Where to go in Yalta – 45 best places for tourists

Where to go in Yalta: attractions, interesting routes for excursions, the best entertainment facilities

Yalta is a real gem and a calling card of the South Coast of Ukraine. Yalta is a perfect place for both natural beauty and entertainment: here you can find everything for a good rest and unforgettable impressions. Every corner is filled with the spirit of history and the carefree atmosphere of the southern resort. Where to go in Yalta? What sights to pay attention to?

Lenin Embankment

When looking for a place to walk in Yalta, the first thing that comes to mind is the Lenin embankment. It is the oldest street in the city, where you can fully experience the resort atmosphere. Sea, mountains, palm trees, numerous cafes, restaurants, attractions, hotels – your eyes are literally running from what you see. It is hard to believe that in 1886 this place was just a normal coastal strip, there was nothing, only a customs building, and the first significant changes were carried out only in 1961.

One and a half kilometer long embankment is a landmark in itself. There is a mass of tourist objects, interesting individually, concentrated here. Here are the main ones:

  • Glavpochtamt building;
  • the building of the International Maritime Club;
  • piers for motor boats and pleasure boats;
  • cableway to the Darsan hill;
  • the building of the famous hotel “Tavrida”, where at one time stopped Nekrasov;
  • the restaurant “Orange” in the form of an ancient Greek ship;
  • Isadora Duncan sycamore;
  • the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists;
  • a chapel in honor of the Synaxis of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia;
  • The sculptural composition “Anton Chekhov and the Lady with the Dog”.

Lenin Embankment is the center of the resort, the first place to go in Yalta. From the bus station you can get here by bus № 1, 9 and 11. Get off at the Morskaya stop.

lenin waterfront


What can I see in Yalta and its suburbs? Attraction number 1 among tourists is the mesmerizing Ai-Petri peak. Ai-Petri is a breathtaking view of the Black Sea coast. The mountain got its name from the ancient Greeks and is translated as “Saint Peter. There used to be a monastery devoted to the saint, but now there are only ruins. There are also interesting karst caves.

There are several ways to get to the top of Ai-Petri:

  • You can get there by your car through the highway Yalta-Bakhchisaray. You’d better start driving in clear sunny weather and keep to the set speed limits. Along the way you can admire the waterfall Uchan-Su, the Silver Pavilion, an artificial lake, visit karst caves, have a snack in a colorful cafe Crimean Tatar cuisine.
  • There is a rope way from Miskhor. It takes about half an hour by bus №32 from Yalta. It will take you about a quarter of an hour to get there in a train with 30 seats. If you want to get back in time, calculate your time so that you’ll be back by 18:00 (before the ticket office closes).
  • As part of the tour. The tour can be booked at the hotel or from agency representatives almost all over the city. Guides will tell you many interesting facts about the attraction along the way, and there will be stops at lakes and waterfalls along the way. But time on the plateau is usually limited to two hours.
  • Walking. Travelers have paved many trails to the coveted summit. The safest path for beginners is Miskhorskaya (or Koreizskaya). It starts at the Koreiz bus stop, which can be reached from Yalta by bus number 26.

Livadia Palace

If you are worried about what to see in Yalta and the surrounding area, the landmark Livadia Palace should definitely be on your list. Nicholas II and his family used to love spending holidays here. Thanks to this fact, Yalta has become the most popular resort. Moreover, a number of historic decisions that influenced the future world order, were made exactly in the Livadia Palace.

Until today has survived a white palace, built in 1911 on the site of the royal palace. The building is executed in the style of the Italian Renaissance. There are 30 rooms, which recreated the interiors of the palace, where the royal family used to spend time.

You can easily get to Livadia from Yalta. If you’re going to go to the bus station, near the “Spartak” cinema, or to the flea market, take a minibus № 5, 11, 12 or 32. Your destination is “Sanatorium Dulber.

Livadia Palace

Massandra Palace

Making a list of options for what to see and where to go in Yalta, tourists necessarily include Massandra Palace, located 5 km from the resort.

