Where to go in Krasnodar – 60 best places for tourists

Interesting places in Krasnodar

The interesting places of Krasnodar capture the imagination of tourists all year round. They tend to come here from all over the world to visit these unusual and very interesting places, thus touching the past of Russia and paying tribute to the great people of history. Here you will find descriptions and photos of the most interesting sights of Krasnodar, worthy of your attention.

Yachting in Sochi from the club “The Power of the Wind” 16+

Big Sailing Camp in Sochi by “Force of Wind” 16+

Bridge of Kisses 0+

Art-space and bar “Habitat” 18+

Art-space “Habitat” is located in a spacious courtyard in the center of the city – on Red Street.

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Passenger plane wreckage

Not far from the bike trail, along the 30th Anniversary of Victory Park, an old passenger plane hides in a more frequent landing.

Yachting in Gelendzhik from the Wind Power Club 16+

Planetarium “Sphere”

Bridge of Kisses 0+

Skyeng Online English School 16+

Skyeng School allows you to learn English online efficiently and with pleasure, it proves it all.

Cipher School building

Country Holiday Club Complex 0+

Museum-museum “Blacksmith of Kuban” 12+

Escape-room “Claustrophobia” 6+

Will you be able to solve the mysteries of Egyptian pharaohs? Will you be able to keep your mind clear in the freezing cold of the soul?

Bigius Waterfalls

Bigius Waterfalls (also called Gebius and Teseb) are one of the main natural attractions.

Central Hotel

At the end of the 19th century there were only three hotels in Yekaterinodar. The most first-class then was considered.

The building of the State Bank

Krasnodar Aeroclub ROSTO

The oldest flying club in Krasnodar Territory, thanks to which thousands of our people have discovered parachuting.

The building of the Kuban Community of Sisters of Mercy

On the initiative of Elizabeth Malam, wife of the Kuban Cossack Army Ataman and Head of the Krasnodar Territory, in 1893.

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House Museum of Ataman Fyodor Bursak

Krasnodar residents cherish the memory of their famous countrymen. This is evidenced by the House Museum.

Temryuk resort

Skydiving Pozitiv.

A team that helps to fulfill the dream of the sky. Mainly provides services for beginners.

Diocesan school

At the end of the XIX century in the Russian provinces began to build women’s religious schools. Such an institution.

Alexander Kislitsyn International Culinary School VIP Masters

The Krasnodar branch of the Moscow culinary school, which cooperates with the best chefs in Russia and France.

Svobodny Aeroclub

Aeroclub, which is not aimed at making money. Here you can see the world from a bird’s eye view.

Shopping and Entertainment Complex “Galaktika”

“Galaktika” has good transport accessibility and is located on the site of the former Cotton Factory.

Entertainment center “Ostrov”

The area of entertainment center “Ostrov” is about 5 thousand square meters. The whole space.

Ataman” exhibition center

An ethnographic reconstruction of a Cossack village on the Taman Gulf shore. The village’s farmsteads.

Museum of Kuban postal service 12+

Parachute team “Southern Region

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Weekend in Krasnodar – where to go

Spending a weekend in Krasnodar is a great idea. The city has something for the tourist to do, the local streets impress with their architecture and green areas, and the suburbs – vacation homes with indoor pools. You will always find something to do on the weekend: walk in the evening along the embankments and parks, go to nearby Sochi or even arrange a weekend tour to the Crimea.

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The weather in Krasnodar is truly southern. In summer it is hot here, and in fact autumn begins only in November. Snow practically does not happen in winter, the average temperature stays around 0 ° C, can warm up to +15 ° C. Why not to rent a house for New Year and spend the vacations here? In spring the weather is capricious, but in May it becomes summery.

A trip to Krasnodar for a weekend costs 25-30 thousand rubles for two. This will be enough for 2 or even 3 days, especially if you rent inexpensive accommodations, do without paid parking and do not loot money in Krasnodar bars.

Sutochno.ru tells you what to see in Krasnodar in two days, where to stay and what to bring as a present.


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How to get there

1. Airplane. Flights are taken by the Pashkovsky airport, which is very conveniently located – only 20 km from the city center. Tickets are inexpensive – the flight from the Russian capital costs from 1800 rubles.

The trip from Moscow to Krasnodar takes about two hours, from St. Petersburg about three. You can get to Krasnodar airport by bus №7 and №30, as well as by trolleybus №7. Cab will cost from 300 rubles. If you are traveling by plane, we advise you to book an apartment or hotel near the airport.

2. Train. Many trains going to Sochi, Tuapse, Novorossiysk and other sea resorts pass through Krasnodar railroad station. A direct train from Moscow to Krasnodar covers the distance in 18 hours (from St. Petersburg in 1 day and 7 hours).

