Where to go on a winter vacation

Where to vacation with children in winter

The past year has posed important questions: how not to go crazy on a remote job, what good is a passport now and whether it is possible to enter a bakery without a mask. However, the question of how to spend the winter vacations, does not lose relevance even now.

Sudochko.ru gives the main information about vacations during the winter vacations: where to go in winter, what to do for yourself and your offspring, which tours and activities are in the highest demand.

We’d like to warn you right away: before you choose a city for your trip, find out the restrictions that apply there. And of course, take care of your safety: avoid large crowds of people and use private transport if possible.


Veliky Ustyug

Why go: to visit the main Russian Santa Claus.

Weather: winter is quite frosty, there is a lot of snow, the average temperature varies from -7 to -10°C, but it may freeze for a long time, so take the warmest clothes.

What to do: Veliky Ustyug is famous as the birthplace of Ded Moroz, so first of all everyone goes to him. The Grandfather’s residence is situated 12 km away from the city and you can get there by cab or by bus.

The main entertainment in the Morozov estate – walks in the park, pine forest and the Path of Fairy Tales, riding a dog sled and a magic stove, visiting attractions and craft workshops, watching theatrical performances. And, of course, you can meet Santa Claus in the carved room: you can fall into his arms or drink tea together.

It’s worth going to the fairy-tale residence for the whole day – there are a lot of programs, and the time flies by. It is better to book an excursion in advance, and it is desirable not to procrastinate, otherwise there will be no empty seats.

Ski resorts

Why go: to have a rest in the mountains in winter, in clean and fresh air.

Weather: it depends on the specific resort, but in general, be prepared for a range of -5 to -15 °C.

Where to go on vacation: if you’re traveling with children, you need those resorts where there are easy trails, including children’s. On this basis, we can advise you three places.

The first is Sheregesh in the Kemerovo region, one of the most popular ski resorts. There are 15 tracks, you can choose a section of any complexity – both for yourself and for joint family skating. In general, the resort is well developed, the snow there is lush, and at the same time quite dry.

Another option is Belokurikha in Altai. It can be frosty here, but there are a lot of sunny days. There are only six ski slopes, but it is quiet, cozy and there is not an influx of thousands of tourists.

Inexpensive resort is in Beloretsk (Bashkiria). There falls a lot of snow, there is a children’s track, and around – a beautiful pine forest.

Other options for ski holidays are Arkhyz in the Caucasus, Abzakovo and Lake Bannoye in the already mentioned Bashkiria, as well as Khibiny in the Murmansk region.

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Why go: To spend the vacations in a bright and unusual city.

Weather: fairly even, without severe frosts and abnormal thaws. Average daily temperatures in winter -6. – 10 °C. It is quite possible to go to Kazan for the whole New Year vacations with children.

What to do: In recent years, the city has developed at a Stakhanovite pace and has acquired entertainment for every occasion. At New Year’s Eve celebrations there are traditional winter activities: for example, next to the puppet theater “Ekiyat near the Ekiyat Puppet Theater, for instance, they make an ice town, put up a fir tree, fill up slides and lead round dances. The theater itself is also a delight to look at – it looks like an old fairy tale castle.

A walk through the Kremlin, the Kremlin embankment and Bauman pedestrian street will please everyone – both adults and children. And after that you can immerse yourself in typical children’s entertainment – for example, frolic in the year-round water park “Riviera”. If you want to rest actively, go to the ski resort “Sviyazhskie Hills” 40 km from Kazan: the tracks there are not complicated, ideal for family skiing.

If you are thinking about where to celebrate the New Year with children, Tatarstan has its own Santa Claus. His name is Kysh Babai, which may sound menacing, but he looks and feels kind inside. The residence of the grandfather is in the village of Yana Kyrlai 60 km from the city, an excursion can be ordered in advance.

St. Petersburg

Why go: To visit the best city on the planet – during the closed borders Peter may well carry this title (at least among Russians).

Weather: Winter vacations average between -2 and -5°C, but there is often a piercing wind from the Gulf of Finland, and precipitation is possible both as drizzle and heavy snowfall.

There will not be any mass festivities and all the bars and restaurants will close at 23:00, but in St. Petersburg there is always something to occupy a child on New Year’s Eve. No one cancels the New Year decoration of Nevsky Prospect and Palace Square, you can safely walk around the city and enjoy its beauty. You can go with your child to one of St. Petersburg’s theaters, take a trip to Peterhof or Tsarskoe Selo, go to the Hermitage, the Russian Museum or other museums and palaces.

There are many other places in the city that children will love and not remind them of school textbooks and tedious speeches of the history teacher: dolphinarium, zoo, numerous amusement parks and entertainment. There are also places where interesting scientific facts are presented in an entertaining form: take, for example, the city of professions “Kidburg” or the museum “Labyrinthum”.

As an extra measure of security, you can rent a house in the Leningrad region – it’s freer there.

More options:


Why go: to celebrate the holiday against the background of the magical northern beauty.

Weather: if there are severe frosts, it is from the end of January to the middle of February. During the rest of the time, the temperature stays between 0°C and -15°C.

