Where to go in Ufa – 30 best tourist attractions

Interesting places for tourists in Ufa

The history of the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan is not only about the fates and lives of the people who created it, but also about the history of its holdings, collections and items stored or displayed.

A modern 5-screen movie theater in Mercury Shopping and Entertainment Center. All cinema halls are equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment and have a possibility to show movies.

“Forest embassy” – is an interactive educational platform, where representatives of wildlife live, and children have the opportunity to interact directly with them: to feed, to care for, to study.

City House of Culture Geofizik is one of the favorite cultural spaces, on the basis of which a variety of events are organized, serving for the interesting.

Cinema Park Seven in Ufa is located in the entertainment area on the 4th floor of a modern shopping mall Seven. This allows not only to spend your leisure time exciting, but also to make the necessary purchases.

Cinema Park” invites the audience to plunge into the mysterious and wonderful world of cinematography! Not every movie theater in the city of Ufa can boast of such a large.

New movie theater in Ufa offers all citizens and guests of Ufa the opportunity to watch movies and cartoons in a modern RealD format. Technological characteristics of “Kinomax-Ufa” cinema.

– 7-hall cinema complex; – 2D/3D at one price to avoid confusion; – Modern wide-screen curved screens for full immersion; – Anatomical chairs; – Free 3D glasses.

Municipal budgetary institution “City Palace of Culture” (2012) – Palace of Culture of trade union committee of JSC “Ufaorgsintez” (1994) – Palace of Culture of trade union committee of the Ufa Synthetic Plant.

“Honey, I’ll call you back. ” is definitely a “bar on the corner”, it’s just that there are a lot more of those corners now.

In the very center of Ufa, namely on Lenin Street, opposite the famous fountain where the bronze Bashkir beauties dance, there is a restaurant called Russian Seasons, which has already won hearts.

Elements of European culture important for a real family restaurant are also developed in all the key points of the restaurant – a wide service and a home-like cozy interior.

Irish pub Dublin is not just a pub where you can have a good drink and a good meal, it is a kind of second home, where it is always nice to come back, meet friends and watch sports.

“Rakhat Chaikhana” – the first Ufa’s halal fast food tea house, was opened in 2012, located in the building of Islamic College named after Maryam Sultanova on Mustay Karim str. Before opening.

Peev-bar will become your favorite place to relax! Our beer sport bar in Ufa you will definitely like, because we have combined together three components of a perfect evening in a friendly company: steak.

Bakshish – oriental restaurant in Ufa. Bakshish is a hospitable lounge with exquisite and refined Middle Eastern cuisine and hookah. You can enjoy a wonderful barbecue here.

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We are very glad that you are interested in our restaurant! We have a mission – to show the residents and guests of the capital our view on the modern Ufa cuisine. We have been preserving traditional Bashkir cuisine for 3 years already.

Billiard club “Olymp” is one of the most prestigious billiard clubs in Ufa. It was opened on September 3, 2007. There is comfort, silence and atmosphere of ancient Greece. “Olymp” is a place where.

PRIME burger gourmet is a gastronomic bistro with amazing burgers. In a small atmospheric cozy place you can taste different flavor combinations gathered from all over the world.

We would like to present you Trend’s new big project called VYSOTA 22. It is a restaurant complex, consisting of 3 floors, each of which has its own new story! On 1.

There are both comfortable booths and small tables in a cozy restaurant hall for 150 seats, as well as a vip-cabin, ideal for a small celebration. All guests of the Angles, be it.

“Meat Meat” is Dasko Group’s most brutal and masculine restaurant. The restaurant is located in a legendary place in Ufa – in Sakharov’s Merchant’s House (Kommunisticheskaya 47), where for two years already.

This restaurant is situated in the center of Ufa in the estate of noble noblemen Rossinskys. Because of a rich history of the house the main concept of the restaurant was to recreate an image of a nobleman’s country house.

The basis of the cuisine is fish and everything that lurks on the seabed: octopus, scallops, tuna, seabass, Dorada, mussels, oysters. Fish in tar-taras, ceviche and hot dishes! The sea alone is not the menu.

