Where to go for a few days in Norway

How to save money on a trip to Norway

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and it seems that the cheapest way to go to Norway is not possible. However, following some principles, you can significantly reduce your travel budget. This post looks at the best ways to save money, for those who are not used to much sacrifice comfort when traveling. There will not be tips on how to live in a tent, hitchhike and stay in couchsurfing, because all of these ways do not fully fit the image of a comfortable trip, besides, they are already known to all who are used to radical savings.

Cheap to get to Norway

Unfortunately, there are almost no cheap flights to Norway from Russia. Therefore it is more convenient to plan a complex route, for example through the Baltic countries. Prices for flights from Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius to Oslo start at 1,500 ₽. Tickets at this price are often available with early bookings from low-cost airlines Wizzair, AirBaltic and Ryanair. If you get from St. Petersburg, even taking into account the fare to any Baltic capital and a day there with an overnight stay, the trip is cheaper than a direct flight to Norway. Itineraries with different dates and trip lengths are convenient to book via the aviasales low-fare calendar:

Current best deals:

Don’t forget to check what airport your flight arrives at. The closest airport to Oslo is Gardemoen. The only way to get from there to the city center is by train for ~the city center only by train (the normal train – it’s cheaper than the express train). By the way, some intercity buses leave directly from the airport. The second airport Oslo – Torp – is much farther, and it will be more expensive to get to Oslo.


The main principle of cheap travel in Norway is to book in advance. Also, often buying a ticket in the morning, you can save up to 50% of the cost, and people under the age of 26 receive discounts. So what’s the best way to get around the country? Domestic flights are almost always expensive, but there are three other ways.


The most budget and common mode of transportation is buses. The main bus carriers: vybuss, konkurrenten.no, nor-way.no. You can find these tickets from them: Oslo-Stavanger – 2,000₽, Oslo-Christiansand – 800₽, Oslo-Telemark – 1,000₽. The buses usually have outlets, Internet and toilets. Track down cheap tickets here: lavprisekspressen.no

Tirana - the capital of mysterious Albania

There are budget Flixbus buses between Oslo and Swedish cities.


To see several Norwegian cities at once, it’s best to take a cruise. Cruises save money on lodging and food, and are often much more cost-effective than ground transportation. Cruises can start from Kiel (Germany), Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Oslo or Bergen. Up-to-date deals and a calendar of low prices can be found here.


Unfortunately rail services in Norway are not very well developed, and many places cannot be reached by train. But for the most popular destinations tickets are usually available. When choosing a ticket you should look at the Minipris fare. At this fare you can find an Oslo-Bergen train for 2,000₽.

Read also: Southern Norway – prepared itinerary.


Another relatively budget way to travel is to rent a car. It is convenient that you can take the car immediately at the airport, and return it in another place. In order to find the best deals, it is better to reserve a car in advance through the best offers aggregator. The cost of renting a car for a week will be about 13000-15000 rubles.

All the cafes and restaurants are almost equally expensive, so you won’t be able to save money on lunch or dinner at a regular place. The only exceptions are Asian cafes and bistros, where the prices are much lower.

By the way, do not forget that the water is free in all establishments. And walking around, do not forget to bring a bottle – in Norway, the tap water is potable and delicious.

Too good to go

The best and most effective way to save money on food in Norway is the new Too good to go app, which also works in other European countries. Its goal is to save food from being thrown away. A number of cafes (including gas station cafes), restaurants, hotels, bakeries/bakeries and supermarkets sell off leftover food at the end of the day. In the app, you have to choose where you are, and then you get a list of program participants with addresses and times within which to pick up the package. You order and pay in the app, and pick up your order on the spot. Examples of how you can save money:

The 5 scariest places for claustrophobes

Thon Hotel (dinner, pick up between 9 and 9:30 p.m.) – hot meal, salad and bread. Cost is 35 kroner.

Thon Hotel (breakfast, pick up from 10:20 to 11) – leftovers from the buffet: sandwiches, slices, bread, salads, eggs, fruit. Price – 35 kroner.

Circle K -fill (pick up between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.) – in one package: baguette/sandwich, wheat rolls, 3 buns or other pastries. Cost is 39 kroner.

Meny – supermarket (pick up between 9:15 p.m. and 10 p.m.) – in one bag: bread, pastries, cuts of meat and cheese, fruit and vegetables. They can also put products with the last day of sale in addition (it can be anything). The price is 49 crowns.

For comparison – usually dinner in a Norwegian restaurant costs at least 200 kroner.


A cheap snack can be found in student cafeterias, as well as cafes from the Red Cross and the Fretex organization.

Supermarkets and Holdbart

The best solution is to buy food in supermarkets. In them you should pay attention to their own brands, which are usually cheaper: First Price, Eldorado. There is almost always a basket of expired items sold at a 50% discount.

Holdbart stores, where prices are 3-7 times lower, are the best value option. They sell expired or expired products and regular products, also at a reduced price.


Excluding camping, the only budget solution for accommodation is to travel in a small group, at least three of us. All hotels cost about the same, so you can save money by dividing the room price for three people. At the same order of prices for hostels and hotels is not very different: a place in a shared room costs 250-400 crowns, and hostels are often in poor condition due to lack of competition. A separate room in a hotel costs 700-1200 CZK.