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What to do: Karelia is next to the Leningrad region, but it is a fairy land, and children love fairy tales, so there is always something to do here. For example, the region has a Troll Park – not the ones that piss you off in the comments, but the legendary and funny ones. There you can get acquainted with Karelian mythology and beliefs.

Children will enjoy walking in the mountains (the main thing is that it is not too cold), and get acquainted with the representatives of the animal world in the local zoos. If the child lives in the city, he will certainly be interested in the idea of a trip to the northern village – many old traditions are still alive there.

Of other popular activities, we will allocate walks on the embankment of Lake Onega in Petrozavodsk and a trip to the mountain park Ruskeala. Another option is to visit the Karelian Santa Claus. His name is Pakkaine, and he lives near the town of Olonets.

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Why go: To spend the holidays in the west (given that exploring other western destinations is now problematic).

Weather: quite mild, but changeable. The thermometer is around zero. Pretty favorable conditions for the New Year.

What to do: In Kaliningrad children are usually taken to the zoo and the Museum of the World Ocean. The first place has a lot of furry characters, the second – iron ones. Most of all tourists are attracted by a real submarine in the museum.

There are many nice parks in Kaliningrad. One of them is Yunost Park with a beautiful lake. In winter, you can skate there in an indoor ice rink and drive a go-kart. Nearby, on the embankment of Lake Superior, there is a 24 meter tall sailing ship, the Fregat. Also recommend the playground in Yuzhny park and Central Park with its puppet theater and winter outdoor skating rink.

And be sure to take a walk through the old Kaliningrad gates and visit the Cathedral, where there is a museum of knights’ armour.


Why go: to breathe fresh air, take a walk in the mountains near Elbrus.

Weather: the winter at the resort and in the neighboring Elbrus is very comfortable, often the sun shines, there are no sudden changes in weather, and the temperature stays around zero.

What to do: the typical winter entertainment in Kislovodsk is not, in addition, winter here is more like spring. Therefore you can wear an insulated jacket and go to the local natural attractions. First of all it is a mountain valley surrounded by peaks of the Caucasus.

Of course, you should go to the Spa Park – it is the main symbol of Kislovodsk. There grow trees and shrubs from different parts of the world.

Come to Kislovodsk and not try the local mineral water would be a big mistake, so keep heading for the Narzanaya Gallery. Nearby is the Lermontov Playground – and it impresses much more than cramming the poem “Mtsyri” in seventh grade.

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Why go: to see the amazingly beautiful peninsula in a relatively uncrowded setting.

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Weather: winter is short, there is little snow, the average temperature on the southern coast is from +1 to +5 ° C.

What to do: if you want to have traditional New Year’s celebrations like sitting at the feast table, walking around the city and watching fireworks, go to Yalta – there is plenty of that there.

While vacationing with children in winter by the sea you can see the beauty of the Crimea, without the scorching sun and the crowds of tourists. Those who vacation in the Crimea with a child usually does not pass by Nikitsky botanical garden: plants there are evergreens, and bloom even in winter. In the top places also include Sudak fortress and numerous palaces in Yalta and its suburbs.

There are also skiing resorts in the Crimea, particularly on the famous Mount Ai-Petri. The way to the top is overcome by cable car: gorgeous views guaranteed.

Among the mysterious places we’d like to single out Balaklava’s underground museum: there you can see the secret objects from the Cold War times.

Why go: spend your holidays surrounded by mountains and the Black Sea.

Weather: the vacations in the Krasnodar region are not winter holidays, but spring ones: the air is up to +15 ° C, and there are green palm trees and cypress trees all around. It is cooler in the mountains, so in Krasnaya Polyana people go skiing at full throttle.

What to do: vacation in Sochi – it is a dream for any young child, because entertainment is plentiful here. The resort operates all-season water parks – for example, “Akvaloo” in the village of Loo and “Galaxy” in the mountain Esto-Sadka.

There are plenty of amusement parks, too: Sochi Park, Riviera and Luna Park. And to get closer to the fauna and flora, you can go to “Sochi Dicovery World Aquarium”, one of the dolphinariums or the urban arboretum.

Sochi presents a lot of emotions for the winter vacations 2021-2022. Walk along the Black Sea embankments, ride bicycles in the Olympic Park or go to Krasnaya Polyana to wander in the mountains, ski and meet cute creatures in the husky park.

And also in Sochi they sell a lot of fresh Abkhazian mandarins. What a New Year without this fruit?

Moscow Region

Why go: to spend your vacations in a quiet city and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Weather: the familiar conditions of Moscow, which we know either from our own experience or from the news. Daytime in winter is -3 … -6°C on average, but there are also thaws, blizzards and snow with rain.

What to do: the region is large, you can travel here in all four directions and you will find a lot of interesting things to do everywhere. The proof is our detailed article on where to go near Moscow.

If we are talking about children, they will love the farm of reindeer in the town of Dzerzhinsky, Husky park in the village of Nikolina Gora Odintsovsky area and the Museum of Russian fairy tales in Domodedovo.

