Where to go in Novosibirsk – 57 best places for tourists

Where to go in Novosibirsk: 20 best places

Novosibirsk is one of the youngest and most promising in terms of tourism cities in Russia. Founded in 1893, for such a short time has evolved from a pogost Krivoschekovo with a population of just over 100 people to a million-strong city with developed infrastructure and cultural facilities.

Today Novosibirsk offers its guests a rich excursion and entertainment program, which is on a par with the scale of tourist routes of the oldest Russian cities with centuries of history and the legacy of the past (Moscow, Yaroslavl, Pskov, Veliky Novgorod, Kursk).

The capital of Siberia hospitably welcomes guests at any time of the year. The main attraction of the city is the Novosibirsk Philharmonic. The Zoo, the Aquapark, the children’s railroad in Zayeltsovsky pine forest, the Large Planetarium will especially delight little travelers.

Those wishing to actively spend time will approach the sightseeing of Novosibirsk and visit the beautiful cathedrals, historical museums, theaters, technology parks.

If you like peace and quiet walking along the waterfront, picturesque alleys of city parks, botanical gardens, where on weekends are often held various events (flash mobs, performances of art groups, festivals). In summer, you can take a cruise on the Ob River.

If you walk along the noisy avenues of Siberia’s capital, you realize that Novosibirsk is a city of contrasts. It is a city of contrasts. On the one hand quiet streets of local squares, on the other – the busy life of scientific, industrial, cultural and shopping center. In Novosibirsk is a place to go, about this we will see further in the article.

1. The Novosibirsk Zoo named after R. A. Shilo.

Where to go in Novosibirsk

It is one of the unique places for the keeping of the representatives of the animal world in captivity. There are more than 770 species of animals, birds, fish and reptiles living on more than 65 hectares. Many of them are listed in the Red Book of Russia. And some species are found only here, for example, the Caucasian leopard and a rare cross between a tiger and a lion (liger).

Initially it functioned as a small scientific zoological station and school for young naturalists. But with the arrival of the new director in 1969, R.A. Shilo status of the institution has changed.

Today the Novosibirsk zoo is not just a menagerie. It is a real research center of world renown. Here regularly hold international conferences, consultations on the content and reproduction of fauna representatives. For pupils and tourists they organize exciting thematic excursions, hold holidays and competitions. Riding school and clubs for young nature lovers work on its basis.

And most importantly, here you can buy stuffed animals of the rarest animals, which are difficult to get in any other place. This is a must-visit place for tourists in Novosibirsk.

2. Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre

This architectural masterpiece is made in the Art Nouveau style. It is considered the biggest theater in Russia and third biggest in Eurasia. Initially it was conceived as a whole complex of buildings for theater and circus performances, conferences and conventions. It was planned to open a research institute with laboratories and classrooms, a planetarium, an art gallery, a library and even to show movies in the dome. However, due to a lack of funding, only the opera and ballet theater was chosen.

Novosibirsk citizens have much to be proud of: magnificent decoration of the halls, unparalleled in the world front foyer, amphitheater, luxurious chandelier, beautifully made copies of ancient statues, a huge flowerbed in front of the entrance. But the main feature of the building is the overlap of the auditorium with a huge reinforced concrete dome.

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3. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

In Novosibirsk is worth to visit the temple, built of red brick in the style of Byzantine architecture. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a unique creation of architecture, which has the status of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

Daily prayers are held there. On the basis of the temple there is an orthodox school, youth missionary center, orthodox religious organization and icon painting studio. There is an active charitable activity and struggle against sects.

4. Central Park in Novosibirsk.

Residents advise guests of the city to go to the oldest park of culture and leisure in Novosibirsk – Central Park. On the area of 10 hectares in addition to the usual attractions is located Music Theatre, the repertoire of which is a performance for every taste: operettas, musicals, musical comedies, etc.

In the warm season there is a musical fountain, and in the cold season – a huge skating rink and ice slide.

People come here with children to ride on the merry-go-round. Lonely travelers can fully enjoy the nature, strolling along the well-groomed paths between the trees or resting in the shade on one of the many benches.

5. Central Siberian Botanical Garden

This attraction is one of the most beautiful places in Novosibirsk. There are greenhouses and hothouses with several thousands of plants from all over the world, a pond, experimental laboratories and production buildings, a huge storage – this is all it is – the Central Siberian Botanical Garden.

