Where to go in Sevastopol – 60 best places for tourists

Entertainment in Sevastopol for children and adults (where to go, what to do).

Sevastopol is a city of historical glory, beautiful and diverse. Each vacationer before the trip makes an approximate plan of leisure. Below I have chosen the most popular entertainment options that are suitable for kids and adults.

Finding adventure

Where to go with children in Sevastopol

Children’s entertainment programs in the city are more than enough. If you want, you can choose several options that are suitable for your requirements.

Cinema “Victory

Victory Cinema in Sevastopol

Cinema “Victory” in Sevastopol

The cinema is an ideal place for family entertainment. Works until late at night. Cartoons in 3D are shown in the morning and afternoon. In the evening – films for adults. The theater is equipped with modern equipment and systems. Comfortable sofas and small tables for drinks provide additional comfort while watching an exciting movie. Now it is one of the most popular places, which is included in the compulsory cultural program not only by Sevastopol’s citizens, but also by its guests.

Victory Park

Victory Park in Sevastopol

Sevastopol has a lot of interesting and unique objects where the whole family can spend time. You can easily find one of the most popular ones – the Victory Park. Its territory is perfectly landscaped. There are comfortable benches, beautiful fountains, themed alleys and memorials. A lot of entertainment for every taste and budget. The main tourist attraction is the famous water park “Zurbagan”. The beach in the Victory Park is no less popular. To spend time in the park area seeks every guest and resident.

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Freelyandia recreation center


Children’s leisure center “Freelyandia” in Sevastopol, one of the most popular places. It has everything to make your child have the most interesting and fun time. On the territory: rope park, trampolines, dry pools with balls, mazes and much more. It is possible to organize a family holiday or birthday party. An individual approach is applied to each visitor. The park has separate themed rooms for a variety of group events. There is a family restaurant, where absolutely all dishes are made from organic organic products. A special delight for kids causes a whole town of sweets: sea of cookies, cakes and candy.

Address: Tokareva Street, 11. Phone: +79780010844. Website: freelyandia.rf.

Quest room

quest room

Not quite ordinary entertainment in Sevastopol. Exciting games (two plots) for the company of 2 to 5 people. On the official website of the Quest Room “Mind Games” with an actor you choose your own game, leave a request for a certain day and time. Upon arrival, the center staff will instruct you and tell you the rules of the game. This exciting adventure is more suitable for young people with an unconventional mind. Those who are not afraid of difficulties and seeks to come out of any situation a winner.

Address: 67 POR, Sevastopol. Phone: +7 978 7493 209. Website: kvestsev.ru.

Karting center “World of racing

Racing World

The club is suitable for people who prefer an active pastime, speed and excitement. Cards can be rented for different time from 4 minutes to one hour. Discounts are available for regular customers. Tracks are equipped with modern telemetry equipment, scoreboard with data on the end of the race, the quality of laps passed, and so on. At the end of the race each client receives a sheet with a printout of each lap. The main objective of the center “World of Racing” to instill a love for technical sports, improve knowledge of traffic rules, development of such an important skill as mutual respect on the road.

Address: Fiolentovskoe highway, 1. Phones: +7918 40088 14; +7988 400 8814. Website: mirgonok.com.ua.

Trampoline park “MONKEY”.


Want to visit the largest trampoline park of the Crimea? Then come to Sevastopol. In the park there are over 35 different trampolines. In special demand: acrobatic inflatable tracks, cushions landing, obstacle course and so on. MONKEY employs professional animators who can make children’s leisure even more interesting and exciting. The event can be held in one of two huge rooms. In the waiting area – soft chairs, which is especially pleasing to many parents. Experienced instructors will carefully explain the rules, give important and useful recommendations.

Address: Rudnev Street, 2 “B”. Phone: +7 978 933 4555. Website: vk.com/monkeysevastopol.

Shopping and entertainment center “Monsoon”.


