Where to go in Yekaterinburg – 48 best entertainment for tourists

Entertainment centers in Yekaterinburg

Thanks for the games and a great host! We had a very cool time. The presenter with humor, didn’t let us get bored. More games and more scenarios!



Guys, writing for all those who doubt that the quest will give at all indescribable experience!)

To say that Locap is the best quest I can not, because others just have not tried. But to say that I don’t even want to go to any other quests yet, very…


11.08.2019 GoldHome Thank you for your efforts, everything was just perfect, very tasty! Some people didn’t even drink to eat more. Thank you so much to the waiter Anna, very kind and helpful. Everyone was enjoying their eel with great pleasure! Thank you.

Yekaterinburg Central Park of Culture and Recreation. Mayakovsky


Were at the anniversary on October 1, 2016, we really liked the service, food and amosphere of the institution itself, postorno, airy, beautiful.The anniversary would have gone completely on A-plus, if … not this misunderstanding in white pants, who took in the hands…

Joker’s trap.

Pet Sematary

Hi all! Yesterday I went to this new quest with my friend. Found out about it from friends, gave a flyer for a discount! So… the organizers were great, gave us tea while we were waiting for the quest to start, gave us candy. And then it all started.

Dark paradise lounge



The service is zero. In an hour no one came over, changed the coals, didn’t find out if the smoke was good. The tea was lukewarm. In general – I do not recommend it!

House of Fears.

“From the beginning everything went wrong,” so begins the legend of the House of Fears, which belonged to the American Spencer family. One day, the residents of the house were faced with an unexplainable horror…It’s up to you to find out the mystery of the demise. What can be scarier than …


WARNITE Party Territory

Turnkey celebration for only 9990 rubles!

Book a unique 3-in-1 three-hour birthday program: – Laser tag; – Quest Quest “Among US” or Hide and Seek; – Game show with a presenter and a coordinator.

Analogues in price and …


Entertaining centers – Quests – Organization and realization of holidays – Organization of theatrical and concert events

We went to the circus residence. It was very cool. I recommend it to everyone! We had our son’s birthday party – 7 years old! The program included a quest with trained dogs and there was a fire show at the end of the quest. The guys animators did the whole program.

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Today we celebrated my son’s birthday in your equestrian center, so first of all I would like to convey to the management, what you have there is total mayhem, in the first place, no one met us and did not show us to the place, and secondly, when we went …

Tropical Butterfly Park

Kids Neposedki

Children’s recreation center in Chkalovsky district

Sunny Me

Victory Park

…We came to the park, at three o’clock on Saturday afternoon, paid for the gazebo at the Victory ticket office, but on arrival we found that all the gazebos were occupied.

Thriller Club.

Eureka! I know who the killer is, I yelled as my friends and I played internet quizzes. Yes, this is no joke, we were in the role of detectives, we certainly are far from Sherlock, but we made it. Really enjoyed the audio rounds, it was great to build on the recording…


Celebrated my daughter’s birthday in this park, the guests were a few 8 kids and parents, absolutely loved it ALL.


Tandava Show

You can relax with your family or a large company in entertainment complexes. Entertainment centers in Yekaterinburg are a lot of amusement parks, zoos, large complexes that combine skating rinks, slot machines, children’s rooms, bowling, billiards and much more. The variety of centers will allow you to choose entertainment for all tastes.

  • How to find the best entertainment centers in Yekaterinburg?

On the site Zoon.ru more than 1000 entertainment centers in Yekaterinburg. Use filters to find the desired services, compare ratings and real reviews of visitors.

Zoon.ru users left 599 reviews, the average rating – 4.55 of 5. The most positive reviews have: SAXARA LOUNGE, Hunt, Game of Tables, House of Quest, Islands of Wonder.

There are 94 entertainment centers with 24/7 availability in Yekaterinburg. They include Prostory, AVS-Hotel, Greenpark. Use the filter in our catalog to find everything!

Entertainment in Yekaterinburg – Top 10 List

Ekaterinburg offers all kinds of entertainment for residents and visitors. As always it is important to know where it is good and where it is not so good. We have compiled a list of entertainment ideas in Yekaterinburg with specific places in the city, contacts and addresses. We do not offer entertainment in the form of movies, theaters, billiards, bowling, you remember that.