Car. From central Russia one goes here by federal highway M-4 “Don”: the road is good, there are paid sections, a lot of gas stations, cafes and hotels. If you like to travel by car in Russia, the way from Moscow to Krasnodar will take about 16 hours.

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4. This way you can get to Krasnodar from the Crimea, the Krasnodar Territory and major cities in the central part of the country. Travel time from the Russian capital is about 23 hours. You can get to Krasnodar bus station by bus 2E, streetcars 1, 11, 15, trolleybuses 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 20.

Pedestrian route in Krasnodar

To see the local sights for the first time, you do not have to make circles around the city. It is enough to walk along Krasnaya Street, sometimes turning a few meters to the right or left. If you follow this simple route, you are sure to find something to see in Krasnodar in 1 day.

Monument to Catherine II. In 2021, Krasnodar is 228 years old. Originally the city was called Catherine the Great – after the great Russian empress. The bronze and gold monument was recreated in 2006 in the Catherine Park, next to the Cossack Square.

Pushkinskaya Square. Here is the F.A. Kovalenko Art Museum (also known as the Shardanov House of Engineers). What is interesting to see inside the museum? There are paintings of famous Russian artists of the 16th-20th centuries. On the square are also the Krasnodar Regional Library, a monument to Pushkin and the central concert hall of the Kuban Cossack Choir.

House of General Nazarov. This two-story red brick mansion was built on the main street of Krasnodar in the late 19th century. The general himself did not have time to live in it, but many city institutions were located in the house.

“Walking dogs”. Sculpture at the intersection of Red and Peace streets. The monument did not appear in the city by chance: Vladimir Mayakovsky called Krasnodar “dog capital” in one of his poems.

Zhukov Square. Here stands out a beautiful arch with columns, next to which are placed marble slabs with the names of famous natives of Kuban. In the square is a monument to Zhukov, and on the other side of Red Street – a monument to the Kuban Cossacks.

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Museum of Felitsyn. A beautiful building, built by the city merchants Bogarsukov in the early 20th century. Today in this luxurious mansion there is a museum-reserve of local lore.

The fountain “Old Ekaterinodar”. It has a bronze sculptural composition that recreates a fragment of life in the old city. The fountain is located near the hotel “Tsentral”.

Regional Philharmonic Society. G.F. Ponomarenko. The building was built in 1909 and is a monument of architecture in Krasnodar. At first the house with columns was used by the City Drama Theater, and the Philharmonic Hall was transferred there in 1939.

Monument of the purse. It is located at the intersection of Gogol and Krasnoarmeiskaya Streets. The purse is made of granite, if you sit or rub a bill on it, you can improve your financial situation.

Graffiti “Starting to Dive”. This street art was created by local artist Georgy Kurinov behind the “Arbat” shopping center. The drawing is fantastic not only in terms of subject matter, but also in terms of area – more than 500 m². And on the other side of the mall you can find the sculpture “The Cossacks are Writing a Letter to the Turkish Sultan”, which has the same subject as the famous painting by Ilya Repin.

The house of the merchant Likhatsky. It is “hidden” behind the Marriott Hotel. The house was built at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, it is planned to be restored and the historical quarter will be built nearby.

Theater Square. The Drama Theater is located here, and next to it is a theatrical singing fountain: in the heat, people bathe in it, and in the evenings there are light and music performances. Starting from this square, Red Street widens and turns into Alexander Boulevard.

Shukhov Tower. It is located in the courtyard of “Galereya Krasnodar” shopping center. The tower was built in 1935 and first time it was a water tower. Then it was no longer needed, but it was decided not to demolish it – the tower looks unusual, it is often included in excursions. How not to recall that one of the unofficial names of Krasnodar – “little Paris”.

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Sculpture “The guest of Krasnodar”. Installed near the intersection with Severnaya Street. The bronze guest sits on his suitcase and looks at the surroundings with fascination.

The monument to Shurik and Lidochka. It immortalizes the movie characters of the Soviet comedy – the very students, who did not tear themselves away from reading the lecture notes. It is to this episode of the movie that the monument is dedicated.

Arc de Triomphe. Other name is “Tsar Gates”. The construction was erected in 1888 before the visit of Emperor Alexander III to the city. Originally the arch was in another place, in the 1920s it was torn down, and then recreated already on Red Street.

“Aurora.” This name is familiar to anyone who has ever spent a weekend in St. Petersburg. True, in Krasnodar it is not a cruiser, but a movie theater, which concludes our trip through the city. The building is a monument of Soviet architecture of the 1960s. In front of the cinema “Aurora” there are fountains, as well as a sculpture of the same name.

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