The construction of the palace was begun by S. M. Vorontsov in 1881. The elegant design was created by the French architect Bouchard. Unfortunately, a year after the start of construction, the Count died, the construction was suspended. Work on the palace resumed 10 years later. For Emperor Alexander III, the project was slightly modified and added by Mesmacher and Wegener. But the emperor did not live long enough to complete the construction, having died in 1894.

The construction was completed only in 1902 under the auspices of Emperor Nicholas II. Despite the fact that the layout of the finished palace was somewhat different from the original, the emperor was pleased with the work. But it is interesting that neither he nor his family members ever lived here, but preferred Livadia.

After the revolution, there was a sanatorium for children suffering from tuberculosis, a military hospital, a research institute of viticulture and winemaking, and the state dacha. Nowadays, not only the palace, but also the luxurious park and the Romanovs’ Museum are of great interest to tourists.

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To get from Yalta to Verkhnyaya Massandra, you can take bus №29 or 31 or trolleybus №74. Get off at the stop “Eagle.

Massandra palace

Swallow’s Nest

When planning a trip to Yalta, you immediately think of the Swallow’s Nest. It is one of the landmarks of Yalta, which is depicted on numerous postcards and souvenirs. It is situated on the Cape of Ai-Todor, on the top of Avrorin cliff, and is 40 meters above the sea. The castle stands on the edge of a cliff, which gives the impression that it overhangs the waves.

The castle appeared in Crimea after the Russian-Turkish war. Back then it was a small one-story high wooden dacha, built by some retired general, whose name is not preserved in history. Later this place was owned by the personal physician of Alexander III, and even later – by a Moscow merchantess Rachmanina. It was she who decided to build a stone castle on the place of the wooden dacha and to give it such a poetic name.

Later, the oil industrialist Stengel owned the Swallow’s Nest and built a new castle in the Gothic style. This is how modern tourists see the landmark. In 1914, the castle was sold to merchant Shelaputin, who turned the Swallow’s Nest into a restaurant. Surprisingly, the place turned out to be unprofitable. After several more owners changed, the place was abandoned, and later became a party canteen.

After an earthquake in 1927, the building was partially destroyed and was in a poor state until 1967. Later, architect Tatiyev strengthened the foundation and facade of the castle, and the final restoration was completed in 2002. Since 2011 the castle has been included in the list of architectural and historical monuments.

You can get to the Swallow’s Nest from Yalta bus station by bus 102, and from the flea market by bus 132. Get off at the “Swallow’s Nest” stop. But the right decision for a tourist what to do in Yalta is to choose a sea tour “Yalta-Castle-Yalta” and see all the beauty from the sea. The impressions are unforgettable!

swallow's nest

Chekhov House Museum

In the list of places to see in Yalta the Chekhov House-Museum occupies a worthy place. This is where the famous writer has lived since the fall of 1898. The building was built in the Art Nouveau style, and was popularly called the White Dacha. Here Chekhov wrote “Three Sisters”, “The Cherry Orchard” and “The Lady with the Dog”. After Chekhov’s death the building was passed to his sister, and in 1921 it was nationalized and taken under the protection of the local revolutionary committee.

The museum has over 17,000 exhibits about Chekhov’s life and work. Especially valuable are personal belongings of the writer and his family members. One of the most interesting relics is a collection of Chekhov’s stamps. And also, after visiting the museum, you can get to the picturesque beach of Chekhov Bay.

You can get here from the Yalta bus station by bus №6, 9, 29 or 30. Get off at the “Roddom,” “Power Station” or “Pionerskaya Street,” depending on the chosen route.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden

Perhaps one of the most beautiful places to see in Yalta and the surrounding area on your own is the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. It is the oldest botanical garden in Europe, with a history of over 200 years. It was created by the order of Alexander I. The basis of the garden (the Lower Park) was founded by the scientist botanist Steven. Later came the Upper Park, in which the laboratories of the scientific department are concentrated. Also here you can see examples of trees that are over 200 years old.

