkness and silence. When I took out my phone to take pictures, the Georgians looked at me with disapproval and surprise, but said nothing. I remember the stained-glass windows, dominated by the colors blue and yellow, the most: they look exotic for an Orthodox church. A visit here makes it clear that Batumi was and remains a multicultural city, including in terms of religion.

Statue of Medea on Europe Square. Batumi is located on the territory of ancient Colchis, and the city is associated with the legend of Jason and the Argonauts. They went to Colchis for the fleece – the skin of a golden ram.

The local cable car was named “Argo,” in honor of the ship of ancient heroes, and a statue of Medea with a golden fleece was erected in Europe Square. It was the daughter of the Colchis ruler who supported Jason and then sailed with him to Greece. It is believed that it was Medea who established contact between Georgia and Europe.

The statue on a high pedestal is fenced off – you can’t get close. Scenes from the myth, such as the ship “Argo”, are depicted on the base. To the right of the statue you can see the tower with the astronomical clock.

The square leaves a pleasant impression: it is surrounded by greenery, beautiful lanterns, cafes, and stores. There’s a casino nearby, a fountain works in the center of the square, and an astronomical clock rises in the far eastern corner. I also liked the “European style” buildings. These are restored buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the new buildings, decorated in the spirit of antiquity.

You can feel Batumi’s desire to look European here and right behind Medea you can see skyscrapers on the seafront. I read that usually there are a lot of tourists here, but by the evening when I was on the square, there were almost none.

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Batumi Seaport is east of Batumi Boulevard and the Argo cable car. I only visited its tourist part, where the sea station building is located. Next time I come to Batumi, I will visit the whole coast.

The port has been operating since 1878, and its main specialty is oil. Cargo and passenger ships, as well as warships, call here. There are cranes everywhere, and pleasure boats scattered here and there.

What I remembered about the port was that I was watching the sunrise here – the mountains on the horizon were especially picturesque. It’s quiet and clean. If you like boats I recommend you to visit the port.

The statue of “Ali and Nino” was installed on the shore of the Black Sea. These are two moving metal figures. They converge and diverge in 8-10 minutes. On the internet they write that the mechanism only works in the evenings, but I was here in the daytime – the construction was working. It’s still worthwhile to come here in the evening: the figures are illuminated at night.

The statue symbolizes the complicated love story of a Muslim and a Christian woman, told by Kurban Said in his novel “Ali and Nino. The Muslim is the Azerbaijani Ali, the Christian is the Georgian Nino. The main events of the book take place in Baku; the characters do not appear in Batumi.

The avant-garde statue was created by the Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze. The composition has been standing in Batumi since 2010, and originally it was given the name “Man and Woman”, and on the sculptor’s website it is still called that. The sculpture was renamed “Ali and Nino” to emphasize the commercial ties between Batumi and Baku.

Many people mistakenly believe that the statue is very large. In fact, its height is only 8 meters. I knew this, so the modest size of the figures did not disappoint me. I found the idea beautiful, and the implementation – hypnotic.

Batumi Boulevard is the final point of the route. It’s a promenade with palm trees, which stretches for 7 kilometers from the sea port to the airport. There are many cafes, sculptures, beaches, fountains, parks, expensive hotels and unusual skyscrapers. On the boulevard I was in the evening, and you can walk here if you want to until morning. I’ll tell you what sights I saw during the walk.

There are two famous towers on the boulevard. The first is the Alphabet Tower, commonly referred to simply as the Alphabet Tower. It is a 130-meter cylindrical structure. On its walls there are two spirals, on which the letters of the Georgian alphabet are strung. The second is the Tower of Chacha. Here the Georgian alcoholic drink, Chacha, is supposed to be poured from the fountains. But, judging by the reviews of travelers on Google Maps, the fountains have not worked for several years.