Because of the small difference in price when traveling together, it is more advantageous to stay in a hotel. For comparison, let’s take a triple room in a great hotel in the city center. The price per night is 1300 kronor, which includes breakfast and dinner. 1300/3=433 kroner per person. With the approximate cost of breakfast at the establishment of 100 crowns and dinner of 150 crowns, let’s deduct them from the price of the room. 433-250=183 kronor (1335₽), which is cheaper than a hostel room, often of questionable quality.

Kathmandu in 1000 faces, Nepal

You can find a camping spot at campingguiden.no. The cost of a place on the average 150-200 NOK (1000-1500 rub).

Entertainment and attractions

The main attraction of Norway is nature. Almost all natural attractions are freely accessible: Geiranger Fjord, Troll Language, Prekestulen. Throughout the country there are many hiking trails and eco-trails, covering the most beautiful places. If you wander into a very remote area, there is a chance of finding a food cottage to shelter in for the night.

There are many free events in the cities, and you can find out about their schedules in advance. There are also free walking tours from locals in almost every town. By the way, talking to the locals, you can learn about the most interesting places. Normally, the Norwegians are very friendly and will be able to suggest unusual points, which will not be in the guidebooks.

The most economical and convenient option excursions will be their booking in advance.

Internet and communications

Communications and Internet in Norway is quite expensive, and Wi-Fi is not everywhere. Buy a local SIM card is not profitable, so it is better to use Dreamsim – international SIM card for calls, texts and Internet. The savings is that the company has a special contract with local operators, which allows you to save by buying a sim card through them. In addition, it is valid in almost all countries. You can order it here.


You can significantly save on travel to Norway by booking tickets in advance, looking for special offers and promotions. Quality preparation for the trip will reduce the budget and allow for a more interesting time. About all the ways to save money when planning a trip.

On the internet, many of the tips for budget travel in Scandinavia are based on freeriding. In Norway, much is based on trust: often the fact of payment for a service or product is not checked, and much is left to conscience. For example, lodges in remote places, where you can stay overnight for free, are designed for people who really need a place to sleep and eat. Do not be parasitic on this and take advantage of the goodwill of people, as it reduces the credibility of tourists who will come after you.

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Where to go for a few days in Norway

Although Oslo is the capital and largest city, Bergen is actually the best choice if you make just one stop. Bergen is known as the “gateway to the fjords” Bergen is known as the “gateway to the fjords” that cover the entire west coast of Norway. The old harbor looks like a collection of stories, and within walking distance of most tourist hotels is a variety of historical sites, as well as many restaurants and eateries with great views.

Where to go for a few days in Norway - Photo 2

Where to go for a few days in Norway

Even the quickest visit will require a full day to explore the heart of Bergen itself, and two days would be even better. After that, you can take one or more of the many fjord tours by boat or train. The cities of Norway are worth exploring, but really the main reason to go this far is to see the stunning scenery unique to this part of the world.

Oslo airport is much bigger and busier, and if you take one of the many cheap Norwegian Airlines flights, you’ll almost certainly land in Oslo first. While it’s not as charming as Bergen, there’s plenty to see in the capital too, so it’s worth at least a couple of days, especially if you really want to feel like you’ve “been to Norway.”

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A few days in Norway - Photo 3

Where to go for a few days in Norway

Its location around the attractive harbor is beautiful, and there are at least a few key attractions that should be of interest. Oslo was home to Edvard Munch whose (4 versions) “The Scream” are some of the most famous paintings on the planet. One version is in a special Edvard Munch room at the National Gallery of Oslo, which is otherwise filled with some of the best art ever created in the country. The other version is in a separate Munch Museum, apparently dedicated to Norway’s most famous artist. There are many other museums and galleries in Oslo that are accessible or free to visit.

Another important attraction is the Oslo City Hall, where every December the King of Norway presents the Nobel Peace Prize . There is also a free permanent exhibition featuring all past winners.

Where to go for a few days in Norway - Foto 4

Where to go for a few days in Norway

Norway’s main attraction is its landscapes, not its cities. “Norway in a Nutshell” is a group of itineraries and tours that showcase the best and most accessible parts of the fjord landscape in a well-organized way. The most popular itineraries are those that connect Oslo and Bergen , making them the ideal way to travel between the two major cities with the best sights.

Although these are “packages,” they are not really excursions. For example, the Norway in a Nutshell, which goes from Oslo to Bergen, begins with a scenic train ride that takes you to the breathtaking Flom Railway, which takes you on a fjord cruise, and then to a great bus ride that leaves at the train station for the short and final passage to Bergen. The shortest package is a day trip between Oslo or Bergen, or just a day trip that starts and ends in Bergen.

Where to go for a few days in Norway - Foto 5

Where to go for a few days in Norway

There are guides who point out the best attractions of a fjord cruise and bus ride, but otherwise guests just get vouchers for all segments and can go on their own. There are also many other tours to choose from that visit other parts of Norway, but the tour between Oslo and Bergen is by far the best introduction to the country , and it can be stretched to 3 or more days for those with enough time.

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