One of the best and largest entertainment centers for the whole family on the Crimean peninsula. There you can find a movie theater and an ice rink, bowling and a sports complex. And also: prize machines, trampolines, swings, merry-go-rounds, mini-trains. Particularly in demand are photo machines, billiards, golf. Everyone, regardless of age and personal preferences will find something to his liking. There are special simulators on the ice rink, for anyone who wants to learn how to skate masterfully. Various stimulators delight the kids. At “Monsoon” there is a yacht club “South”. There is a hotel complex with comfortable rooms.

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Address: Vakulenchuka, 29. Website: musson.su.

Eco park “Lukomorye”.

This is one of the best places for family entertainment. There are several museums on the territory, including some quite unusual ones, which will be interesting for everyone. For example, “Ice Cream”, “Marmalade”, “Soviet Childhood”, “Indian” and so on. Original rides, swings, carousels, water fun, trampolines will delight any child. Adults also have a lot to see and enjoy in “Lukomorye” ecopark. Many people come there just before the opening of the park, so that they can see and visit everything during the day. There is a small zoo where you can not just take pictures of animals, but also feed and stroke them.

More about “Lukomorye” Ecopark Address: Pobedy Ave. Phones: +7 978 74171 80; +7 8692 4871 93. Website: park-lukomorie.ru.

Museum “Underground Sevastopol”

In fact, it is an entire underground city, built in the 50s on the orders of Comrade Stalin. The autonomous structure is able to provide everything necessary for up to 2,500 people in case of need. In peacetime, the museum complex conducts guided tours. During the excursions every citizen has an opportunity to see with his own eyes a full-fledged underground control center of Sevastopol. Visiting the museum complex gives you the opportunity to learn more about the causes and consequences of the Cold War. About its types and feelings of people who survived the nuclear strike. The exhibition has unique exhibits that can not be seen in any other place.

Address: Suvorov Square. Phone: +7 978 994 8302. Website: undergroundsevastopol.rf.

Waterpark “Zurbagan

Waterpark “Zurbagan”, Sevastopol

One of the most popular places for family entertainment in Sevastopol. The water park created the perfect conditions for a full, active and most interesting pastime for people of all ages. For children there is a separate playground with pools and fun fountains. Some attractions are unparalleled on the entire peninsula. There is a restaurant and several cafes, including a fast-food point. There is a parking lot and safe deposit boxes. In general the infrastructure in the water park is very well developed. There is a beach nearby, and those who want to change the scenery at any time may move there.

Learn more about “Zurbagan” Water Park Address: 9, Parkovaya Street. Phone administrator: +7978 900 8080. Website: zurbagan.su

Tauric Chersonesos

Chersonesos Taurica, Sevastopol

The ruins of the ancient metropolis can be considered as the visiting card of Sevastopol. This is one of the most visited places in the city. They attract a lot of tourists even from neighboring and distant foreign countries. Chersonesos, according to scientists, was built in the 400s. Some of the objects are so well preserved that it is difficult to give them an age of more than a hundred years, not to mention the millennia. The amphitheater, the columns and the bell tower have been perfectly preserved. Of particular interest are the museum complexes located on the territory and the famous St. Vladimir’s Cathedral. Closer to the sea are the ruins of an ancient basilica with columns, which have a stunning view, and mosaics on the floor.

Learn more about Tauric Chersonese Address: 1, Drevnyaya Street. Phone: +7 978 110 2621. Website: chersonesos-sev.ru.

Museum of Stone

Museum stone

The most unusual museum of Sevastopol. There are collected not only minerals of the Crimea, Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. There are exhibits from Austria, Australia, Asia, Europe, Antarctica and so on. A separate stand is devoted to rocks and paleontological collection. The latter collection is of particular interest. In the complex you can also see meteorites, tectites, organic minerals, ores, agates and even a variety of products using a variety of stones, minerals. The collection of the museum is daily updated with new exhibits, so every visit will be interesting and exciting.

Address: Vakulenchuka street, 33-v. Phones: +7 978 7882270; +7978 0820629. Website: sevstone.ru.

Circus of Sevastopol


Circus performances at all times thrilled the audience. This place is loved by adults and children alike. Fascinating performances, funny animals, predators and acrobats walking under the dome. Trained dogs and monkeys. How can all this leave you indifferent? Sevastopol Circus is considered one of the best in the whole Crimean peninsula, perhaps because it enjoys such popularity. Tickets to events can be booked online at the official website of the circus. At the time of writing, he was on vacation. For the exact date of opening and the poster on the website.

