Where to go in December?

Where to go to rest in December 2022

Holiday New Year’s fairs with hot sbitnem and pancakes in Moscow. Ski slopes of Krasnaya Polyana and Dombai. As if materialized from an Oriental fairy tale in Kazan. We will visit the clear ice of Baikal, which everyone should see. Dog sled rides in Altai. Hiking on Mount Elbrus. Fast snowmobile riding in Karelia. Or a trip to visit Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug. Only a Russian person knows how cool winter can be in Russia. Are you deciding where to go on vacation in December 2022? We have selected for you the most interesting routes.

Top 5 inexpensive places to go in December

Perm Territory

Here there are snowy winters and comfortable ski slopes, and in summer the waterfalls gurgle and incredible panoramas from the mountain peaks open. Local caves are like underground kingdoms, among which the Kungurskaya cave is the region’s calling card. The Kama region is actively developing new vacation destinations, nine projects have received grants from Rostourism.


It’s already snowing in Karelia at the beginning of December, so it’s a special pleasure to make bends on snowmobiles. You can buy an excursion for 2-3 days in Petrozavodsk, or you can go for 5 days in Ladoga and Kizhi. At the end of the busy day you will be waited by the heated banya and a hearty dinner – a simple synonym for happiness. If compared to other ski resorts, it will be relatively inexpensive, given the New Year holidays. The cost of the tour: 22000-30000 rubles.

Winter Yalta will pleasantly surprise you is not winter weather, low prices and peace. Wine, leisurely excursions to palaces and museums, swimming in outdoor pools – here is the main entertainment in winter. You can visit the botanical garden in Nikita or take an excursion to Sevastopol, Alushta, Sudak. cost of the tour for a week: 25000-28000 rubles for two persons.


There are no winds and freezing rain in the capital of Tatarstan and even in winter the weather disposes to long walks. Deciding where to go on vacation in December 2022, consider this option. Kul Sharif Mosque, the falling Suyumbike tower, Annunciation Cathedral, UFO-shaped circus building and a bowl-shaped civil registry, Bauman pedestrian street with a lot of art objects – a week is not enough to see everything. And the Tatar cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent. You can spend a night at a hotel starting from 1500 rubles and an average dinner check at a restaurant from 500 to 800 rubles.

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Lake Seliger

It is worth to visit Lake Seliger in winter. Fluffy snow, clear air, pine-saturated pine needles, as if doll-like, wooden houses and a beautiful lake. You can go sledding and snowmobiling or go winter fishing. From here you can also go on an excursion to the Nilov Hermitage or Ostashkov. You can easily and inexpensively get there from Moscow. For example, the train to Ostashkov, and then by shuttle bus. The cost of renting a cottage: from 10000 for 4-5 people per day.

Where to ski

Krasnaya Polyana



Where to go at the beginning of the month

You will thank us more than once if you choose to rest in Adygea. Early December here is considered the off-season, so prices for everything will be reduced by a third, while the snow will be as fresh as taken away from here impressions. A dream for active tourists.

In winter, the Lago-Naki plateau looks like another planet. Photo: Tatiana CHERNIKOVA

You can go snowshoeing in the wild forest above the Kurdzhip Gorge, take a walking tour along the Rufabgo Gorge and dulfer descent to the grotto (a high-speed rappelling on a rope over the steep walls). Go for a drive on off-road vehicles to the caves of the Lagonak highlands, go skiing or snowmobiling at the Lago-Naki resort. And how much pleasure can be brought by horseback riding across high-mountainous plateau and bathing in hot springs in the open air! Plus, there are bathing grounds, where you can learn how to use brooms on master-classes. There are areas for barbecue on the slope of Azish-Tau ridge.

The only “but”: carefully read the feedback on the website to the hotels. Because of the peculiarities of heat supply, hotels in the mountains do not warm up much, and you risk spending chilly nights here.

The cost of the tour to Adygea: 18000-25000 rubles, taking into account that you will take care of booking the hotel in advance.