The botanical garden has more than 2,000 species of plants. And also here is a beautiful landscape, which has made this place a movie set for a large number of films. According to the idea of the filmmakers, the garden was transformed into both jungle and fairyland.

If you are interested in this option what to see in Yalta on your own, then get to the botanical garden without difficulty. From the bus station you will take bus №41, 42, 52 or 55. Get off at the stop “s. Then you will have to walk a mile and a half in a south-western direction.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden

Glade of Fairy Tales

If you are interested in where to go for a family walk in Yalta, pay attention to the ‘Glade of Fairy Tales’. The history of this place began in 1923. Moscow engineer Bezrukov came to the Crimea to be treated for tuberculosis. Having settled in the suburbs of Yalta, he recovered quickly enough, and after a while he returned here with an amazing idea. The engineer was a creative person and was fond of making wooden sculptures. He placed his creations near the house.

Unfortunately, the sculptures were completely destroyed by fire. But residents and guests of the resort town are so used to this amazing place that they restored the sculptures of fairy tale characters by the best sculptors. Today the park is inhabited by hundreds of fairytale characters made from stone, wood, metal, concrete and other materials.

To get to the Glade of Fairy Tales, you can take a minibus № 24, 26 or 27. Get off at the same name stop.

Animal Kingdom

The Fairy Tale Zoo is one of the iconic places to go in Yalta. Its history began in 1990. At that time it was a small zoo. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the idea of creating a zoo was frozen for several years. New life ideas began when the zoo bought private entrepreneur Zubkov. This time the citizens and the guests of Yalta owe him the existence of this beautiful place.

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The number of animals was significantly increased, and decent conditions were created for their housing. Numerous sculptures and other decorative elements appeared. However, because of Zubkov’s difficult relations with competitors and government representatives, a lot of negative reviews about the institution appeared, but this did not stop its prosperity.

Today the zoo is home to more than 100 species of animals. Visitors can feed them and even pet some of them. Here you can also relax on the comfortable benches and ride the rides. You can take a minibus № 24, 26, 27, 42, 102, 115 or 125 to reach this amazing place. Get off at the “Glade of Fairy Tales” stop.

yalta zoo

Yalta in a Day

Once in the Crimea, active tourists want to see as many interesting places as possible, so, for the study of each city there is not much time. Are you curious to know where to go on your own in Yalta on a tour in one day? Here is an approximate route:

Getting to know Yalta begins at the bus station. Immediately from here go to Massandra, where you can visit the famous palace, the beautiful park and the winery with a tasting of the products.

When you return back to Yalta from Massandra, start walking towards the sea. Go to the Mukhin Street or Sverdlov Street – both ways will lead you to the Polikurovsky Hill, where the Church of St. John Chrysostom is located. There is an observation deck next to it where you can admire the city.

Continue to the waterfront along Roosevelt Street. Lenin embankment is the main promenade of the resort. Here you can see a lot of cultural and historical monuments and sit in cozy cafes.

The next point is Ekaterininskaya Street, which itself is a monument of history and architecture. For example, in the house number 3 once lived and created the Armenian musician Spendiarov, and in the house number 5 – vocal teacher of Chaliapin himself D. Usatov. House number 8 is a museum of Lesya Ukrainka.

Go down the street Pushkinskaya and visit the local history museum, as well as enjoy the Roman Catholic Church. Turn to Kommunarov street and admire the palace of Emir of Bukhara.

Back on Ekaterininskaya Street, go up to Kirov Street. This is the longest street in the city. The most beautiful house number 12, where the scientist Berthier-Delegarde once lived, deserves attention. In the house number 112 is a house-museum named after Chekhov.

From Kirov Street you can get to the open-air museum “Glade of Fairy Tales”. This is the last point that you can see in Yalta from the sights in one day.