Current list of tourist interesting places in Ufa. Easy search, interactive sorting. On the page of each institution you can find the following information: location address, official website, email address, phone number, as well as photos and videos.

Ufa sights for tourists

The capital of Bashkiria is located on the banks of the Belaya River at the junction of Europe and Asia. Ufa is a multinational and multi-confessional city. The traveler will encounter an intertwining of styles, cultures of different peoples, which can be traced in the architecture, local cuisine. The article will help the tourist to answer the question, what to see in Ufa tourist.

Attractions for tourists in Ufa

What to see in Ufa in 1 day

The capital of Bashkortostan is the most important logistical, industrial and cultural center of the Volga region. The city is rich in memorable places, blooming parks, colorful architecture.

Monument to Salavat Yulaev

A symbol of the city and a calling card is a monument to the national hero of Bashkiria. The rider with his arm raised on a rampant horse stands on the bank of the Belaya river, visible from far away when approaching the city. The sculpture symbolizes the Bashkir people’s desire for freedom. Salavat Yulaev was an associate of Yemelyan Pugachev.

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The monument is 10 meters high and weighs 40 tons – the largest equestrian sculpture in Europe.

Address: Tuba street, 3. Bus 6, 25, 227, 228, 249, 255, 272, 290. Bus 31, 59e, 75e, 226, 290. Trolleybus 19, the stop “BSU”.

Kilometer Zero

Peter I approved the countdown of the distance to the largest post office in the city. In honor of the 450th anniversary of Bashkiria’s entry into Russia a bronze disc with a diameter of 1.5 meters was placed on the paving stone in front of the main post office building in Ufa, with the number “0” in the center and national symbols on the edge. Ufa is visited by newlyweds, entrepreneurs and students. There is a tradition to throw coins for happiness and make the first responsible steps from the “zero kilometer”.

Address: Lenin Street, 28.

Buses 3, 30, 51, 57, 57a, 59e, 75e, 101, 110, 121k, 126k, 226, 290.

Shuttles 6, 25, 119k, 122, 171, 202, 207, 211, 212, 216, 216c, 227, 228, 247, 252, 266, 272, 290, 350, “Gostiny Dvor” bus stop.

Toratau Congress Hall

This bright monument of modern architecture appeared in the mid-2000s and quickly became a major attraction. Its 179 m high facade is made of glass, its external shape resembles a feather of mythological bird of Bashkir eposes. The surface of the glass is covered with national ornaments.

Seminars, congresses, meetings of scientists, politicians are held in the building. Stylish restaurants are popular with locals and guests.

Address: Zaki Validi, 2.

Buses 30, 31, 59E, 75E, 226, 255, 290.

Bus 6, 25, 207, 212, 219a, 227, 228, 249, 256, 264, 272, “BSU” stop.

Bus 31, 75E, 255, 290, 432A. Shuttles 6, 25, 202, 212, 223, 227, 228, 230, 242, 249, 256, 264, 266, 272. Telecenter stop.

See other places of interest:




Friendship Monument

Composition of two female figures, embodying Russia and Bashkortostan, installed on the historic site, there was the Trinity-Smolensk Cathedral of the early XVII century. The temple was demolished in 1956. The construction of the monument, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of Bashkiria’s voluntary entry into Russia, lasted until 1965.

Because of the karst failures on the territory of the city the monument was built according to the principle of “vanka-stand”. The lower part of the foundation is a structure that is resistant to any shifts within the earth’s surface.

Address: embankment of the river Belaya.

Buses 31, 51, 110c, 124, 234. Trolleybus 1.

Bus lines 131, 131yu, 163, 163d, 203, 211, 223, 232, 233, 235, 262k, 291, Friendship Monument stop.

Monument to Lenin

It would seem that such a famous monument is in every city of Russia. Ufa’s monument has peculiarities:

  • the first monument to the leader after his death;
  • the sculpture is seated;
  • marble tombstones of the 18th century were used as the material.

Lenin is sitting with a book in his hand, behind stands a stone stele with a globe. Interesting places nearby: Glavpochtamt and the building of the former City Hall.

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Address: 141 Oktyabrya Ave.