On the way you will see some more unusual buildings. For example, the Sheraton Hotel in the form of the Faros Lighthouse. This lighthouse near the island of Pharos near Alexandria, Egypt, in antiquity was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It collapsed after several earthquakes.

The Colosseum Marina Hotel resembles the Roman Colosseum. To appreciate the building you have to look at it from the nearby Khimshiashvili Street, not from Batumi Boulevard. There is also a restaurant Yiramala; its building is a copy of the American White House, but “upside down”. In the past, the institution was called The White Restaurant.

The House of Justice was built in the shape of an upside down bottle. Interestingly, the House of Justice in Tbilisi is also unusual – a glass building covered with giant petals.

Although the design of many of the buildings is strange and pretentious, they complement each other, and the dilapidated Soviet buildings next to them do not spoil the view. As a result, Batumi’s waterfront has stuck in my mind. Unlike the similarly resort-like Hurghada, access to the beaches here is not taken over by hotels. Tourists benefit from this: for example, you can take off your shoes and walk along the edge of the sea. The atmosphere on the promenade is relaxed, especially at night, when the loud music subsides.

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On the boulder-strewn beaches at the southern end of the boulevard, you can watch the sunset or sunrise, depending on how long you stick around.


Argo cable car. The lower station is located on Gogebashvili Street, the upper station on Anuria Hill. Its length is 2.6 kilometers, the height difference between the lower and upper points is about 250 meters. There are eight seats in the cabins.

It took me 15 minutes to go up the cable car and look at the old buildings: there are no remarkable buildings on the way. At the top is a modest observation deck under the blazing sun, souvenir stores and a church. In the reviews on Tripadvisor write that it is better to go in the evening, when the city flashes with colorful lights.

It is worth a ride on the cable car.

The changing booths, it seemed to me, are used instead of toilets, and they are closed at night all along the boulevard. The only open toilet I found was at the junction of Tavdadebuli and Zubalashvili Streets.

Security. I felt safe in Batumi and did not encounter any aggression. Even the street vendors and guides were uncommonly unobtrusive. I walked around the city all night long, and I did not encounter any suspicious characters.

Weather. I went to Batumi in mid-July: the temperature was +28 … 29 °C during the day, and +23 … 25 °C in the evening, with no wind or rain. I was lucky: before and after my trip it was raining in the city.

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Yaroslav Gafner


Cafe Shaurmania on Gorgiladze Street is divine shawarma, the best among everything I’ve ever tasted. Unfortunately, the last time I was in Batumi was in 2018, so the level may have changed.

Andrey Zyuryaev

Sendero, still the same level) We live nearby and were looking for shawarma on a plate. To our surprise, only this place makes it (called “royal”). True, the price tag of 12 lari leaves a lot to be desired, but the taste is divine indeed

Why are you such a toxic p.

If you have more than one day in Batumi, it’s possible to go to the Mtirala National Park – it’s very close, also obligatory)) Makhuntseti waterfall and Tamara bridge, but there are too many tourists now (if you go further, Mirveti waterfall, Dandalo bridge or something, also rafting was there, on the way there is Chhaveri wine house). The place doesn’t look good to me, trying to be pompous. But it’s fine to take a picture there and have a rest. In general, for me Batumi is not a beach recreation, the sea is dirty within the city, it is better to go 10 km away to Kvariati, Gonio, to Sarpi in Turkey, the sea is clean there, or near the Green Cape, where the Botanical Garden. Batumi is first of all a beautiful landscape, mountains, waterfalls, clear mountain rivers, coolness, hanging bridges, cafes with live trout, as in Abkhazia. Also in Batumi, on the mountain there is a new-made church of Saint Trinity Sameba. From there is a beautiful view of the city and the sea, it is also great for photo shoots, though you should dress “decently”, considering the place, and the church itself is beautiful, you can often observe local weddings

Vilena, can you get to the national park by public transport?