Entertainment venues

If you stay in Yalta for a few days, you will probably want to visit the best entertainment venues in town. Here is where to go in Yalta:

  • Carpet Bar opened recently (2016), but has managed to become quite popular. The bold design using graffiti deserves special attention. Friday is the day of wine and jazz. During the day you can relax on the terrace overlooking Ai-Petri.
  • The karaoke restaurant “Seagull on the Beach” was also opened in 2016. This place almost immediately became the center of social life in Yalta. The establishment is located on the beach of the Yalta Intourist Hotel, which gives the opportunity to admire the mesmerizing sea views.
  • South Cafe is a popular place among representatives of creative professions. Every week there are musical evenings. In the daytime you can spend time in the cozy room or on the open terrace.
  • The Cross Life gym is an ideal place for those who seek to keep their body in tonus even on vacation. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle can use modern training equipment and professional instructors.
  • Beauty salon Paul Mitchell is situated on the territory of Hotel Yalta Intourist. Here work masters, who were trained in the best schools of the world.
  • Concert Hall “Jubilee” is a semi-open facility, which operates in the warm season. Here every year famous artists of the national and foreign stage come.
  • The Chekhov Theater is a historical building, which can accommodate up to 500 spectators. It is possible to visit performances of local and touring troupes. The Chekhov Festival is held in autumn.
  • Nightclub Nebo Beach is a trendy place located on the beach of the Yalta Intourist Hotel. There are the best DJs for those who love quality dance music.
  • The cinema “Planet Cinema” opened in 2013. It has two halls – 2D and 3D. About 750 people can be simultaneously saturated with a movie premiere.
  • The complex “Opera Prisma” is the best SPA center in Yalta. The complex is located in the Seaside Park on the very seashore. It has everything you need for internal renovation and external transformation.

Positive tourist reviews about Yalta

Before deciding what to see in Yalta, it is worth learning more about the resort itself. A great source of information is the reviews of travelers. Here are what positive comments about Yalta you can hear from them:

  • very beautiful, distinctive nature and clean air;
  • a lot of cats live in the city, which feel like masters of the resort;
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden is a magical place (especially in the fall, when the Parade of Chrysanthemums takes place);
  • the city is quite compact, so even from remote areas to the sea can be reached by public transport in 10 minutes;
  • a lot of fountains, which are good for refreshment in the summer heat;
  • right in the street you can see musicians who perform classical works and works of modern maestros very professionally;
  • in the city there are many cultural events for all tastes;
  • a huge number of catering establishments for all tastes and wallets;
  • there are many temples and chapels of both historical and modern construction;
  • there is a low building, so the town looks home-like;
  • Very pleasant clean air, combining the scents of the sea and pine;
  • In Yalta comes a lot of stars of the national and foreign stage, you can always visit a concert during the holidays.
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sights in Yalta

Negative reviews of tourists about Yalta

There are countless places to see in Yalta. But you should be prepared for some negative things you might encounter in the city. Here are the main negative tourist reviews:

What to see and where to go in Yalta and the surrounding area

Yalta is a small cozy town on the southern coast of Crimea, the heart of the peninsula and a popular tourist center that attracts thousands of travelers annually. It is surrounded by majestic mountains and clear turquoise smooth surface, drowning in the smell of cypress groves, rosemary and magnolia.

The city has a long history, full of destruction and restoration, and is covered with vineyards, luxurious historical and architectural monuments, which are in harmony with the picturesque nature. Visitors often wonder what you can see in Yalta and surroundings, and where to go, with only one day to spare.

What to see in Yalta

What to see in a day

There are so many things to see in the bright city that those who come here for the first time can’t help but divert their eyes. If you only have a day to explore, spend it in the city:

  • Walk along the embankment and ancient streets, look at the bloody stairs, where the film based on the famous novel by Bulgakov was shot.
  • Explore holy places and preserved baths.
  • Look at the area from a height by taking a cable car.
  • Walk around Chekhov’s house.
  • Spend an hour on Massandra beach.
  • If you are pondering what to see with children in 1 day and what to do in Yalta, this list will be the best itinerary.

Promenade along the promenade

The promenade stretches for more than a thousand meters, offering stunning views of mountain ranges and standing ships. It is the most popular and frequently visited part of the city, where a large number of tourists is concentrated in the high season. Yalta coastal zone – an elegant combination of luxury of expensive boutiques, fashionable restaurants right by the sea, panoramic hotels, inexpensive pastries and freshly squeezed juices.

