Where to go in October: river race in Peru or feast in Cork

Where to go on vacation in October 2022

Sun loungers aside – it’s October. Although, to bask in the gentle rays of the southern sun and take away a shy light tan – in general, a little more to extend the summer – oh, how much we want. And those who choose the second autumn month for vacation, know how sweet it is to say goodbye to summer. A little bit tired, a little bit crowded beaches – now only for you, a little more caring service hotels, cleaner air, pleasant prices. In Russia, there is a huge choice of destinations where you can go on holiday in October 2022. You know, summer is summer everywhere, while in the fall, every place as if it sets its own holiday table, which has everything for any gourmet. Here’s how to pick the perfect “dish” to enjoy.

All-in-one vacation: the top 5 tourist regions of Russia

Take a look at the list of the top 5 tourist regions of Russia according to “KP”. They seem to be well known. But we tried to look at them from a different angle and found out how to spend the most unforgettable vacation in these places: to see historical monuments, have fun on unusual excursions, try the best local cuisine, sunbathe and swim. Go and see for yourself whether we are right or not.

Vacation at Sea

Black Sea

Sandy and pebbly beaches. Water parks, dolphinariums, palaces and walks on yachts. Rest on the Black Sea is the most popular in the country. Krasnodar and Crimean resorts offer everything for a great vacation with kids, recreation and options “all inclusive”. Choose your place in the southern sun.

Azov Sea

Warm water in May, shallow, flat flat bottom and going over the horizon sandy beaches. This is why families with children, nature lovers and enthusiasts of active recreation like Azov resorts: blown from all sides by steppe winds, the Azov Sea became a center of kite and windsurfing in Russia.

Caspian Sea.

A paradise for fishermen. A dream for romantics. A paradise for families with children. Everyone will find something to his/her liking here. You can come to rest from the Astrakhan region, colorful Dagestan or Buddhist Kalmykia. Each time it will be a new discovery and adventure.

Baltic Sea

It is cool, but very romantic. Holidays at the Baltic Sea – it’s wide beaches, comfortable hotels in resort towns and diversified health resorts. Here is the easiest to acclimatize, and the air, even in hot weather is clean and fresh.

Popular seaside resorts











We advise to visit here:

Museum of Russian Railways

Working schedule

This is a unique collection that has been gathered for decades. There are even single copies of locomotives and carriages of the 19th and 20th centuries preserved here. At the Russian Railroad Museum you will find yourself in another era, you will see a steam locomotive in a cut and try your hand at being a train driver. Bright impressions are guaranteed for both adults and children.

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Top 5 inexpensive vacation destinations in October

Arkhyz: climate therapy, lakes and half a kingdom for khychin

If you are not afraid of the changeable climate, you can go on vacation in October 2022 in Arkhyz. In autumn it will open to you the box of its heart. And there are golden and silver forests, pomegranate crowns, malachite boxwood and blue saucers of lakes. There are four elevators, the top station is located at an altitude of 2500 meters and at least once it is necessary to go up there. Must have and the river Bolshoi Zelenchuk, impossibly beautiful.

You should not forget that Arkhyz is also a climatotherapy, so you have to walk a lot here. The hiking route to the Fedoseyev Pass at an altitude of 3020 meters is one of the most popular among tourists. The ascent to it is simple enough, and the impressions will leave a suitcase and a small basket. If you don’t want to walk, take a horseback tour. And be sure to try real khychin, just for the sake of its taste, you can come to Arkhyz.

Hiking routes in Arkhyz are popular among tourists. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org


Moscow-Mineralnye Vody airfare (round trip) From 7200 rubles.
Cab from Mineralnye Vody airport to Arkhez 4,200 rubles
Bus from Mineralnye Vody airport to Arkhiz From 700 rubles.
Hotel room for two From 2000 rubles per day

Heart of Siberia: travel you’ll never forget

Krasnoyarsk region is a true paradise for tourists. You can find gold here and visit the Museum of Permafrost. Local farmers grow tomatoes weighing more than 2 kg, and restaurants treat you to venison and pine nut porridge. You will see mountains, waterfalls, untouched nature of the Far North and can climb the longest stairs in the country. Find out what else interesting things await tourists in Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Have a feast at Alexander Blok’s manor

Imagine, you can not just in one visit walk around the ancestral estate of Blok in Shakhmatovo near Moscow, touch his manuscripts and listen to about his fate, but also taste the Silver Age. The fact is that the poet’s grandmother Elizaveta Grigoryevna Beketova was well-known in the area, as we would say now, gastroblogger. She herself came up with intricate recipes, wrote them down on cards and handed them out to neighbors. She was the “originator” of the French broth “Bourgeoisie”, the legendary cutlets de voile, and potato gratin “Dauphinois”. Grandma Lisa was also a master of artful baking. However, anything human was not alien to Bloch’s grandmother, so you will also be offered fragrant tincture in Becketovska style at the tasting.

You will not only walk around the Blok’s manor, but also learn the recipes of his grandmother. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

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Train ticket from Moscow to Podsolnechnaya station From 640 rubles.
Entrance ticket to the Manor House 150 rubles.