Bus 30, buses 219A, 236, the stop “Bashgosdramteatr”.

Trolleybus 2, stop “Lenin Park”.

Gostiny Dvor

Where should a tourist visit to satisfy his historical curiosity, do some shopping and have a coffee in a pleasant environment? You can get all that at the Gostiny Dvor. Gostiny Dvor has been attracting merchants from Russia and European countries since 1812.

Construction of a building in the Classical style began on the square in 1825 and lasted 40 years. There were accommodations for the governor’s close associates, and wealthy merchants opened their trade there. As a result of reconstruction during the Soviet era, the building lost its original exterior and interior decoration.

Until 1980 the building housed a cotton factory. The reconstruction in the 90s turned the Gostiny Dvor into a business and cultural center.

Address: Upper Trade Square, 1.

Buses 3, 30, 51a, 57, 57a, 75, 101, 110, 122, 126k, 127k, 164, 226, 290.

Bus 25, 216, 227, 228, 243, 247, 249, 252, 256, 257k, 266, 272, 285, 329, 350.

Tourist places include unusual, interesting monuments.

Sculpture “House of the marten”

In 2010, on the Day of Love, Family and Fidelity, the composition “House of the marten” appeared in Ufa. The animal is considered to be a symbol of the Bashkir capital, the guardian of the family home. The composition depicts two martens: one – in the house, and another – on a branch nearby. The monument is associated with a romantic legend about a girl turned into a marten and sent into the woods. Her fiancé went in search, and recognizing the animal as his bride, he himself turned into a fluffy animal. Newlyweds come to the monument after the registration.

Address: Lenin Street, opposite the house 104, buses 30, 205, 205a, 227, 230, the stop “Ufa-Arena.

“Ufa Arena”.

In the capital of Bashkiria, the tourist will want to see famous places. One of them is the sports and concert complex, built in 2007. Inside – two ice rinks, rooms for coaches, athletes. The purpose of the facility is the base of Salavat Yulayev Hockey Club. The arena seats 8200 spectators. Inside the complex and near the site cultural events and concerts take place.

Address: Lenina str, 114, buses 22, 22a, 30, 121k, 129k, 151k, trolleybus 22, taxis 205, 205a, 227, 239, 291, 329.

Time Machine

The monument in the park of the engine builders is dedicated to the engine of SU-25 aircraft. The engine has been produced for 30 years and has no analogues. The real engine is mounted on a pedestal in a metal frame. The plate shows the technical parameters of the engine.

Address: Bogorodskaya str. 21, buses 10, 74, 226, 248, 290, the stop “UMPO Personnel Department.

There are interesting architectural and historical monuments and buildings of the XIX century in Ufa.

Kosterin’s house

In the center of the city stands a mansion from 1907. It was occupied by merchant Pavel Kosterin. The building is located on a street corner, so it has two exits. The stone mansion in the Art Nouveau style is decorated with stucco, openwork forging balconies, mansard in the form of an ellipse. Inside, huge oak doors and cast-iron patterned stairs have been preserved.

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The building has been restored twice and is protected by the state. Now the mansion houses the Customs of Bashkortostan.

Address: Pushkin Street, 86, stop “Aksakov, bus 6, 29, taxi 6, 202, 214, 226, 249, 255, 255a, 256, 262, 266, 272, 290, 432.

Chizhov’s Mansion.

F.E. Chizhov, the owner of a large timber factory, built a two-story house with high arched windows and side towers for his family. Most of the nineteenth-century buildings were destroyed during the Soviet regime. This is one of the few surviving mansions. And the merchant owned a third of brick houses in those days. The architecture of the house shows the first features of the nascent Art Nouveau.

Now it is a branch of the National Republican Library. The historical building is protected by the local authorities.

Address: 10 October Revolution St., buses 124, 272.

The Nativity of the Theotokos Cathedral

The ancient Orthodox Church can seat several thousand parishioners at a time. During its more than hundred-year history the cathedral was used for different purposes and was closed. In 1991, it was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church, and a year later a miracle happened – several icons miroleaked. Now the cathedral is an ornament of the city, there are two shrines which people come to worship.