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Address: Pozharova street, 23. Phone: +7 8692 559392. Website: circus-sevastopol.ru.

Entertainment for adults

Club “Chicago”.


An excellent place for meetings of friendly companies who prefer a game of billiards and sports broadcasts. On the summer terrace in the style of “Bungalow” you can enjoy inimitable taste of Japanese cuisine. Bar menu offers a wide selection. In “Chicago” you’ll find a pleasant relaxed atmosphere, quality food, drinks and service at the highest level. Working point of Wi-Fi (free).

Address: 67, Prospekt Oktyabrskaya Revolution. Internet page: vk.com/club12943172.

Soccer club “Sevastopol”.

FC Sevastopol

This entertainment is exclusively for the real fans of soccer, in particular the Sevastopol Club. The schedule of matches can be found on the official site of FC. There you can also book tickets and see the location of seats. And also get to know the squad, coaches, track the latest important events and much more.

Stadium address: Nakhimovskiy district, Berestetskaya street, 21. Phone: +7 8692 48 6990. Website: fcsevastopol.ru/tickets.

Karaoke club “Stars”.

karaoke club

This karaoke club is very popular among the people of this city. This spacious room with a capacity up to 120 people attracts with an exquisite interior, the most modern sound and lighting equipment. For those who would like to hide from prying eyes we provide an opportunity to rent a VIP room for 15 people. The club employs professional vocalists, presenters and animators able to turn any festival or event into an unforgettable show. From time to time different thematic programs are conducted in “Stars”.

Address: 27b Odessa street. Phone: +7978 0803100. Website: starskaraoke.ru.

As you can see, there is more than enough entertainment in Sevastopol. For every taste, age and size of purse there is a proposal that is in demand. Regardless of the fact, come to town with family or a noisy group of friends, will definitely be something to do. All have a fascinating pastime!

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Where to go in Sevastopol in the evening

Sevastopol is one of the most beautiful cities in Crimea. During the day it is a bright city with cozy vineyards and white houses. In the evening it transforms into a more festive and even mystical place. The city fascinates with the reflections of lanterns and shadows from the vines on the white stone walls, moon paths on the sea surface. Sevastopol in the evening is suitable for watching the sunset on the waterfront, dinners on outdoor verandahs, leisurely strolls along the boulevards. What else is there to do in Sevastopol in the evening? Here is a selection of popular and original ideas.

Sunset from the waterfront of Sevastopol

Beautiful places in Sevastopol in the evening

Where to go in Sevastopol in the evening? You should postpone a dynamic plan of sightseeing until daylight hours. In the evening you should take a leisurely stroll along the quiet streets of the historic center, climb to the high points of the city to admire Sevastopol in the lights.

Streets and Sevastopol embankments in the evening

Sevastopol’s historic boulevard is one of the main walking spots in the center of the city. It is bounded by a stone wall along its perimeter. Here is located the panorama “Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855” and memorials in memory of the defenders of the city. They are visited during the day. And in the evenings the city’s guests and locals stroll along the green alleys in the light of lanterns.

Bolshaya Morskaya Street is also one of the most popular for evening walks. In addition to the sights (such as the Pokrovsky Cathedral, built at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries), it is pleasant to see here and ordinary white stone houses, with vine-covered balconies, and facades decorated with stucco. On the street there are trendy coffee shops, restaurants, and souvenir stores.

Library on Lenin Street in the evening light

From Bolshaya Morskaya Street you can turn off to Nakhimov Avenue and go straight to Nakhimov Square or down to the seafront. The way to Artbukhta is better to follow the Mayakovsky Street – it is decorated with umbrellas of light bulbs, which are festively illuminated in the evening. The most beautiful sight in the evening in any seaside town is the sunset. The best place to see off the sun in Sevastopol is the promenade in the city center. Continue your evening walk from Artbukhta and then walk along the quay Kornilov in the direction of the Monument of sunken ships. Kornilov embankment turns into Seaside Boulevard . It is one of the most popular places to walk in Sevastopol in the evening, equally loved by locals and tourists alike.

