Where to go in Tula – 55 best places for tourists

What to see and where to go with the kids in Tula

Weapon capital of Russia and home of the Russian harmonica, a city of craftsmen, samovars and gingerbread men. City with a rich history and cultural heritage. And all this is about Tula. Every year the tourist attractiveness of the city is increasing. Many choose Tula for a weekend trip, and then return again to walk the streets of Tula, drink tea from a samovar with gingerbread, to admire the local handyman hacked a flea, and to understand the secrets of Tula craftsmen.

Going to Tula with a child? We have prepared a children’s guide to the city of masters, including the most interesting things for little tourists: attractions, museums, entertainment for all tastes, zoos and parks for walks. How to relax with children in Tula at weekends, summer and winter, where to go for free, as well as in what area of the city is better to stay, we will tell you more in this article.

What to see with children in Tula

Tula is sure to please children. Walk in parks and squares, explore museums, interact with animals in zoos, learn the skills of Tula craftsmen at master classes, and treat yourself to the famous Tula gingerbread. If you are in Tula for the first time, start your sightseeing program with the historical center and its sights. Professional guides will help you save time searching for information and creating an itinerary around Tula. Sightseeing walking and bicycle tours are available on the page of the project Experts. Tourister.ru.


Tula for children

In 2020, the Tula Kremlin celebrates its 500th anniversary. In connection with this significant event was undertaken a major reconstruction of the historic center, including the pedestrian street Metalistov, which is now converted into the Museum Quarter. Here are a branch of the State Historical Museum, the Yasnaya Polyana Museum, the Kulikovo Polye Museum, the Polenov Museum, as well as the Cossack Museum and museums dedicated to art.

On the left bank of the Upa River today, as five centuries ago, stands the Tula fortress. Built in the early 16th century, the wooden Kremlin performed an important task – to protect Moscow from the invasion of Crimean Tatars. What was the first fortress can be seen on a model in the museum complex of the Tula Kremlin, here at a multimedia exhibition presents the history of the building and various artifacts. You can walk around the Kremlin and look at the Assumption and Epiphany cathedrals for free, but if you want to immerse yourself in history, and children are asked to visit the fortress walls and towers, then it is better to take an excursion. Getting to know the life of the fortress settlement and its architecture will be even more fascinating if you take part in the quest “Lord of the Kremlin”.

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Take a walk through the Kremlin garden to the Kazan embankment . Playgrounds will be visible from afar. You won’t be able to get away quickly, so get ready to spend some time here. And afterwards take pictures with the sculpture of a cute hedgehog in the mushroom clearing.

Tula for children

Continuing your walk through the city center, go to Lenin Square, where the monument to the Tula gingerbread is located and the singing fountain works. The children run with joyful shouts right on the surface of the fountain, and refreshing water jets shoot out from under their feet at the most unexpected moment, causing a lot of emotions in the little fidgeters. Musical performances take place every hour, and at nightfall the lights are turned on and the light show begins. No less beautiful show is the fountain show on Krestovozdvizhenskaya Square .

Further itinerary can be arranged in different ways. For example, with children of school age go to the Museum of Arms . The new building in the form of a helmet-chest is on the right bank of the Upa, to which the Zarechensky Bridge extends. With the kids it is best to go to the Belousov Central Park of Culture and Leisure and spend the rest of the day at the attractions or children’s town, the exotarium or a mini zoo.

Since Tula is the city of masters and craftsmen, you can not miss a visit to the craft yard “Dobrodey”. The child will love the artisanal antimuseum, blacksmith shop, carpentry, pottery and textile sloboda. Here lives a local celebrity – hereditary goose Dobrynya, who is also a blogger. On the territory of the craft yard in Tula, thematic interactive programs and craft workshops are regularly held.

Plan a visit to the Puppet Theater or the Theatre of Young People’s Friendship. On the poster of the Tula Drama Theater are such children’s performances as “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Scarlet Flower. A trip to the circus will be a great delight for a child. Tula circus always performs at a high level and is considered one of the most professional circuses in Russia.

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Tula for children

The world of exotic animals, amphibians, spiders, snakes and other reptiles opens up to the curious tourist in the world famous Tula Exotarium. Guides will help to orient in the exotarium exposition and to understand the diversity of inhabitants. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about this or that animal, and the exotarium guides will be happy to tell you about everything and even show you rare exhibits that are not part of the main exposition.

If you have chosen the exotic animals exhibition at Belousov Central Park of Culture and Leisure then pay your attention to the animals of the local zoo. In the spacious enclosures live deer, roe deer, raccoons, goats and birds. The zoo is small, but it will be interesting for children to watch the animals.

You can meet fluffy rabbits and chickens, feed raccoons and goats in the touchy zoo. It is located at the entrance to the Central Park of Culture and Leisure from the street Zhavoronkov.

You can visit the park of birds and animals “Epifanovo podvorye” in the v. Komissarovka most often together with the Museum of merchant life in the village Epifan. Wild animals and birds, common and decorative chickens, geese and other inhabitants of the zoo are surrounded by care and attention and always welcome guests.