Address: Kirov Street 102, route taxis 218, 220, 224, 233, 270, 329a, trolleybuses 13, 21.

Bogorodsko-Ufimsky temple

The cathedral is the second largest operating on the territory of the republic. The main relic is a copy of the icon of Kazan Mother of God. The construction of the temple began in 1621. A hundred years later it was demolished and a wooden church was built, which burned down. The present building of the church is more than 150 years old. A Sunday school and restoration workshop have been working for 20 years.

Address: 15 Ferin Street, buses 10, 74, 110c, 226, 290.

Trolleybuses 9, 10, 15, buses 207, 208, 213, 227, 239, 246, 248, 253, 272, 290, 298.

La La Tulip Mosque

The Muslim temple is an educational, spiritual center of Ufa. It was built in 1998 with donations from the local population and the support of the city administration. Two minarets are made in the form of a blooming tulip, the height of each – 53 meters. Among Turkic peoples this flower is a symbol of spring, the beginning of a new life. In addition to the above-ground part, there is also a 10-meter underground room.

Address: Komarova Street, 5, buses 27, 51, 51a, 59e, 290, trolleybuses 1, 8, 13, 22.

Bus 25, 25c, 59, 104, 211, 213, 216, 228, 233, 244, 249, 258, 270, 272, 277, 290, 405.

Monument to the Battle of Cahul, Moldova

The First Cathedral Mosque of Ufa

The mosque is the main mosque in Bashkortostan. The mosque building is a historical and cultural object of classicism of the beginning of XIX century. It is a small building of white stone with one minaret and around it are outbuildings, a bathhouse and an orchard.

Address: Tukaeva Street, 52, buses 31, 51, 51a, 57, 57a, 101, 101k, 110, 122, 127k, 164, 234, taxis 31, 114, 119k, 122, 131, 151, 164, 167, 171, 211, 214, 216, 234k, 242, 247, 257k, 277, 280, 284, 291, 298, 350.

Where to go to Ufa tourist interesting places

In Ufa, there are many interesting places for visitors to the city to go. At any time of the year there are activities for a pleasant pastime.

Water park

Water and entertainment complex, located on the square of the “Planet” shopping center, is the only one in the republic. The interior of the park is made in the Jurassic period style with waterfalls, sun terraces, caves and lagoons. Amusements on water include rides, wave pool, children’s small town, SPA-complex.

Address: Entuziastov 20, buses 75, 75e, stop Tuzhilovka. Trolleybuses 16, 223, 244, 260, “Entuziastov” stop.

Yakutov Park.

The park is located in the city center, being a green island of the metropolis. Tourists will find entertainment throughout the year. In the summertime, there are rides: roller coaster, merry-go-rounds, electric cars, drop tower and others. On the territory of the park there is a 2 km long railroad, on which adults and children are happy to take a ride. In the northern part there is Soldier Lake, nearby there is a rent of catamarans, boats, and in winter the ice rink opens. The park has a tennis school, there are restaurants and cafes.

Address: Lenin Street, 65/3, bus 3, 74, trolleybus 22, shuttle 3, 74, 214, the stop “Yakutova Park.


Guests of the city must visit the planetarium – the only one in Bashkiria. Interest in the space theme emerged after the first flight of Yuri Gagarin. In 1964 the center where lectures on the space theme were given appeared. The planetarium has opened circles for children, and astrological observations were made.

In 1990s planetarium was equipped with German projection equipment Skymaster, the only one in Russia at that time. Today the auditorium can accommodate 85 people, multi-projector equipment allows you to show a spherical video with a 360̊ view.

Address: 79/2 Oktyabr avenue.

Stop. “State Circus”: buses 51, 51a, 59e, 69, 74, 110, 122, 124, 126k, 164, 226, 290, streetcars 5, 10, 18, trolleybuses 13, 22.

“Forest Embassy.”

Among the places that must be visited is the contact zoo. Children here can watch the animals, feed and take care of a pet. All inhabitants are subject to veterinary control and are not afraid of visitors. The park has a special area for classes and workshops. On weekends, entertainment events are held.

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