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For noisy parties and karaoke bars go to the area of Artbukhta and Kornilov embankment. Here is the largest concentration of nightlife entertainment venues. There is even a karaoke booth to record your hits.

In the evening, Seaside Boulevard is one of the busiest places in the city center. Local creative groups perform here in the evenings, live music plays in the restaurants on the lower level with open verandahs. In the park at the upper level of the boulevard the flowerbeds are decorated with light sculptures: butterflies, umbrellas. From the Primorsky Boulevard is one of the “visiting” views of Sevastopol: on the monument to sunken ships and the bay with ravelins. If you are lucky you can see the ships passing by in the sunset.

Installations on Primorsky Boulevard

From the Seaside Boulevard head toward the Grafskaya Wharf . The historical and architectural monument, which is the first sea gate of the city, is decorated with marble statues, which (especially the lions) look very mystical in the evening. In the evening there is a special atmosphere of seaside town: fishermen standing on the shore to feed the cats, musicians with accordion often come and play “Sevastopol Waltz”.

Grafskaya Wharf

After the Grafskaya Wharf, it is worth walking up to the Sailor’s Boulevard. Recently reconstructed, the boulevard is a cozy and modern area for walks. In summer, there is an open-air cinema. There are benches by the rose beds. The main sight of the Boulevard is the monument to A. I. Kazarsky and the brig “Mercury”. By the way the boulevard is described in “Sevastopol Stories” by Tolstoy (“Sevastopol in May”). Then you can go for a walk along the charming streets of the City Hill, go down the Sinop Steps and see St. Vladimir’s Cathedral – the tomb of admirals and naval officers.

Another option for a seaside walk is to go for a walk to Balaklava. On the embankment Nazukin in the summer time is no less lively and fun. You can arrange as an ordinary leisurely promenade or dinner at a seaside restaurant, or climb to the fortress to look at the bay in the lights from above.

Sightseeing sites

Sevastopol is a city with one of the most interesting landforms. It’s hard to imagine getting acquainted with Sevastopol without seeing the city from above. At dusk and dawn, Sevastopol looks especially unusual.

  • Ushakov Square . From the square you can see the authentic Sevastopol – the capital of the Black Sea Fleet. You will see the ship side with Lazarev barracks. The historical place is located on the Korabelnaya side. Here is a park with comfortable places for evening walks, there are samples of weapons used in the defense of the city. From Malakhov Mound you can see the center of Sevastopol on the other side.
  • Monument to the Sailor and Soldier . The monument is located near the city center. You can walk from Artbukhta along Kapitanskaya Street. From the monument there is a view of the city center and the bay, as well as St. Vladimir’s Cathedral on the other side.
  • Hill on the North side . A less popular option is to view the city from the North Side. From Zakharov Square, you need to climb the stairs to the hill with the square. From here you will see the city center from an unusual angle, and in winter you can watch colorful sunsets.

Sightseeing platform with a view of the Korabelnaya Sidere

The observation deck overlooking the lights of evening Balaklava is situated over the Nazukin embankment – on the way to the fortress Cembalo from the map with the route of the Great Sevastopol Trail you need to turn in the opposite direction, to the left. The place is not visited much, mainly local residents arrange evening picnics here. Since it is a mountainous area, you can make a fire here and cook dinner over an open fire. A more popular option is to go up to the fortress of Cembalo.

Romantic evening in Sevastopol

As places to go in Sevastopol in the evening with the other half, tourists and locals, most often choose observation platforms with panoramic views of the sunset and the lights of the night city. In addition to the above sites, for romantic dates is great Ferris wheel . The Ferris wheel is located near the panorama “Defense of Sevastopol” in the amusement park. Wheel height – 24 meters, but due to the fact that the ride is located at the highest point of the hill, from the top there is one of the best views of the city, especially at sunset (review height – 81 meter). What makes this ride especially charming is its vintage look – the Ferris wheel was installed back in the last century. The Ferris wheel is open all year round until 19:00.