Mothers with baby carriages and active travelers feel equally comfortable here. There is enough space for everyone. Those who want to admire the local scenery can rent a bike to get to the remote corners of the garden.

Travelers are also offered the services of a guide. And those who are used to enjoying the natural beauties and breathing in the fresh air outside the tourist group can explore the unique world of flora on their own.

The Botanical Garden, located near Akademgorodok, has countless plants on display. The collection includes several expositions. The most popular are considered “Bonsai Park”, “Garden of Continuous Blooming”, “Arboretum”, “Exotic Vegetable Plants”, “Rosarium”.

6. Museum of railway engineering named after. N.A. Akulinin.

A true paradise for fans of transportation. Although come here will be interesting to the average man. In the open-air museum there is a huge number of exhibits of different years of manufacture.

Steam locomotives, electric locomotives, electric trains, cars, samples of special track vehicles and auxiliary equipment can be viewed not only from the outside but also studied in detail from the inside.

You can take a look at a church car, an imperial compartment, a motri-bus, a convict car or an operating car.

You can also buy Soviet cars, antique trucks, tractors and cross-country vehicles.

7. Dolphinarium in Novosibirsk.

In Novosibirsk you can visit the Dolphinarium of Oceanography and Biology. Dolphinarium “Dolphinia” is a large-scale project implemented on an area of more than 8000 sq.m.

Visitors can choose from several types of programs: circus show with the dolphins of dolphins, whales, sea lions and Pacific walruses, exhibition of sea fish in the Oceanarium, swimming with dolphins, various educational and thematic courses.

You can see the real training of the inhabitants of the sea depths.

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8. Galileo Wonder Park.

Family interactive complex, consisting of several halls with many exhibits and attractions. This amazing place is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. Guests can experience the laws of physics and optics.

Here you can experiment with sound and light, compete in agility and wit, overcome gravity, walk through a mirror maze, touch electricity, feel like a giant, talk on the air phone, run along the walls, and much more.

The park has its own laboratory, where everyone can take part in experiments and learn the laws of physics, chemistry and geometry without tedious formulas. For example, to blow unbreakable soap bubbles, create real fog, and learn to write from right to left.

9. Great Novosibirsk planetarium

It’s a must-see in Novosibirsk to see the huge Children’s and Youth Center for the Study of Outer Space, opened in 2012. Modern high-tech equipment gives the public an opportunity to observe celestial luminaries, and interesting lectures to understand many issues of astronomy.

The planetarium has an observatory, a Foucault tower and pendulum, windmills, a park area with a sundial, a playground and a Ferris wheel.

There are several developmental and educational associations for school children and adults as part of the educational project.

10. May Day Square.

Where to go in Novosibirsk

It is one of the oldest public gardens in Novosibirsk situated in its central part. It is a cosy place popular with citizens and tourists. There is never a dull moment here. In summer street artists and various performances and shows take place in the park. In the winter, the annual all-Russian competition for the best snow sculpture takes place. Not far from the main alley are marble statues.

But the real value of Pervomaisky Park is considered to be the Khachkar monument, a shrine presented to the city by the Armenian community.

The Museum of the city of Novosibirsk

This attraction is rightly recognized as a hallmark of Novosibirsk. It seems to be an inconspicuous two-story building from red brick – an ordinary repository of exhibits and monuments of the past. But it only at first sight. In fact the Museum of the city of Novosibirsk combines 8 branches, the Museum of the documentary cinema, 2 museums: in the house of G.M. Budagov and in the park “Urban Beginnings”.

The employees of the cultural institution round-the-year organize fascinating overview group and individual excursions to significant places of the metropolis, regularly organize exhibitions in the building of the subway and in the street. And entertaining quests and interactive games, which are part of a rich program, allow tourists to feel a part of events of the past.

Historical and Architectural Open Air Museum

Another way to get in touch with history is to visit the open-air Historical and Architectural Museum in Novosibirsk. This unusual object is located within a radius of 4,5 km from Akademgorodok.

This is a wonderful place, where on one territory there are Buryat yurts, hut “with elm”, hut “cell”, Buddhist dugan, windmill, stone sculptures from Paleolithic period to the Middle Ages, old wooden fort and much more. But the main attraction of the museum is the Church of the Savior Not Made by hands, brought from Zashiversk.