This is a place where even a lonely visitor will never be bored, everyone will find something interesting and entertaining. There are street musicians, there is a summer theater, where celebrities come every week.

There are also a lot of souvenir and art shops. No matter where in the Crimea tourists come to Yalta, a trolleybus, bus, or cab will bring them right here. Even if you came to the city just for a couple of hours, you should make time to stroll in the shade of the sprawling coastal palm trees. It is the best place to go in Yalta in the evening. While there, visit the alley of artists and see the plane tree of Isadora Duncan.


Located in the center of the city. A unique collection of reptiles has been open to tourists since 2011. Here you will meet alligators from different parts of the world, including the largest representatives of this family – caimans. The exposition is constantly expanded, it already presents herbivorous iguanas, formidable monitor lizards and many varieties of turtles, including the vulture turtle.

What to see and where to go in Yalta

Ancient Greek galley

On the coast equipped with another interesting place – a cafe, decorated in the form of a ship and called the schooner Espanola. Going there you can feel yourself as a hero of “Robinson Crusoe” or “Treasure Island”. In front of the building there are edelweiss umbrellas mounted back in the middle of the 20th century.

Roffe Baths

The building was erected on the territory of the hotel “France” at the end of the 19th century by an architect, who by that time had already been the designer of the famous Livadia Palace. This fabulous building of original design made of white marble, decorated inside with Moroccan stucco, is known for its healing effect. The purified and salty water has a positive effect on the body. At one time the baths were visited by famous personalities and famous writers, such as Chekhov, Bunin and Chaliapin. During the war the building was completely destroyed, but the baths remained untouched. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union wanted to raze the ruins to the ground, but because of public protests – were kept. In 1996, after the collapse of the Soviet regime, the restoration measures began, and the building was given the status of a monument.

What to see in Yalta in one day

The small aerial tramway

If you are not interested in the old buildings, you can enjoy the views of the city from the height.

There is a 600-meter aerial cableway from the “Tavrida” hotel to the Darsan hill, which name in common parlance is “Malaya Lyutka. It takes 15 minutes to get over the 1.5 kilometer span to the hill on the elevator and admire the view from above from 138 meters high and then take an easy walk back.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Incredibly beautiful and fairy-tale structure is an architectural masterpiece and the pearl of Yalta. It is situated in the center of the village on Sadovaya street. It impresses with its size and luxury, amazing openwork facades and sparkling gilded domes. The temple was planned in honor of the ruler Alexander II. The doors of the sacred place are open to visitors without a break and weekends, the entrance is free, but at the gates are asked to turn off all gadgets – it is forbidden to take pictures inside in order not to damage the preserved mosaic image of Alexander Nevsky and the luxurious interior decoration. Large-scale bells, custom-made in Moscow especially for this cathedral, unfortunately, have not “lived” to this day and were reworked in Soviet times.

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Yalta Where to go and what to see

The temple of John Chrysostom

This is the first Christian religious building which was built from a stone. Construction began in 1835 with the active financial participation of Count Vorontsov. Externally the church resembles English houses of those times. Its facades are painted in mustard tones, and its five domes are gilded. Three-cascade bell tower has become one of the visiting cards, it stretches to 45 m in height and is clearly visible from the sea and from the coast.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden

For lovers of rare exotic plants, an abundance of diverse plantings and riotous flowers is presented in this green paradise. If you don’t know where to spend a warm day, what to see in Yalta and where to go – head here. In the oldest Crimean garden, plants have been cultivated since 1812. Today its collection of live exhibits numbers over 15 thousand species. The park’s splendid decoration and interesting landscape design will win over both hardcore gardeners and people far from gardening. Tourists come here for the whole day, leisurely stroll around the territory in the shade of century-old trees, enjoy the scent of flowers and make photos near the bamboo grove. In mid-spring, there is an exhibition of tulips, in the autumn – the chrysanthemums, then the ground here is covered with a carpet of a thousand kinds of colorful buds. The garden is conventionally divided into four parts. At the entrance, each visitor who has bought a ticket gets a card, which determines what he wants to see first. In the complex includes an exhibition of orchids and cacti, and a museum with 3 thousand exhibits and tasting of Crimean wines from varieties of grapes that grow on these lands.