Marina Anohina

Georgia has always attracted by its authenticity, but now the price tag is unaffordable on flights of course

I did not really like those sights. Ali and Nino, Batumi boulevard etc. It smells conceited and pathos. Beautiful shiny things. I.e. separately seems to be ok, but all together some kind of east and point development. There Gothic, a monument, a glass skyscraper, a balcony. Well, this is a typical theme for the region + Turkish money in Adjara, their architecture. Tbilisi is more pleasant.

Alexandro, I liked the mix of styles. As for the minuses, I should mention the electric scooters on the promenade. In Batumi, they look like small electric bikes with a seat and a fat Arab on it, going 50-60 km / h next to the pedestrian stream.

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Sendero, oh, how many accidents there are with these jumbo scooters on the embankment, and with victims, only two have happened before our eyes. That collide with cyclists, or with a palm tree, the inadequates have a race, as on the roads. Apparently people do not understand that at the resort all on the relaxation. And go from the beach through this track with children and dogs not looking neither on the parties, nor on crosswalks. But in the early morning what a pleasure to ride all the 8 km of the embankment on a bicycle, when there are a minimum of people.

Attractions in Batumi

dnej v batumi

If you’re staying in Batumi and you have a week to travel, this article is for you. In it we will tell you what to see when you come to Georgia on vacation in Batumi, what sights to see in Batumi and surroundings in a few days. Batumi is the capital of the Adjara region and one of the most beautiful and cozy Georgian cities. It is a city of contrasts – here the ancient Georgian culture is mixed with huge skyscrapers.

You will see Batumi beaches and the Black Sea in any case, so let’s talk about the sights of Batumi, which are located outside the beaches.

What to see in and around Batumi

Piazza Square

One of the most popular and everyone’s favorite places in the city is the Piazza Square. It is decorated in the Italian style, being there, you are immersed in the atmosphere of Italy. Piazza is also called “little Venice” in the center of Batumi. Beautiful stained-glass windows, stucco, paintings – it’s nice to have a rest with a cup of coffee surrounded by such beauty.

Batumi Sights

Old Batumi

One of the most striking sights – Old Batumi – is an incredible contrast of cultures: cozy Italian courtyards neighboring huge skyscrapers – it is impressive. It is interesting to stroll through such old courtyards, peek into the front doors and peep through the doors of houses, which, by the way, are called a separate attraction of the Old Town.

Batumi Sights

Europe Square

Europe Square is a beautiful and well-groomed place in the center of Batumi. On the square there is a statue of Medea, which represents prosperity and prosperity of Georgia. On the Europe Square in summer the fountains work, and in winter there is a huge Christmas tree.

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Batumi Sights

Singing Fountains

Singing fountains on Lake Ardagani is a stunning attraction in Batumi, you can spend an entire evening looking at it. This is a real light and music show.

Batumi Sights

As in most Georgian cities, Batumi has a ropeway. It is called “Argo”. Cableway in Batumi is one of the longest in Europe, its length is as much as 2600 meters. On the way to the observation deck you can enjoy wonderful views of Batumi and the mountains of Adjara. At the top there is an entertainment center, restaurant, souvenir shops, the Orthodox Church and the observation deck.

Batumi Sights

Miracle Park

Miracle park (or Miracle park) is another impressive place in Batumi. Here is the famous Georgian Alphabet Tower with a rotating restaurant on its top and an observatory, a 55-meter-high Ferris wheel, the “Me, You and Batumi” sculpture and amazing chair-stones.

Batumi Sights

Statue of Ali and Nino

Statue of Ali and Nino is one of the calling cards and attractions of Batumi. It is rightly included in the top of the most original sculptures in the world. The two giant figures rotate, moving away from each other, then merge into a kiss. The sculpture is famous not only for its beauty, but also for the tragic story of two lovers with a complicated fate.

Batumi Sights

Where to go in Batumi

Near the sea station there is a tower of Chacha. Once a week for 15 minutes Chacha pours out of it.