Where walks from one part of the world to another

Two parts of the world – Europe and Asia – meet in the Orenburg region, and this is also a land of sandy steppes, mountain peaks and salty lakes. Here they mine jasper, knit the famous Orenburg shawls and grow sweet watermelons. Yuri Gagarin learned to fly here, Vladimir Vysotsky grew up here, and in one of the villages Viktor Chernomyrdin was born. We present a detailed guide on vacationing in the Orenburg region.

To reboot the brain in Karelia

If you are tolerant of rain and dampness, Karelia is a great choice to go on vacation in company in October 2022. Luxury fishing, the season of northern berries and mushrooms, the trieric beauty of these places… Our advice: rent a cabin somewhere near Lake Onega and stay alone with your thoughts for a few days. And then you can go to Marcial Waters, or admire the waterfall Kivach, volcano Girvas, take pictures of the mountain Sampo. Even if you have been here more than once, Karelia gives something new for your soul in each new visit. That is the magic of this place.

Admire the Karelian nature and visit the famous Kivach waterfall. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org


Moscow-Petrozavodsk air ticket From 8200 rubles.
Cabin rent From 3200 rubles per day.

How to buy a single ticket to the Caucasus and Crimea

Are you going on vacation by the sea, in the mountains or planning to hit the Kuzbass in winter? You may benefit from purchasing a unified travel card for these trips. It’s valid for flights and buses, or trains and buses at the same time. Find out where you can go on vacation with a single ticket and how to buy it.

Belgorod: everything for history buffs

Belgorod is not at all an obvious city for travel. And for good reason! It has a rich history, and excellent menus in restaurants and bars, and the production of unique coriander honey. Especially those who are interested in the history of the Great Patriotic War will like Belgorod. The Prokhorov tank battle is dedicated to the museum-diorama “The Battle of Kursk. Belgorod direction. The area of the canvas is 1005 square meters. You can view the canvas from a specially equipped observation deck. And it is really impressive.

Fans of historical events should visit the monument to the Great Patriotic War “Prokhorov Field”. Photo: globallookpress.com


Moscow-Belgorod” air ticket From 11200 rubles.
Hotel room for two From 2200 rubles per night

Rally across the Southern Urals: how we baked bread and spent the night in the foothills

“Komsomolskaya” went on a traditional motor rally to visit tourist spots in the Southern Urals. This time we took two days, visited forests and lakes, and spent the night in the foothills! We visited health centers, recreation centers and sanatorium, ate with farm products. We could not do without active rest – we went for a ride on a wakeboard, had a swim in the lake Turgoyak, and then sat on massage chairs on the beach. Read how to have a cool vacation in the Chelyabinsk region and what places to visit.

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Divnogorie: to see the “Russian Cappadocia

About Turkish Cappadocia and its cave towns knows the whole world. Russia has its own Cappadocia, which is located in Liskinsky District of Voronezh region, and has a fabulous name – Divnogorie. In different light the plateau changes its color – from neutral gray to soft pink. In its different parts rise many meters high chalk pillars – divas. There are cave temples in Big and Small Divas. They are an ensemble of Divnogorsk Assumption monastery. There is also an archeological monument of the 9th-10th centuries – the Mayak Hillfort. Looking there, you can understand how the Don Alans lived.

There are cave temples in Bolshiye and Malye Divy. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org


Moscow-Voronezh air ticket From 9,800 rubles.
Cab from Voronezh to Divnogory From 3500 rubles.
Hotel room for two in Voronezh From 1800 rubles per day

Where to go at the beginning of the month

Go to Nizhny Novgorod or Vladimir’s Gorokhovets! Autumn is the time when merchant’s mansions, carved palisades, monuments to the peasants and eating kulebyaka are the best.

In Nizhny Novgorod the most beautiful things are in the center and it is better to let the fate to decide where to send you first. Whether it leads you to the Chkalovskaya Stairs, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street or Gremyachaya Gora.

As for modest-looking Gorokhovets, it is a candidate to be added to UNESCO list for the uniqueness of its architecture. Here, the merchant classics of the 18th century are intertwined with Art Nouveau buildings. A perfect example of the first – Kuchina house. But you must also go to see the house with mermaids.

Strong impression will leave local Palace of creativity: one in a castle of tsar Dodon. Take a trip to the village Gorodishche, there is a bald mountain on which grass does not grow at all. It is said that a Khan of the Golden Horde was buried here, and the place was cursed. Anyway, the views from there are stunning.

The center of Nizhny Novgorod is especially beautiful in the fall. Photo: globallookpress.com


Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod air ticket From 8300 rubles.
Hotel room for two in Nizhny Novgorod From 2700 rubles per night
Moscow-Gorokhovets” train ticket From 1500 rubles
Bus ticket “Moscow-Gorokhovets” From 630 rubles From 630 rubles

Where to go at the end of the month

To fight the stereotype, that the best views of Baikal are in winter, we declare: you just haven’t traveled along Circum-Baikal railroad in autumn. Imagine the melancholic smooth surface of the deepest lake in the world, surrounded by tangerine, and in some places still green trees. It would be a pity to take your camera away even for a second.