To see the city from a height at sunset in a restaurant

Cost: from 1000 rubles per person Time: 1-3 hours

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Yekaterinburg is a very beautiful city, especially the center and especially from the heights. You can see the city borders already from a height of 20-30 floors because of its compactness. You can spend a pleasant evening in a restaurant with a beautiful view of the city. For example in Panorama Restaurant on the 50th floor of Vysotsky Business Center. The average bill is not small, but in addition to good food you will be accompanied throughout the evening by a beautiful view of the city.

Ride on electric scooters in the city center

Cost: from 500 rubles per person Time: 1-3 hours

If you are a guest of the city, it is possible to see Ekaterinburg without wasting energy by renting an electric scooter. Rent points in the city a lot, there are rental scooters from carsharing services. The center is small, for 2-3 hours you can get around the main sights of Yekaterinburg, and not too tired. The best way to get exactly the electric scooter, in the city, sometimes you have to climb up the hill.

Go to Yeltsin Center and walk along the waterfront of Yekaterinburg City.

The Yeltsin Center hosts festivals, creative evenings on a different theme every week. See the poster, choose and enjoy an interesting evening. There are cafes and restaurants in the building, and it will be interesting to look at the exhibition too.

The Yeltsin Center is part of the Yekaterinburg-City business district. This is an analog of Moscow-City, but in miniature. The quarter is located on the waterfront, along which rest areas are arranged, there are alleys and benches.

To visit the roof of Yekaterinburg city center

There are many cafes, restaurants that have summer terraces in the center. Among the popular restaurants are Plov Project in Passage Shopping center, Le Bourg 1905, hookah bar NaKurily with open area on the roof in the city center and others. You can visit the roof by booking a date on the roof or a tour. The center is very beautiful, and in the evening the city is enveloped in Yekaterinburg lights.

You can take part in a quest

Yekaterinburg is a creative city with a very developed quest industry, about 100 quests have opened in the last 10 years. Choose a quest to your liking and have fun, it’s a worthwhile idea. In the company of friends will be especially interesting.

Cultural program – a trip to museums and exhibitions

In Yekaterinburg, as the capital of the Urals, there are very significant museums, among them:

    – One of the most significant art museums of the Urals, was formed in 1936. The museum is located in an estate building of the 19th century in the heart of Yekaterinburg and counts its “biography” since 1940. Museum got its modern name in 1995, focusing on the study of the history of the city and urban life.
  • Museum of P.P. Bazhov. The museum was founded by the decision of the executive committee of the city council on March 22, 1966, and order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation No. 117 of March 1, 1967 – on the organization of the museum of P.P. Bazhov. P. P. Bazhov museum in Sverdlovsk. February 3, 1969 the museum exhibition in the house was opened to the public.
  • Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore. Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore (Sverdlovsk Regional Museum) named after O.E. Kler is the largest museum association of the Urals. The date of birth of the museum is December 29, 1870 (January 10, 1871). “Parents” were a group of Yekaterinburg intellectuals – members of the Ural Society of Lovers of Natural History (UOLE). In January 2018, the museum was named after its founder, the initiator of the UOLE Onisim Yegorovich Kler.
  • Museum of Architecture and Design. The existing exhibits are supplemented by unique materials from the stock collection: photographs of the late XIX – early XX centuries, drawings of old Ural technique, models of monuments of industrial architecture of the Urals. During that period the museum began functioning as the Museum and Exhibition Complex of Ural State Academy of Arts and proved itself as one of the city’s interesting exhibition venues.
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Ride quad bikes and snowmobiles on Uktus Mountain

There is Uktus Mountain within the city borders, and it is a whole natural forest park with a ski complex that operates in winter and a whole set of summer activities. You can ride quad bikes or snowmobiles on Uktus. The mountain offers a beautiful view of the city. Getting to Uktus is easy – you can take public transportation to the Uktus stop. You can take a car or cab right to the mountain.

You can go for a ride and have a rest in the Mayakovsky Park of Culture and Leisure in Yekaterinburg.

There is one large park with rides in Yekaterinburg – Mayakovsky Park.