Weekends in Tula – where to go

If you think in stereotypes, Russia is the cold, bears and balalaikas, and Tula is gingerbread, rifles and samovars. However, a weekend in Tula is not limited to contemplation of the three named objects.

There is much to do in this charming city near Moscow: its cozy streets, unusual museums, river tramways, creative art spaces, and historic countryside sites like Tolstoy Manor and Kulikovo Polye will not let you get bored.

How to spend a weekend in Tula: what to see in one day or three days, how to get around attractions by car, and where to stay.

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How to get there

1. Train. You can get to Tula quickly by train “Lastochka” – only 2 hours and 20 minutes. The train and regular trains from the Russian capital will take longer – about 3.5 hours. A ticket from Moscow to Tula costs from 500 rubles.

2. Car. Tula is located between Kaluga and Ryazan. If you are traveling by car, from Moscow to Tula go 170 kilometers along the M-2 highway. The trip takes 2.5 hours, not including traffic jams.

3. This way is convenient to get from central Russia – Bryansk, Kaluga, Ryazan, Lipetsk. There are many daily flights by bus “Moscow – Tula”: it takes about 3 hours to get to the city bus station.

Walking route in Tula

If you are wondering what to see in Tula in 1 day, follow our simple route.

1. Museum “Tula gingerbread” (45a Oktyabrskaya str.). The whole museum is devoted to the most famous Tula food. However, it’s not so big: only two rooms that you can walk around in half an hour. The main exhibits are the gingerbread men of different shapes and household items that are used in the preparation, such as carved boards and weights for weighing the ingredients. Entrance to the museum costs 150 rubles, and there is also a gingerbread store.

2. Tula State Museum of Arms (2 Oktyabrskaya St.). Weapons have been produced in Tula for more than 300 years and there is a lot to see in the museum, starting from ancient swords to modern pistols. The museum is located near the Dreyer embankment in Tula, and it is easy to find – the building stands out against the rest of the architecture of the city, as it has the shape of an ancient helmet. It has four floors, operates video walls and installations. The price for a ticket to the Museum of Arms in Tula – 450 rubles.

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3. Kazan embankment. You can get there through Zarechensky bridge. A few years ago, the embankment was closed to the public, since it belonged to the Tula arms factory. By 2018 it had been improved, new bridges and viaducts were built. From the Tula embankment there is a view of the Kremlin walls: it is reminiscent of the cities of the Golden Ring.

4. Kremlin. The Tula Kremlin has red brick walls and the entrance inside is free. Tours of the territory and the walls are offered (cost from 150 rubles). Inside, the Holy Dormition Cathedral of the Tula Kremlin with a 70-meter bell tower and the Epiphany Cathedral stand out. However, the second of these cathedrals of the Kremlin is not working anymore: now there is a branch of the armory museum there. There is also a museum “Tula Kremlin” and a museum of the International Gingerbread (entrance – 150 and 600 rubles respectively).

5. Kremlin Garden. The place where any tourist can rest after walking around the Kremlin: the garden has many benches in the shade of trees. There is also a granite “Tula alphabet” – each letter in it denotes an object or phenomenon associated with the city.

6. Assumption Cathedral (13, Mendeleevskaya street, Bldg. 1). The main church building in Tula. You will recognize it by its red brick walls and dark domes.

7. Museum “Tula samovars” (Mendeleevskaya street, 8). There are a lot of them here, and not only of iron: there are exhibits even of birch bark and sugar. The largest samovar in the exposition is designed for 70 liters. There are also exclusive items that once belonged to the commander Suvorov and the imperial family of Nicholas II. It costs 250 rubles to enter the museum and it takes about 40 minutes to look around. Here you can also buy a samovar: there is a souvenir shop downstairs.

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8. Monument to Tula gingerbread. Located on Lenin Square, between the civil registry office and the regional government building. The monument is impressive: diameter – 2,5 meters, weight – more than a ton.

9. Octava Cultural Center (18 Tsentralny Lane). In this creative industrial cluster near Vosstaniya Square you can visit exhibitions and lectures, relax in a cafe, admire stylish graffiti, or go to the multimedia Machine Tool Museum, which tells about industrial achievements. Admission to the museum costs 150 rubles.

10. The Central Park of Culture and Rest named after P.P. Belousov. The largest in the city. Here you can brightly relax on weekends: the park has ponds, fountains, alleys, flowerbeds, art objects and a mini-zoo with exotic inhabitants. There is a Ferris wheel and other rides on the territory. You can rent bikes and rollerblades. A separate section is devoted to the hero city of Tula: there is the Alley of Victors and the monument “Immortal Regiment.

11. “Liquor Loft” (Lenin Avenue, 85, bldg. 1). Trendy urban spaces can be seen not only on weekends in St. Petersburg. Tula’s Liquor-Loft is an area with stylish stores, cafes, restaurants, a theater center and other establishments. And in the courtyard of Likerka there is a sculpture “Taming the Aglitsky Flea by Tula’s Lefty”.

So our weekend itinerary has turned out that way. Next we will tell you about other sights of Tula and the region.

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