13. Museum of Aviation named after. Pokryshkin.

In the center of Novosibirsk in the building of the technical college is a small museum of aviation, named in honor of thrice Hero of the USSR, Alexander Pokryshkin.

It includes four halls, introducing visitors and residents of the city with the biography of the famous pilot, his contribution to the victory in World War II, his activities in the postwar period, as well as the history of the college.

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A large part of the exhibit is a collection of the ace pilot’s personal belongings donated to the museum by his wife. In addition to the exhibits, visitors are invited to learn about the intricacies of aviation: view models of aircraft, pilots’ suits of different years, visit classes for parachute training and much more.

14. Museum of World Burial Culture

If you manage to visit the Siberian capital even for one day, you should definitely visit the only Russian Museum of Death in Novosibirsk. There are unique exhibits from around the world, telling about the traditions of the funerary culture of different epochs and peoples.

Collections, divided by themes, are presented in three halls. Visitors learn the history of origin of mourning traditions in the first one, in the second – with the rites themselves, in the third – with the funeral transport from ancient sleighs to the modern hearse.

The museum has an extensive collection of postcards, prints, moulages of people, costumes, tools, printed matter on death and burial. And realistic installations cause visitors to be simultaneously horrified by what they see and delighted by the opportunity to touch and better learn the subtleties of burial rites.

15. Roerich Museum in Novosibirsk

Connoisseurs of art can go to the Museum of Russian artist N.K. Roerich in Novosibirsk. Here collected artistic and scientific heritage of the famous family. In the halls of the museum visitors can find reproductions and some original paintings, photographs, collection of minerals brought from the expedition, maps of routes and other reference materials of scientific travels of the Roerichs. There is a park area around the building, where you can enjoy the scent of flowers and freshly cut grass.

For guests and residents of the city, museum workers constantly hold thematic excursions with the demonstration of films about the life, work and educational activities of the famous painter, musical evenings, meetings with creative people and charity events.

16. Museum of the USSR

Those who want to travel back in time and experience the atmosphere of the Soviet Union cannot pass by the Museum of the USSR. It is noteworthy that the building, where the exhibits are now located, used to be a communal apartment.

It is quite a fascinating journey. In the 1st hall, located in the basement, visitors get acquainted with the activities of the NKVD, the 2nd recreates the life and decor of an average Soviet apartment, the 3rd is devoted to Marxism-Leninism.

There are well known and unique exhibits in working condition, which you can not only look at, as during a traditional tour. You can touch them, take them in your hands, and try to work on them. Typewriter “Progress”, manicure machine, slide projector, humidifier, gramophone, siphon, the legendary cutted glass – a small fraction of the objects of Soviet citizens, which are so carefully preserved by museum staff.

17. Novosibirsk State Museum of Local Lore

Where to go in Novosibirsk?

It is one of the main museums of the city. Its main fund consists of almost 150 thousand items. Its exposition acquaints its guests and citizens with the way of life of indigenous Siberian peoples of different epochs, natural and cultural development of the Novosibirsk region.

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As in any local history museum, it collected historical artifacts found during archaeological excavations. The interiors of the halls are decorated in the style of different epochs with relevant attributes.

On the ground floor and first floor there is a permanent exhibition. The second floor is given for temporary exhibitions.

18. Novosibirsk Museum of Art

It is considered as one of the important objects of cultural heritage not only of Novosibirsk, but of the whole Russia, where are collected the works of Russian and Western European artists, icons, graphics, sculptures, creations of arts and crafts. It is situated in the building of former Sibrevkom.

Its permanent exposition includes icons of 16-20th centuries, works of foreign art of 16-19th centuries and Russian painting of 18-21st centuries.

The Novosibirsk Museum of Art invites tourists to visit besides excursions the informative lectures, musical evenings, creative workshops for children, to take part in seminars and competitions.

19. the Globe Theatre in Novosibirsk

If you ask residents of the capital of Siberia, where to go in Novosibirsk, will certainly sound the answer – to the Globe Theatre. The artistic troupe offers its guests to visit both the performances of classical works on the large and small stages, and experimental productions in non-standard conditions. Eight to nine premieres are staged annually in the building, stylized as a sailing ship.

