Where to go in Samara – 57 best places for tourists

Entertainment centers in Samara.

After visiting this quest to say that I was impressed is to say nothing. Quest draws you in from the first minute with its atmosphere and sound accompaniment. Tasks that throws up Dr. Jekyll are very interesting. Osebeno pleased…


I like doing all sorts of tasks and solve puzzles, so quests is one of my favorite pastime, have already passed them a few dozen …

Studio 57


Very cool place to hang out with friends! Went to the quest “DETECTIVES”, we really liked it. Everything is very realistic, fun, interesting and coolly designed! Every detail worked out and implemented at the highest level. I recommend it to everyone!

Holiday Corporation.

We were given the idea of celebrating our birthday in a quest by chance, and how glad I was that it happened! With the Corporation of Holidays we really lucked out! There were available exactly the date and time that we needed, and the holiday flew by just on …



Factory of Joy

I want to say a big thank you to Joy Factory! For the first time we used your services and are very pleased! Special thanks to animator Ilya!!! We talked before the holiday exactly 3 minutes … and was very surprised at how quickly he caught the mood of each …

Rocket Roller


Absolutely no attitude. Unable to get through, promise to call back – do not call back. A real dirtbag attitude towards customers, maybe they have it all. Agreed on Sunday, and Saturday morning they said they were busy, but…


Animation Show

I would like to express my gratitude to the Animashka-show team for organizing my son Temochka’s birthday party. The guests were delighted. A miracle party. The best birthday party in Samara. Well-coordinated worked all the teams. There were even…

Samara Country Golf Club

The first time we came here on Monday, we were explained that the club does not work on that day, we got upset and I did not think that we were going to come here again. But here we were at the beginning of summer: and I am delighted! Here to any lumberjack…

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Played in a scary quest Silent Hill with friends last weekend, I personally have not experienced such adrenaline for a long time.

Holiday Studio Zabava

Turned to the first in this company. We happened so that kids could not come to my son on his birthday, and we decided to refuse the animator, refused before the last day of concordance. The operator as soon as she heard it was immediately …


I would not agree with the comment below, the pool is great, before giving my 3 month old to the pool, we had analyzed and looked at all the options in Samara, the choice fell on the pool Aquatica and we didn’t regret it, the price tag is a little higher than in …

Gingerbread House

Hello, celebrated my son’s birthday in the gingerbread house, in new Samara, it’s time for a review The premise is great The animator and the program was great, the kids were impressed, and of course, to say the least, the adults also Administra…



… The lamb seemed a bit tough The location is convenient, next to the restaurant is a square where you can walk around


Good afternoon! We invite you to participate in the All-Russian multi-genre competition-festival “Morning Star 2021” Contest will be held from 25.03.2021 to 18.05.2021 inclusive in the following categories: – Vocal Art – Choreography (dance…


Karting club Scheucher

Skating rink at the Salute Stadium

Disadvantages: The quality of ice! Price 350r for 55min! Advantages: On weekends there is free skating 1 – 2 times. Comments: After the hockey players the ice is poured, but there is no use!

Chumak Event

We do events for businesses. We easily find common ground with smart marketers and HR’s and then solve their problems together. We create big ideas, host great events and analyze the results.


Mikhail Sharikov


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Zoon.ru users have left 1467 reviews, the average rating is 4.48 of 5. The most positive ratings have: IZOLYATION, Studio 57, Room 9.

There are 84 Entertainment Centers in Samara with 24/7 availability. They include ABORDAJ, Cyber croc, Stalker. Use the filter in our catalog to find everything!

Weekend in Samara 2022: ideas for the best weekend in the city on the Volga

The ancient city is great for a weekend trip.

The builders of the watchtower in 1586 could hardly have imagined that four centuries later it would turn into a megalopolis of millions. Today Samara for the tourist is a fusion of ancient architecture, the secrets of the Soviet era and the golden pages of the conquest of space.

Where to go on a weekend in Samara

For the curious, Samara is a treasure trove of interesting facts, both historical and from the recent Soviet past. Did you know that Kuibyshev (the name Samara had from 1935 to 1991) during the Great Patriotic War was the official reserve capital of the country? Fortunately, Moscow held out, but the city on the Volga nevertheless felt like a capital for some time: all embassies and the Soviet government were evacuated here. And not just the authorities: the stage of the Samara Theater of Opera and Ballet still remembers the performances of the Bolshoi Theater artists, who lived and worked in Kuibyshev for a few years. It was here that the premiere of Shostakovich’s famous Seventh Leningrad Symphony, which the composer completed on Volga land, took place.

During the Great Patriotic War artists of the Bolshoi Theater performed at the Samara Opera and Ballet Theater.

Samara citizens have no problems with cultural and entertaining program for the city guests: in the capital of the province different theaters and museums work almost all year round. Among them is the space theatre, which can be seen from afar thanks to a 54-metre high monument to the Soyuz launch vehicle. And in the theatrical season the season of festivals starts in the city – one or another takes place almost all summer. The city planners took care about the venues on purpose beforehand. The main city square named after Kuybyshev is the largest in Europe.