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Ferris wheel in Sevastopol

The breakwater at the entrance to Sevastopol Bay in the evening is a very romantic place. It is a free option for a date in Sevastopol. If you’re lucky, at sunset you can see warships passing by – it’s a very impressive sight up close. There are no special picnic grounds here – you can go down to a small beach or climb a concrete wall.

Sunset from the waterfront of Sevastopol

For a romantic date with an antique atmosphere, visit Chersonesos. Antique columns and the remains of the Greek settlement in the sunset light look very picturesque. You can have a picnic on the shore or an educational walk among the ruins. Near Chersonesos there is a park named after Akhmatova with a beach – you can continue your romantic evening there.

Chersonesos at sunset

In the new landscaped parks of Sevastopol, located on the seashore, you can also arrange a romantic picnic with a view of the sunset. It may be the Victory Park with its light-music fountains and plenty of restaurants on the coast. Or Uchkuevka Park on the North side with hammocks, picturesque flowerbeds and pavilions. Uchkuevka sandy beach also has catering establishments. It is often chosen as a place to swim in the sunset rays.

On a rainy evening you can arrange a date at the “Victory” cinema. The peculiarity of the cinema is paired sofa chairs with tables. This allows you to watch a movie in relative privacy and comfort. Among the restaurants, where to go on a date in Sevastopol in the evening, pay attention to the institutions located in the center on the beach: the historical restaurant “Mekenzi 1783”, the bar “The Door” and the restaurant “Mekenzi 1783”. Bar “The Door,” Seaside Boulevard” and “Gusto Restobar” restaurants.

Park in Uchkuevka

Sailor’s Walks

Where to spend a beautiful evening in Sevastopol? Go on a boat trip around the bay or to the open sea. This is a great option both for a romantic evening and for family spending time. The most popular itineraries are:

  • A trip to the warships . A tour of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet is a short excursion, for 30 minutes. When buying a boat trip, be careful. Often, the warships in the bay stand very little – sellers of excursions do not warn about it, offering a walk to the warships. By the name of the tour, they mean the place where warships are stationed, not the fact of their presence in the bay.
  • Legendary Sevastopol . The trip lasts 30-35 minutes and includes a walk in the South Bay with a view of the Grafskaya Wharf from the water, Artillery Bay. Usually, the walk does not include access to the open sea.
  • Chersonesos . One-hour sea voyage with access to the open sea includes a trip to the museum-reserve Chersonesos Taurichesky. Also along the route you can see from the water Grafskaya Wharf, Monument of sunken ships, monument “Sailor and Soldier”, memorial obelisk “To the Hero-City Sevastopol”.
  • Coves of Sevastopol . Hour-long boat trip includes a review from the water: Grafskaya Wharf, “Arch of the Winds” Lazarevskie barracks and a parking lot of the fighting fleet, Konstantinovskaya and Mikhailovskaya batteries, monuments “Sailor and Soldier” and sunken ships.

Where to go in Sevastopol in the evening

You can take a walk around the bay for a symbolic price – 24 rubles. Sevastopol boats are the same public transport as trolley buses and buses. The boats ride on the routes: “Artbukhta – Radiogorka”, “City – North side”, “City – Inkerman”. Walking does not take much time, but if you take a seat on the open deck, you can admire the views of the city from the water.

A city boat in Sevastopol

On holidays (e.g. Navy Day) you can watch the fireworks from the water. Usually, these are short boat rides (duration – 30-40 minutes). At nightfall, you will see not only the festive fireworks from the water, but also the illuminated ships of the Black Sea Fleet, standing on the inner roadstead. Moreover, if you want to explore Sevastopol in the evening, you can take a sunset cruise in the open sea, either to Cape Fiolent or from Balaklava to Cape Aya.