Batumi Sights

Throughout the city runs a chic embankment (Seaside Boulevard). Its length is 6 km. You can take a ride on a rented bicycle or walk on foot. Along the street there are palm trees, all sorts of sculptures (usually on a romantic theme), benches for recreation, playgrounds, cafes and kiosks with ice cream.

Batumi Sights

The fish market is not exactly a tourist attraction, but also interesting. It is located behind the port. There you can always buy freshly caught salmon, flounder, sturgeon, mullet and other fish. You can cook fish in a nearby cafe.

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Batumi Sights

Definitely worthy of attention dolphinarium . In the performances take part about 10 dolphins – beautiful, kind and intelligent animals. The scenery imitates the wildlife. The performances are taking place every day except Monday. The cost is 15 GEL. In addition, in the dolphinarium there is an opportunity to swim with dolphins.

Batumi Sights

Batumi Botanical Garden is a real miracle of nature. The garden is huge and incredibly beautiful at any time. There are palm trees, lianas, Himalayan pine trees, mandarin groves, bamboo, eucalyptus, Japanese gardens and much, much more. The garden is very beautiful and well maintained, with many benches and gazebos for relaxing, viewing platforms and fountains. Near the entrance to the park stretches a favorite wild beach of Green Cape.

Batumi Sights

After enjoying the sights of Batumi, start traveling to the rest of Adjara. This is an amazing region where you can enjoy the beauty of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and subtropical forests.

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The Gonio Fortress is located near Batumi. This is the oldest structure with the history of 2000 years and it is one of the oldest attractions of Batumi. The fortress used to be a Roman outpost and an important strategic object. In addition, there was a large ancient city here. There are ruins of a Roman theater and hippodrome preserved in the fortress, which speaks of the cultural significance of the fortress. Nowadays the fortress is a museum-reserve, the entrance is for a fee – 3 GEL.

Batumi Sights

No less interesting for lovers of antiquity is the fortress of Peter . It is located near the resort of Kobuleti. The fortress was built in the VI century, but then it was not just a fortress, but the whole city. Today here are remains of baths, weapons depot, granaries, wine cellars (marani) and ancient basilicas. The fortress is a museum, entrance is charged at GEL 3.

Batumi Sights

Mahuntseti waterfall is located in the village of the same name. The height of the waterfall is 15 meters. Crystal clear water rushing down from a great height, crashing on the rocks – an enchanting spectacle. At the foot of the waterfall there is a font where you can bathe on a hot summer day.

Batumi Sights

Near the waterfall there is an arched bridge of Queen Tamara, dating back to the XII century. The bridge is stone and very beautiful. Its height above the river is 6 m, width – 2,5 m, length – 29 m. In summer, people swim in the river, there are 2 equipped beaches.

Batumi Sights

Among the attractions of Batumi is very interesting mountain Green Lake. It is located at an altitude of over 2000 meters. There are even places where the snow never melts. Green Lake attracts visitors with its beauty – the water in it plays all shades of green and turquoise. It is nice to be alone with the nature in this place. But note that you can get to the lake only by a good off-road vehicle or on foot from the Goderdzi Pass. Write to info@v0georgia.ru – we will arrange a trip to Green Lake for you.

Batumi Sights

There is a beautiful national park Mtirala in Adjara. It is located on a mountainside and is almost always shrouded in fog. The area is reminiscent of the tropics. The park is famous for its rich vegetation and mineral waters. There is a beautiful waterfall, from the height of which you can admire picturesque views of the reserve. On the glade near the waterfall you can ride horses and have a picnic.

Batumi Sights

In the vicinity of Batumi are interesting small resort villages – Ureki and Grigoleti. They are famous for their unique beaches with black magnetic sands, which have therapeutic properties.

Batumi Sights

We have tried to describe all the most interesting sights of Batumi and its surroundings. You will find even more interesting things to do near Batumi here.

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