Interesting places in Yalta

What to see in Yalta in three days

If you have an opportunity to spend a weekend in a sunny resort town, visit the main sights in the three palaces of Great Yalta – Massandra, Vorontsov and Livadia, spend the evening at a wine tasting or a restaurant in the most famous building in the Crimea – Swallow’s Nest. If you have time, go to Miskhor and take a cable car to Ai-Petri, feel the majesty of Crimean mountains and enjoy the spectacular views from the height.

Alexander the Third’s Palace in Massandra

Massandra castle was built high in the mountains, surrounded by green pine forest. Construction of the palace started in 1881, commissioned by the son of a high-ranking official, Governor-General Vorontsov. But he died before the project could be realized. Then the unfinished estate was bought to equip the house for Emperor Alexander III. Unfortunately, he was not lucky enough to move in. During the heyday of communism the building served as a place of rest for the higher officials of the party. After the collapse of the USSR, a museum was opened in the territory. The palace has almost fully preserved the decoration of the past years: wooden furniture, luxurious billiard room, good-quality staircases, and, most important, a huge mirror in a massive frame. Looking into it, tourists make their deepest wishes come true, which, according to superstitions, are bound to come true. The museum complex is open 7 days a week.

What to see in Yalta

Massandra winery

For gourmets and lovers enjoy a glass of fortified wine, in almost all kiosks on the peninsula you can buy a bus tour of general educational character to the winery. The production of this brand is considered one of the best and most titled in the world. Every year a couple of samples from the collection of wines win prizes at prestigious international competitions. In addition to the classic tasting, visitors will be guided through the underground cellars and shown, aged for decades and priceless, bottles of fragrant beverage.

The snow-white Livadia Palace

This is one of the most famous residences of the peninsula. It was the last residence of the emperor of the Russian state, Nicholas II. The ensemble of buildings was built in the early 20th century and included in addition to the palace, a few more buildings, including the church and a cozy courtyard. Livadia is also famous for a grand historical event, which took place in early 1945 – the Yalta Conference. It was attended by top government officials of the anti-Hitler coalition – the USSR, Britain and the United States.

What can be seen in Yalta

Castle Swallow’s Nest

It is located at the very edge of a cliff and is depicted on banknotes, posters, maps, souvenir products and advertisements of travel agencies. It is a full-fledged trademark of Crimea, and coming to the peninsula for the first time, you have to visit it. Destructions, strong earthquakes, and several reconstructions form the long history of the monument, when Baron von Stegel decided to order the design and construction of the castle in the German style. They erected a small complex on a high cliff surrounded by impressive mountain scenery and the sea abyss.

Vorontsov Palace

It is a luxurious residence built by the British architect E. Blair for the Governor-General of Novorossiysk. This is one of the most informative and colorful places where you can go and walk in Yalta. Despite the pronounced English style in the architectural details, there is a clear presence of Eastern motifs. Before the revolution the estate served as a summer palace for three generations of the Vorontsov family, but with the advent of communism it was nationalized. During the war years, the premises were robbed by the Nazis. The latter stole more than 500 items of paintings and priceless graphics. Only part of them later returned to the walls of the palace. Since 1956 there is a museum in it.

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Where to walk in Yalta


The summit of the mountain is 1234 meters high and offers spectacular views. You can have a delicious meal on the plateau with the best national Crimean-Tatar cuisine. Climb the hill from the lower station of the cableway, which starts near the Vorontsov Palace. The elevator is listed in the Book of Records as the longest unsupported span in Europe. The ride takes 15 minutes.