You can go with teenagers to the tank museum in Kubinka: there you will see the machinery of the Great Patriotic War. We also advise Shakhmatovo estate near Solnechnogorsk: it has places connected with the frequenters of school textbooks – Mendeleev and Blok.

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If you need locations that will appeal to both adults and children – go to the Kolomna Kremlin. Usually everyone likes it, like a portrait of Dzhokonda.

You can also go to the capital of Russia – if you go, read beforehand, what is interesting about Moscow for children.

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Why go: to relax on the snow-covered mountains.

Weather: average daytime temperatures in winter are around +5 ° C, and a thaw and light frost are possible. In the mountains the thermometer column may fall to -10 ° C.

What to do: Adygeya is an active rest area. The main center of attraction is the Lago-Naki plateau, where the snow cover forms in November and remains until late spring. One of the nearest settlements is Dakhovskaya village.

Equipped slopes on the Adygean expanses are few, but it is spacious, and you can not only do skiing, but also sledding, snowmobiling and skiing. And here you can also race through the snow on sled dogs, build ice castles and decorate fir trees right in the woods.

In Adygeya there are other places to go in winter with children. For example, many go to see the St. Michael’s Monastery, the Azish Caves or the Stone Sea Ridge, and also look at the Adygean thermal springs.


Why go: spend vacations in a cozy Siberian city, swim in hot springs.

Weather: in winter in the city is quite frosty, on average from -10 to -15 ° C. A lot of overcast days, and the weather can change sharply during the day.

What to do: Tyumen has enough places for walks with a child. Usually everyone reaches for Tsvetnoy Boulevard. First, there is a city circus with a Ferris wheel: it also works in winter, the cabins are heated. Secondly, there is an indoor circus on the Boulevard. Thirdly there is a park with golden Siberian cat sculptures.

Other options are to visit the “Leto-Leto” water park, the “Third Planet” entertainment center or the Puppet and Mask Theater.

Tyumen is famous for its hot springs. They are located in different places outside the city, but to get to each of them is not difficult: usually the road by car or bus fits in an hour. In pools with hot healing water you can relax and improve your health as a family.

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Why go: to meet the Snow Maiden in person.

Weather: Kostroma winter is not a warm one, but there are no extreme frosts either. The days from December to February are around -5. -10 °С.

What to do for children in winter: during the New Year vacations, all guests of Kostroma are attracted by the Snow Maiden, who officially resides here as well as Ded Moroz in Veliky Ustyug.

There are three places in the city associated with the winter beauty. The first is the interactive museum “Fairyland Snegurochka”, where you can learn the whole history of Frost’s granddaughter. On Simanovskogo street there is Snow Maiden’s residence – for visitors there is a musical program with folk instruments. And finally, there is also the Terem of Snow Maiden on Lagernaya Street. There you can take part in an interactive activity together with your child: games, communication with the Cat Bayun and the Snow Maiden herself.

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There are other places in Kostroma, where you can relax in winter with children: for example, the museum “Forest-Charodei” and Susaninskiy local history museum in the city suburbs.

Popular Questions and Answers

Where to go in winter in Russia with children?

In principle, you can go anywhere with a child: any major city has a full range of entertainment. However, the best holidays with children in winter are in St. Petersburg, Veliky Ustyug, Sochi and Kaliningrad. There are also options in the near abroad – for example, in Belarus. You can read our tips for each individual month: where to vacation in January, December and February.

When does winter break 2021 start?

School winter break begins on December 29, 2021 and ends on January 9, 2022. It’s best to check with your school and stay tuned to federal and state news whether schoolchildren will be able to enjoy the vacations.

Where to spend winter vacations in Russia?

There are many options for a family vacation in winter: the Black Sea coast in the Crimea and Sochi, the cozy towns of the Volga and Golden Ring, landscapes of Karelia, Baikal and the Urals, ski resorts in Sheregesh, Belokurikha and Arkhyz.

What to do in the Crimea in winter with children?

If the weather is good, you can walk along the embankments, go on an excursion to the mountains, the famous palaces and ancient fortresses.

What to do in Sochi in winter with children?

Relax at ski resorts, admire the scenery on cable cars, have fun in amusement parks and year-round water parks.

What to do in Karelia in winter with children?

Walk through snow-covered forests, look at snow-covered lakes, go sledging, and meet the Karelian Santa Claus – Pakkaine.

Where to go with a child in Moscow in winter?

In the capital there are no problems with where to spend the New Year vacations. You can go for a walk in Zaryadye Park, Alexandrovsky Park and VDNH, climb the Ostankino TV Tower or the Moscow City viewing platform, go to any Moscow theater for a children’s play or relax in a year-round water park – for example, in “Moreon” or “Caribia”.

Where to go in winter with a child at the sea?

In winter in Russia with children you can go to the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory. If you want to go abroad, it is possible to fly to Turkey. By the way, we know where to rent an apartment in Turkey.

How long will the winter vacations last in 2021?

School students have two weeks off from December 29, students all depend on credits and exams, and adults have 10 days off – from December 31 to January 9. If the winter vacations are extended, you’ll be sure to hear about it in the news.

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