Where to go on an exotic honeymoon?

Honeymoon at the best resorts in the world, top 7

Honeymoon is such a time when you want to forget about everything except your other half and enjoy only each other, wine and goodies. It is ideal to spend it at the sea, in silence, so that no one and nothing distracted you from love.

Here are 7 of the world’s best honeymoon destinations. See resorts, explore hotels, get acquainted with prices, and if you have already chosen come to the offices of “Geography”. , buy tours online or just fill out an application form so we can help you choose a place for your honeymoon.

1. Greece

Ah, Greece, with its myths and legends about gods and heroes, about love and hate, about good and evil. Everything here is like a lazy romance. Especially the island holiday. If you want a quiet and peaceful holiday with the best service, then choose the hotels of Kos, Crete and Rhodes. By the way, some of them are all-inclusive and offer quite exquisite wines and buffet meals. You will need a visa to go on your honeymoon in Greece, but we are always ready to help you and tell you what documents you will need. The picturesque azure sea and landscapes of Greece will help to create an atmosphere of ease and privacy.

2. Dominica

If you are not afraid of long flights, it is in the Dominican Republic that you will understand what paradise is. The endless white sandy beaches, the rest in the shade of coconut palms, the bright and passionate dancing of the locals, rum, cigars, and much more to complement your romance on your honeymoon. Of course, excellent hotel service with “All Inclusive”, boat trips to neighboring islands and an unforgettable time spent together will leave a lot of pleasant impressions. But remember that you can buy tours to the Dominican Republic only with a flight from Moscow.

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3. India

If you decide to get married in late fall or winter, a trip to India will give you an unusual and even exotic honeymoon. If you want you can not only travel around with a dozen picturesque beaches of the server and the south, but also to arrange on one of them a wedding ceremony in the famous Goan sunset. Buy wedding tours in Goa, in addition, will not be very expensive and great save the budget of the young family. Moreover, getting a visa to India is now quite simple – just fill out an electronic form and you’re done.

4. Turkey

Do you want to combine privacy, sea, sun and love? Then buy a wedding tour to Turkey. Caring hotel employees are always anxious about the young couple and are ready to give them not just a cozy nest, but also to prepare a gift in the room: you may be greeted with a bottle of good champagne and a plate of fruit, and can even give a romantic yacht ride. In addition, Turkey knows exactly what Russian tourists want and are willing to meet all their expectations. If you want to buy a wedding tour to Turkey, you can be sure of the quality of service.

5. France

It’s a country made for love and romance, which is why it’s especially popular with honeymooners. You can stay in one of the modest hotels in Paris, on the street, where around the corner will probably sell the crispiest croissants and brew the most fragrant coffee. Or you can visit one of the provinces, where you will be captivated by rural landscapes, local cheeses and fine wines. If you are lucky to go to France in the spring, be sure to visit the lavender fields of Provence, where you can arrange the most beautiful photo shoot in the world.

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6. Italy

A trip to Italy is always a holiday. And if you decide to buy a wedding tour to one of the Italian resorts, it will be a holiday twice as much. It will be a hymn of love: a leisurely stroll through the streets of Rome, romantic gandolier singing in Venice, a declaration of love under the balcony of Juliet in Verona, enjoy an unforgettable meal of local cuisine in Naples, and much more. Choose what you like or take a car and see many cities on your honeymoon. By the way, the Geography offices will be happy to help you with car rentals.

7. UAE

The country, which has everything and this “everything” is the best. Honeymoon is the happiest time for young families, that is why this time should be the most unusual and memorable. For example, visit the observation deck of the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa or plunge into the world of shopping in the largest shopping center Dubai Mall. In the evening be sure to admire the famous Dubai fountain, which mesmerizes with the dance of jets of water in the light of hundreds of floodlights to the music. And look at the prices for a wedding trip to the Emirates you can right here.

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