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Two routes are offered: classic and mirror, which differ only in the direction of travel. The train makes 4-5 big stops in the most picturesque places: Angasolka, Kirkirey, Polovinnaya, and the Italian Wall. But if you want something special, then take a ticket on the retro train. It is more expensive, but it feels like a time machine transported you a century ago.

To make the experience more exciting, go to the shamanistic Olkhon Island. In the low season it becomes deserted and that’s why it’s even more mystical.

A trip along the Circum-Baikal railroad in the fall is a separate kind of pleasure. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org


Moscow-Irkutsk” air ticket From 9200 rubles.
Rooms at Olkhon tourist camp From 1500 rubles
Train ticket on Circum-Baikal railroad 3900 rubles for first class, 3400 rubles for second class, 4200 rubles – Place in retro-train

Rest with children

Write down a recipe of perfect vacation with restless schoolchildren. First, let’s go to Pskov. Here and the old Kremlin, and the fortress Pskov Krom, and Prikaznye Chambers, and the walls with watchtowers, as on a picture from the history book. In the restaurant “Coffee Chambers” they serve such desserts, that it takes your breath away.

Our next stop in the Pskov region is Pushkinskie Gory. Here is located the historical and literary museum-reserve of Alexander Pushkin “Mikhailovskoe”. Here take an excursion for a day, but, believe me, the child will not be bored for a minute.

If you have strength for the next day, 140 kilometers from Pskov you will find a fairy-tale manor Orekhovo – a park with amazing landscaping.

You can temper your impressions in Izborsk – 32 kilometers from Pskov. Here there’s a quiet lake and Slovensky healing springs.

Take your children for a walk along the ancient cosy Izborsk. Photo: Alexander ABROSIMOV, commons.wikimedia.org

Where to go in October: a river race in Peru or a feast in Cork, Ireland

October is a wonderful month for travel: the crowds have already gone home, and the mild temperatures in most countries around the world are conducive to travel. The festive atmosphere of unusual and amazing festivals, take part in bizarre sporting events, and finally, just don’t miss the chance to see an alpaca. Make yourself a real adventure! Our experts will help you choose the right destination for your October trip.

Become a fan in the longest river rafting race in Peru

October is the middle of spring in the southern hemisphere, so it’s not at all surprising that it’s the most wonderful time to travel here in general and to visit Peru in particular. The month is in the middle of the season, as the crowds lift the siege on the famous Inca fortress of Machu Picchu, allowing the remaining visitors the freedom to enjoy its stunning grandeur and take pictures of the iconic Wayna Picchu from the most advantageous angle. The low rainfall typical of this time of year creates optimal conditions for a rainforest hike.

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Where to go in October: River race in Peru or feast in Cork, Ireland

Become a fan in the longest river rafting race in Peru

In early October, Peru hosts the world’s longest white-water rafting race from Nauta to Iquitos. For the first time the Big Raft Race on the Amazon was held in 1999: at that time the race lasted only one day, the route was 19 kilometers and only local residents were invited to participate. In 2006, the length of the “route” has been increased to 180 km on the Amazon, and the race itself lasts three days. In this regard, the event was honored to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Teams of up to four people come here every year from all over the globe. Each team must construct their own raft from eight balsa wood logs and other materials provided to them. It’s only after this mandatory step that they can take the plunge (in every sense), storming the troubled waters in hopes of beating the American team’s 2008 record of 12 hours and 19 minutes.

Where to go in October: River race in Peru or feast in Cork, Ireland

Become a fan in the longest river rafting race in Peru

Enjoy feasts and celebrations in Cork, Ireland

Cork’s irrepressible energy, zeal and guileless love of the down-to-earth balanced with the richness and dignity of its history. Excellent cuisine (especially beef, lamb, seafood and cheese) and lively pubs are this city’s trump cards and an essential part of any visit. A stroll down the aisles of the famous English Market and a dash through the bars yields hours of delight. No wonder: stouts like Murphy’s and Beamish were invented here, and Franciscan Well Brewery offers fine craft beers.

Cork enjoys festivals: in the fall there are folk and jazz festivals that cover the entire city, from the concert halls to the back rooms and bar stools. The jazz festival includes a host of big rock concerts and dance shows as well as a number of more approachable performances; and the heart-piercing folk tunes take you back to the days when this part of the country was a fateful starting point . Millions of Irish men and women left here, from the nearby ports of Kinsale and Cobh, in search of a better life after boarding the Titanic, which made its final stop in Cobh before sailing for the North Atlantic.

Where to go in October: River race in Peru or feast in Cork, Ireland

Walking in all three of these cities – Cork, Kobh and Kinsale – is a pleasure! Here you can stop for a moment to admire the rushing people and reflect on life, and find yourself in a very autumnal mood, with a sense of wonder and tinges of light melancholy.

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