Kineshma: how the merchants walk on the bank of the Volga

Do you know where the first cinema appeared in Russia? Not in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but here – in Kineshma. Kineshma was one of the richest merchant towns in pre-revolutionary Russia. Today Kineshma has preserved the color of its cozy streets and the charm of a quiet town on the bank of the Volga. We recommend you to go here for this and not only other reasons.

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Where to go at the end of the month

Before you throw up your hands and say that at the end of December everywhere is expensive, look: to Gorno-Altaisk ticket for a direct flight on the low-cost carrier costs 6500 rubles there and back. If you take care to buy tickets in advance, you can see the very fairy tale of Altai in the bloom of its winter beauty is quite inexpensive.

Baikal is one of the most popular destinations for winter travel. Photo: Viktor Guseinov

What to do on the spot? You can take a tour and drive off-road vehicles along the Chuisky Route, which is one of the top 10 most beautiful roads in the world according to National Geographic, see the pearl of Altai – Lake Teletskoye, take a photo near the famous geyser lake, visit the Chemalskaya hydroelectric power plant and look at the “Altai princess” in the National Museum of Gorno-Altaisk. Or you can go to the famous sanatoriums Belokurikha and arrange yourself 12 days of health and beauty.

cost: you can pay for your trip along Chuisky Tract for 30000 roubles per person for 4-5 days; your stay at Belokurikha health resort costs from 45000 roubles for 10 days.

As variant: you will travel to Baikal in winter. It is expensive to fly via Irkutsk, but you may consider the way via Ulan-Ude – by the way the flights here are more effective in winter, and the views from the Eastern side of Baikal are not bad at all. Moreover it’s very close to Chivyrkuisky Bay and Barguzinskaya valley. And this is a concentrate of beauty. The bubbles and “carnations” in the ice of Baikal are not less beautiful than in other parts of the lake.

Cost: hotel room from 3000 rubles per day; dinner from 1200 rubles; excursion to Khoboy cape and Burkhan cape with dinner from 8000 rubles.

Ivanovo: visiting the youngest city of the Golden Ring

Everyone remembers that “Ivanovo is a city of brides”, but it had no less bright characteristics. Russian Manchester, the city of chintz kings, the birthplace of the first council – it’s all about it. Here you can see the most unusual in the country houses of the era of constructivism, see a unique collection of avant-garde and contemporary art. And you can just stroll along the streets and art spaces of the brightest city of the Golden Ring.

Geiranger Fjord in Norway

Where to go on New Year holidays

You definitely need to imagine yourself as a tourist in Moscow to see with entirely different eyes the whole extravaganza of colors that are organized in the capital on New Year’s Eve. Festive fairs, sbiten and honey festivals, street performances, illuminations, the largest skating rink in Europe, houses with warm treats… Moscow during this period is simply beautiful and has long surpassed the European Christmas fairs.

During the New Year’s holidays, Moscow, decorated with lights, looks fabulous. Photo: globallookpress.com

Seeing New Year’s Eve in the capital is trendy and cool. But afterwards (and it’s a good thing we have long holidays), you can rush to Krasnaya Polyana. Modern hotels, excellent steam rooms with access to outdoor pools, restaurants, ski slopes – all this will leave the best impression from the rest. Comfort is added by the fact that almost all hotels have shuttle service to the elevators. Prices for hotels, ski-pass, rent equipment, instructor service and prices in restaurants after January 2 will be reduced by 15-20%: important and pleasant savings! But it is better to get the tickets beforehand.

If bored with skiing you can go to the Olympic Park, visit the dolmens at Krasnaya Polyana or in Akhshtyrskaya Cave.

The cost: On average, tours from Moscow to Krasnaya Polyana in winter cost from 45000 rubles for two people for 7 nights; if you book a hotel on your own – 20000 rubles for a week. And then it all depends on your needs. There is a party of 90-s, jazz evenings, Christmas Live Fest, ice shows, bar parties at heights – it’s not for nothing that Krasnaya Polyana is called “Russian Courchevel”.