Silver Pavilion and Uchan-Su Waterfall

You can combine your trip with a visit to Ai-Petri Mountain. After admiring the views of the seashore from above, you need to take a bus and go down. You will come across Uchan-Su waterfall and Silver Pavilion on the way of the serpentine. The water streams are decorated with a monument in the form of an eagle. According to a popular belief, if you tie a red ribbon around its wing and make a wish you are sure it will come true.

Where to go in Yalta

What to see in a week

Such a time is not enough to see all the sights of the resort town, but if you pre-design the route, you can fit into the program a maximum of exciting places, which left their mark on the history:

  • Families with children are recommended to go to the Glade of Fairy Tales and visit the zoo.
  • Lovers of flora – go to Nikita Botanical Garden.
  • Men and real gourmets will be interested in tasting the wines from the best varieties of Crimean grapes.
  • The interiors of medieval castles will impress all tourists.
  • For those who prefer art, you can buy a ticket to a performance at the Chekhov Theater in Yalta.
  • In Yalta you must walk along the embankment and see the active churches and the Armenian Church and ascend the majestic Ai-Petri Mountain.

Interesting places

When you have seen all the above points on the map of the Crimea, and you do not know where to go on a tour in Yalta, pay attention to the following monuments:

  • F.F. Melzer House.
  • Winery “Magarych”.
  • Palace of Emir Bukhara.
  • Museum complex of L. Ukrainka.
  • Count’s Mordvinov estate.
  • Yusupovsky Palace, referred to as “Pink Manor”.
  • Forosky park with unsurpassed fountains.
  • Church of St. Nicholas and Great Martyr Alexandra.
  • Nikitskaya Cliff with the rock-climbing wall.
  • Mountain-forest nature reserve.
  • Film studio.

No matter how many times you visit the resort town you will discover more and more sights.

What to see in Yalta

What interesting things to see in the vicinity

The whole southern coast of the peninsula is dotted with fascinating monuments. In order not to go where you will certainly not like, before the tour, it is worth reading reviews, studying photos and determine the most interesting places in Yalta and the surrounding area to visit. Ratings of the fascinating corners of the South Coast strongly recommend a look around:

Where to go in Yalta in the evening

After a day filled with sightseeing, taking water and sunbathing – head to the city’s promenade, where hundreds of lanterns are turned on at dusk. Stroll in the fresh sea air, eat in a cafe by the water’s edge, and catch a concert or go dancing in a nightclub.

Where to go as a family

If you come on a family vacation, you must decide in advance what to visit in Yalta with children, where to go and what to see. We advise to show your child the following places.

What to see in Yalta

“Aquatorium” Dolphinarium.

The pool is located in the village of Vinogradnoye, near the Livadia Palace. You can visit the spectacular show, accompanied by a musical performance, in which dolphins, beluga whales and seals take part.

Yalta zoo with an aquarium

You need to go here for the whole day. The vast area with an abundance of terraces and natural views is equipped with spacious aviaries that are home to over 1,000 representatives of the fauna.

Where to go in Yalta

Museum of Cosmonautics

This place has been visited by politicians, cosmonauts and pilots many times. They were motivated to organize here the exhibition of cosmonautics, which was founded by Yuri Gagarin himself. The exhibits are located on the site of the famous children’s camp “Artek”.

Atlantis Water Park

The water park was built not far from the sea. Its design, undoubtedly, will delight the little members of the family – on the territory there are imitated ruined cities and statues of ancient heroes. You will find a fascinating rendezvous on slides of different height and complexity. There is an entertainment for fans of relaxed recreation and for real extreme tourists.

Where to go in Yalta

Where can I go for a walk in Yalta

One review can not tell you all the landscapes and architectural beauty that you can see near the famous resort. Do not try to catch it all and everywhere. Don’t forget that you are here, above all, a summer resort, to get away from the hustle and bustle and heavy air of industrial areas. Here, the main attractions are the sea and the mountains. Stroll through the parks and squares, taking shelter from the heat under the shade of palm leaves, drink a cup of coffee in the coastal cafes and listen to the creativity of local artists at the flowing water fountain on the waterfront.

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