Fireworks in Sevastopol

Theaters and concerts

What to see in the evening in Sevastopol? One of the mandatory items on the tourist program in the city is a performance on the ancient stage in the museum-reserve “Chersonesos Taurica” . During the summer season on the two stages of the museum-reserve, in the open air, there are performances of local theater groups, concerts of symphonic music. There are mostly plays based on ancient plays, or works whose plot takes place in ancient times: “The Poisoned Robe” by Nikolai Gumilev, “Love and Wisdom of Diogenes”, “My beautiful Galatea. The most spectacular production in Chersonesos is the multimedia show “Gryphon”. The show involves mechanical puppets, inflatable structures and light projections. The production is an interactive journey through different time periods in the history of Chersonesos.

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Performance at the Ancient Theatre of Chersonesos

On a rainy day you can visit one of the city theaters. Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Lunacharsky was founded before the revolution in 1911. The repertoire of the theater – more than 40 productions, mostly on the works of Russian classics. Drama Theatre of the Russian Black Sea Fleet named after Boris Lavrenev is also famous for performances based on classical works. In the repertoire of the Navy Theatre prevail comedy and musical productions. Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre named after V.A. Yelizarov offers choreographic performances, which are based not on words, but on dance.

Drama Theater named after Lunacharsky

Where to go with children

Aquarium of Sevastopol is located in the center of the city, near the waterfront on Nakhimov Avenue. Among the inhabitants of the Sevastopol Aquarium: several species of turtles, rays and eels, reef black shark, sterlet and beluga, as well as many marine life of the Black Sea. The last visitors to the aquarium are allowed in at 17:00.

Sevastopol Theatre of Young Spectators puts on plays for children and teenagers: there are both fairy tale productions for the younger audience, and plays for middle and high school students. On cool or rainy evenings, you can go see the musical “The Cat’s House” with the little ones or the adventures of Pechorin with middle-school-aged children.

With the boys you can go for a walk on Malakhov kurgan – there are guns B-13 (taken off the destroyer “Boykiy”, which participated in the defense of Sevastopol 1941-42), cannons of the XIX century, restored defense tower Kornilovsky bastion. Also, children who are fond of weapons and military history of Russia, should be taken to the Museum of the Black Sea Fleet. Among the exhibits of the museum: personal belongings of the leaders of the city’s defense (for example, Nakhimov’s telescope), firearms and edged weapons of the Crimean War, models of ships, maps of military operations.

Museum of the Black Sea Navy

Stories, routes and tips for tourists

For more information on where to walk in Sevastopol in the evening, you can find in the reviews of travelers. Tourists advise restaurants with panoramic views and the best Black Sea menu, cozy cafes for dinner. In their reports tourists share their routes to Sevastopol in the evening, indicating lookouts, and other viewpoints. In the reviews you can find inspiring and original places for romantic dates in Sevastopol, locations for evening photo shoots.

    – Review from Maria Chakhnashvili. – report from Slrina99. – photo album from Magdalena.

Where to go in Sevastopol in the evening

Where to stay in Sevastopol

To choose a place to stay in Sevastopol, it is advisable to learn its geographical features and determine the purpose of the visit.

  • Sevastopol is a long city, and not all accommodations are close to the sea or to the major attractions, and many of them are compactly located in the center.
  • The city lies among innumerable bays, but not all of them are beaches. Most of the coastline is occupied by piers or simply a rocky shore.

Sevastopol has both city hotels and a few resort complexes with a beach. Of the latter especially known “Aquamarine Resort & SPA” – because of the presence of water parks and proximity to the beach, and “Sandy Bay” – also on the location of the sea. The demand among tourists has determined hundreds of proposals of guest houses and apartments, you can rent them in almost any part of Sevastopol. In addition, the city is represented by a dozen modern hostels.

Here is an actual review for those who come to rest at sea:

Fireworks in Sevastopol

Excursions in Sevastopol in the evening

With a tour guide from Sevastopol, the city will open up a new side in the evening. A local guide will show you the best angles for photographing Sevastopol in the light of the setting sun or the evening lights. You can choose one of the thematic routes (By the places of military glory or atmospheric courtyards of the historic center) and go deep into the history of Sevastopol. Sevastopol guides will advise you the most worthy value for money restaurants in the city, where you can taste the gifts of the Black Sea: horse mackerel, mullet, Rapanae and mussels. With the help of a local guide you can arrange an individual boat trip or a date in an unusual place.

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