The theater’s repertoire is so diverse that it can meet the spiritual needs of the most demanding guests of any age. Masked comedies, psychological dramas, children’s fairy tales, musical plays are equally successful. Thanks to the talent and dedication of the actors, well-organized and coordinated work of the directors, technicians and costumers the performances are always sold out.

And if you are lucky, you can get to a meeting with the artists of the theater, where 100% fun with musical accompaniment and improvisation is provided.

20. Museum of the Sun

The only museum in the world dedicated to the cult of the Sun is located in Novosibirsk. Most of the exhibits are a private collection. These are images made of wood, metal, stone, fabric based on archaeological finds.

Entering here, tourists are immersed in the history and culture of ancient civilizations of Egypt, Tibet, Hindustan, Nepal, South and North America, ancient Russia and many others, where people worshipped the Sun. Unique items dedicated to the solar theme introduce guests to the emergence of the solar cult and help them understand the differences in traditions that existed among different peoples.

What sights to see in Novosibirsk and where to go for tourists, photos and descriptions of beautiful and interesting places

A large northern population center, which is the third largest in the world, is often perceived as a city for study and work, but not for recreation. This is a complete misconception. In addition to the amazingly rich nature of the region, the traveler can look at many monuments, visit unique nature reserves and cultural sites, get a lot of impressions of all kinds. In the article we will tell about the main attractions, which are in Novosibirsk for tourists, what to see in the city, the most beautiful and interesting places.

The main points of interest

First, let’s talk about the two streets, where every visitor is sure to be. It is here that the most picturesque pictures are taken, which well convey the atmosphere of the entire millionaire.

Krasny Prospekt.

This is one of the key thoroughfares, where a huge flow of cars and people pass every day. There are also major stores here and there is a convenient alley for strolls. A kind of Champs-Elysées, but in Russia. It is convenient to move here by metro (4 stations go to the biggest street), but to get acquainted with the city it is worth to walk and at least in passing to see the hundred houses, St. Nicholas Chapel, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Opera and Ballet Theatre and other amazing buildings. From here you should start an excursion for the whole day.

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red avenue


On the bank of the Ob River there is a wide road for pedestrians, paved with cobblestones. There are frequent events and a great view of the fireworks being launched. There is also a light fountain and a monument to Alexander III, who issued a decree to build a bridge over the river. On the territory there are bicycle paths and a point for renting sports equipment.

Ob River Embankment

The farm of the old railway bridge

When the Trans-Siberian Railway was built, this section of the bridge structure was the only way to railroad across the Ob River. After 100 years, a new, more modern one was built, and the old one was dismantled, but not completely. One of the sections became a monument, which is cared for – conducted the lighting, planted near the square, once a year fireworks are launched.

old railway bridge

Bugrinsky Bridge

It is modern, built in 2014, so both its appearance and purpose and capacity correspond to the era. In addition to its direct function, its appearance is fascinating – the red arch is great in photos. There are paths for pedestrians on both sides.

bugrinsky bridge

What interesting to see in Novosibirsk in one day: the best places

If you have no more than a day at your disposal, it is not possible to go around all the museums and monuments. The best solution would be a walking tour of the sights. Start with Red Avenue, turn to the Embankment. And then choose 2-3 points from the list below. For your convenience, we have divided it into categories.

Beautiful Sites

If you want to enjoy nature, this city is great. After all, the plants here are amazing – the mixed forest transitions to taiga, which increases the range of flora and fauna. First, let’s mention two natural parks.

Zayeltsovsky .

This is a 35 hectare area with gorgeous vegetation of all varieties. You can get there by 95 buses or several shuttles and private transport. The protected area is located at the intersection of 2nd Yeltsovka and 2nd Beregovaya Streets. Visiting is free and allowed from 10-00 to 22-00. You can rent a gazebo, rent a bicycle or visit events that are often held here.

Zeltsovsky Nature Park


On Michurina Street, 8, there is another park, which is more landscaped with asphalt pavement or tiles. Great for walks with children, visiting attractions. You can come every day from 9-00 to 23-00.

central park

Central Siberian Botanical Garden.

Zolotodolinskaya Street, 101 is available for tourists from Monday to Friday from 9-00 to 17-00 and on weekends by prior registration for a symbolic 30 rubles. You can look at more than 3000 species of plants in the open air and several hundreds of flowers in the greenhouse.

botanical garden

The Ob River and the “Sea of Ob”.

This is the name of the main city reservoir, which communicates with the main river.

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