How to write and where to send a letter to Santa Claus

Every year, just before the holiday, children around the world begin to write to the main wizard. They tell him how they behaved during the year, share secrets and tell him what they want to get as a New Year present. Here are a few simple rules for children and parents. Fulfill them – and the letter will surely reach, and Santa Claus will read it and make the wish come true.

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For excursion lovers

In terms of its beauty, Nizhny Novgorod is not inferior to European cities. Photo: globallookpress.com

Russian tourists adore winter Prague, only Czech beauty can be found in Russia. Nizhny Novgorod is not inferior to the home of the Veprev’s Knee. In December here is fluffy snow, no wind and the feeling of a complete fairy tale, when you walk along the central Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street. There are funny sculptures at every step, from the arrow opens an amazing view of the confluence of the Oka and the Volga, and a walk through the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin is interesting for the inquisitive tourist.

It looks like an ancient castle, and when you look at it it seems as if you have traveled back in time three hundred years. Then you can walk to the Upper Volga embankment by Chkalovsky stairs. If you get cold, go to Rozhdestvenskaya Street, it looks very stylish, plus there are good food. In the restaurant “Pyatkin” excellent veal will be prepared, about “Gorky brewery” we will not say anything – you will understand yourself. And you can dance and drink in the bar “Fidel” – they will warm you up like in Cuba.

A hotel in the city center costs from 2500 rubles per day and the average bill in a restaurant is 600-800 rubles.

Rest with children

Choosing where to go on vacation with children in December 2022, do not doubt – at least once is worth to visit the home of Santa Claus. Three days is enough to experience the magic of Veliky Ustyug, but at the same time the child will remember this trip for a lifetime. You can buy a tour, or you can go on your own, but the excursions to the most iconic places still have to buy on the spot.

Assistants of Ded Moroz in Veliky Ustyug sort out letters sent from different regions and countries. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

What is a must-see? Walk the Path of Fairy Tales, take a tour of Ded Moroz’s house, talk to the magician, go on a ride, visit the contact zoo, take a master class on making a toy. You can go to the museum of greeting cards and Santa Claus post office, to see what a huge mountain of letters sent to Santa and Snow Maiden throughout the year.

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With itself you can buy products from the blackened silver, very stylish and authentic things. And we also recommend to take a day trip from here to Vologda, a walk through the old town will leave you with a lot of pleasant impressions.

The simplest way to get there: by car or by train to Yadriha or Kotlas stations (by “Polar arrow” from Moscow – from 2800 rubles for the reserved train). Further on – you will get to Velikiy Ustyug by bus or by cab 60-70 km more.

You will pay: three days tour – from 18000 rubles; hotel room in Veliky Ustyug – from 1500 rubles; dinner – from 500 rubles.

Where to ski with children

First of all, you need to find out if the resort has “green” slopes, educational slopes, what elevators are there and how far it all is from the place where you will live. Today, almost all mountain areas in Russia offer places for family skiing. Which of them are the most comfortable and what they offer, tells the mountain ski instructor.

Sanatorium treatment in December

Rest in a sanatorium in December is an opportunity to relax and prepare the body for the long winter. Photo: globallookpress.com

If we consider that every January we start a new life, then in December is the right time to cleanse the body, improve the body, prepare yourself for this very new life. Here the best option would be the cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk – each balneological resort specializes in the treatment of various diseases, but before choosing the right one, we advise you to consult your doctor.

Most health resorts were built during the Soviet era and carry a light touch of nostalgia, but the health base is strong everywhere. In December the prices drop and staying in a sanatorium with treatment will cost on average 2,500 rubles per day. You can’t beat that. But even at such prices you can save money by taking a package tour: the cost for two in Kislovodsk with a flight from Moscow – from 25000 rubles.

If you choose Kislovodsk, be sure to go to the national park, visit the main narcotic baths and take a ride on the cable car. Therapeutic waters and stunning panoramic views will do wonders to you.

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