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We advise to visit here

Museum “Stalin’s Bunker

Samara residents were left with an interesting underground structure – Stalin’s bunker – from the status of the reserve capital. Today it is one of the most intriguing and most visited sights in Samara. However, it was not always like this: Kuibyshev, thanks to the developed military defense and space industry, was a closed city for a long time. Construction of the bunker began in February 1942 – the Moscow government was already evacuated, waiting for the arrival of the leader. The complex military structure was built in record time – just eight months. “The bomb shelter of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s rate,” as the facility is officially called, is now hidden under the building of the Samara State Institute of Culture. The bunker was so classified that even the employees of the regional party committee, which in Soviet times was located in the academy building, had no idea about its “double day”. And even during the construction of the bunker, residents of neighboring houses did not notice increased activity. But Moscow subway builders had to stealthily remove 25 thousand cubic meters of excavated soil! The Samara bunker is rightly considered the most protected: its depth is 37 meters (Hitler’s in Berlin – 16 meters, Churchill’s in London – about 5 meters).

One of the most mysterious museums in Samara is located at a depth of 37 meters. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Anyone can visit this secret hideout and see the 74-meter deep meeting room and the study of “the father of nations,” which, incidentally, Stalin himself never visited. The museum is ready to receive tourists and to work for its intended purpose – the bunker is still considered a civil defense object.

Address: Г. Samara, 167 Frunze Street.

Where to go for a walk at the weekend in Samara

On the longest embankment of the Volga region, both guests and residents of the city like to relax.

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Another object of pride – Samara embankment of the Volga – is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in the country. The embankment stretches along the river for five kilometers, framing the historic districts of the city at the beginning and modern ones at the end. Both visitors and residents of the city love to stroll here. The embankment has a lot to see: the monuments to prince Zasekin, a movie hero Sukhov, and even “Burlaki on the Volga” – painted by Repin nearby – in the village Shiryaevo, brought to life in the metal. Fans of selfies will not pass by the numerous art objects, up to a singing fountain. By the way, planning to walk along the Samara embankment, do not forget to put a swimsuit in your bag. Along the whole street stretch chic beaches – it would be a shame not to take a dip on a hot day.

Be sure to go on a tour here

Zhigulevsky Brewery


While in Samara, you can’t pass by the famous Zhigulevsky Brewery: this is where the history of the beloved foamy “Zhigul” came from. One of the oldest breweries in Russia is notable for its solid red brick buildings. The enterprise was founded in Samara by the legendary Austrian citizen Alfred von Wakano, to whom Samara citizens owe not only the main trademark of the city. The industrialist and patron of the arts gave money to the city government for the construction of the first city sewage system. For a long time, beer production remained a secret behind closed doors. Today old factory cases of the century before last construction can be seen not only from outside: as a part of a tour group there is a possibility to visit modern production workshops and to see the process of making of the well-known “Zhigulevskoye”. And to taste, certainly!

Restaurants in Samara

Naturally, in the homeland of the best (as Samarans rightly believe – and we don’t advise not to argue with them) beer people love to eat delicious food. You can recharge your strength walking along the promenade without interrupting your sightseeing, because there is everything – from boiled corn and ice cream to exquisite menus of cafes and restaurants. There are catering establishments to suit all tastes along the route.

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English restaurant “Mr.Hadson”


The institution pleases its guests not only with author’s cuisine, but also with live music – the restaurant is proud to have a professional stage, which meets the requirements of the most star performers. There is a summer veranda, which allows you to admire the beauties of the Volga, and a children’s menu. So you can visit the Hudson with your whole family.

Grand Cafe “Pasternak”


Appreciating the dishes of Russian and European cuisine, which the chef prepares from personally bought at local markets products, you can delight not only the taste, but also the eyesight. Panoramic windows and the restaurant’s terrace overlook the famous Iversky convent and the legendary Zhigulevsky Brewery.

Summer cafe “Chaika”


The establishment is open from May to September – that is, during the warm season. Visitors like to sit at tables in the open air, admiring the picturesque view of the Volga. The menu includes dishes of Italian and European cuisine. In this cafe you can order hookah, and at weekends listen to live music.

Russian hunting” restaurant


Here you can taste dishes of traditional Russian cuisine and author – of game. Deer goulash soup, stuffed quail, roasted boar, moose stewed in cream sauce with oyster mushrooms – a local chef knows a lot about cooking the woods, as well as fish delicacies of the Volga sturgeon and pikeperch.

Hotels in Samara

Sports fans remember that in 2018 Samara was one of the Russian cities hosting the FIFA World Cup. This is reminded not only by the new stadium, built in the shape of a fantastic spaceship: there are a lot of different hotels in the city – from small hostels to luxury hotels. Guests of Samara, who want to stay close to the sights, choose the Holiday Inn Samara and the 7th Avenue hotels. We tell you why:

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