Rides are from 11:00 to 20:00, except Monday and Friday, if the weather allows (no rain, no strong wind) The Ferris wheel:

  • Ghost Castle
  • Dragon’s tail
  • Pineapple Waltz
  • Bell Road
  • Carnival
  • Jingle Bell
  • Fish Fanny
  • Yunga
  • Children’s Railroad from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sat.
  • Mowgli Park on weekdays from 14:00, on weekends from 11:00, weather permitting.
  • Paintball
  • Go-karting
  • Shooting gallery
  • VR Tents
  • Cafe and coffee houses
Horseback riding

horseback riding in Yekaterinburg

Horse rides are held right in the city or near Yekaterinburg. Riding a horse lifts your spirits and is also good for your health. Practically in city limits there is a possibility to ride on horses near districts VIZ and Uralmash.

To float on a boat on a city pond

In the center of Yekaterinburg on Plotinka there is a boat station, in summer the season of boating on the city pond opens. Near the Sevastyanov house there is a boat station, on the other side there are boats. Rentals are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends and holidays. Employees don’t strictly follow this schedule and work till the last client. If you want to rent a boat at Plotinka, it will cost 600 rubles for half an hour and 800 rubles for an hour. If you want to go on a boat with good speed and turns, the minimum price is 1200 rubles for two people. This is what they charge for one, not very big circle.

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Sail on a SAP-board

sap board Ekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg, you can swim on the River Iset and the city pond, and there are many rivers and lakes in the vicinity of the city, which are easy to get to. In the city there are many rentals of sap boards and sap stations. On a sap you can sunbathe and swim, enjoying the nature or see Yekaterinburg from the other side, sailing on the Iset.

A walk through the city center and the new waterfront

Ekaterinburg entertainment boardwalk

The center of Yekaterinburg is small, but in some places very beautiful and unusual. Here merchant buildings stand next to new business centers, apartments and residences. It is worth a walk on the central embankment of the river Iset. Choose a route from the Drama Theater to the circus. The embankment at this interval is well-groomed, on the banks of the river are the main attractions of Ekaterinburg.

Walk the route of the festival “stenograffia

Site and facilities: stenograffia.ru Instagram: stenograffia Time to visit: 1-5 hours Cost: Free

STENOGRAFFIA is an international Street Art Festival, which has been held in Yekaterinburg since 2010 during the first weekend of July. We discover new artists in the city, help to rethink the surrounding space and turn faceless gray buildings into local attractions.

The festival is a platform for creative experimentation, where everyone can discover a new facet of the city, feel responsible for its changes and try their hand at a new role.

The team developed its own approach to the city as a large computer in which “hard” is the environment created by architects, developers, utility companies and other institutions of urban planning and management, and “soft” is people’s attitude to this environment and interaction with it.

Through the involvement of people in the positive changes of the surrounding space, the festival develops street art in an alternative plane, consciously taking it out of the subcultural ghetto into the world of big culture. A world where people don’t just create, but make sense of what they create.

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Through common good projects and new semantic optics, the team changes people’s perception of the city.

Walking along the route you can see dozens of interesting works of authors from around the world. This unique story among all Russian cities is available only in Yekaterinburg.

Ride a motorcycle/quad bike on Uktus Mountain

uktus hill yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is lucky. Within the city, not very far from the center, there is Uktus Mountain, 322 meters high. From the top there is a view of the city. You can ride quad bikes, motorcycles, as well as mountain bikes in summer and snowmobiles and skis in winter within Uktuska Forest Park.

Buy souvenirs

souvenirs yekaterinburg yeltsin center

In the Urals capital there are many manufactures, clothing brands, there are even their own breweries. You can choose and buy souvenirs here – it is also a pleasure. You can not only see what is on sale, but also how to create souvenirs.

See how they make beer

jaws brewery

photo e1.ru

In the Urals there is a brewery Jaws, which can be part of the tour and see how is brewed perhaps the most delicious and popular craft beer in the Urals.

To go for a rest out of town on the nature

Yekaterinburg is one of the most interesting cities in Russia, but the richness is also in the countryside. You can relax at a tourist base outside the city, go to the nature with a tent, in the summer period it can be done with comfort.

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